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Story Notes:
First story so enjoy
Author's Chapter Notes:
The boy will be invicible,able to breath in any place, and can be flattened like a cartoon character, and cant be felt pretty much at all but he feels all of the pain
First story
Jack had walked into his sisters room. His sister left as soon as he had entered the room without caring. He had to get back his shorts that his sister has supposedly "borrowed" from him. He went to pick up his blue shorts when all of a sudden he fainted.
When jack woke up he looked up to see a ass right above him moving away. He realized his sister had just walked by him. His sister was a 17 year old red haired girl. She has a huge butt, and and boobs and some guys even say she is pretty. She always walked around naked, and sometimes wearing socks(doesn't help).
Jack decided to start running towards her. When she looked down jack was shocked, and froze in fear. His sisters hand reached down towards him, but his foot was stuck on a fabric. He was lifted into the air as his sister lifted the fabric his foot was stuck on. Then it hit him... it was a bra!!! As he was lifted into the air he was flip upside down, and dangling. He then was pushed against her boob as she put it in place. He was pressed face first into her nipple. She strapped it on, and didnt know a thing. "Jackie come down please!" Her mom yelled. Jacks sister had a very similar name, but he never cared. Jack was flattened onto the nipple as the bra strained. Jackie walked downstairs to see her mother waiting for her to eat breakfast. They both hugged each other, and jackie sat down and started to eat. What jackie didn't realize is jack went through hell. Jack was squashed even further into her breast, and it hurt like hell. Heat started to rise inside the bra while he heard crunches inside. The strain of the bra increased, until a snap broke the pressure and the bra fell to the table. Jack was still stuck due to all the pressure that made him into a flat sticker on her nipple. Jackie didn't care her bras always fell apart, and she continued to eat. Jacks mother didn't even care, or notice the small form plastered on to his sisters nipple. Jackie only wore the bra to test it out before school, and it didn't make the cut. Jackie got ready for school leaving her shirt and bra for last, and that gave jack plenty of time to peal off. Jack did peal off, and fell to the floor with a splat. The only problem is it wasn't the floor but a foot. Fear started to form in jack. He hastily started to reform and did. Jack started to crawl to the front of the foot, and prepared to jump. He picked up some speed and leaped off the foot for it to be in vain. Jack fell right into her cotton sock where it was already heating up. The foot went in and pushed him to the back. The big toe was on him but jack wasn't flattened yet. That was till she put her foot in her snug little shoe. Heat started to form and his whole body became one with jackies toe. Jackie started to walk, and soon left the house to her school, walking the whole way. Jackie sat down in class, and impatiently waited for the class to start. She kept scrunching her toes, but she didnt feel or even realize what her brother was going through.
Chapter End Notes:
But i will try to take suggestions after chapter three so please comment/review. The next part will be more foot, and a new friend
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