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Story Notes:
Author's Chapter Notes:
Nice short story
Greg woke up from being unconscious. Greg was unable to move. All greg could do was shake a little like he was vibrating. It was dark wherever he was and thats all he knew. Then a bright light appeared.
Jenna just bought a new bra. She was excited to try it on. Jenna may only be 14 but her boobs were massive, even bigger then her mothers. She opened the closet door, and grabbed her new bra.
Greg couldn't believe his eyes a giant woman was staring down on him. Actually not a woman but jenna his classmate/crush. Hewas lifted off the ground, and was examined. Greg was scared stiff, and realized she was taking off her shirt exposing her nipples. He coudnt believe he just saw his crushes nipple, but wondered why she wasnt reacting to his small body.
Jenna started pulling Greg towards her breasts and greg screamed internally. His face was pressed on one nipple and his crotch on the other. Even though he was pressed on her nipple he saw it perfectly along with the closet. He could see 360 degrees and even stuff that you normally wouldn't see like this.
Jenna was aroused. She had finished putting her bra on, and strapped it on. The bra was snug but it was unimaginably comfortable that it got her aroused. Jenna contained herself and walked downstairs in her new bra.
Greg was really uncomfortable. He had to hold up what felt like tons worth of weight. And the decend downstairs was even worse. She jumped onto the couch while pushing greg down to make it a nightmare. He felt the heat rise, and new his current situation will worsen.
Jenna had just plopped on the couch to watch television, and even shook here boobs around to play with her new favorite. Jenna had soon fell asleep on the couch with greg squished between leather, and hot flesh. Then was taken off of jenna. Greg stared in horror at what he saw.
Fera jennas mom walked in and saw a bra on jenna that she never saw before. She took it off of jenna gently to not provoke her and started to prepare to try it on. Fera removed the bra she was wearing(had no shirt) and started to place the bra on. The bra was snug and strained alittle but felt great. She found a new love.
Greg was in shock. Jennas mom was 35 and (pretty)well a mother. She had tits that looked like they could be almost 2x as much as jennas. Greg felt as he was forced on this mothers boobs. He had the nipple hard instantly, and seemed to go through the bra due to the tightness. Fera cleaned, and did chores around the house wearing greg around her chest. The soft bra that was comfortable soon gave her arousal. Fera had a realization of what she could do with the arousing bra and ran to her room. The door closed with a click.

Gregs life was decided.
Chapter End Notes:
hope this is a good story.
Sorry not what you thought, but couldn't get transformation tag
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