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Story Notes:


I wrote this about 4 years back when I was fifteen - my first ever written story. I found it back by chance in my old files, and figured I might as well post it here, since this was very likely the start of my Giantess interests.


Dominika Avdonin was one of the best female wrestlers in the world. In her eight years of wrestling she managed to win five World Championships along with many other prestigious prices. But not just her titles made her noticeable. The only thing about her that was more spectacular than her titles, was the way she looked.

She was a beautiful 6 foot 7 inches’ Russian girl, 2 meters tall, with beautiful long black hair. Most girls with her abilities could only hope to look like her. If you'd take a look at the other heavy wrestling women, you would only see big muscled behemoths.

But that wasn't the case for Dominika. Even though she was one of the strongest women of wrestling, and able to lift 220 lbs. with ease, she still had an amazing body. The main cause is that she never had the body structure to have huge muscles.

You could hardly even see that she was a heavy-weight wrestler. But of course she did have muscular arms and legs, with a tanned six-pack on her stomach. She had a wonderful pair of breasts and a great butt…

But I digress. I'll start with the beginning:


It was September the third of the year of our lord 1993. I, Herbert Olney, was a 22-year-old wrestling agent looking for work. That's when I found Dominika. Dominika had recently moved from Russia to the US, so that she could start a female-wrestling career. She was 21 at the time. I immediately knew that she had a promising future ahead of her, and so contacted her.

Two days later, I met her at a bar. She was just as good looking as she was on the picture. When we first met I immediately noticed the height difference between the two of us. With my 5”8 (1.72 meters) I literally had to look up to her to make eye contact. With broken English, she greeted me and introduced herself.

We had a long talk. Apparently she came from a poor family, and wasn't much richer in the US. She lived in a one-room apartment, and needed work badly. I myself wasn't the amongst wealthiest guys around and could use a good wrestler. She signed her contract, and we started training. I hired a professional trainer to do the work while I looked for local matches to get her on the map. After four months she had already won three local tournaments, and her English had greatly improved. I thought she would be ready for the big league.


Finding one wasn't that hard. Enough scouts had shown their faces at the tournaments and contacted me that they wanted her in. From a local wrestler she became a celebrity in one match after she had defeated the woman in the finals that had one all previous five.

As her successes grew, so did our wealth. I made enough money in that period to afford a mansion. After several complaints from my neighbors about the loud parties I frequently gave, I had to isolate my house from in between the walls so that the music wouldn't leave my house. I had to replace the normal windows with bulletproof class, after an idiot burglar had tried to shoot his way into my house to come in and take whatever he fancied.

Dominika loved her new life. She loved to fight, she loved her fame and loved her new income. She and I became much closer as well. We both agreed that we couldn't start anything because we didn't want to mix our work life with our social life too much. Nevertheless, we became close friends. Every time after a match we would grab a beer and celebrate. I had never been so close to someone in my entire life.


Two years later, she managed to win the world championship. We were so happy, we went to Las Vegas and stayed there for at least a week.

The following year it went even better, and she won again. This went on for two more years. In 1998, when she had won four world championships in a row. Not only did she become internationally famous, but so did I. In that year, I met a Canadian girl, age 20, whom seemed to have a great future ahead of her. She asked me if I could be her agent, and after some thinking, I gladly accepted the offer. Dominika wasn't too happy about that, and stormed into my office. She was furious about my decision, and felt betrayed. I promised her that I would be able to work for them both, and she believed me.

That year she won another championship, but I paid little attention to that. I had my hands full with the new Canadian girl, and could barely spent any time on Dominika. After a while I thought it was for the best to quite as an agent for Dominika, and pay my full attention on the Canadian girl. After all, Dominika had had her best years. It was time to move on. When I told Dominika the news she stormed out of my office without saying a word. A few days later I heard that she had ended her career. I made a terrible mistake, I know now. I tried to make contact to her for months, but she was impossible to reach.

Three months after I told Dominika the news she suddenly came up to my door. I opened it, and saw her standing there in the rain. Her hair was now pitch black and soaked, and it seemed even more beautiful. She asked me calmly if she could come in to have a talk, and I let her in. I made us some coffee and handed it to her. We moved to the dinner table to have our conversation.

"Herbert, why did you betray me like that?" Dominika asked.

Her voice sounded sad, yet her face didn't show any emotion. It was completely numb. She reached for her coffee and took a zip.

"I am so sorry about that." I replied. "I never meant to hurt you like that. I just thought that with your successes you would be able to find a new agent. in no-time. After all, you did win five world championships in a row."

I looked at her, and hoped that she might show some emotion so that I could know how she really was feeling. But the only thing I saw was a face with no emotions. I must really have hurt her, it seemed her spirit had gone.

"After you were done with me, I started looking for other agents. But they all said that I would never be able to win another championship now that there was a newer and younger generation coming up, and that I should quit and look for something else."

Now I could see something in her face. Even though it didn't show any emotion, I could look beyond it and see hate. Hate towards me.

"I... I didn't know that that would happen, I swear! If I had known..."

Suddenly Dominika gave me a furious look. She kept staring at me for three seconds, when she replied with a furious voice:

"You didn't know?! What was the reason you dumped me? For the new generation. Did you really think you were the only one with that thought? After I realized that I had no future in the wrestling anymore I went insane! I blew all my money in the casino's and I had to sell my house. I'm homeless Herbert, homeless! And all because of you!"

I was completely paralyzed, and didn't know what to say. She looked at me with a look I had never seen before. It was clear that she was showing her emotions now. I stood up and walked towards her.

"Dominika, I..." When she suddenly gave me a kick into my stomach.


I fell to the ground and cried it out. It felt as if there was a fire in my stomach, and I couldn't even move my limbs because of the pain. It became harder to breath. I looked around me and I saw the clock. I still don't know why, but I just had to know the time. As if I knew something was about to happen and I just had to know how long that would take. It was 07:00 AM.

Only a couple of seconds had past, though it seemed like minutes. I heard the voice of Dominika, that said: "Stand up!".

I tried to but it was really hard. She grabbed my arms and lifted me up, so that I could stand once more.

I looked at her, and she said: "As you hurt me, I shall hurt you."

I was in panic now. I knew what she was capable of. She could easily have killed me if she would have wanted to. I didn't think about that though. I knew she wouldn't kill me. Even though I destroyed her life, we were best friends for several years. Suddenly I felt her fist on my left cheek, and felt a pain I had never felt before. I fell towards the bookshelf, and passed out.

When I woke up, I saw it was 07:01 AM. I wasn't out for too long. I looked around for Dominika, and saw that she was locking my door with all three locks. After that she broke the key in half, so that I could not use it no more.

I asked: "Domini, what are you doing? Please be reasonable, we can talk about it."

She turned around, and looked at me. It was that numb face again, it showed no emotions. It was very unsettling. As if I was looking at a psychopath.

She walked towards me, lifted me up again, and pushed me against the wall. She looked at me and nothing happened for a few seconds. Then, she suddenly reached for my belt, and loosened it. I started to panic, and tried to free myself from her left arm that controlled my entire upper body now.

Dominika really was stronger than you'd think when looking at her. She had enough strength to control an adult man with one arm, even as regularly built as this wrestler was. She reacted to my struggling, and lifted me in the air against the wall so that our faces were at the same height. Our height difference was so much, that my feet were now at the same height as her knees. I tried to kick her, but it didn't do her anything.

By now, she managed to get rid of the belt, and she lowered my pants. After only my underpants remained, she looked at me. She went to my left ear, and whispered:

"Now you will feel the same pain I felt when you betrayed me."

And this still without emotion. I tried to struggle and kept begging her to stop, but nothing worked. She lowered my underpants.

I thought to myself: "Am I about to get raped by a woman?!".

She loosened her belt too and her pants immediately dropped. She was not wearing any underwear, as if she had planned this assault all along. Luckily, I thought, my penis was not hard at all. But she had thought of that.

She lifted me even higher until her arm had stretched to its maximum, and my penis was pressed against her lips. Her tong went out and started making stimulating circles around the foreskin. As it got bigger, she used her tong to place it into her mouth, and sucked on it until I became fully erect despite my protests. I now saw that it was 07:03 AM.

She lowered her arm until my face was staring at her throat, and I felt my warm dick against her colder crotch. She had only recently shaven, and so the short and hard hairs were the first I felt. The Amazonian wrestler gently moved it over her labia, until she became warmer and wetter. It didn’t take very long for her to move the tip of my penis into her opening, and then slowly moved her hips forward until I had fully penetrated her.

I was now inside of her. She gave a soft sigh; a moan. Then, without a warning, she started ramming it. It became hardcore. I tried to push her away with my legs and feet but it only encouraged her to move back and forth even harder. I kept begging her to stop but she completely ignored me. It started to hurt really bad on my genitalia and even my upper thighs.

The harder she went the thrusted, the louder the noises she made became. After a while they became groans and moanings. At some point, it sounded like a woman in a porn faking an orgasm. But this was very real. Not because she enjoyed the sex, but because she had full control over me and finally had her revenge.

I felt horrible. A mix of confusion, nausea, pain and most of all: humiliation. This is what she wanted. To make me feel this way, to break me. I was being raped by a woman and that is just about the most embarrassing thing that any man can experience. To make things worse, she started reaching for my mouth with her lips to kiss me.

How silly it sounds, that was almost as bad as the act of forced sex. Kissing I always found to be much more intimate than sex. And that's why she wanted to. I moved my head so that she couldn't reach it but with her free right hand she grabbed my jaws and held my head still. She opened my mouth and started to kiss me. I gave up.

I closed my eyes and just let it happen.


She was finally done. She let me go and I fell to the flour. I looked at the clock and it was 07:18 AM. She had held me up there for fifteen minutes. I thought it was finally over. Boy was I wrong. I looked at her and she looked at me while I was sitting on the ground. Even though there was no emotion on her face, like a psychopath, I could swear I saw a smile in there. Deep there. An evil smile. She kept staring at me for a long time, for almost a minute, without making a sound, as though she was enjoying seeing me like that. That's when she finally spoke, with her old heavy Russian accent:

"Go sit against that wall."

I stared at her, ignoring whatever she commanded. I was still very confused and trying to get my thoughts together. She didn't like that, and she came storming at me. She pulled on my arm and dragged me to that wall. She told me to sit put. I simply listened to her, because it would mean a beating if didn't. There was no escape. She locked the doors, so I can't go through there, the windows are bullet proof so I can't crash through and screaming for help won't help either thanks the house is isolated. The giant woman had complete control over her environment. I was trapped inside my own house.

Dominika started undressing herself and, after that, me. We were both naked now, with not a piece of clothing left to cover anything up.

She looked at me, and walked towards me. Now that I was sitting on my knees with my back straight up I had the exact height that would reach her vagina. She was standing in front of me, grabbed my hair tightly so I wouldn't be able to move, and promptly shoved her vagina in my face.


This was even worse than what happened before. She kept ramming and ‘driving’ up and down in my face, at unbalanced speeds. Sometimes slowly, sometimes fast.

I hurt like hell, I even broke my nose because of it. It smelled horrible, and she made sure that I had little air; I actually nearly choked to death.

After the Russian heavy-weight finished she ordered: "You have to open your mouth. You're going to taste all of it."

I couldn't answer nor react. I was gasping for air. All the fresh air that I could acquire were simply godsent. I looked at the clock. It was 07:22 AM. Dominika must have been really insane. She would've killed me if had the forceful fellatio continued for one more minute. I looked at her and still nothing to read of her stone-cold, empathy-free face. She repeated herself, calmly: "Open your mouth." She was indeed calm; no need to get herself mad. She had the situation under control.

With that little air that I had been able to gasp for those five seconds I answered: "Go fuck yourself, you Russian whore!"

I knew that that was a stupid move. With all her strength she kicked me in my chest. It was so hard, I heard something break. It hurt even more than the previous punch. I opened my mouth to scream, but she had already slid her pussy in it.

Quickly she said: "If you dare to close it, or bite me, I will kick you to death."

That was enough for me to listen to hear.

It was awful. Dominika seemed to enjoy it now even more. She kept on groaning and moaning until she reached another orgasm. I tried to move my head to get some air but she held it firm, and there wasn't an inch of space for me. The orgasm was a nightmare. For the first time that day I found myself crying.

She had now finally broken me. It went on for some more time, and stopped. I crawled into a fetus position, and cried. I looked at the clock and it was 07:30 AM.

Dominika, once my best friend, had broken me in only half an hour. I looked at her. She had a smile on her face. The one that I had been seeing all this time. It was the smile of satisfaction, evil and dominance. She was happy because she had raped and broken me. She walking to me, grabbed my right leg, and dragged me to my bedroom.

I could only wait to see what horrors awaited me in my bedroom. It was clear that she wasn't done with me yet.

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed this story

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