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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope you enjoy.
The day had started. It was the first day of the third quarter. Timothy, a 9th grader, was starting to go through some things. In the morning he felt a sickening feeling in his stomach, but decided to ignore it as he knew he knew he couldn’t use any more of his sick days. He walked to school and time ticked on.

Timothy had walked into his first period class. His stomach was still churning, but he fought through and sat down at his seat. He had a class of 20 students. There were 17 girls, and only 3 boys. The two other boys were just some assholes who sat at the back of class who all the girls liked for some reason. I hated those guys with a passion.

3 minutes later-

The bell had rung and everyone took their seats. Everyone focused on the teacher as she called attendance. As they looked at the teacher i turned around to my left to see a person floating in the air. He spoke and all he said was "shrink". This is when my whole world spun.

Waking up dizzy from what seemed to be the floor of the classroom. I heard the teachers voice but it some how seemed distant. Finally, my vision cleared and i stood in shock. It seemed as if all the desks, chairs, students, and even the teacher was hundreds of feet taller then me. I froze till a large shadow cast over me. When i realized it was a sandal i almost pissed myself.

The foot came down. Opening my eyes i discovered the foot landed right in front of me. The sandal had stopped for only a split second. The sandal kicked me high into the air to the point i was face level with a pencil on a desk. Hurtling back to the ground ending up right in between two soft walls.

After piecing the information together i assumed i was between two of a persons toes, most likely female sense it looks as if her toes were painted. My observation was cut short when the foot started moving again. Grabbing onto a toe i hoped for the best as i was then lifted and dropped repeatedly as she stepped. Finally ending up at her seat sitting down.

Emily had to get up to sharpen her pencil. She quietly got up, finished the task quickly, and walking back. All of a sudden it felt as if something was lodged between her toes in her sandals. Instead of picking it out with her hand Emily played with the rock scrunching her toes as she listened to her teacher lecture on. After a while she became addicted to playing with the rock. She then placed it under the arch of her foot to play with the little pebble further.

On the other hand, i didn't feel pain. My body constantly shifted as she scrunched her toes. She then stopped for awhile as if she was thinking what else could she do. I was then rolled back to beneath her foot. Under her arch no light shone through, as such it was pitch black. Then action brewed as i started being rolled back and forth within her sandal. My sense of direction faded as i didn't know which way was up or what was left but i knew that it wasn't fun.

Emily kept rolling the pebble within her shoe. The after awhile of playing with the strange pebble she no longer felt it. Emily shook her foot around as a attempt to find it but couldn't. Giving up on her taste of fun in this otherwise boring classroom.

I was continuously played with by her foot till i went under her heel. She then lowered her heel back onto her sandal flattening me to the bottom of it. She shook her foot as i stayed plastered on well to the bottom of Emily's heel. She calmed herself and gave up on her plaything. Time ticked on as i stayed on the bottom of her foot.
Chapter End Notes:
Hope this was good. If you want any story continue please just let me know and i will do it as soon as i can. Also give me ideas for what i should do in stories. Try my challenge invincible, lucy, or the new school rule. Let me know if you did one. Thank you
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