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Greg heard a strange noise. He had a bit of a headache, and was dizzy. Greg tried to move his body but couldn't. With all the strength he could muster greg only seemed to have vibrated. Darkness was his whole world. All that surrounded him was pitch black. Greg then was blinded by a sudden source of light.

Jenna had just bought a new bra at cute and expensive at the mall. She was really excited to try it on. But anyway heres a little about Jenna. Jenna is a 14 year old brown hair, brown eyed girl and she was the cutest girl in class. The reason she was probably so attractive was her massive boobs. She had D cup easy even though her teenage years just began. Jenna then grabbed her new bra from her closet.

Greg couldn't believe his eyes. His classmate/crush from school was looking down at him. Greg was then lifted off the ground, and examined by the giant girl before him. An expression of joy came across her face, and she quickly removed her shirt. Greg was scared stiff till he saw her removing her shirt. Once it was off greg stopped and stared. All he could think about was the fact that he was staring straight at his crushes nipples. The thought of why she wasn't reacting to his small body came upon him for a second, but he quickly relinquished the thought so he can focus on what he was seeing.

Then greg realized something. He was hurtling face first to her breast. As he made contact Greg screamed internally. His face was pressed hard against one nipple while his crotch was placed on the other. Even though his face was pressed up against her nipple he saw it easily, along with the closet that loomed behind him. Greg could see 360 degrees around his body no matter the condition. Greg could also feel her skin, smell her body wash, hear her heart beat, and taste the sweat on her body which was sweet at the moment.

Jenna had felt a slight arousal from her bra. Almost like another person was rubbing against her(if only she knew). Jenna then finished putting the bra on, and fastened the strap. The cups were a little tight on her, but somehow felt unimaginably comfortable. Jenna then checked herself in the mirror, and ran off down the stairs.

Greg on the other hand was really uncomfortable. The boobs that would be light and fluffy seemed heavy on me. They boobs felt like tons of weight. The descend downstairs made it worse. Her jumping and running making me work harder to keep the boobs in place. Jenna then jumped on the couch with all her might landing making a small thud as she did. Greg's nightmare now begun. The heat of soft lumps of flesh and a leathery couch.

Jenna had just wanted to watch television while unknowingly making Greg feel worse. Jenna then began to grope her own boob in order to mess around with her new favorite bra.

3 hours later-

Time had passed as Jenna just laid on the couch watching television. The effects started to catch up to her for all that excitement. Jenna finally drifted off to sleep with her new bra still on.

Greg then felt something tugging at his back straps. Greg's vision was blurry from the exhaustion of holding up Jenna's boobs. Then i felt weightless and my vision began to clear. What i saw was Jenna's mom fera holding me. Jenna's mom never saw this bra and wanted to try it out.Fera then proceeded to remove her current bra(wearing no shirt). She then placed greg on her chest. She jumped a bit from the sudden arousal coming from the bra. She then strapped it on. The bra was really tight on her, but almost felt it was worth it just for the arousal. Now Fera had already started to love it.

Greg was in shock. Fera was 35 and pretty but, well, she was a mother. Greg could promise you that it seemed as if her boobs were 2x bigger then Jenna's. Also, my body was forced on as my body had lumps of flesh sticking out from all around him. Fera's hard nipples seemed to almost stab through the fabric as it was so tight on her. Fera then(with Greg still on her) do some chores around the house. Greg was constantly pulled and constricted as Fera swept, vacuumed, and washed clothes. Then a devishly dirty thought appeared in her head. Fera ran into her room with Greg locking the door behind her.

Greg's life was decided.
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