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Story Notes:

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey there, boys and girls and attack helicopters! I'm back with a new story and boy is it nasty! It involves torture using pee, scat, and the like. If that sounds like a bad time, then you can easily click away. If that's your jam, then read on!




"Puh! Puh! Puh! What the heck!?" Tom sputtered as he was jolted awake by a cold liquid. The 18 year-old wiped the liquid out of his eyes as he tried to figure out what was going on. "Wait a minute..." He said as he smacked his lips to taste the strange liquid. "This tastes like milk." Looking around at the surrounding white pool, he realized that it was milk.  He shivered since the cold milk was like a frozen pond that soaked into his clothes. Beyond the milk was the high walls of a ceramic bowl. "What on Earth is going on?" He then looked upward and let out a terrified yell. Many feet above him was the chin of his 12 year-old sister Ashley. She was staring off in the distance at what he assumed was the television from what he could hear.


"Ashley! Ash! Look down here! I'm in your cereal bowl! Help!"


Her head moved as she glanced down at her brother. "Alright! Alright! Calm down! I know. Who do you think dropped you in?"


"Wait? You did!? Why?"


"Because you wouldn't wake up. That and I wanted to watch you flail around like you did."


"Whatever, I don't care. Now I need you to get Mom and Dad and-"


"Mom and Dad are away for the weekend. Remember, Dork? It's only Saturday."


"Then call 911 or something. I need to get unshrunk!"


"Why would I do that when I'm the one who shrunk you in the first place? One inch to be exact."


"Because maybe if you take me to a doctor they can... Wait YOU shrunk me? How?"


"I got my hands on this cool spell book. I found it at a dollar store. Go figure!"


"Well, then use a spell to change me back!"


"Not yet, Big Bro. Err, Lil' Bro. Don't you think I shrunk you for a reason?"


"What reason could you possibly have for shrinking me?"


"Remember yesterday? Mom gave us a list of chores to do while they're gone and you made me do all of them. Then I asked why you didn't do anything. And what did you say?"


"I said, 'Because I'm bigger than you.'" Tom replied sheepishly.


"And who's the bigger one now, huh?"


"So what!? It was just a couple of chores."


"Yeah, yesterday. But what about all the other times? You've been using that same line my entire life."


"Alright. Fine. I'm sorry. I'll do my fair share of the work from now on."


"You bet your tiny little butt you will. But sorry alone isn't going to cut it. I'm gonna have to punish you first."


Tom was suddenly afraid of his giant sister. She wouldn't actually hurt him... would she? "What kind of punishment did you have in mind?"


"Well since you've forced me to do your dirty work for so long, I think it's only fair to give you the dirtiest punishment I can imagine. But first, I need to eat some breakfast while I watch my shows. You can have some too. You could really put on a few... dozen pounds." Ashley giggled, but it seemed more like an evil laugh to Tom. He could hear crumpling as Ashley brought the mouth of the cereal bag above the bowl.


"What you're doing is just plain criminal."


"I'm pretty sure there is no law against shrinking someone."


"I meant pouring your milk before your cereal."


"Yeah, I guess so. But otherwise I wouldn't get to bury you in fruity goodness."


Tom screamed as a waterfall of Fruity Pebbles came pouring out of the bag, easily covering him and blocking out the light. The cereal also pushed him below the milk. He swam back up, only to find a thick ceiling of deliciousness. As his oxygen depleted, he panicked and struggled to find an air pocket within the cereal. Upon finding one, he surfaced and gasped for air, which caused him to cough on cereal dust. Soon he was calmly floating in the dark.


High above him, muffled by the cereal, he could hear his sister laughing at the tv. It angered him how he almost drowned and all she cared about was her stupid show. He was as hungry as he was angry, though, so he grabbed a nearby fruity pebble and began to nibble on it while keeping afloat.


After finishing off his food piece, Tom was about to grab another when a giant spoon scooped away a giant line of cereal right in front of him. Light now shown in and he could see Ashley's head looming above. The spoon that just attacked him was now making its way into her awaiting mouth. Just like that her lips opened and closed around the spoon, leaving nothing remaining. She gave a few crunchy chews before sending the food down her throat, the entire time not once looking at her spoon.


Tom began freaking out. "Are you serious! She didn't even look down. I could have been on that spoonful." The spoon dove back down toward Tom and he quickly dove out of the way. The section of cereal he was just in met the same fate as the last, once again with Ashley's eyes glued to the tv. "I literally would be in her stomach right now if I hadn't moved. Is she insane!?"


Ashley continued eating cereal and watching tv as Tom swam for his life away from her careless spoonfuls. Eventually there was hardly any cereal left. Tom thought he was in the clear, but just as he let his guard down, a metal spoon hit him from behind. He was now aloft and headed strait for his little sister's lips. They opened up like the gates of hell as he continued forward.


"Ashley! Stop! Did you actually forget about me! Ash!" He was silenced by fear as the spoon entered her damp mouth. Straight ahead was the black hole of her throat. Light began to fade as her lips started to close. Tom was now crying with fear. 


"Ashley, please! Don't eat me!"


He was ready to accept his fate as a little protein in his sister's diet when suddenly the light flooded back in. The spoon retreated back out until Tom's eyes met Ashley's. Her mouth closed momentarily before opening again to say, "And the fun has only just begun."


Tom was shaking in fear as he tried to speak. But before he could utter a sound, he was sent free-falling as the spoon tilted to the side. He landed with a thud inside a glass jar. He stood up and steadied himself as the warped face of his sister stared at him through the semi-transparent glass. 


"It's time for my morning jog. But I can't have you escaping now can I? I don't want you to miss me, though, so I'll give you something to remember me while I'm gone." Her giant fingers wrapped around the jar and Tom was knocked over as she picked it up. A shadow loomed over the jar and he gasped when he discovered the cause.


"She wouldn't dare..." Directly above him was the sweat pants covered ass of his sister. "Ashley, you can't possibly be doing what I think you are." But Tom's thoughts were correct. A blast of hurricane-like winds exploded at him as his sister ripped the biggest fart in her life. The force pinned him down against the bottom of the jar. As soon as it stopped, a lid was slammed on the jar. Ashley then set it down on the counter.


"Hope you enjoy my little Perfume de Ashley!" She exclaimed as she walked toward her bedroom to change. The smell was horrible and Tom felt woozy. After putting on her athletic attire, Ashley checked on her brother, laughed at his stability problems, and blew him a kiss. The last thing he saw was the front door closing before he passed out.


Chapter End Notes:

...And it only gets worse from there!

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