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Story Notes:

Bob sees the girl of his dreams and is determined to date her.


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Author's Chapter Notes:

A strange girl bursts into Bob's class.


Bob's decision.



Bob Snyder first noticed Melissa Monday in March of 2018, in his senior year of high school. He was sitting in English class waiting for the bell to ring when a tall blonde girl rushed into the room in a flurry, her blue eyes blazing. Bob liked her as soon as he saw her. She was over six feet tall wearing high-heeled red boots. Bob put her at about five feet eleven without the boots. Her blond hair flowed in waves down over her broad shoulders, she had large, sensuous lips, and a turned-up nose in a heart-shaped face. Her piercing blue eyes were set just the right distance apart. Bob thought that she was very beautiful. She looked angry and mean, which also endeared her to him immediately.

Besides the boots she had on a red skirt and a white short-sleeved top. Her skirt revealed more than half of her luscious bronze-colored thighs and, best of all as far as her body was concerned, she was slightly plump, the way Bob liked girls. She was perfect.

Bob noticed that many of the students looked down at their desks and were suddenly taking a keen interest in their textbooks. They looked fearful.

Only Bob's head was raised.

The girl stormed up the aisle one row away from him, her cleated boots making a clicking sound on the floor. She stopped in front of a desk where a girl named Judy was sitting, who was shaking and looking down at a paper on her desk.

The blonde stood with her feet apart in a threatening stance, her hands on her hips, glaring down at Judy.

“Yes…yes Melissa?”

“Don’t give me that ‘Yes, Melissa’ shit. You know what I want.”

“I will give you the twenty dollars tomorrow, Melissa. I get paid Friday evenings, and I will cash my check in the morning and come over to your house.”

“No. I want it now. You said you’d pay me back on the 17th. That was last Saturday. It’s been three weeks since I loaned you the money.”

“I had car trouble, which took almost my entire check.”

“Not my problem. Pay me,” Melissa said, holding out her hand.

“I only have ten dollars on me.”

“That will have to do, until tomorrow. Give me the ten.”

“But I will have no money for lunch, Melissa,” Judy said, taking the ten out of her purse.

“Tough,” Melissa said. She seized Judy’s chin and raised her face to hers.  “And I expect you at my house with the other ten by noon tomorrow. Or I will be coming to see you.”

“You have no heart, Melissa.”

“Kiss my ass-hole, honey,” Melissa said, pocketing the money. Judy gasped and threw her hands to her face. Melissa glanced across the row and caught Bob looking at her in awe, his mouth open. “What are you looking at, stupid?”

“Nothing,” Bob said and busied himself in his book.

“That’s what I thought,” Melissa said and whisked out of the room.

Bob raised his head and looked at the back of her thighs and followed them all the way, while all the other students, especially the boys, kept their heads down. Just before she exited the room, Melissa turned around and caught his gaze. She gave Bob one quick angry glance and was gone.

Judy sat at her desk and cried, shaken up by the confrontation, and Melissa’s meanness.

He could have helped Judy, he was not afraid of Melissa, he was just mesmerized by that scene in the classroom. Bob took a twenty out of his wallet and tapped Judy on the shoulder. “Here, Judy. Take it. I have plenty of money.”

“Thank you,” Judy said sheepishly and took the money. “I can pay you back tomorrow.”

“No need. Monday in class with be fine.”

“Again, thank you.”

“You’re more than welcome.”

Then the teacher came in.


Sometime after that, in April, Bob was walking up the hall with his friend Richard, when they noticed a commotion a few yards in front of them. A ring of students was gathered around what sounded like a girl fight. Making their way to a position where they could see, they saw Melissa in a wild fight with another girl, a shorter, brown-haired girl. Some of the students were cheering the brunette, yelling things like “Don’t let her do that to you, Donna, give it to her.” A few were cheering for Melissa.

This day Melissa was wearing a long blue dress with grey boots. As Bob watched, Donna ripped Melissa’s blue dress and bra, exposing her big breasts.

That sent Melissa into a rage. She pulled her dress all of the way up and positioned Donna’s head between her thighs and forced her face up into the crack between her buttocks, the big girl’s red panties being the only thing separating the brunette’s face from contact with Melissa’s behind.

As Bob watched in amazement at this scene, Melissa gritted her teeth in a sadistic grin and tightened her thighs with all her might on Donna’s head. Bob saw the muscles in the blonde’s thighs flex as they clamped tighter around the poor brunette, who was desperately attempting to pry Melissa’s thighs apart. Melissa reached behind her, seized Donna’s hair and pulled her face into her behind. “Smell my ass, bitch.”

About that time a couple of teachers came along and broke it up, to Bob’s disappointment. Donna rubbed her head and neck as one of the teachers helped her to her feet and Melissa stood over her with a smirk on her face, breathing heavily.

Melissa saw Bob looking on as the other students went on their way. She said, “Nothing else to see here. Go on your way, ass hole.”

“Come along,” said one of the teachers as the two were led down the hall to the office.


“Wow, that was something,” Bob said to Richard. “Too bad that the fight was broken up."

“Too bad?” Richard exclaimed. “Donna was being massacred.”

“Yeah. That Melissa is quite a girl. How could I have not noticed her earlier?”

“It is a big building, covering more than a block. With three floors and a basement. You know that.” 

“Yes, that’s right, the only public high school serving a large area.”

“Besides, Bob, she’s new here. She got kicked out of private school in December.”

“Ohh, I see. I think I’d like to date her.”

Richard looked at Bob saying, “I didn’t know you had a death wish.”

They both laughed heartily and went on their way.


Bob couldn’t get his mind off Melissa. He passed her in the hallway occasionally. She either didn’t notice him or was ignoring him. No surprise there – although Bob was good looking, in a way, he was rather ordinary, of average height with black hair and brown eyes, not someone you would particularly notice.

Most of the girls who knew him weren’t interested, because he was always clowning and he played practical jokes often. Such as the time in one of his classes, when the teacher was having each student in turn stand up and explain one of the problems from their homework. Bob tied the belt loop of Fred, the student in front of him, to the chair when it was nearing Fred’s turn to stand up. Another time he shot a rubber band up a girl’s dress when she bent over to pick up a pencil, hitting her in the back of the thigh. That turned out to be the violent-tempered Antoine. Antoine spent three afternoons in detention and Bob spent an hour in the nurse’s office – with a smile on his face.

You get the picture.

Anyway, by the beginning of May, Bob was completely infatuated with Melissa – and determined to get a date with this bombshell - a bombshell in more ways than one.

Not long after making that decision, Bob saw Melissa coming down the adjoining hall to the one he was in and coming towards him. She was dressed in tight blue jeans with a black top and blue flats. Melissa didn’t notice Bob as she reached the “T” junction in the hall and came around the corner. Now she was ahead of him. She kept on going straight and went up a flight of steps to the third floor, Bob following. Going out of his way to follow her! The number of students dwindled. Bob noticed that Melissa kept turning her head to the side, as if she were aware of him behind her.

On the third floor, there were now very few students in the hall as the girl approached the extreme corner of the floor. She was apparently headed for the corner room, an art class.

He would like to have talked to her completely alone but it was now or never.

Bob came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. “Excuse me, Melissa.”

She whipped around on Bob, seized him by the shirt collar and slammed him against a wall. “Don’t you touch me; I’ll break you in two.”

“I’m sorry, Melissa, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Her face just inches from Bob’s Melissa glared into his eyes. “You aren’t in any of my classes or clubs. How do you know my name?”

“I’ll explain, Melissa, okay?”

“Wait a minute. I remember you. You were there when I confronted Judy about the money she owed me, your mouth hanging open like a dope. And you were there when I gave Donna what was coming to her. Again, looking stupid. What do you want with me?”

“I want to ask you on a date.”

Bob heard somebody say, “I give that guy about twenty seconds to live.”

Another student said, “Let’s get out of here. There may be collateral damage.”

Bob and Melissa paid no attention.

Melissa was staring at Bob as though she could not believe what she had just heard. Bob, usually fearless, was overwhelmed by Melissa’s reaction, surprised by her violent outburst.

But that was the main thing that had attracted her to him in the first place.

Melissa said, “So you know what kind of a girl I am. Why would you want me?”

“I like girls like you – tough girls.”

Melissa seemed taken aback by that. She released Bob and stared at him as if she had just discovered a new life form and was analyzing it. “What are you, some kind of a nut?”

“No. Well, maybe a little. I don’t know why, but I have always wanted a tough girl, a mean one, like you.”

Melissa’s jaw tightened, “Ohhh, now you’re saying I’m mean.”

“Well, aren’t you?”

By this time, a small group of students had gathered to watch.

Melissa dropped her bookbag and kicked Bob in the solar plexus, doubling him over, and causing him to drop his books. Then she hit him in the back of the neck and pushed his head between her thighs and clamped them on his head. Gritting her teeth in a rage she squeezed until Bob cried out in pain. Melissa opened her thighs and before Bob knew what was happening, she lifted him up and swung him over her shoulder. He landed on his back on the floor and had the wind knocked out of him.

Gasping, he looked up at Melissa, who stood looking down at him angrily. He noticed then that she had her initials stenciled onto her blue shoes, an “M” on each shoe.

When he got his breathe back he said, “Ohhh, Melissa, I love you.”

She looked down at him in astonishment for a moment. Finally, she said, “You’re sick,” spit on his face, picked up her bookbag and went into class.

Bob called after her, “Melissa, I intend to get a date with you.”

She did not look back, and he saw her no more at school that day.

As he got painfully to his feet he heard a student say, “He’s hopeless.”

A girl made the sign of the cross on her chest.

About that time the teacher for the class came along. “What happened to you? Are you all right?”

“Yes, thank you. I just tripped over my own feet.”

Several students snickered as they walked away and Bob went on his way back to his class on the second floor. Alone in the stairwell, he wiped Melissa’s spit into his mouth and swallowed it. Now he felt close to her.


Bob was still hurting when he got into his car at the end of the school day.

He was starting a new job that evening, his first, a part time evening job at a mom and pop combination ice cream store and deli. Today he had to go in after school for training.

Bob didn’t need to work. He was going to a university in the fall and had a well-deserved scholarship. Any other expenses his father would take care of. His father was not real rich, but had a profitable business and so the family was fairly well off. The only reason he had taken a job was that his father said, “It is time you learned responsibility.”  Bob protested at first, but finally realized his father was right.

Bob arrived at the store and the owner’s wife taught him the basics. One of the things she said was, “Now Bob, the top priority is, of course, the customers. When you hear that door chime, you drop whatever you are doing and say, ‘May I help you.’”

“I understand, Mrs. Wilson.”

“I think you’ll work out very well. You’re a nice young man.”

“Thank you.”

“Now you can clean those shelves where we keep the pastries and bread. We do that every Thursday. I will be behind the meat counter if you have any questions.”


Bob found that he enjoyed the work and got satisfaction out of cleaning the shelves. He even waited on several customer’s, Mrs. Wilson helping him, for he was just a trifle nervous.

He was on the bottom cleaning the bread shelf when Mrs. Wilson said, “I’m going upstairs for a minute. My daughter will be along in about ten minutes and she will be training you also.”

Bob heard the door close to the second floor, where the Wilson family lived. He whistled as he cleaned the bread shelf, nearly finished now. Just a few more seconds.

The bell chimed, announcing another customer, and then Bob heard footsteps.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” he said, “I want to finish this shelf.”

The footsteps came closer and stopped at the pastry and bread shelves. Bob, his head and shoulders inside the bottom shelf could not see much of the person.

“You must be the new boy. Didn’t my mother tell you that customers are your highest priority?”

Bob gulped. What a first impression to make on the bosses’ daughter.

Then he looked out and saw two blue shoes with “M” on each shoe.

Bob froze. He was afraid to come out from the shelf.

“I strongly suggest you come out of there. I want to meet you.”



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