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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope you enjoy my experiment. Tried adding length/detail like you all suggested
Today was just a typical day. A Saturday. You were sitting at the dining room table. Bored you decide to listen to music and draw. The seat is a hard wood and is very uncomfortable but you've grown used to it. Time ticks by as you continue on your little sketch of Superman.

10 minutes later-

Now the clock hit twelve as you heard your clock chime to the next hour of this boring Saturday. Then you grow dizzy your head begins to spin and you body stiffens. Then, you are in complete shock as the table became eye level with you. Your size was reducing from a little over six foot to half an inch. Then it stopped. All that was left was the ticking of the clock to the left of you. You try to turn your head but you can't. That's when you know your not a normal tiny person, but a toy or action figure. From your reduced size the room was bigger then a gymnasium. Then you hear a click as the door opens and your sister enters.

Your sister enters the door into the hallway. Emily(her name) is a 16 year old girl. She has always been athletic, but her short height has made it impossible to join a basketball team. Standing at five foot two she is way shorter then me and i am a year older then her. She just came back from running so she is out of breath and sweating. Emily is wearing a tank top, bra(not sport bra even though she's running), and some leggings. Her body has become pretty muscular from her work outs making her able to cary probably around 200 pounds! Also, Emily has a big, round, juicy ass even though her chest is flatter then a billboard. Now continuing the story.

Your sister takes a sip of water from her bottle. She is sweating like she is a water fall. Sweat covering her body and soaking her cloths. She comes to the dining room still breathing heavy. Emily looks around to see her brothers phone and a half finished drawing of Superman. Not really caring about what it is doing their, she just wants to sit down. She pushes the stuff out of the way to place her water down along with her own phone. Emily sets her stuff down as her butt starts to descend onto the seat.

You look up to see your sister walking around breathing heavy from her run. She glances over to see your stuff at the table, but doesn't think about as she shoves them out of the way to place her own belonging. Then you see two black globes coming down on you covering your entire view. You realize it is Emily's but and try to scream in pain. No words come out as you remember your now only a toy. The giant globes finally land on top of you placing down all their force.

Emily had sat down. You were completely consumed by her left cheek. You were completely surrounded by black stretched out fabric that was containing warm butt flesh. The leggings strained as her butt stretched them leaving the two sizes two small leggings working hard. You felt all the wait of her butt push down on you making sure you weren't ever even getting the hope of moving. The, Emily decides to wiggle her butt to get comfy. Unlike you Emily didn't get used to the chairs, and her fat ass always has to wiggle a bit in order to get comfy. The chair trying to hold her butt as the sides of it leaned over the edge making it difficult for the chair. Emily wiggles a bit more then starts to fiddle on her phone.

20 minutes later-

it has been a while imprisoned. Your sister grinding the chair a bit every minute or so to get comfortable again. The heat under you became horrible. The mixture of her sweat from her run and new sweat leaves you soaked along with her pants. Emily is getting hungry though and she finally had the effort to get up. She stood up taking her brother along with her. The pressure along with the heat and sweat worked together to make him stuck to her like glue.

Emily walked into the kitchen. She grabbed some leftover chili from the fridge and placed it in the microwave. She shakes her leg a little in impatience sending ripples in her but. You feel the vibrations of her leg, but all they do is make your situation worse. The microwave finally beeped and quickly grabbed it out. Grabbing a spoon from the utensil drawer. Emily decides to skip the dining room chair and makes the trip up to her room. You feel like throwing up(you can't) as she runs up the stairs making you bounce up and down even causing slight pain. She then sits on her bed, turns on her t.v., and starts eating."mmmmmm" she says as she devours her meal. You feel minimal pain as she sits due to the soft mattress under you and the big cushion above you.

Emily finishes her meal and lays back on her bed. You feel the shift of weight above, but it doesn't grant you any ease. Emily feels a little something on her butt. She peels it off and places it next to her without even looking. That something was you. You feel relieved as the heat, and pressure are off of you, but over all you're still stressed about the whole situation. Emily lays for a little longer with you next to her. She then sighs and lifts herself off the bed.

"Better get undressed now" Emily says with a long sigh

Those words make you gulp. Emily starts to undress by starting out with her shirt, then her bra. You start to sweat( not literally) as you're forced to watch your own sister undress in front of you. You've seen her breasts before(not really much to see), but that is the most you saw and you don't want to change that. Its already to late for that though. Her back faces you as she removes her leggings. She struggles a bit due to its small size and the sweat that stuck to her skin. Then she removes her navy blue panties that were once contained those globes that you were smothered under earlier. Now "completely naked" in front of you with her back to you. With out the leggings and the panties containing her ass, it seems to be much bigger then it was before. Emily then sits back down on her bed.

You end up sat on again, but instead of being on a cheek you are between them. Now the atmosphere was way different. It was hotter, sweater, stinkier, and had shit covered asshole in it. Emily removes her socks that she left for last. Emily stood up again clenching her cheeks while doing so. This in turn holds you in place. She slowly walks towards the bathroom. Her cheeks grinding your body against the other leaving you slowly fading deeper into her abyss which was her crack. She then opens the glass door to the.....
Chapter End Notes:
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