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Author's Chapter Notes:
Enjoy this. Also tried this thing called dettail hoped it worked
I looked around the room. Today was a normal Sunday afternoon. I had walked into my little sisters room to put her stuffed fox in her room. As i walked in the room the smell of glue sticks, and perfume filled my nostrils. The pink room was covered in lame little girl posters. The room floor covered with carpet, and had dolls and cloths everywhere. Now i placed the fox and the bed and that is when it happened.

Just a flash occurred, and the deafening sound of silence. To look up to my realization i was on the bed. I was positioned maybe a couple inches away from the red stuffed fox. Then i heard a click at the door. Time almost came to a complete stop, but out of fear i jumped behind the stuffed fox. The door opened and my sister walked in.

She walked in. Her name was Carly, and now she seems tall for only being twelve years old. He short height( not to me) of five foot. She was skinny, short, along with breasts and butt that were just starting their development.she's wearing jean short shorts, along with a tank top with nothing under that allowed her nipples to pop out. Now back to the action.

I hid behind the fox. Adjusting my position every now and then to make sure i am unseen. Thats when i notice the zipper. A thought goes through my mind and i push it away. The thought returns but i realize it is my only option. Unzipping the zipper quietly to ensure she doesn't hear me. Inside the space seems cramped filled with the stuffing, but as she draws near i take the leap. I scurry into the zipper and quickly seal it up behind me.

Carly sits down on the bed making it shake a little. Carly picks up her stuff bear in her lap and squeezes it tightly. Me inside the fox as the event unfold leaving me feel the pressure of her tight squeeze contracting me. Carly then lies down on her back with the stuffed animal still in her grasp.

"Carly come here please"
"Coming" Carly shouts back

Carly drops the the fox(and me) down onto the edge of the bed. Left alone as time ticks by. Knowing that it is not the right time to move as Carly can come back at any moment. The stuffing of the animal mAking it feel hot does not help the situation.

10 minutes later-

After a few minutes that click returns as the door is swung open. Carly quickly coming into her room, jumping onto her bed with her stuffed fox under her the. The full weigh of his sister(only 78 pounds) crushing down on him. The thick stuffing and the mattress beneath him absorbing the shock and numbing the pain. Carly the lets out a small toot. The hot, smelly air reaching into the fabric of the fox causing me great torture. Finally getting off her animal Carly stands up to her full height. Now it was time for bed.

Approximately 8:00 p.m.

Carly walked to bed. Getting under her covers with her fox in hand ready to sleep. Her mother giving her a kiss, and finally turning out the lights to let her sleep. Carly then drifted to sleep with me in her arms. She finally blacked out completely starting to dream.


The sleep didn't go well for me. With her constant movement in her sleep. At one point under her as she laid flat on her chest. Another moment under her but again, and somehow even traveling her thighs. Sleep for her ment many dreadful hours of pain and suffering for me.

The morning-

Carly hurried up. Today was Friday the last day of school for the week. Eating breakfast fast and hurrying out the door with her stuffed animal in her backpack. But why you might ask. Today, today wAs show and tell(yay). Even though she was in middle school her teacher did this so that the kids can practice writing narratives about certain daily things. Well lucky for me i hid in the fox.

My sister walked into the classroom. She sat down at one of the desks carefully placing her fox on the desk. Looking the the eyes of the fox i saw kid after kid walk into the room and hurry to their seats. The class time was boring most of the time. They sat down, she presented her fox, and wrote about it. Then, the teacher declared free time to allow the madness to start. All the girls in the class huddled around Carly as she showed them her fox. This left me in distress.

Girl after girl looked at me. Then Carly allowed each of them to observe the fox with touch. The girl Jackie hugged the animal near her chest. Her undeveloped breasts touching the eye of the fox where i was forced to see the girls bust. Next, Marisa took me into her hands that she sneezed in seconds before she touched me. This leaving me sick as to think of what else could be on here. Then Courtney the bitch in the class was next. She tightly grasped me, pulled out her leggings, and sticked me head first inside. Discomfort came across me as a girl twelve-ish which is four years younger then me did this. I could see her pink panties on one side, and a vagina on the other. I smelled her womanhood leaving me in shock. Then Carly finally pulled me out after some time releasing me from my prison.


Now after three periods it was gym class. The girls entered the locker room to change for gym class. Carly put me in her locker(unlocked). I knew it was dangerous, but i had to get out. Reaching for the zipper, pulling it down, and leaving. After i zipped it back up the locker opened. I ducked down trying to hide even though I was in front of the fox. The fox was then pulled out of the locker quickly flinging me across the room, down the girls shirt. The girl left her shirt tucked in her pants so i was trapped at the bottom to wait. She shoved the animal in her school bag, and ran off to gym class with me trapped inside.
Chapter End Notes:
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