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Author's Chapter Notes:
The kid in the story is invincible, can feel pain. Can be felt(great), but he cant move, and he can be flattened in later chapters(to encourage you)
I am a normal boy. Im 14, with brown hair, brown eyes, and even atract some girls. This is where my life changes.

I come home from a long day at school. I place my bag down, and drag my feet as i approach the fridge. I grab an apple from the bottom shelf, and start eating it. I sit down at the dining room table to eat my apple. Then after 10 minutes or so i throw the core in the trash. I lazily get out of my seat and walk to my room. I paused for a moment in front of my mothers room. My heart pounds as i decide to start to open the door. I was really tired and my bed was covered with cloths, and paper plates. To lazy, to tired to do that i walk into my mothers room. I had a sister but her room was a bigger mess then mine. I ended up walking right next to her bed that was covered with red sheets. Her bed was covered with dry and wet juices from her masturbating. At this point i was to tired to care. I jumped onto the bed over her blanket. Soon after plopping onto the bed i fell asleep.click. The front door was opened then reclosed. I woke up from the sound of the door. I had a headache but at least i was no longer tired. I knew it was mom immediately by the sound of her heels. Then i had a panic attack. If mom saw me in her room i was surely dead. I rushed to get up when i had a realization. There were what seemed to be yards of red surrounding me. Either i bled alot or the bed was bigger. Panic filled my body as the door to the room opened. The door was so far away i could barely see it. Blood pumped through me faster as she drew near. I tried to shout to notify her of my presence but i couldn't move a muscle. Not of fear but it was like my body was stuck together by some outside force. All i could do was watch which was even worse then not being able to move. I looked up as she started to unbutton her shirt. I metally cried when she started to undress. Its not like I've never seen her body, because she only walks around the house in a bra and panties. My mother isn't even ugly either. She is 35 and has a good shaped body. She has black hair, and is always well shaven. My mom also has boobs that are as big as melons, and a butt that is even bigger. Better yet she as good hips, and is skinny. As her son i can even say she is hot. But the worst part is her panties were off now. She was nude standing in front of me. She then sat down on the side of the bed. My heart raced as she started to lay down. She then started to play with her nipples with her left hand. Her right hand was busy putting her hand in her vagina. I was forced to stare right at her play with herself."well it looks like he left an action figure in my room"she said with a sigh, and the spoke again with a different tone", i guess Moma gets to play with it now that it is in my room." She smiled devishly down at me. I tried to scream as i saw her reach for me. She rapped her right hand around me even though it was covered with juices. Some rubbed off of me when she rose me to her right breast. My head was then rubbed across the soft skin of her nipple. A moan left my mothers mouth as she spread me across her nipple. The nipple hardened as i was rubbed harder, faster. Moans started coming out louder and harder. I felt awkward as this kept going, and my penis became hard. Then she moved over to her other to please herself further. Her back rose off the bed as her excitement grew. Then it went down hill from there. She then lowered her hand down woth me in her grasp. I knew where this was going.
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed. Once 800 reads or i get 2 reviews(good/bad) i will start writing chapter two.
Hope you enjoyed.
By way his size may change, and transformation may be included in the next one(wink)
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