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Story Notes:

The story takes place in a remote part of Appalacia. The valley in this story, a fantasy valley, is very sparsely settled, except in a couple of areas.

This story was easy to put back, because I had saved it -- but I never saved the others.

WARNING: This story is extremely violent and has a lot of twisted sex in it. It you are under 18, or are not into such stories, please back out now.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter introduces the principal characters.

Eloise Penbrook is not mentioned here: she comes much later in the story.

The Characters:

Dr. Lisa Monday: A 44-year-old widow woman, with a doctorate in chemistry. Dr. Monday lives with her only child, Melissa, in a mountain valley in the Appalachians. She could live closer to town, where she has a high-paying job as a chemical engineer with a large corporation, but she prefers the outdoors and the seclusion, for privacy and peace and quiet.

Lisa also wants the seclusion for another reason: a secret project of her own, which she wants to keep under wraps until it is perfected. The project: to scientifically shrink people and bring them back to normal size again. So far all the animals she had used as guinea pigs died in the shrinking process. But Dr. Monday is undeterred; she is determined and hopes that her efforts will benefit mankind --- and maybe make her famous. And rich!!! That wouldn’t hurt.

Dr. Monday is petite, standing only four feet, ten inches tall, and slender. Most men would call her sexy looking, but for the wrinkles on her belly and around her blue eyes. She still retains most of her youthful beauty, however, with her heart-shaped face, her turned-up nose, her long blonde hair and her rosy cheeks on her Lilly-white skin. Her lips are very thin and often pursed, as if she were angry – or thinking.

Melissa Monday: Dr. Monday’s spoiled eighteen-year-old sulky daughter, who will be going into twelfth grade at the end of the summer, because she flunked seventh grade, which put her back all the way through junior and senior high school.

Melissa spends a lot of her time looking at her body in the mirror and rubbing herself, including rubbing the vegetables from the crisper through her naked crotch – or sometimes with blue jeans on, or in a dress, or only in her panties. She has to be careful that her mother doesn’t catch her. Ohhh, if her mother had any idea what went on in that pretty head of hers. The thought made her chuckle.

Unlike her mother, Melissa is tall, five-feet-seven to be exact. Her natural skin tone is a beautiful golden tan, as if she was always sunning herself. That she received from her Italian father. Melissa’s eyes are the same shade of blue as her mothers, and she can pierce deep into your soul with them. Her hair is strawberry-blonde and is always tied up in pigtails, which flow all the way down to her buttocks. She has the same heart shaped face as her mother, but with large lips, giving her a sensuous appearance. Melissa would have been far and away the most beautiful girl in high school, if she didn’t sulk so much.  

Melissa is a little on the plump side, having enchanting, well-formed thighs, beautiful in their bronzed fullness. But that’s all right: some men like women and girls a little on the plump side --- not too much, like in the old paintings – just a little.

Some men.

And some women. Like Helen:

Helen Jones: Helen is forty-four, and was friends with Lisa Monday in high school, until Lisa told her she didn’t want to be friends anymore, but more on that later.

Helen is five feet, four inches tall, has curly black hair, of average build with brown eyes and an oval-shaped face. She is very pretty and only falls slightly short of being beautiful. 

MS Jones has recently come into a small fortune, so that she never need work again, and so has recently moved into a home in a remote section of the same valley where Dr. Monday lives. There she can fulfill her dream of spending all of her time doing what she always wanted to do – gardening, both vegetable and flower gardening. The house is on a little-used road and is surrounded by woods.

Helen has always had a very serious obsession: ever since she could remember she has always wanted teen-aged girls, even long before junior high.  But she didn’t have the courage to try to do anything about it, until she was in tenth grade. There she got beaten up several times when she tried to put her hand up other girls’ dresses and was sent home three times for the same. Also she was told off and lost friends when she verbally told girls what she wanted. She even begged several of them to sexually abuse her.

I don’t mean she wants to be a lesbian. I mean she wants to be sexually dominated and abused by teen-aged girls, no limitations. Even at forty-four years of age she still has the same passion.

But having been rebuffed twice as an adult for approaching young girls, and even offering them money, she no longer tries. The last time the girl was under age, and she almost was prosecuted for it. She couldn’t try anymore after that. That time was when she was twenty-four, twenty years ago.

Now Helen is terrified to even try. But she still fantasizes about it, and loses a lot of time masturbating in frustration.

She is afraid to answer any of the ads in magazines or on the Internet, not knowing what kind of people she might meet.

So Helen goes on with her gardening, in sexual frustration.

And with images on the internet.

And sometimes certain sections of store catalogues.



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