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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is a two parter.

"Where am I...?"

Nathan muttered to himself as he groaned and sat up. He appeared to be on a soft, lumpy mound. He also appeared to be nude. He stood, getting his bearings... and then looked up.

Above him hovered Ashley Barboza, one of his classmates, thousands of times larger than him. He looked down, realizing what he was on. A mound of potatoes. he was in the school cafeteria. And he was sitting on his classmate's lunch.

As he spoke, something decended from the air. A spoon was headed right toward him. he tried to run, but his feet had sunken into the hill below him. He was lifted into the air, toward a giant yet oddly beautiful pair of lips. They parted, and he entered a dark, wet cave, as the spoon slid away. He was thrown around by the massive pink tongue and coated in saliva. Suddenly, there was a burst of air as the lips parted again. She was laughing at a fellow student's joke. Nathan was hurled through the air, landing snugly between two fleshy mounds. He looked straight up to see the face of Kayla Silva, another classmate with massive boobs. Boobs that he was currently stuck between. He struggled as he slipped deeper into her bra, the flesh smothering him as darkness closed in...

But a hand reached in, pulling out a rectangular object. Kayla was pulling her phone out of her bra. He was pulled up with it as he was tossed through the air again. He fell into some other form of fabric, briefly seeing the face of his friend Austin walking to the bathroom. All was dark before the fabric was pulled away. he was standing on top of his friends erect dick, in a bathroom stall. his friend however didnt seem to notice. His friend pulled out his phone ab=nd began to stroke his cock. Nathan, however, was stuck with his legs in the slit of the cock. His friend didn't know, but it seemed to arouse him as he stroked harder. Nathan slid deeper and deeper, taking a gasp of air as darkness surrounded him. he slipped deeper and deeper through the slimy tunnel, feeling the pressure of Austin's hand outside. After what seemed like ages, he arrived in a small sack of hot, burning liquid. Somehow he had entered the testicle. From outside, he felt fondling as Austin's hand became rigid. All at once the liquid rushed and pulled Nathan through the tube, into the urethra and shot toward the sky, covered in wet, sticky semen. he found himself in Austin's hair, without his friend's notice.

From there it was a blur as Austin returned to the cafeteria and brushed Nathan out of his hair, into the shirt of his classmate Lorelai. he, with Lorelai being flatchested, slid down straight into her loose panties. His fate was sealed as she tugged on her pants, tightening him against her divine, shaved pussy. He slid in, bit by bit, until the lips closed above him.

To be continued...


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