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At-Lass was still in awe at the eight-foot woman standing before her. Up until this moment in time she thought that she was the only person on the planet who could change their size like that. However, it seemed that Sasha had also unlocked the secret to creating a size manipulation suit. If there was one thing that the superheroine knew it was that she was in very big trouble.

Sasha smiled as she stepped forwards towards the smaller woman. A part of her had thought that the suit wasn't going to fail. She was more than thrilled to see that it was working and she considered increasing her size further. The problem was the ceiling above her, if she was given the chance she wanted to test the limits of the suit.

"Sophie get out of there now," said Doctor Julius with much distress in his voice. He had not expected this to happen and he was thinking of how he could get At-Lass out of there safely. Just out of the corner of what At-Lass could see he saw that there was an open window. An idea popped into his mind and he knew that it would be risky. "Sophie jump through that open window."

"What are you crazy?" replied At-Lass who could see the window but she knew that she didn't have the jetpack to help her fly.

"Trust me with this one. I promise you that everything will be alright."

At-Lass considered her options for a moment and she saw no other way of escaping. She took a deep breath before she began to run towards the window. Sasha tried to stop her but she was not used to her increased height. Because of this At-Lass was able to slip by her and make her way towards the window.

Just as she was told she jumped towards the open window. She knew that she was too big to fit through but she still did what she was told. No sooner had she jumped she could feel herself shrinking. She quickly placed her breathing apparatus on as she felt the world around her growing.

Within less than a second she was small enough to fit through the window but she soon found herself falling towards the ground beneath. She wanted to scream but she could feel herself shrinking extremely fast. She didn't realise that she had shrunk past the point that she could be seen by the naked eye and she continued to shrink.

The next thing that At-Lass knew she had landed on something. She didn't feel like she was injured or even in any pain. She could see that the world around her was completely alien. It was mainly dark and she could see spheres all around her and when she looked at what she was sitting on she could see that it was another sphere.

"Can you hear me Sophie?" asked Doctor Julius. His voice sounded a little distorted but she could still tell what he was saying. "Try and stay calm, what you're seeing all around you are molecules. You should be happy to see them this close up. Back to the situation at hand though the only way that you're going to destroy Sasha's suit is by taking it off of her body. To do that you need her to be at normal size. Taking it off while she's too big or too small would kill her. I doubt that you'll be able to do that in your current suit, you're going to have to put on your regular suit that I'm going to transport to you. We just need to figure out a way to distract her until you can change suits."

At-Lass wanted to say something but she couldn't while she had her breathing apparatus in her mouth. It was annoying but if she knew that she needed it to breathe. All she could do was stand up and try and keep her balance on the molecule. She looked at it again for a moment and she wondered what her science teacher would think if he saw this. It seemed like an interesting world but she preferred to be back in her own world.

She could feel herself growing again and she leapt off of the molecule. She could still feel herself growing and eventually she became too big to see the molecules that had at one point been larger than her. She was falling again but this time she was falling forwards towards the building. When she felt solid ground again she felt looked ahead and she could see her own reflection.

It took At-Lass a few moments to realise that she was standing in front of a window, she turned and looked down and she could see that she was still a quite far from the ground. She wasn't as far as she had been though. It was still amazing in her mind that she had actually seen molecules.

For the next minute At-Lass repeated the process several more times until she finally found herself touching down on the ground below. She was glad to be down safely although the constant shrinking to sub-atomic size and growing up to a few inches had made her feel a little woozy. It was something that she knew wouldn't last long as it was the same sensation that she felt when she had first begun growing and shrinking regularly.

With At-Lass now safely on the ground Doctor Julius began to concentrate on getting At-Lass's normal suit to her. He shrank it first and then attached it to the jetpack, and programmed it to fly to where At-Lass was located. It would be a few minutes until it reached its destination so for now they had to wait for it to arrive. That was time that the tiny superheroine might not have.

Just as At-Lass began to recover from her experience she saw a shadow looming over her. When she looked up she saw a gigantic dark green boot above her, it came down quickly towards her and in response she rolled out of the way. She had done this in the nick of time as if she had been a fraction of a second slower she would have been crushed to death.

When At-Lass looked up she could see Sasha above her, she looked gigantic in comparison to her and the truth was that she was still standing at eight feet tall. She was surprised to see that At-Lass had survived the fall but if anything it meant that she could simply continue testing the suit.

There were a few people walking by who were very surprised to see the eight foot tall woman who wasn't their beloved At-Lass. Most of them felt nervous and started to move away as Sasha continued to try and stomp At-Lass. For her own safety At-Lass was enlarged back to her normal height and even though she was close to being six feet tall she was still looked very small in comparison to Sasha.

"You are so annoying," said Sasha as she looked down at At-Lass. She thought that this might be a good way to fully test out the suit. Already a few people were watching and if she grew again she was sure that the world's media would be watching.

Without much hesitation she pressed the right button on her wrist again. She groaned as she felt her body growing again. At-Lass could only step back and look up as Sasha continued to grow. She had been hoping that eight feet was the tallest that her rival could become but she could see that she was very much mistaken.

The people who had stopped to watch began to move away in panic as Sasha continued to grow. It was very odd seeing the world shrinking in this manner. She could feel every muscle in her body stretching and expanding under her skin. She continued to groan as she grew but one thing that she was glad was working was her goggles. She knew that At-Lass's goggles hadn't simply been to hide her identity but also allow her to see whenever she enlarged or shrank herself passed a certain point.

Within seconds Sasha stood at a towering sixty feet and it was only then that she took her finger off of the button. She couldn't focus on At-Lass for the moment as she was taking in everything that she could see. She was only the second human in history to ever experience this size and she needed a moment for her mind to adjust to the change. She couldn't help but think that he was the most powerful person in the world.

When Sasha finally gained her bearings she looked down and expected At-Lass to look tiny again. However she couldn't see her at all, part of her thought that she had shrunk too small for her to see. The most logical answer was that At-Lass had simply gone into hiding which did confuse Sasha a little. She was confused with why At-Lass hadn't simply grown to match her own size. As she thought she began to realise that she couldn't, it began to make sense with the oxygen tank and the fact that the suit was a different colour from what she was most well known for wearing.

At-Lass had not shrunk down but instead was hiding behind a building that was very close by. She could feel the ground beneath her shudder with every step that Sasha was taking. She genuinely felt scared as this would be the first time that she had fought an enemy who could match her in size. Doctor Julius told her to prepare herself for such encounters but she never believed that it would happen.

"Doc where's the suit?" asked At-Lass with a small amount of panic in her voice. She also made sure that she wasn't speaking too loudly or else Sasha would find her. She hoped that the answer would be soon.

"ETA is two minutes," replied Doctor Julius who knew about the severity of the situation. "This goes without saying but you're going to engage her in combat but first you need to lead her out of the city. A giant size brawl between the pair of you will doubtless lead to much damage to the city."

"So what do you want me to do? Call her names until she decides to follow me?" There was some sarcasm in her voice.

"In a way, I'll tell you exactly what to say when you are in the right position."

"Where are you little girl!" shouted a loud voice. It was the voice of Sasha who was trying to look for At-Lass. To her this was a big game of cat and mouse, unlike the cartoons however the cat always won.

Sasha was looking in-between and behind some of the buildings that were in the immediate area. Although she was big she wasn't tall enough to see over them, she was just having fun at this moment in time. She could hear the sound of helicopters above her and she was glad since they would record all of the footage for her.

At one point Sasha's hand came down within a few metres of where At-Lass was hiding. The superheroine thought that she had been discovered but much to her relief she saw Sasha's hand lift up and seemingly moved away, she gave out a sigh of relief but her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar sound.

When At-Lass looked up just above herself she could see her jetpack flying above her and she could just about make out her regular suit. She didn't waste any time in grabbing the jetpack and taking the suit off. Doctor Julius quickly expanded the suit until it was large enough for her to use.

Now At-Lass had to go through the tenuous process of taking off one suit and putting on the other. It wasn't as simple as one would change out of one outfit into another as she had to unzip herself and make sure that she didn't damage anything while she changed her suits. It would take her a good minute and she had to hope that Sasha didn't find her.

In less than a minute At-Lass had taken off the micro suit and now standing in just her bra and pants. There was a breeze that made her feel cold but without wasting much time she began to put on her normal suit. She could hear Sasha chuckling as she continued her search, she knew that she would find At-Lass eventually.

Thankfully At-Lass was much more experienced with her normal suit so she was able to put it on relatively quickly. She also watched as her micro suit began to shrink in size, before long she could more than easily hold it in her hand. Doctor Julius instructed her to tie it onto the jetpack as best as she could. At-Lass did as she was told as she attached the suit to the jetpack, it wasn't perfect but it would do for now.

No sooner had she done this the jetpack flew away back to the warehouse. She just hoped that the micro suit didn't fall off on the way. She knew that Doctor Julius would be none too happy with her about it. She didn't really care that her dark red suit didn't match her grey goggles, thankfully there was no fashion police.

"Ok Doc I'm ready," said At-Lass just after she had finished suiting up. She knew that she was likely in for the fight of her life.

"Step onto the streets and I'll make you big," replied Doctor Julius. "Remember what I told you to do."

At-Lass quickly moved onto the streets just behind where Sasha was still searching for her. She could hear her giggling to herself as if this was all some kind of game to her. It was in way and she couldn't be more excited. Being gigantic was more breathtaking than she had imagined and a part of her wanted to stay like this forever. She knew that it would make her life difficult but it wasn't like she couldn't fund her giant lifestyle.

It was only when she heard a thud that didn't come from her that Sasha turned around and saw the sixty foot At-Lass standing behind her. The first thing that she noticed was that At-Lass's suit was different than it had been before, this only confirmed her theory in her mind and was just another indication of her genius.

"So you've finally decided to show your face," said Sasha with the smile still on her face. "I must admit that being this size is an experience that can't be replicated. I can see now why you like being big so much."

"You've had your fun but it's time to give up," replied At-Lass who pointed at Sasha. She knew that it looked cheesy but she wanted to give her a chance to give up before they actually engaged in combat.

"I don't think so. The world needs to see capabilities of this suit and taking down a saboteur like you is the perfect opportunity. You think that you've won today because you destroyed my chip and all the data associated with it. But you haven't it is still going completely as planned and there's nothing that you can do to stop it."

"You're bluffing. You just don't want to admit that I've already gotten the better of you. The supposedly super intelligent Sasha Lee being bested by someone who is more known for using their fists than anything else." She had almost used information that might compromise her secret identity but she was able to keep it quiet.

"You think you're funny? I'm going to beat you to a pulp and everyone will see that the Mighty At-Lass is nothing more than a weakling." There was some anger in her voice and this was exactly what At-Lass had wanted.

"What are you waiting for then? I'm right here." She knew that Sasha wasn't going to back down quietly. It looked like beating her was the only way to make her shrink back down to normal.

Sasha began to move towards At-Lass at a quickened pace while the towering superheroine moved back. She remembered what Doctor Julius told her about trying to lead her out of the city. She knew that there were too many people around and causing destruction during a giant size brawl wouldn't make her much of a hero. A part of her knew that at some point in her career she was likely to face a giant opponent and she hoped that she had the skills to win the fight.

As At-Lass continued to back away she was being careful with where she was placing her feet. The last thing she wanted was to accidentally step on someone or destroy a car, when she looked at Sasha she saw that she didn't have any problems with where she was placing her feet. At one point Sasha even stepped on a car but thankfully it had been empty, she had felt her foot crushing the car and she had taken a moment to look down. She still couldn't believe the power that she felt while at this size. She couldn't figure out why At-Lass ever wanted to be normal size when she had this much strength.

Sasha could see what game At-Lass was playing. She didn't stop her either as she knew that causing the deaths of many, many people, especially on US soil would bring a bad image to her company. She was willing to play along for now but as soon as she was in the clear she intended to show the superheroine who was the dominate giant woman.

After a good couple of minutes both the giant women found themselves on the outskirts of the city. This was when Sasha threw the first punch which landed squarely on At-Lass's cheek. The blow had come suddenly and it even made the towering superheroine take a few steps back.

All Sasha did was laugh at At-Lass before she attempted to strike her again. The punch came fast but this time At-Lass was able to dodge it and respond with a sweeping kick to the legs. Sasha didn't fall over but it had caused her some pain nonetheless. She was just glad that she was going to have a decent fight after all.

Doctor Julius was attempting to give At-Lass instructions on what to do but he knew that it was going to be difficult for At-Lass. He was beginning to regret asking her to return but when he had she had not hesitated in saying yes. He found this to be admirable but now it seemed that she was going to get hurt pretty badly by Sasha. He was tempted to enlarge her even further but he knew that she would only become weaker as she grew.

At-Lass was not as defenceless as Doctor Julius thought. She was dodging most of Sasha's attacks and leading it with her own. Sasha was able to block most of them but some of them did hit the mark. She couldn't believe that At-Lass was giving her such a hard time considering she thought that it would be easy.

Sasha did throw another punch at At-Lass but she felt her arm get grabbed thrown down to the ground with a judo flip. At-Lass didn't waste any time in climbing onto her stomach and punching her in the face. Over years she had watched things such as Mixed Martial Arts and Professional Wrestling, she remembered some of the moves that they used and she was using them herself. She was not a master of them by any stretch of the imagination but it was enough to give her an advantage.

After a few punches Sasha was able to force At-Lass off of her and the two giant women got back up to their feet. They could both hear the helicopters above them as they filmed the giant size battle. They were at a safe altitude and they were broadcasting both local and nationally. At-Lass did glance up at them for a moment before looking at Sasha once again, she didn't want the fight to carry on any further.

"Face it Sasha," said At-Lass. "You're no match for me, just shrink down and I promise that I won't hurt you."

"This is far from over," replied Sasha. She was in a small amount of pain and she was embarrassed more than anything else by what was happening. She knew that she should be beating the superheroine fairly easily. Her expectations were completely turned on their head. "Do you think this is as big as I can get?" She sniggered for a moment before she pressed the top button on her left wrist. As she did she could feel herself growing again and At-Lass took a step back as she watched her foe becoming even larger. Sasha groaned as her body continued to stretch and expand. Within seconds Sasha's size had doubled making her a towering one hundred and twenty feet tall. She looked down at the seemingly very short At-Lass.

For the towering superheroine she was a little worried at first but she realised that Sasha's strength had taken a nose dive. If her suit was really a copy of her own it meant that Sasha should have the strength that she would have at normal size. At-Lass grinned as she knew that although Sasha looked impressive she was now easier to beat that before.

"So what are you going to do now little girl?" asked Sasha. Her voice seemed louder than it had before and anyone else would have been intimidated. At-Lass wasn't as she thought that she had an advantage. "There's no way that you can beat me at this size."

"You don't even realise it, do you?" replied At-Lass who chuckled. "Making yourself bigger didn't actually make you stronger. It made you as weak as a kitten." She began to run towards her and with all of her strength punched the taller giantess square in the stomach. She expected Sasha to fall down immediately and although it caused her some pain it only made her take a couple of steps back.

At-Lass was too slow when Sasha's enlarged hand came down and grabbed her by the throat. Without much effort Sasha lifted At-Lass into the air which surprised the smaller giantess. If she wasn't seeing it herself she wouldn't believe it, Sasha's size had grown past her own sixty foot peak and her strength had only increased as well.

"You think you're funny don't you?" asked Sasha. Her voice was still very loud and it hurt At-Lass's ears. The superheroine couldn't respond as she felt herself being choked. She kicked her legs but it wasn't helping her in the slightest. "Well look at you now, bet you've never been the smaller person in a fight. Now you see how powerful my suit is and that you don't stand a chance against me. I could snap your neck right now but then again it wouldn't be good for the cameras now would it?"

At-Lass's breath was quickly running out but suddenly she felt herself shrinking very quickly. She shrank to fifteen feet which was small enough for her slip out of Sasha's grip. She began to fall towards the ground but she found herself growing once again. When she landed she was sixty feet tall again but rather than fighting on she knew that she had to make a tactical retreat.

Before Sasha fully realised what was happening At-Lass shrank down to three inches in height and was more or less invisible to Sasha. She also made sure that she had landed on Sasha's boot so that she couldn't step on her. She could see the colossal Sasha looking around and trying to spot her. Before At-Lass did anything she knew that she needed to speak to Doctor Julius, it was obvious that brute force wasn't going to win the day this time. They needed to come up with a strategy that would work.

"Doc what do I do?" asked At-Lass. "She's broken past my sixty feet peak and her strength only increased with her size. How is that even possible?"

"It seems that she found a way around the limit," replied Doctor Julius. "Most likely she eliminated all of her shrinking tech meaning that unlike you she can't shrink below her normal size."

"Unfortunately that doesn't do us any favours. How am I going to beat her when she's bigger and stronger than me?"

"She might not have one of your weaknesses but she does have others. Try targeting the control panel on her wrist. You can force her to shrink herself and also target her goggles. Without them she'll be blind, much like you are without them. I know this goes without saying but try not to get hit."

"Ok Doc, I know what to do."

With that At-Lass's size was increased back up to her sixty foot peak which was still smaller than Sasha. She took a gulp as she knew that the battle was going to be difficult but she wouldn't allow this woman to get the better of her. She was At-Lass and if she lost today the tech that gave her the ability of size manipulation would fall into the wrong hands.

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