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Alex has been a rather strange out of place feeling lately until he has a run-in with his socially awkward childhood friend. Hidden pain reveals itself between them as they discover they might not just like each other as friends. 


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Published: May 16 2017 Updated: May 24 2018

1. Chapter 1: High School Woes by Confused [Reviews - 0] (3033 words)

Alex feels rather out place as he stumbly goes to the student council room to unfortunately run into Lacey. Later on, he has a rather interesting meeting with Barrie.


You are introduced to possibly three main characters. 


2. Chapter 2: We Used To Be Friends by Confused [Reviews - 0] (2592 words)

Alex tries to appease Barrie, which succeeds for little while. Barrie finds out she enjoys and misses Alex's company. Barrie is later emotionally startled as well as hurt by Alex, who reveals some of the reasons why he they are no longer friends or close to each other.




3. Chapter 3: The Scars of Hidden Pain by Confused [Reviews - 0] (3416 words)

Barrie takes out her frustration on Alex while she feels a pleasant uncomfortable feeling from doing it. She is stunned as Alex reveal the hidden pain of their past friendship and makes a heart wretching decision that they need to keep their distance from each other. Alex realizes... 





4. Chapter 4: Confused Feelings by Confused [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstar (2836 words)

Alex reaches Barrie and they have a heart jeering moment while also confused with their feelings and relationship with each other. Things grow rather awkward when Alex is aroused...



5. Chapter 5: Awkwardness by Confused [Reviews - 1] (3671 words)

Alex tries to sneak out to get away from the awkward atmosphere developing between him and Barrie. Barrie struggles with her confused feelings.

6. Chapter 6: A Bitter Memory by Confused [Reviews - 0] (3044 words)

Barrie recalls an agonizing memory from the past.

7. Chapter 7 by Confused [Reviews - 1] (3635 words)

Barrie and Alex's relationship gets even more confusing