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Shifting uncomfortably in the meshed-back office chair, he attempted to make eye contact with anything other than the pair of misty-blue eyes sitting across from him. His lavender shirt soaked in sweat, he could feel his underwear sticking to his thighs. Running his hand through his hair, a habit he had developed in high school, he telegraphed his nervousness.

“Please sit still, Nick.” The blonde-haired female across the table spoke. Her eyes focused on the tablet in her grasp. Her finger swiping every 30 seconds-or-so.

Though the girl was 2 years younger, 3 fewer years at the company, and nearly a foot shorter than himself; Nick feared her like none other. After-all, she worked in Human Resources, and it today’s workplace, few people held as much power as those in HR.

Furrowing her brow, the girl squeezed her lips together out of habbit, flattening and broadening them. In any-other setting, Nick would’ve found the display cute and comical. At this moment, however, it was anything but. If anything, it was more concerning how nonchalant she was about the whole thing. Just another day in the office for her; whereas for Nick, his entire life would be decided.

Setting the tablet down, the girl stared at the screen for a second, her eyes focusing on the final outcome.

Sitting up in his chair, Nick attempted to see the screen before he was blocked by the female’s hand.

“Please. Be patient.” She spoke, curtly, giving the male across the table a glare.

“Sorry, Christine.” Nick replied, sinking into his chair.

“I’d show just a bit more respect if I were you…” She shot-back.

“Uh-uh. I apologize, Ms. Harlo.” Nick replied, sinking even further into the seat.

Smirking at the meekness she caused in the male, Christine enjoyed the command she respected. Though corporate had long-since made its decision, she enjoyed this game. Making men kiss her ass to feel like they had a chance.

Leaning back in her chair, she placed her bare feet on the glass table-top. A complete show of disrespect to her guest. Her dirty soles squarely in his line of sight. She also enjoyed presenting them with the view under her skirt. A think pair of white panties teasing a peak, but watching as they struggled not to look.

Letting the uncomfortableness hang in the air, she basked in moments like this, the misery coursing through Nick’s body as she held his fate, literally in her hands.

“Nick” she finally spoke, “It’s really been a joy working with you. It truly has.”

Nick gulped as his shirt became even more soaked in sweat and his legs shook uncontrollably.

 “However,” Christine from HR continued, “The review board has found that, as violation of our microagression policy…”

She let her words hang, landing on Nick like punches.

“…that you are to be reduced to a bonus.”

Nick’s body went limp. A bonus…the words he was dreading. He felt they were coming, nobody ever went to HR and made it out, but he held hope.

Ever since the advent of shrinking technology and the proliferation of pro-feminist laws; women had found themselves on top of society, with men seeing reduced roles in the workplace and, in Nick’s case, finding themselves on the unfair end of punishments.

Christine read her usual spiel at this moment.

“As you know. We here at Harridan Corp. fully believe in rewarding our best employees while ensuring our underperforming employees remain part of the family. Thus, we will give you the opportunity to serve as a bonus to a deserving employee…”

Nick remained still. The door behind him had already been locked and he knew he was on CCTV, there was no escape.

“…also, reabsorbing your 401K helps fund community events such as the Women’s Walk and Kickbox Tournament. It’s also a small tax break.” Christine laughed at her last pun. “Now, to help speed up the paperwork, let’s see which member of the Harridan family is this week’s lucky winner.”

Watching as Christine picked up her tablet and pecked around, Nick held his breath. His mind flashed at potential candidates. Those who had hit their 5 year mark.

“Jamie from Accounting may not be bad,” he thought to himself, “oh God, please not Yan Lin visiting from Malaysia…”

“Oh wow!” Christine exclaimed, looking sternly in the screen in her hand.

Nick was pulled from his thoughts.

“Has it been 5 years already?” The female continued, turning the tablet around, she presented the screen to Nick. His jaw hung open.

Watching as the male sat limply, Christine beamed a proud smile as her own photo and dossier graced the screen in wonderful 4K resolution.

“I’ll admit it’s an older pic, but a great one regardless” she teased.

“N-no. P-please.” Nick attempted to protest. He had heard rumors about how Christine had treated men at her last company. He didn’t want to find out if it was true.

Smiling with glee, Christine could barely contain herself. She had waiting for so long for her bonus, and couldn’t believe who her first one was.

She had seen the way Nick through the office one of the few men remaining in a high position. A middle manager in consulting; thinking he held a lot of sway. Thought he was untouchable. Thank God for alcohol. After some of his remarks at the annual company earnings call, Nick was tasked for ‘downsizing’ by Christine’s boss.

A thought running through her mind, Christine rose from her seat, prompting Nick to do the same.

“Mr. Featherstone. Please.” She motioned upward with her hands.

Unsure of what to do, Nick remained motionless until Christine walked over to him.

Grabbing a tuff of thick, brown hair in her hand, Christine pulled upward.

“Stand up, idiot.”

Grimacing, Nick began to rise, Christine hand letting loose of his hair. Rising to his full height of 6ft 1in, he stared down at Christine who stared up at him smiling.

“Let’s see. I’m 5ft 5, so this is about right. Yep.” She grinned as she looked up at Nick. “Just as one last gift to you, I want to give you one last good view of the top of my head and down my shirt.” The girl winked.

Suddenly, however, Nick felt a sharp stab in his butt.

Stepping away, Christine sniggered. “Oops. My bad.” Raising her right hand, she waved at Nick with the, now empty, syringe which held the shrinking solution.

Feeling himself grow woozy, Nick could only watch through blurred vision as the world grew around him.

It would take over an hour for the solution to take full effect, but Christine didn’t care. Sitting back down at her desk, she picked her tablet back up, filling out the appropriate documents to present herself Nick as a bonus.

Whistling to herself, Christine had seen this sight countless times over her career, but never grew tired. At only 27, she had many many more years of this to enjoy.

Conscious through the entire process, Nick fell to his hands and knees in pain. Prostrating himself on the floor. Wretching and writhing in agony, he begged for death, his screams slowly growing higher and higher in pitch.

Christine couldn’t help but giggle as it sounded like Nick was inhaling helium.

Watching as Nick’s pile of clothes stopped moving, Christine rose from her chair once more, her bare feet enjoying the feeling of the soft carpet of her office.

Grabbing Nick’s Shirt, Pants, and underwear in one hand and his size 12 shoes in the other, Christine stared down at what was left.

“Pitiful.” She spoke.

Curled into a fetal position, the white speck that was Nick’s 3-inch tall body wept on the carpet between her size 9.5 feet. Her Pink painted toes providing a contrasting frame to the eerie misery between them.

“I’ll be right back. Just have to dispose of this trash real quick.” Christine spoke of Nick’s clothes.

Feeling the ground thump as Christine walked away, Nick struggled to stand, but was too disoriented, instead he remained on all-fours, attempting to steady himself.

Tossing Nick’s clothes carelessly into her small office trash-can, Christine turned back to the tiny man on her office floor.

Feeling Christine’s footsteps once more tremble his world, Nick’s eyes remained closed. Though he could feel, the now giant girl’s on him.

“Aw. How cute.” She teased. “You’re already bowing to me.”

His head aching from the booming voice above, Nick collapsed into the ground, finally able to escape to unconsciousness.

“Damn. I thought for sure you’d stay away for our fun. Oh well, no worries. Lunch is in an hour anyway, but until then…”

Stooping down, Christine plucked Nick from the carpet and walked over to her desk. Reaching underneath she pulled a black Chelsea Boot from the floor and tossed the male inside.

“That should be a nice change of scenery.”

Sitting back down, Christine logged into her desktop and killed time reading HeR.com.



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