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I am bringing back this story because of reader requests. Fortunately I had not deleted the story from my archives, as I did the others.

Melissa Monday in this story is not the same as the girl by the same name in "The Boy Who Loved Tough Girls," nor is the geographical area identical. Let's say it is just a co-incidence.

Melissa Monday, a spoiled brat, eighteen years of age, has perverse sexual fantasies, chiefly to dominate other females. So far, she has not actually done any of that.

Her mother, Dr. Lisa Monday, a brilliant chemical engineer, is secretly working on a shrinking formula, which so far hasn't worked.

Dr. Monday, forty four, had a high schooll friend, which she has no desire to see.

That friend drops in on her one day, unchanged. Helen Jones is still as twisted as when they were in school together.

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Published: April 12 2017 Updated: May 19 2017
Story Notes:

The story takes place in a remote part of Appalacia. The valley in this story, a fantasy valley, is very sparsely settled, except in a couple of areas.

This story was easy to put back, because I had saved it -- but I never saved the others.

WARNING: This story is extremely violent and has a lot of twisted sex in it. It you are under 18, or are not into such stories, please back out now.

1. Chapter 1: The Characters by BillWilliams [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarhalf-star (884 words)

This chapter introduces the principal characters.

Eloise Penbrook is not mentioned here: she comes much later in the story.

2. Chapter 2: An Unexpected Visitor by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (3997 words)

Dr. Lisa Monday gets home early from work and hears her only child, Melissa, doing a shocking pantomine.

Lisa is concerned for her daughter.

Melissa has one uncanny ability, that unnerves people -- she has piercing eyes, that seem to see right into your soul. It is virtually impossible to lie to her.

Lisa confronts Melissa and gets into a fight with her, throwing her out of the house after her daughter attacks her.

While Lisa is out shopping, Melissa comes back and takes refuge in the den.

Dr. Monday gets an unexpected, and unwelcome, visitor.

Melissa overhears a very interesting conversation. Then she decides to pay a visit.



3. Chapter 3: Helen by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (2622 words)

Helen Jones, upset and depressed, especially by her old friend kicking her out of her house, sits on her porch in frustration.

Then Helen gets a visitor.

An old cliche says, "Be careful what you wish for -- you just might get it."



4. Chapter 4: Helen's Bliss by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (4023 words)

Helen enjoys herself in a dream come true. Melissa too, in a different way.

Dr. Monday's formula appears to be working and Melissa gets curious.

Lisa gets into another arguement with Melissa over something trivial, sending Melissa over the edge.

Melissa attacks her mother.


5. Chapter 5: Dr. Monday's Distress by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (3406 words)

Melissa punishes her mother to teach her a lesson.

Then Melissa gets into her mother's laboratory.

The formulae is tested on a human -- Melissa shrinks her mother and abuses her.

They come to an uneasy understanding.



6. Chapter 6: Helen's Great Adventure by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (4377 words)

Melissa and her mother are reconciled -- sort of.

Helen is abused by Melissa and loving it.

Then Melissa shrinks Helen.



7. Chapter 7: Helen's Great Adventure, continued by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (2430 words)

Melissa continues going at it on Helen.

Helen loves it.



8. Chapter 8: Helen is Severely Punished by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (4259 words)

Helen teases and taunts Melissa and pays for It.

But Helen enjoys it.

Well, most of it.


9. Chapter 9: What the Cleaning Woman Revealed by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (1143 words)

Dr. Monday meets a woman that used to clean her office at work and receives a shock.


10. Chapter 10: Reconoiter by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (2058 words)

Shocked by what she heard from Maria, Helen Jones's cleaning lady, Dr. Monday tries to come to grips with the information.

She decides to pay Helen a visit, ostensibly to make amends.

But she has developed a plan.


11. Chapter 11: Lisa's Revenge by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (4402 words)

Helen sets up her camera secretly, so that she can have a movie of Melissa abusing her, to enjoy in secret. To that end she delibertly provokes the girl. But that's okay with Melissa.

Dr. Monday secretly enters Helen's house during the wee hours of the morning.

To prove to herself what Melissa and Helen are doing, Dr. Lisa Monday is forced to listen to some of their perversions.

Dr. Monday sends a message to Meliisa, saying she is coming home sick, so that the girl will rush on home.

Lisa gets her revenge on the woman she believes corrupted her daughter. 


12. Chapter 12: The Camera by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (2077 words)

Dr. Lisa Monday comes home sick.

Melissa goes to Helen's house to see why she doesn't return her messages or answer her phone. She finds the camera, but doesn't feel like watching the disk just yet.

Strange things are going on.

Helen is reported missing, but the investigation turns up little.

Dr. Monday goes on a business trip.

Meliissa is distressed over Helen being missing.


13. Chapter 13: Melissa Views The Video by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (1888 words)

Melissa enjoys watching Helen's video.

Until her motehr appears in it.

Wounded and enraged by what her mother did to Helen, Melissa begins to put together her own plan.

It involves, among other things, a trip to a sex bondage store. 


14. Chapter 14: Lisa's Terror Begins by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (2940 words)

Melissa picks her mother up at the airport, supressing her rage.

Then the girl asks her mother to watch a DVD with her.

When she refuses, Melissa overpowers her mother and ties her up.

Lisa is forced to watch Helen's video and is horrified..

Melissa's revenge begins.

And Lisa's terror.



15. Chapter 15: Lisa's Terror Continues by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (3009 words)

Melissa's rage at what her mother has done, knows no bounds, and there is nothing, short of death, that Melissa will not inflict on her. But under conrol.



16. Chapter 16: Melissa Rules -- Lisa's Transformation by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (4666 words)

Melissa continues to terrorize her mother for killing her friend.

But a subtle change seems to be coming over Lisa.



17. Chapter 17: Somewhere In Northern Virginia by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (772 words)

A serious traffic accident and a curious teen aged girl start an unexpected chain of events.


18. Chapter 18: Eloise by BillWilliams [Reviews - 1] (4497 words)

Hiking with her parents in a park in Northern Virginia, Eloise Penbrook has a strange encounter.



19. Chapter 19: The Bicycle Ride by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (3811 words)

No car available, Eloise rides the shrunken Helen back to Dr. Monday's house on her bicycle so that she can be restored to normal size.

Dr. Monday gets a shock.

Watch "Tyrone to Sinking Valley - YouTube" to see a valley similar to my fantasy valley, only with 90 % of the buildings and vehicles removed. The point where Helen asks if they are near an intersection is at 4:54 on the video.


20. Chapter 20: Detour by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (3899 words)

Dr. Monday takes Eloise on a round-about route to Eloise's house, into an isolated area, to seduce her.

But who is seducing whom?

Watch  "A Drive Through Sinking Valley - You Tube" to maybe see what Eloise might have seen, the music reflecting her emotions. My make-believe valley is far more sparsely settled than this one. The onely thing is,t his story takes place in the summer.

I don't know who posted these videos to YouTube.

Also, the geography and topography has been drastically altered for this fictional valley.


21. Chapter 21: Reunion by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (3262 words)

Melissa gets a shocking, but pleasant, surprise.

Eloise has nocturnal clandestine fun.



22. Chapter 22: Eloise Busted by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (4154 words)

Mother and Daughter Punish Eliose for her Outrageous Deeds

Eloise enjoys some of what is being done to her

But not all


23. Chapter 23: The Visitor by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (3454 words)

A wanna be writer, Bill Williams, decides to visit his home town.

At a store, he encounters a beautiful but nasty girl.

Eloise and Helen decide to have fun with Dr. Monday.

The stage is set.


24. Chapter 24: Caught by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (609 words)

As Eloise and Helen go at it with Dr. Monday, Bill watches and records the session secretly.

Then Melissa decides to pay them a visit.

I don't expect to have much time to write for the next few days, so I thought I might get this short chapter in -- just to keep up the suspense.      


25. Chapter 25: Punished and Abused by BillWilliams [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (2555 words)

Finding Bill watching them as they have fun with Lisa, the enraged women punish him.


26. Chapter 26: Fun and Games by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (1666 words)

Eloise, Helen, and Melissa have fun at Lisa and Bill's expense.

The girl Eloise is becoming more and more like her new friends -- even worse.


27. Chapter 27: Lisa's Passion by BillWilliams [Reviews - 0] (735 words)

I haven't forgotten my other stories while I work on brining "1000 Ways to Die" to a close -- I've just got all wrapped up in that one.

I intend to finish 1000, and then "Lisa's Revenge."

The "Boy Who Loved Tough Girls" is ongoing, so I plan to work on that last. About that  one I will only say that Bob is about to really piss Melissa off.

In the meanwhile, here is a little preview of things to come in Lisa.

Thanks for your patience.