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After pulling a few strings Sasha had been able to acquire a chimpanzee for the purposes of animal testing. The actions had been taken with secrecy so that the company didn't attract the attention of animal rights activists, the last thing she wanted was there to be a mass protest outside of the building.

Doctor Julius was the one tasked to place the chip inside the chimpanzee although he wasn't quite sure whether he should. Although he was very intelligent his field of expertise was more in technology rather than biology. However he was convinced to do so as Sasha didn't think that the other scientists that worked for her had the skill to do this since Doctor Julius had gone over the chip on more levels than anyone could imagine.

More or less as soon as the chimpanzee had arrived it was taken down to one of the labs to be tested. This lab was completely sterilised and Doctor Julius wouldn't be working alone, he had a couple more scientists who would assist him in the operation while Sasha watched on from a room close by with a one way glass.

The nervousness that Doctor Julius felt that was more than any that he had ever felt in his life. It was even more than his first show and tell project when he was in elementary school. This time however if he made a mistake it would like cost Foresight Industries billions of dollars and his decision to retire At-Lass would be for naught.

The operation lasted for some time as Doctor Julius removed a small part of the chimpanzee's skull and placed the chip inside. He could see the brain of the chimpanzee and it almost caused him to throw up. However he was able to keep his composure and carry on with the operation. With great care he took the chip that was on a tray nearby and placed it on the right part of the brain.

With the chip seemingly placed correctly Doctor Julius added the piece of skull back to the chimpanzee. He had to add a chemical that was also in the experiment phase which would keep the skull in place. He was still careful with what he did as it was like trying to place a jigsaw piece but the margin for error was incredibly small.

When Doctor Julius was done he bandaged the head of the comatose chimpanzee before stepping away. The surgery had taken several hours and for the entire time he had kept his composure. He couldn't see Sasha in the other room as she used a small device to activate the chip that was now in the chimpanzee's skull.

She waited for several moments as she expected the chip to explode inside the chimpanzee. It was something that she didn't want to see but she thought that it was the most likely thing that was going to happen. However as the seconds went by she discovered that nothing was happening.

Close to Sasha was a laptop and when she looked towards it she saw that the chip was activating at full operational capacity. She was very surprised with what she was seeing as all other attempts had been disastrous but now she could see that it the chip did work and that all the time and research that had gone into it hadn't been wasted.

Sasha didn't take everything for granted however as she ran diagnostics on the chip as it activated. She still feared that something would go wrong but as the diagnostic continued she could see that everything was fine. The whole operation had gone better than she had expected and words couldn't describe how happy and relieved she was.

Using a microphone that was inside of the room Sasha called Doctor Julius to come to her inside. The man responsible for the chip's success couldn't refuse her as he walked inside and found his boss sitting in one of the comfortable seats. As he entered she walked up to her and she stood up to her full height.

"I can see that my decision to bring you here wasn't a waste of time," said Sasha as she smiled at him. "You've just pulled my fat out of the fire."

"Everything seems to be fine for now but I have to admit that further tests need to be carried out before we can know for sure whether this was a success or not," replied Doctor Julius who thought that there was still a good chance that something could go wrong with the operation.

"That is something that we always have to consider. But for now I think that we should be happy with what we have." She put her arms around him and there seemed to be a small amount of confusion in his face.

"What are you doing?" He could feel his heartbeat increasing as he wasn't sure exactly what was going to happen next. He was a man who prided himself on knowing what the future held for him. Right now he was at a loss for words.

"I'm doing what I promised you if you could get the chip working. This might not be the best place for it but right now I'm in the mood for this." She placed her lips onto his and embraced him in a kiss. At first he tried to resist her but after a few moments he realised that it was futile and just allowed himself to go with the flow.

Doctor Julius eventually fell back but Sasha didn't release her grip around him. Because of this she fell on top of him and they continued to kiss. The door to the room was locked so they could have some privacy and for Doctor Julius this was probably one of the most tender moments of his life.

Meanwhile oblivious to what was happening Sophie found herself on the basketball court once again in her new sneakers. As she planned she had successfully broken them in as they didn't rub her anymore. More importantly she was in a game against a rival school that were also gunning for the playoffs.

This time the game was away so it meant that the team had to go to the other school in order to play. For this everyone was cramped on a relatively small coach, unfortunately the leg room on this coach hadn't been very large. Even before her growth spurt Sophie felt uncomfortable in the seats but now her discomfort had only increased.

The rival team were well on their way to going post season which was in no short part to the fact that they had three members of the team who were six feet tall or taller. One was an inch taller than Sophie but she wasn't worried about this slight height disadvantage. If there was one thing that Coach Emilia had taught the team was that although height was important it wasn't everything. Skill was valued above everything else since it was useless having someone on a team who was over seven feet tall but couldn't play the game whatsoever.

The team were working together like a well-oiled machine to pass the ball to one another and then shooting at the basket. Lizzie was playing a good game as well as she used her relatively short stature to make her way around the other players in order to shoot or pass the ball to a teammate.

By the end of the game the Grendon Dreams were ahead by five points meaning that they had won the game. Even though they were victorious Coach Emilia could still see room for improvement. As soon as the next training session came she was going to have the team focus on defence. She felt that they had conceded more points than they should have and it was something that they were going to work on.

Sophie was tired and fed up with the fact that she was in another seat without much leg room. She wanted to complain about it but she knew that there was nothing that she could say that could improve the situation. She just had to endure it for now and wait for the journey to finish.

"That was a great game," said Lizzie who was sitting next to Sophie. She could see her friend's discomfort but didn't mention it. "I swear that they must give their girls some kind of growth hormone."

"If you think they were tall you should see some of the teams that my sister plays against in Turkey," replied Sophie as she continued to try and make herself comfortable in the seat. She wasn't having much success however. "Most of the teams have an average height that's well over six feet. She even told me that one of the players on another team is like seven feet tall and still growing."

"Wow that's insane." For a moment she began to imagine what it would like to be that tall. She would probably find it fun at first but then she would run into expected problems like finding clothes and being able to sit in vehicles properly. It would be something that would be nice temporarily but she wouldn't want to be like that for the rest of her life. "So how is your sister anyway?"

"She's fine, she was telling me that when there's a break in the season that she'll come home for a little while. Not sure how long for however but it will be nice to have her home again." She gave a sigh. "I do miss her."

"Ok people listen up," said Coach Emilia. She didn't need to stand up but the sound of her voice was enough to silence everyone on the coach. "We played a good game today but we conceded far too many points. We got lucky today but if we keep going at this rate other teams will take advantage and bite us in the ass. That is why in our next training session we're going to practice defence until you've got it burned into the inside of your eyelids. We're in a pretty good position but we can't let all of our hard work slip away because we were careless."

The rest of the trip went without any incident and when they pulled up outside of the school each member of the team walked off with some pride. Sophie and Lizzie walked together as they lived not too far away from one another. They were still talking to one another about things such as the game and what was going on in a couple of shows that they were watching. It was things that if anyone walked by them wouldn't even bother noticing as they went on their way.

"Do you still not miss being a superhero?" asked Lizzie. She made sure that her voice was relatively quiet so that it was difficult for anyone else to hear.

"Sometimes," replied Sophie. She gave a sigh. "At times when I'm lying in bed I imagine what kind of crimes are being committed right now and how many I could of prevented if I had suited up. If it were up to me I would probably still be patrolling the streets but I told you before that without Doctor Julius I can't be At-Lass."

"Why is that anyway?" She was curious, she thought that she might have been told before but she couldn't remember.

"The suit is what makes me change size and those functions are controlled by the Doc in his warehouse. Without him the suit wouldn't work and I'd just be some weird woman running around in a Halloween costume. It is a shame though since he had just created a suit that would allow me to shrink really, really small."

"What like the size of a coin?"

"No even smaller than that. When we tested it I was shrunk smaller than an ant and he told me that it could have shrunk me even smaller. Even down to the level of single cell organisms."

"Wow that is small." She realised something that had escaped Sophie the first time that she had thought about it. "Wait how would you be able to breathe?"

"I have an oxygen tank on my back which would shrink along with me. Otherwise yeah I would suffocate. That is why I never shrank below three inches for very long with my regular suit."

"Guess that makes sense." She chuckled for a moment. "Isn't science such a pain in the ass sometimes?"

"And without my goggles I would become blind if I grew too big or small. When I was having to deal with that religious cult I was shrunk down to three inches but because I didn't have my goggles I couldn't see a thing."

"That must have sucked, but still too bad you retired before I had a chance to put on the suit. I could have starred in my own movie, 'Attack Of The Fifty Foot Lizzie'. It could have been a box office hit."

"Or a bargain bin classic."

"A classic is still a classic."

Both girls giggled but eventually they did reach Lizzie's house. They said goodbye to one another before Sophie continued walking home. She was still feeling tired from the game and she also kept an eye on her surroundings. She still couldn't forget when she was held up by a man with a knife. If she hadn't have acted quickly he could very well have slashed her or worse.

There were a couple of people walking not too far away from her but they kept to themselves to themselves so she just carried on walking. On more than one occasion she did consider carrying a tazer but she thought that it was a bad idea. She just kept a careful eye of her surroundings in the hopes that she spotted anyone who wanted to cause her any kind of harm.

After several more minutes of walking Sophie did eventually reach her own house. She didn't waste any time in going inside and she saw her father sitting in his chair and watching some Formula One on the TV, it was a race that he had recorded earlier but had only gotten around to watching now. He had been following Formula One since he had been a boy and he made sure to record every race that was on. When he stilled lived in the UK he had been to the British Grand Prix on more than one occasion and at one point had been seriously considering becoming a Formula One driver. Unfortunately his height of an inch shy of being six and a half feet had halted these dreams of his.

It was also his height that made the Bale family known for their height. All three of his children had inherited his height although yet none of them were as tall as him. He expected his son Sean to match him but his daughters would be a few inches shorter than him. It was why his wife felt like she was living in a house of giants.

"Hey Dad," said Sophie as she entered the room.

"Hey there Sugar Plum Fairy," replied Sophie's Father. He turned from the TV and looked up at his daughter. He could see that she was carrying her bag which had her basketball kit inside. "How did the game go?"

"We won, the Coach thinks that we've got a really good chance of going post season now." She felt happy knowing this as having a state or national championship on her resume would make getting into a decent college much easier.

"That's great, hopefully you'll win it and have a nice shiny medal to put with the others that you've got." He cleared his throat. "Your mother told me that you had to get some new clothes recently. Something about you growing out of your others."

"Yeah I hit a growth spurt recently but it really helped with my game. I can jump higher then I could before." She smiled at him as she crossed her arms. "Don't tell me that you feel threatened."

"Not really, to me you'll always be a shorty."

"Thanks Dad." There was sarcasm in her voice and this was quickly picked up by her father who wasn't concentrating on the race.

"Seriously Sophie congratulations on winning tonight. Your mother and I will have to make it to your next home game. I'll just have to remember my pompoms."

"That isn't necessary." She knew that her father was only joking since she knew that he possessed some British humour. For some it would go over their heads but she was used to him.

After grabbing a drink from the kitchen Sophie made her way upstairs and into the bathroom. On the way home she considered taking a shower but the truth was that she preferred to take a bath. She wanted to relax and taking a bath was in her mind the best way to do this.

Sophie didn't waste any time in running a bath and crawling inside once she was ready for it. This was the first time that she had taken a bath since her growth spurt and she could tell as she had a little difficulty squeezing into the bath. She thought that she would have gotten used to her new height by now but there were still times when she adjusting.

She sighed as she relaxed in the bath and she could see the steam rising from the water. The surface of the water couldn't be seen thanks to all the bubbles that were in the bath and she let all the tension that she was feeling go. Right now school work wasn't on her mind or her basketball practices. Instead she just relaxed and was even close to falling asleep although she knew that it wasn't a good idea in the bath tub.

One thing that was on Sophie's mind however and that was At-Lass. She couldn't help but imagine her bathing in a lake as a giant and having fish swim around her body. She gave a sigh as she missed being a superheroine more than she would admit. Being able to become a towering giant had been exciting for her and even though she was still very tall she felt quite tiny.

After several minutes of bathing Sophie got out of the bath and allowed it to drain. She quickly dried herself off before putting on some pyjamas which consisted of a pink t-shirt with matching bottoms. The bottoms were hanging down around her ankles but since they were only for bed so it didn't really matter.

Sophie did grab a nearby brush and she began to brush her hair while she was looking in the mirror. One disadvantage of having long hair was that it took time to get it right and if she didn't brush it while it was wet it would dry out of place. Her red hair was quite luscious although she was considering cutting it. Her sister had hair that came down just above her shoulder, Sophie had considered the same but she didn't want to look exactly like her shoulder.

One thing that Sophie did decide to do just for a little bit of fun was bob her tongue out in the mirror. When she did she could still see that it was unusually long and she found it funny that it was one thing that was never fixed. She thought that she could still have a little fun with a longer tongue to freak out friends and family.

There was one other thing that Sophie did notice when she looked in the mirror. At first she thought that it was in her head. However as she took a closer look she could see some freckles on her face, there was some just under her eyes and around her cheeks. This would have been alright except her freckles had faded away some time ago.

Sophie had no idea what this meant and if it was anything that she should be really worried about. It could have just been a harmless side-effect of her growth spurt but if it was anything serious she would prefer to know. The last thing she wanted was for her body to mutate in ways that she couldn't imagine or regress in age to the point that she was nothing more than a new born baby.

She didn't even know if she could get into contact with Doctor Julius anything more. She hadn't heard from him since he had announced that At-Lass was no more. There was a chance that he might not even want to see her but she refused to believe this, given the situation she thought that he would see her just to make sure that everything was fine with her body.

When Sophie was a child she had been teased because of her freckles and she thought that she could cover them up with make-up so that she wouldn't be mocked again. It was unlikely to happen but it was still something that she didn't want to repeat. If everything went to plan she probably wouldn't have them for very long anyway.

After she was done she carefully stepped out of the bathroom and found a pair of her fluffy slippers nearby. She walked into her room and on her desk nearby she could see what looked to be a mountain of homework. She gave a sigh as she would prefer not to do it but if she still wanted to play basketball she would have to do it all and pass. Her grades were still just above the mark, if they fell she would be kicked out of the team.

More than once she was tempted to stop her work and just relax. She felt that she deserved it after such a hard fought game but she knew that if she didn't do it now it would probably never be done. She just got on with the work although quite a lot of it she had difficulty understanding.

Some distance away Doctor Julius was lying in bed however tonight was different. He was not alone in the bed as Sasha was lying right next to him. Under the covers neither of them wore any clothes and he could feel her arms wrapped around him. It was an odd sensation as he had never slept with anyone before. It was one that he enjoyed in particular and wanted to experience more often than before.

They were not in Doctor Julius's warehouse but instead one of Sasha's humble abodes. She had homes scattered all over the world, a few of them she only spent a couple of nights a year. Security in the building was almost as advanced as that of the White House or anywhere like that.

The two lovers could barely see each other in the darkness but they could still hear each other and they certainly could feel their touch. They lay in the bed together but the darkness hid the smile on Doctor Julius's face. It would be many, many hours before the smile finally faded away.

"I knew bringing you in on the project was a good idea," said Sasha who was more than happy with the results of the experiment.

"There is still a chance that things could go wrong but we've certainly gotten a lot further than your previous attempts," replied Doctor Julius. He could feel the softness of her skin around her body and it made him feel safe and secure. "Well only time can tell whether everything will go swimmingly."

"If it does you will become an incredibly rich man." She giggled for a moment. "My mother always told me to marry a smart man and it looks like she might be getting her wish very soon."

"I want you to marry me because you love me, not because of some contractual agreement." He was old fashioned like that but all his statement got him was another giggle from Sasha and a slightly tighter hug.

"Of course I love you, why do you think that I turned down every man who wanted to marry me? It was because I knew that no man could ever measure to you. When we were together in college they were the happiest days of my life. Not a day went by that I didn't think about you and the love that we shared."

"That's very touching." He wanted to say that he had thought of her every day but the truth was that he hadn't. He had barely thought of her for the last few years had he had always been busy concentrating on his work. His work on At-Lass had only distracted him even further from his thoughts on her. "But what happens now if the tests with the chip are a success?"

"Well the chip would be tested on humans and if they're successful as well it'll go into full production and be on the market as soon as all quality and safety checks have been carried out. After that my net worth will probably go up by a few hundred million and part of that will be all yours."

"You know to me the money was never important. What was important was getting my work out there and knowing that it was changing the world for the better. The money was never the driving force."

"Then you are one man in a million." She paused for a moment as she felt something off in her body. "Sorry but nature calls, I'll be back in a minute."

With that Sasha crawled out of bed and made her way out of the room. This gave Doctor Julius a moment to fully contemplate everything that had happened. He put his hands on the back of his head and smiled. He felt very relaxed and he felt truly happy although he did wonder how Sophie was doing.

Just outside of the room Sasha had put on a dressing gown in order to hide her nudity. However she wasn't going to the toilet like she had stated but instead she was looking through a small handheld device. She was looking at the test results which were very favourable in her mind.

There was something else that she was looking up as well and that was the suit that was very much based on the At-Lass suit that Doctor Julius had created. She had been able to design one based on what she had seen from At-Lass and she already had a prototype practically ready to use. This was information that she was keeping from her new fiancé but she could see the suit making her company another few hundred million dollars.

After she was Sasha returned to Doctor Julius who was oblivious to what she had been doing. Although she was a little tired from their activities she was still more than ready to go around again. She had reason to celebrate nonetheless as she was on the verge of another outstanding success.

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