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Author's Chapter Notes:
I am a 15 year old boy. I've always been a bit unusual, but it's not how i act or look but. I have the ability to change into objects. I could do this sense i was 10, but i have used it for was some games of hide and seek. But now i just turned 15 so i thought now i should start. Today i will test my powers further, but not just for anything but for seeing my sisters. You see I've got a 17, 7, and 4 year old sister. They are just so hot/cute that i must see them in new ways. Especially my mother but thats for last, now lets see how experiment 1 goes.

Experiment 1: socks-

The day has started. It was Thursday and my 7 year old sister had to go to bed. She is a little cute brown hair girl who can never sit still. So that is why i picked the socks for her. Her feet always stink, and sweat, and she never bothers to wash them. That drove me crazy, and now i will try out my powers on her.


Now it has been about an hour. She finally fell asleep. This was my chance. Opening up the door i checked to make sure she wasn't awake. After that, i quietly tip toed into her room. Her room was plain due to her being apparently to old for stuffed animals and to young for boy bands. I crept to the foot of the bed and crouched down. My heart racing the whole time. Lifting up her covers to expose her sock covered feet. Glancing at them for a second. I then proceeded to lift the sock off of her right foot careful not to wake her. I then flashed a light on the sock to be able to observe it for all of its details. It was a white stained short sock that had a hole at the heel. Then i threw it across the room to into a laundry pile. Then i placed my left hand on her right foot.

My transformation always appears where my left hand is positioned. I tried to start the transformation. Losing focus due to the amense smell coming from her foot. The strong stink of her foot already giving me an erection. Shaking the thought out of my mind for now i focused. Now i started to slowly transform. My cloths melding into me as my body began to wrap around her foot. Finally, the transformation ended. I now looked around from my new perspective.

I can feel it. Smell it. Taste it. See it. Even hear the heart beat coming from her foot. I felt emense excitement from my situation. It felt great. The feeling of sweat old and new make me clasp onto her foot. This was the best feeling ever and the night just started.

Next morning-

Now it was the next morning. I had been taken off her foot sadly after the fun night i had. Changing into new socks she left me on the laundry pile and prepared, and left for school. I then changed back to human form. I just enjoyed a fun filled night as a sock. I decided to stay home from school today(Friday) sense i knew i would be soaked in sweat. My plan worked perfectly, and i can say experiment 1 was a success.
Chapter End Notes:
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