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A race of tiny humans, dubbed "tomkins", invades a medieval world of superstitious humans, setting the scene for catastrophe. It isn't long until a war all but decimates the severely outnumbered humans, and the few survivors of the war either work as slaves or worse for their small masters or live life on the run.


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Published: March 05 2017 Updated: December 11 2018
Story Notes:

This story will contain little sexual content, focusing mostly on the plot and the story. Violence, vore and crush will be somewhat common, while gentle and body exploration will not be seen as much. You have been warned.

1. Chapter 1: A Fallen Nation by Enzo [Reviews - 4] (853 words)

This chapter doesn't have a lot of action except a little bit of inferred vore, being mostly just setup.

2. Chapter 2: Hunt by Enzo [Reviews - 0] (2250 words)
This chapter includes a sizeable bit of vore as well as a few major plot points.

3. Chapter 3: Perspectives by Enzo [Reviews - 0] (2771 words)
And so Teagan begins her violent rampage of a journey,.

4. Chapter 4: Pleasure by Enzo [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2067 words)
This chapter has crush, vore, insertion, and a lot of other stuff.

5. Chapter 5: Apprehension by Enzo [Reviews - 1] (2463 words)
Mostly vote and crush, with a little mouth play and gentle. I figured I can go a bit more plot central on this one after the last chapter's shenanigans.

6. Chapter 6: Vulnerability by Enzo [Reviews - 1] (2254 words)
I really enjoyed writing this chapter, and although I'm hoping not to fall into the recurring villain trope, I think the inter-character relationships I'm setting up right now can go many different ways.

7. Chapter 7: Challenge by Enzo [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (2170 words)
This chapter has nearly everything done before it all packed into one riveting chapter! Well, hopefully riveting. That's really not for me to decide. Either way, this is one of the best chapters I've written so far.

8. Chapter 8: Control by Enzo [Reviews - 0] (1770 words)
I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. Although it did take longer than expected. Hopefully next chapter will take a lot less time. This chapter has more gentle interaction than anything else, but it was interesting to work on nonetheless.

9. Intermission by Enzo [Reviews - 0] (686 words)
A short sub-story I wrote while devising the plot for the next chapter.

10. Chapter 9: Bonds by Enzo [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2484 words)
Sorry for taking so long to write another chapter! I generally use a tablet to write, so I have to skim through chapters to make sure autocorrect didn't screw anything up.

Anyways, this chapter sees Teagan through to the next part of her journey!

11. Chapter 10: Power by Enzo [Reviews - 1] (2710 words)

I wasn't really able to justify having much giantess action in this chapter, but it was fun to write. Rest assured that next chapter will have a lot more interesting giantess content.


Also, the tablet I normally write with is broken, so the spacing is quite tight. Apologies.

12. Chapter 11: Repulsion by Enzo [Reviews - 0] (2707 words)

Well, I didn't think I'd be able to return to this story, but time and luck have favored me! I finished up a draft I had, and I think I'm going to finally return to writing this. I truly enjoyed every second of writing. Reviews are, as always, appreciated greatly!