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After another hard day of school Sophie found herself once again on the streets as At-Lass as she once again found herself fighting crime. So far that night she had stopped a couple of muggings and a car jacking. It seemed to be an average night for her as she flew through the skies on her jetpack. Every now and again she would fly right by a bird and it seemed enormous in comparison to her. She would sometimes forget just how big some things were when she was this small.

She could still remember the previous day when she was so small that she could barely be seen by the naked eye. She had never seen the world so enormous and it was scary for her to think that she could very easily be killed at that size and no one would have even noticed. She just hoped that she didn't have to shrink that small very often.

"Doc I think the rest of the night's going to be quiet," said At-Lass as she continued to fly through the air. "Maybe we should call it a night." She waited for a few moments but she didn't seem to get a response. "Doc are you there?"

"Oh sorry Sophie," replied Doctor Julius. "My mind began to wander there a little. What did you say?"

"I said I think we should call it a night. I haven't seen anything for a while and to tell you the truth I'm tired."

"Ok if that it is what you want I'll bring you back to the warehouse." She had noticed that Doctor Julius had seemed to be quite distant that night and she wasn't sure if it was anything to be worried about. He was normally very focused but that night his mind seemed to be elsewhere.

"Thanks." She turned her head and she noticed something on the ground not too far away. She could see a group of men in ski masks quickly moving from a building into a nearby van. From their haste and clothing she could tell that they were up to no good. "Actually Doc there's something that needs my attention."

"Setting you down in a moment. Be careful out there, I don't want you getting yourself hurt out there."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine."

Doctor Julius used the controls at the warehouse to carefully place At-Lass down on the ground. When he was sure that she had successfully taken off the jetpack quickly he increased her size. In a matter of seconds she went from being smaller than a doll to becoming a towering giant. The first few times that this had happened she had felt lightheaded afterwards but now she could go from one extreme to the other without much difficulty. Her body had gotten used to the extremes of her body changing size, it was a welcome relief since she was fed of nearly passing out.

In the darkness At-Lass moved carefully towards the van and at first the thieves didn't seem to notice her. It was only when she picked up the van itself they realised that the city's current superheroine had found them and that it was unlikely that they were going to escape tonight.

"Hey guys," said At-Lass with a smile on her face. She quickly looked at the van which was still in her hands. There was someone in the driver's seat and they floored the accelerator. However since the wheels were not on the ground it couldn't get away from her. "This isn't yours is it?"

"Oh crap it's At-Lass!" shouted one of the thieves. Quickly they each pulled at a pistol and began to fire at her. Like she expected the bullets bounced off of her body. Since she was so large the impacts wouldn't even leave a bruise on her body. Thankfully none of them had struck her face since she wasn't sure if her thickened skin could take it.

"That's no way to treat a lady!" She placed the van back down on the ground but rather than placing it on its wheels she placed it on its roof. This was just so that it couldn't escape with all its ill-gotten goods. The other thieves began to panic but for a couple of them they found themselves in At-Lass's hand. They couldn't reach to their guns and they saw her glaring at them through her goggles. "Did they forget to teach you at bad guy school that I'm bulletproof?"

One of the thieves was able to get a gun out and he shot towards her face. The bullet hit one of the lenses of her goggles and it caused it to crack. The suddenness of what had happened almost made the sixty foot superheroine drop the thieves. However she was able to keep a hold of them composure and a firm grip around them. However she could see now that she couldn't waste any time.

Quickly she placed then in the back of the van and shut the doors. Quickly she pulled out a strand of her own hair and tied it around the handles. At her size her hair was practically as strong as a rope and as she stood back up she saw blue flashing lights heading towards her. She realised that the police were on their way and she thought that they could deal with the thieves now.

Doctor Julius shrank At-Lass back down to three inches before she attached the jetpack back onto her back. With that she lifted off into the air once again, quickly she began to fly towards the warehouse but since she couldn't properly see through her left eye she found the flight uneasy.

The flight didn't last long however as she found herself landing in the warehouse once again. As soon as she landed and took off her jetpack she was quickly grown back up to her normal size. She took a few steps towards Doctor Julius and she took off her goggles as she walked.

"Sorry Doc but my goggles were damaged," said At-Lass as she continued to walk towards him. "I know that these things aren't cheap but I promise if I can pay for you to get them fixed I would."

"Sophie there's something that we need to talk about," replied Doctor Julius. He gave a sigh and his voice sounded very sombre. She realised that something was wrong and quickly she thought that it was about her latest confrontation.

"If it's about the goggles I'm really sorry. I promise that next time I'll be more careful, I swear."

"It's not about the goggles and this is going to be your last night as At-Lass." He gave a sigh as he continued to speak. "Last night I was given a business related offer that is practically too good to refuse. An old flame of mine who is now the chairwoman of a multi-billion dollar technology company came and asked for my assistance. There I could help the world become a better place in more ways than I could imagine. Because of this I'm afraid that your career as At-Lass is officially over."

"You can't be serious, this has to be a joke right?" There were a few moments of silence as she realised that he was being serious.

"I'm sorry Sophie I really am, all I can do is thank you for your time and efforts as At-Lass. I am very proud by what you have been able to accomplish over such a short period of time." He was close to tears himself but he was able to keep them inside and continue to speak to the tall teenager.

"So that's it then?" She crossed her arms. "After everything we've been through you're just ending it like that?"

"I'm afraid so, if there's anything I can do to repay your efforts just ask." He watched as At-Lass fell silent. She was trying to think of a way that she could convince him not to do this. However she knew that she couldn't change his mind, if he could do more good in this company than helping her as At-Lass who was she to stop him.

"Well there is one thing that you can do." She took a breath. "Can you make me permanently taller? I don't mean like making me seven or eight feet tall. I mean something like two or three inches taller than I am now, you know a little something to help with my basketball career since I don't have to worry about this one anymore."

"Well normally I said no but a height increase like that shouldn't cause you any problems. Plus in a way I am paying you back for everything that you've done." He turned to the computer for a moment. He began to type away as he was trying to get the right setting. Unlike when Sophie grew as At-Lass he wanted to make sure that she was taller and not bigger. This meant that he basically had to elongate her body.

When he was done he activated the suit and he watched as Sophie began to grow. The process only lasted a few moments but she grew taller just like she wanted. It didn't take as long as she expected and she began to look at herself. Her point of view hadn't changed as much as she had expected.

"There we go," said Doctor Julius. "I've increased you're natural height by two and a half inches so now you're about six foot one and a half."

"Hmm I don't feel all that different," replied Sophie as she looked at herself. She expected to feel like a giant but in comparison to what she had been before this seemed to be nothing special.

"Well it wasn't that much of a change. I just hope that you're happy with it and that the extra few inches boosts your basketball career."

They spoke for a few more seconds before Sophie moved to one of the other rooms to change out of her At-Lass suit. As she did she looked at the suit and she was saddened to think that this would be the last time that she would be wearing it. It seemed this was the end of an important stage of her life. In a way she was glad that it was ending, this double life and having to keep it from her family had been tiring her out. But she couldn't deny that she had enjoyed helping cleaning the streets of her city up. She just hoped that with her absence that crime would return to the way that it was.

As Sophie put on her clothes she noticed a problem. Now that she was taller her clothes didn't fit her properly. Her top was a little too short for her and the trousers that she wore didn't go down as far as they used to. What was most annoying for her was that her shoes didn't her properly. They had grown with her height so it meant that her current shoes were too small for her. This was annoying for her as she squeezed them onto her feet. It was not the most comfortable of fits but it would do until she got home.

When she was done she exited the room with the At-Lass suit in her arms. She made her way towards Doctor Julius who was where he was before. He too was sad to think that this was the last time that Sophie would be At-Lass. However he felt that this was the right decision in the end. He just hoped that would be able to do as much good with Sasha as he had hoped.

"So I guess this is goodbye," said Sophie as she placed the suit on a nearby table. "It has been a blast being a giant superhero."

"And it has been an honour working with you," replied Doctor Julius. "All I can do is wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours."

"There is one more thing that you can do for me." Before he had a chance to say anything she bent down and gave him a hug. It had caught him by surprise but he did hug the tall girl back. "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be something bigger than myself." She realised that she had just used a pun but she didn't take it back.

"And thank you for everything that you've done." By now Sophie had broken off the hug and stood back up to her full height. He did look shorter than he had before and she just had to remember that she was taller.

The pair said goodbye to one another one last time before Sophie made her way out of the warehouse. She did feel really sad that she wasn't going to be At-Lass anymore but if Doctor Julius thought that he could do more good with this company she couldn't really stop him, all she could do was keep her fond memories and work towards her basketball career. Now it was more or less everything that she had left.

Doctor Julius gave a sigh as he thought that this was the last time that he would ever see Sophie. She had helped him in more ways than he could admit, he felt truly sad to see her go, without her At-Lass wouldn't have been possible. He looked at the suit which was on the table and although he thought that it could be a valuable piece of tech he thought that it was best to keep it out of the company's hands. He didn't want to think about what would happen if the military made the suit on a mass scale. Sixty foot soldiers would be stomping around the battlefield or tiny spies would be infiltrating classified locations around the world.

Doctor Julius did contemplate destroying the suit but he decided against it. Instead he thought that it was best to lock it away. A nagging feeling in his mind made him think that he would likely need it at some point in the future. Because of this he began to fold it up and he placed it in what seemed to be a normal box. He placed it in a secret location in the warehouse right next to where he had placed the new Micro Suit.

Meanwhile Sophie was arriving back at her house. The walk had been very uncomfortable since her shoes didn't fit her properly. No sooner did she step inside she took off her shoes and it felt like she was had just taken a binding off of her feet. She gave a sigh of relief as she went upstairs.

When Sophie arrived in her room she took her phone out of her pocket and she began to go through the list of contacts. Eventually she came to Lizzie's number so she pressed it and then placed the phone by her ear. She could hear it ringing and she and she didn't have to wait long before someone answered it.

"Hello," said a familiar voice.

"Hi Lizzie," replied Sophie. "Have you got time to talk?"

"Yeah sure, what's on your mind?"

"Well nothing except that I'm no longer At-Lass." There was a small amount of sadness in her voice.

"What, Why?" Lizzie was in some confusion. As far as she knew everything was going well in Sophie's career as At-Lass.

"The Doc is going to begin working with some company and he says that he can do more good there than having me beating up bad guys. I can't really blame him but I didn't think it would end like this."

"How did you expect it to end?"

"I don't know, maybe I would have retired and allowed someone else to take the suit and become a superhero. I just thought I'd be doing it longer than this." She gave a sigh. "Sorry to unload all this on you but I thought that it was best to get it off my chest."

"It's alright Sophie, I know what you're like when you need to get something off of your chest."

"I didn't leave empty handed from all this though, the Doc did make me about two and a half inches taller." She chuckled a little. "I might not be as tall as Mary but I certainly have a higher reach now than I did before." She chuckled again. "How is Mary's training going anyway? I'll most likely help out more in the future."

"It's going surprisingly well. To tell you the truth she's actually picking everything up a lot faster than I expected. It's like she's already skilled in the sport but she claims that she's never played it before."

"Then just count yourself lucky that you don't have to show her too much. If she carries on like this she'll be a member of the team before we know it. We could definitely use some more height. I swear that the other schools have to use some kind growth hormones to get their players so tall."

"Hopefully they can swing some my way because I wouldn't mind being a few inches taller. I think I stopped growing after Middle School."

"Well you could always have a late growth spurt. That's how I'm going to explain my extra few inches."

The friends continued to talk for several more minutes. However they eventually had to say goodbye to one another as both had things that they needed to do. They were going to see each other the next day at school. Sophie in particular still had some homework that she needed to do, it was maths and a particular subject that wasn't her strongest. She knew that she was going to struggle but the only way she was going to complete it was if she sat down and actually did the work.

For the next hour or so Sophie pushed through her homework but eventually fatigue did get the better of her. She yawned loudly before she got changed into her bed clothes. As she climbed into bed she made sure that she had her Teddy Bear Mr Sprinkles close to her. She knew that she was too old to be sleeping with a teddy bear but she loved him very much and she wasn't too sure if she could sleep without him.

Sleep did eventually come and Sophie wasn't disturbed or had any dreams that were worth noting. Instead she just slept through the night until her alarm clock eventually woke her up the next morning. With some reluctance she did get out of bed and quickly got herself washed and changed in the bathroom. Thanks to her increased height she had to be careful with what she wore.

Sophie put on a white top that had been a little long for her but now fitted perfectly. She didn't have any trousers that accommodated her longer legs so she put on a pair of black shorts. It did show off her long legs but it would do for now, she also had a footwear problem since her sneakers were now too small for her. She resorted to wearing some black flip flops before making her way downstairs to get some breakfast.

When Sophie arrived she could already see that her brother was eating some cereal. Her father had gone out to work and her mother was getting some vegetables ready for the dinner that they were going to have the next day. She noticed Sophie entering the kitchen and almost immediately she noticed that her daughter was taller.

Sophie's mother knew almost every detail about her daughter and an increase in height was something that she would notice almost immediately. She had to look up further than she expected at her daughter but it wasn't something that would cause her to panic. She just had to take a mental note about it. For now she didn't want to say anything but she wasn't all that surprised. The Bale side of the family was always tall and it seemed that Sophie was going to be no different.

In the end Sophie picked up a breakfast bar before picking up her school bag and making her way to school. She was actually on time and before long she met up with Lizzie who was also making her way to school. The shorter girl also noticed that her best friend was taller but since she knew this already this wasn't much of a surprise. What did surprise her was that Sophie wasn't running late.

"Hey there Tall Girl," said Lizzie with a smile on her face. She would have felt short but she had gotten used to it over the years and being around a girl who was even taller made Lizzie not feel so bad.

"Hey there Short Stuff," replied Sophie with a smile on her face. She knew that she was teasing and she saw Lizzie placing her hands on her hips.

"I'm average, it's you whose taller than everyone else. Well almost everyone else." This caused them both to giggle as they continued to walk. They were talking amongst themselves but eventually she felt that she needed to ask. "So what's it like not being a superhero anymore?"

"Oh come on Liz, it's only been like twelve hours since I had to give it up. But to tell you the truth it is a little sad that I won't be able to fly around the skies at the size of a doll or handle someone when I'm sixty feet tall."

"Hopefully things will go well for you now that you don't have to worry about being a superhero. You can concentrate on becoming the next top women's basketball player and making sure that you don't flunk English."

"I still don't see the point in learning Shakespeare." Both girls giggled as they continued on their way to school.

A few miles away Doctor Julius was stepping into a building that he thought that he would never enter. It was a building that dominated the skyline of Grendon and it was the headquarters of Sasha's company Foresight Industries. It stood over three hundred feet high and was easily the tallest building in the city.

He could see people entering and leaving the building as they went along with their business. He was a little more reluctant to walk inside but as soon as he did he was stopped by a couple of security guards. Both were over six feet tall and well built, their presence was very intimidating for him.

The reason why they had stopped him was that they had never seen him before. They were told to keep an eye out for anyone that they considered to be suspicious. Seeing a short man that they had never seen before was enough to stop him and begin asking him a few questions.

"Hey where do you think you're going?" asked One of the security Guards. Like Doctor Julius he was also an African American but their body types were completely the opposite to one another.

"I'm here to see Miss Lee," replied Doctor Julius who couldn't help but feel nervous about the whole situation. "I believe that I'm expected."

"We haven't been informed about any visitor." He looked over to the second guard. "Have you heard anything Greg?"

"No I ain't heard anything," replied Greg who thought that this didn't smell right. "I think its best that you turn yourself around and walk away."

"B-But," said Doctor Julius as he was struggling to find the words that he wanted to say. His nervousness began to get the better of him and he began to think that he had made a very big mistake coming here.

"Greg, Brutus," said a female voice. The two guards turned around and they could see Sasha standing behind them. The two guards quickly became nervous as they were face to face with the woman who signed their pay checks. "I hope that you're not giving my guest a hard time now?"

"No ma'am," replied Brutus. It seemed odd to see a man of his stature becoming nervous around a woman who was half his size.

"Good, I was beginning to get worried." She looked over to Doctor Julius and took a few steps towards him. "I am glad that you decided to take up my offer. Now shall we go up to my office and discuss the matter in private?"

"I-If that is what you wish," replied Doctor Julius who was glad to see that he hadn't just wasted his time. He was able to walk by the guards and head towards where Sasha was standing.

"Indeed it is, now come, we have a lot to discuss." Before she walked away she looked over at the two guards. "Oh boys, keep up the good work why don't cha."

"Yes ma'am," replied both of the Guards.

With that both Doctor Julius and Sasha continued to walk towards a lift. As they entered he could see that the layout inside was gold. The lift was not made out of gold but it certainly looked like it. He watched as Sasha took a key out of her pocket and insert it into a nearby keyhole. After she turned it she turned it the lift began to rise up through the building at a steady pace.

After around a minute or two the lift finally stopped and the doors opened. The entire time Doctor Julius and Sasha didn't say a single word but when the doors opened he was amazed with what he could see. The entire floor was one large office for Sasha and its décor was like something straight out of Ancient Greece. There were marble pillars holding up the ceiling and there were a few fountains around. There were also numerous statues that at first he thought were just replicas. However when he took a closer look her could tell that the statues were actually thousands of years old. He couldn't imagine how much they were worth but they were just a drop in the ocean to how much Sasha was worth.

Doctor Julius could only follow Sasha towards a desk that seemed to be at the far end of the room. Not too far from the desk was another smaller desk with a small woman sitting behind it. He could tell that she was Sasha's assistant and as they walked by she stood up from the desk.

"Miss Lee the president of Clark Inc. is requesting a meeting with you," said the Assistant as Sasha walked by.

"Tell him that I'm busy and not to waste my time unless he has anything worth mentioning," replied Sasha. "And Natalie cancel any appointments I have for the next couple of hours."

"Yes ma'am."

With that Sasha moved behind her desk and sat down. She made sure that there was no one around to hear what was going to be discussed. She had been waiting a long time for this moment and a part of her still couldn't believe that it was happening. She was sitting in front of the only man that she considered to be his intellectual equal. She could see that he was nervous but she simply smiled at him.

"Words can't describe how glad I am that you took up my offer," said Sasha. She chuckled for a moment. "You know you don't have to stand up, you're more than allowed to take a seat."

"I'll be fine like this for now," replied Doctor Julius. He couldn't help but think back when he was a child in school standing in front of the teacher's desk.

"Have it your way, now shall we get down to business?"

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