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Author's Chapter Notes:

This will be my first attempt at writing a story on here, so please forgive me for any rookie mistakes like pacing issues or grammar, point of view changes, plotholes or whatever. I've read a lot of stories on here in the past few years, and I thought I'd try and have a hand at it myself. If something seems too familiar, I apologize in advance. (I don't want to recycle anyone's old story plots or ideas but there's only so many ways to write about this stuff.) Feel free to review, leave constructive critisism, or comment in general. This will be a gentle-themed story, and the tags will hopefully be accurate and updated as needed. After finishing the first chapter, I noticed a few areas I'm lacking in, I'll try and improve on that in time.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.



                 In a small high school in a moderately sized town in Alabama, a young man eyed the clock with impatience. It was sixth period, the school day was almost over, only a week away from school being let out for the summer. Asher DeLuca was an eleventh grade boy. He was fairly plain looking, his best looking feature perhaps being his face. Almost everything about his demeanor was neutral, from his gray shirt, dark blue jeans, and wavy mid length brown hair. His hobbies heavily involved being at home, playing video games, and staring at the ground when he walked around. Because, like some boys his age, he was shy. That, in itself, is not a horrible trait. But to others, it is seen as something to be taken advantage of. He was always being harassed by various senior deliquents. For instance, Kevin, a lanky teenager with an eternal scowl as if he was a priest in the middle of a den of whores, and Justin, a beefier built football player. For this class, Justin was busy a few seats ahead secretly preparing a spitwad, waiting for the teacher to look away so he could fire it at Asher.

                Meanwhile, in the seat next to Asher, sat a young lady named Keris Roberts. He'd occasionally cast glances her way, admiring one of many traits to admire about her. Whether it be her cute nose, the way her butt looks when she adjusts herself in her seat, her barely C-cup breasts, her lovely shoulder length brown hair, her smooth pale skin, her slim body that retained feminine curves, the list just went on and on. He didn't know her very well, only that she seemed nice and made good grades. He didn't want to ogle her, so he decided to divert his attention elsewhere.

                "She's pretty cute," he thought to himself. "...But she'd never bother with a guy like me, much less talk to me. I bet she's taken, anyways." he tried to reason to himself. He'd had brief encounters with her in the past, she'd give a warm smile to him in the hallway in passing, or when she dropped her binder and he'd picked it up for her, for instance. It's the tiny things that introverts obsess over: (Did I say something stupid?) or (Wow that was awkward of me) or (I should return this pen I borrowed 14 months ago). And today was going to harbor a much more complex encounter, unbeknownst to either of them.

                "Asher's looking my way again," Keris silently rejoiced in her mind. "He's always so timid. Maybe I haven't been dropping enough mildly obvious hints this year?" With that, she "accidentally" dropped her pencil and it rolled over to his desk. Sure enough, he noticed it rolling his way.

                "...Crap," Asher thought to himself. "She dropped her pencil. I wonder if I can return it to her without being weird about it?" He looked at the writing utensil, then slowly looked back up to her.

                She made sure to put on her best damsel-in-distress face, and daintily whispered to him, "...Oops... umm, would you please pick that up for me?" She punctuated her request with a girly smirk. "It's cute, watching him struggle sometimes," she thought to herself, with the barest hint of guilt.

                Asher slowly nodded, and then bent over to pick up the pencil, when a random spitwad hit him in the side of the forehead. Justin ended up making it awkward for him after all. Asher didn't bother to pay any attention to the bully. It stunned him for a moment, but he went through with helping out Keris. He was thinking, "Giving him a reaction is exactly what he wants. It didn't hurt after all, I can deal with the humilia--" but he didn't get to finish that thought. He glanced up at Keris and she was glaring icy daggers at Justin as she pointed in his direction.

                "Mr. Derrick, Justin shot a spitwad at Asher!" she interrupted. The teacher turned around and saw the evidence for himself. Justin hadn't noticed she was watching, he was too worried about the teacher noticing. Mr. Derrick ended up sending Justin to the principal's office, while the bully smirked at the two dweebs in the back.

                "Fucking bitch..." he muttered under his breath before disappearing through the doorway.

                After things settled down, she looked back at her secret crush. He looked thankful, with an underlying defeat etched across his face. "Poor guy. I wish he didn't have to deal with jerks like that. If I could protect him all the time, I would." She absentmindedly played with her necklace, rubbing her fingers over the small brooch at the end of it. A gift from her granddad, a trinket he had purchased for her birthday while he was away in the middle east for a vacation. Why he'd have wanted to go out there, she would never understand.

                As soon as she finished that thought, a voice rang through her head, sounding shifty, deep, and powerful. "Your wish, is my command."

                Keris staggered at this invasive voice in her mind. She looked around but saw no one around who could've sounded like that.

                Asher, on the other hand, felt a power overcome him. A moment later, after some disorientation, his vision had been blurred but it focused in on a massive landscape around him. "What...? The classroom... it's enormous!" he realized. He was on the floor, under his desk, standing beside a pencil the size of a downed tree. He wanted to scream for help, before his eyes met Keris's bluish green eyes. Her mouth was open, her face displayed plenty of confusion, and shock. He wondered what he should do.

                Keris couldn't believe it. "How.. did that happen?" She wondered if it had something to do with her necklace. But there were more important matters to address at the moment. "I don't want to make a scene here. I doubt it would end up very well for Asher if anyone saw him like this. He'd probably end up in a lab somewhere." So with that, she quickly scribbled a note on a piece of paper with one of her other pencils, and placed it by the leg of her desk so he could see it. The pencil she dropped earlier wasn't her only one.

                Asher read the note, which was in a cutesy handwriting: Don't panic, please! Hide over here between my shoes. I'll see what I can do to help you after class is over. It wouldn't be smart to bring this to everyone's attention. He agreed with her about that, thankful he didn't scream earlier. With a few mighty shoves, he pushed her pencil and it rolled back to her. Maybe it wasn't necessary now, but he felt like it was a nice gesture. Looking up, he noticed she was touched by the mere act, with a mild smile showing off her nice teeth. Keris felt her heart warm up. "I didn't expect to get my pencil back. What a sweetheart!" she gushed.

                 Afterwards, he sprinted over to her seemingly house sized shoes. "Holy..." he mused. Her clean white sneakers were a bit intimidating. If she weren't careful, or even aware he was nearby, she might accidentally crush him. Keris retrieved her floor note and then lifted one of her feet to make room for him to go under. Asher complied, walking under the floating canopy. Looking up at the zig-zag deisgns on her sneaker's sole, he noticed the smushed remains of some type of bug, possibly an ant. This spooked him and made him feel smaller than he already was. "Is that what could become of me? Crushed and killed underneath someone's foot, whether they know it or not?" He ended up waiting in a small space between her feet as she carefully placed her foot back down to the left of him, obscuring him from other eyes.

                 Keris attempted to focus on her classwork, but a realization started to dawn on her soon after. "He's trusting me right now. And he hardly even knows me. I'll have to be super careful. I can only imagine what it's like down there... how scary everything might be, harmless things like walking would mean the possibility of stepping on him unaware or bugs might try to kill him. And on top of that, people could take advantage of him if they knew about him. Whether they're cruel or nice, he'd have no way to defy them. Even me, because even though I have good intentions... he'd have to accept whatever I wanted to do with him, since if I wanted to force him to..." she shuddered at the thought of such powerlessness. "It's also a good thing I was able to get that jerk Justin dismissed from class. He might've seen what happened if he was still here. That wouldn't have been good." She peeked down to make sure Asher was doing okay. He was sitting down indian style, looking nervously at her shoes. "I suppose... I might be pretty intimidating to him," she frowned slightly. "I'll try to put him at ease later... because I'd like it if he could be my new friend."

                 Meanwhile, Asher wasn't paying attention to the clock anymore like earlier. Time waits for no man. The school bell rang, singaling the end of the school day, and the beginning of his time as a tiny young man.

Chapter End Notes:

Let me know what you guys think. I think for now the GTS material is going to be tame/implied. I don't know where I'm going with the story yet.

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