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The Pharaoh lay lounging on her day bed, the large windows allowing in ample light to keep her warm, and even to perspire slightly. Down below, at her feet, were two of her slaves. Her left foot lay horizontal, and the slave rubbed her arch, while her right foot sored up into the air. The slave on her right foot was named Thenup, not that his misstress would care. He sat at the base of her heel, staring up her smooth soles, just peering at the five collossal toes. Thenup had never before seen the Pharaoh, and as he struggled to rub the rough, slightly moist heel of the monarch, he felt nothing but rage. He struggled to complete his task, while she simply lounged around. His breaking point came when he stared up towards the distant toes, only to see a great drop of her sweat fall on top of him. He collapsed from the shock and weight of the sweaty liquid, he lay coughing on the ground, while the Pharaoh was in a half asleep state. He decided this was it, he would refuse to do this humiliating and back-breaking work, so he remained, planted on the floor. It didn't take long for the Pharaoh to take notice.

"Slave, why have you stopped?"

Thenup remained silent.

"If I were you I would learn my place" she said, anger and condesceion in her tone, wiggling her jewelled toes far above the pathetic slave.

Thenup was beginning to reconsidered, realising the true size of the behemoth in front of him. Just as he was reconsidering, he saw the landscape of a woman ahead of him shift, and he was plucked deftly with two fingers. He lay dangling, in front of the snarling face of a cruel and vengeful goddess. 

"It has been a long while since one of... your kind disobeyed me, I think punishment is in order" her expression changed to a grin. "You" she called to the far end of the room, to a servant girl.

"Yes, your grace" she said, bowing. The girl was young, and she was thin, but not overly. Her particularly dark complexion was framed by her slightly curly hair, which sat in a bob.

"What is your name?"

"Henite, your grace"

"Well, Henite, I believe this... bug" she added with emphasis "Is in need of some perspective, I would like you to have him" she deposited Thenup into her palm

"M-me? Your grace I wouldn't know what to do with such a thing, what if I hurt it?"

"Do not worry, Henite, that is part of the fun, I won't hold anything against you" she added with a wink "You may return to your chambers, return it to me in one week, that is all" she returned to her relaxation.

"Thank you your grace" she bowed once more and began her trek to the servant's quarters. As she walked down the halls, she could hear the calls for  another slave come from behind her. Thenup was held tight in the girl's clammy fist, the heat was like being in a sauna, and there was no room to breath. The gentle bobbing of her fist with each step made Thenup seasick too, but that was all pushed to the back of his mind by the knot of fear in his stomach. As she returned, Henite deposited her loaned toy onto her meagre stone table. The air, although stuffy, was a great relief to Thenup, but he had little time to appreciate it as his attention was brought to the collossus taking a seat on a small sofa in front of him.

"Well, aren't you a cheeky one? Disrespecting our Pharaoh like that, shameful" Thenup gulped "I will admit, having one of you things around is quite exciting, and I am a little inexperienced" Henite sat a few seconds in contemplation. "The Pharaoh quite likes receiving foot rubs from you thins, doesn't she? I think we'll start there" Henite kicked her feet up on the table, ahead of Thenup, giving him a great view of the worn leather soles, caked in sand, dust, and, most disturbing for him, a slight amout of crushed insects. Positioning one foot above the other, she kicked off her sandal, landing with a crash to the right of Thenup, pushing the dust away and almost knocking the little worker over, this was followed a second later by another crash, this one successfully knocking him over, and kicking up a cloud of dust.

"Oops, watch out for those, heh heh"

As the dust settled, Thenup looked up at these new soles, and felt a pang of dread deep inside. Henite's soles were that of a hard worker, the skin of the heel was thick, with parts of skin almost coming off, and the rough skin of forming callus was high above, all this while being covered in dust inside the print of her foot. Far above, the plain toes wiggled, awaiting their treatment. Realising the job he had ahead of him, Thenup headed towards the base of the heel, running his hands up and down the tread, trying to work off some of the skin.

"I now realise what is so attractive about you guys" she sighed "Don't forget to taste them a little, hehe, it was quite warm out."

Thenup worked on the heels for what must have been several hours, the rough skin rubbing his hands and arms raw, and the taste... Thenup was convinced she had fallen asleep, having not stirred for a long time while he worked. Slowly backing up, he started to begin the short walk to the end of the table, only to hear a swooping noise from behind. Before he could react he was pinned underneath the arch of her forefoot, the slight amount of pressure enough to allow him to breath, but not move his head, or see much.

"Where do you think you're going, bug?" she let up. "That was getting boring anyway, here, climb my cute little toes, or should I say "little"" she laughed at her joke. She positioned her foot horizontally, so the little toe of her left foot was infront of Thenup. Taking the hint, Thenup approached the dusty digit, standing only slightly shorter than him, even when laying down. He reached his arms up, pulling himself on top of the toe. The heat and smell were most aparrent here. Looking up to his second hurdle, which was only the pad of her fourth toe, he knew this would be rough. Thenup, againt pulled himself up, and as he gained his footing, her toes clenched, pushing him between the extended part of her toe and her foot.

"Looks like I cought someting? hehe, it looks like something that is moving TOO SLOW. I would like a kiss as an apology. Thenup, bruised and tired, did as he was told "I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did as I order, you're just too pathetic to feel" Demoralised, he continued his climb, standing on her second digit, staring upwards at her imposing big toe's pad. 

"What's the matter? My toe too big for you? hehe, try this, she stretched her toe to rest behind her second, making it slightly lower. Scarmbling over it, using the toeprint as handholds, he managed to just barely make it to the top. He collapsed, panting.

"Aww, you made it" she smiled down "I think it's bed time for us, my little mountain climber" she pulled her foot towards her, Thenup holding on tight at the sudden movement. He was plucked of the toe in an all too familiar way, and deposited into her hand, not as clammy after the sun went down.

"Hmm, where should I keep you? Oh, I know, she dropped his little body into a ceramic bedside jar. "This should keep you. Goodnight, my toy, I am going to market tomorrow, and my sandals are looking like a nice place to visit for you."

Thenup sat at the bottom of the cold jar, alone. An entire week?


Chapter End Notes:

I will try to updat semi-regularly. All feedback is welcome, and I will try and take suggestions.

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