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Story Notes:
Author's Chapter Notes:
Anna has just walked inside to her new job. She is working at her new job as a daycare worker. Anna walked into the large metal doors to the daycare. She walks into to see stairs. She then walks up the stairs to another door now made of wood. Anna takes a deep breath, and swings the doors open.
Anna sees aroom full of 3 year olds. All girls, and some without shirts on. Anna looked around, but found no one else. Confused she decided to changes some of the childs diapers. She placed one of the girls on the table. She pinched her nose As she pulled back the diaper she fell back, and hit the ground. Anna fell to unconsciousness.
Anna sat up from her place on the tile floor. She rubbed the back of her head. Her eyes widened in fear at what she saw. A baby stood befor her, but the size of her was 3 to 4 times hers. She slowly stepped back from the now beast of a baby. Anna then turned and hastily fell into a full speed sprint. She wasn't looking and that was a mistake. Anna hit something, and looked up to see another towering baby.
Anna fell backwards in fear at what was a huge baby. The, the baby's hand grabbed Anna up off the ground. Anna kicked in disagreement. Then anna was dropped feet first. Apparently the baby pulled open the front of its diaper, and dropping Anna inside of her diaper. Anna had no idea what was happening.
Anna was now in pitch black. She couldn't move as she was stuck between fabric, and what seemed to be warm flesh. Anna struggled to try to escape her prison. The baby laughed as Anna struggled against the babies premature vagina. The baby then started rocking back and forth. Afterwards the baby fell forwards laying flat on the floor.
Anna still struggled to break free. She then felt the baby rock as her head was banged against both sides of her prison. Then the baby fell forward pushing Anna flat on the flesh. It felt as there was hard floor beneath her.
The baby then got up off the floor. She then started to crawl. After that, she sat down on the floor smiling. The baby then sat still, silent for a moment. After that the baby started to laugh.
Anna felt nausea as the "little" girl started to crawl again. Anna then felt stillness as she sat down, and for a second of relief. Then liquid started to pour in her mouth. Anna then realized that she was stuck on the front of the girls premature pussy, and her mouth was blocking the hole for where piss came out. Anna swallowed quickly as what seemed to be gallons of piss was forced down her throat. Then it stopped. Anna felt relief once again as her imprisoner started to move again. Anna cried inside as she thought this was her new job.
Chapter End Notes:
This was a challenge that i excepted, so please try it yourself and let me read it.
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