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       Name:       Desiree Bradley.

        Age:          22

        Height:     150 feet.  /   45m 72cm

        Weight:    1572 tons.   /  1426 metric tons.


    Chapter 1. Desiree Returns.


    * Desiree had gone on a trip to Machu Picchu in South America, and while there she had an alien encounter where she was taken aboard an alien ship. She was gone for a few days and  when she was returned she awoke in a field and she sat up and she looked around.  She took out her cell and she turned it on, it was working she was releaved, she checked her location she was back in the USA. Desiree called her boyfriend Marvin and she told him what had happened and she told him where she was. 


  He quickly got into his truck and headed out to pick her up.  She was in some farmers field in Nabraska. Marvin drove for a good 30 minutes until he got to the location and he parked his truck down and he saw her way out in the field.  He climbed over the fence and he ran towards her when he got to her he said, "Are you alright, oh my gosh you were gone for a few days. I thought something had happened to the tour group you were with, everyone is worried. They will all be releaved once they know you are alright. Now you were taken by aliens?  Taken and they returned you here, tell me more, cause its hard to believe."  Desiree took a few deep breaths and she said, "I don't remember much just that I was in a large room that had some redish color light in there.  I do remember one of them saying that I will be different but I have no idea what it meant,  but I feel funny I don't know what it is but its a weird strange feeling."  They both went back to the truck and Marvin drove home. 


   When they got home Desiree called her friend Beth who came over. It took her a while considering Desiree and her boyfriend lived on an acreage a good 8 miles from the nearest town and a good 30 miles from the nearest city.  Beth got there and Desiree told her about her experience.  Beth and Marvin contacted everyone that knew Desiree and they were told she is fine, that she needs some rest.  Desiree went to the kitchen and Beth went outside and she motioned for Marvin to come, he went outside with her.  Beth looked at him and she said, "Aliens? Don you believe that, what do you think is going on?  She goes missing for 2 days and she just pops up."  Marvin shook his head and said, "I know it sounds strange, personally I think...I don't know what to think, tomorrow I am taking her to Dr. Stewart for a check up. Its getting late Beth, we'll talk tomorrow."  


   It was late and Beth headed home and Desiree went to sleep and so did Marvin.  It was 7:00 am and Desiree got up and she got ready, She put on her stripped sleevless top and black spandex pants and she called out to Marvin he ran to her she said, "Its very cold and I feel funny and now i am very hot. I'm going outside for some air."  She went out into the yard and Marvin followed her and he said, "Umm Desiree there is some redish glow all around you its faint but i can see it."  Just then Marvin took several steps back and he shouted, "WHAT THE FUCK." 


   Desiree began to grow slowly, she grew to 10 feet, then 20, then 30,  Marvin ran back into the house and he watched as she kept growing she stopped growing after a good 2 minutes.  Marvin lookd up out the living room window and Desiree looked around and down, she took a step and Marvin felt the ground tremble.  Marvin then said loudly in the house, "Oh hell, she was right she was really taken."  Desiree then squatted down and she spoke, her voice was the same but it was much louder, she said, "Oh my gosh Marvin, the aliens made me into a giant.  Come out don't be afraid, I feel fine now, I feel great."  


   Marvin came out and he looked up at her and he said, "Wow you are huge, you must be at least 100 feet."  Desiree replied, "I'll lie down on my back and you measure me."  Desiree laid down on her back and Marvin measured her and she then sat up.  Marvin shouted to her, "Desiree you are at least 150 feet tall, you are massive."  She lowered her left hand palm up and Marvin got onto her hand and he walked to the middle of her palm and she lifted her hand up to her face.  Desiree then grabbed Marvin with her right thumb and index finger lifting him off her left palm and she held him right in front of her face and said, "Well Marvin, you didn't believe my story and you told Beth that you were going to take me to Dr. Stewart for a check up. I'm not mad I understand the story about an alien abduction sounds far fetched. Any ways Marvin, I'll put you onto my left shoulder.  Lets go and pay Beth a visit to let her know I'm alright." 


   Desiree moved her hand to her shoulder and Marvin went over onto her left shoulder, and Desiree stood up. Marvin sat down on her left shoulder and he looked around, he was able to see for miles, in the distance he saw the nearest town 8 miles away.  Deisree then headed out towards Beth place.

 The ground just shook and trembled as Desiree walked, there  on her left  shoulder was her boyfriend Marvin who was only 2.8 inches or 7.11cm tall to her. He was as big as her little finger.  Desiree was a real giant, she was 150 feet tall.  Desiree was heading towards  the farm where Beth and her husband lived.  As Desiree was walking Marvin moved closer to her neck and he took in the view. As Desiree neared Beth's farm (her and her husband owned a section of land) Beth was inside and she felt the entire house tremble.  Her 3 dogs began to bark like crazy.  Beth ran out of her home  and she looked up and she shouted, "OH MY GOSH DESIREE LOOK AT YOU WHAT HAPPENED ITS TRUE YOU WERE REALLY TAKEN OH MY GOSH YOU ARE A GIANT." 


   Desiree squatted down and she reached out her right hand and she grabbed Beth with her thumb and index finger and Beth let out a scream as Desiree lifted her up into the air.  Desiree lifted Beth up to her face and Beth rested one hand on Desiree's thick 1 foot 6 inch think index finger and her other hand on her thumb. Desiree lifted Beth up to her face and she said, "Those aliens that took me have made me into a giant.  Now you sure believe my story, you probably think I was nuts or made it up cause I was trying to run away."  Beth looked into Desiree's gigantic face, she saw all the details and she was scared. Beth spoke loudly and said, "No No Desiree I was not thinking or saying that..."  Desiree interrupted Beth and said, "I think I'm going to head to the city with my boyfriend Marvin. I am going to show him around from a giantess point of view"  Beth replied, "Desiree, you can't you are going to scare everyone."  


   Desiree lowered her back down and she stood up and said, "Yes they will be scared but I won't hurt anyone."  Desiree then took a turn and she headed away from the town and she took a slight turn and she headed out to the nearest city about 30 miles away.


   Beth quickly  ran to her car and she headed out to the highway down a two mile gravel road  and she turned onto the highway and she too headed out to the city, she put the peddle to the floor.  Beth looked out her window and up ahead she saw Desiree Bradley walking her massive 150 foot frame just towered over everything in sight.  Desiree was a good 100 feet off the side of the highway, and Beth in her car could feel the ground trembling with each step Desiree took.  Desiree was walking a bit faster then Beth was driving and Beth leaned forwards a bit and she looked up through her windshield up at Desiree.  Beth looked up at her legs up her thighs to her bum, Desiree's thighs and bum cheeks jiggled with each step she took. Desiree had booty bounce and now it was gigantic.  Beth then look up her back all the way to Desiree's head.  Then looking over she saw Marvin sitting way up there on her left shoulder, he looked so small sitting way up there.   Beth continued to speed to the city following Desiree, and Desiree caught the attention of many people who saw her. Desiree continued her walk to the city and her boyfriend Marvin just sat there on her left shoulder enjoying every moment.  Her walking speed was 79 mph and Beth was catching up to her, Beth's heart was racing each time she looked out at Desiree.

     Desiree Bradley continued her walk to the city and now she saw it in the distance. As she continued her walk, the people in the city noticed her approach,  she was so big that she was easily seen as far away as 5 miles. As Desiree got closer the people began to text, phone and message their friends about her. Soon everyone was out and saw her coming upon their city and all those who knew her were  totally shocked and just staired with disbelief. 


   As Desiree neared the outskirts of the city she slowed down her walking pace  and she entered the city.  Desiree slowly walked into the city as she walked with each step she sent tremors across the city. Desiree walked several blocks into the city as she was walking she was watching the tiny people way down below running around. People down below in the streets were running away from Desiree as fast as they could. They were scared of getting stepped on. It amused her to watch the tiny people running around in every direction.  Desiree towered over every building in the city, she towered over everything in sight.

    The top of the tallest building came just below her boobs. After walking several blocks into the city, she then stopped and looked around. She put her hands on her hips and looked  around and down she saw tiny people running around frantically and histerically screaming, to her their screams sounded faint and high pitched. She also saw cars speeding up and down the streets.  Marvin was looking down at the city from her shoulder and he began to laugh. Desiree then said, "Hey Marvin.  Look at them run they must be so scared of me.  Its their first time seeing a real giant."  Marvin stood up and he walked close to her arms and he looked down and around and he said, "Wow Look Desiree just look at the people in the streets running."  Desiree turned her head and she saw the tallest building in the city, she headed towards it.  


   She stopped outside it the top just reached her breasts and she told Marvin to hold on.  She then bent down and brought her face close to the side and looked in the windows.  To the people in the building her face was huge as she looked in, her large eyes surveyed the looking out the windows.  Some of the people moved back as she was looking in.  Desiree then pulled back and she straightened up and began to walk through the city. 

    Beth had arrived at the city and she saw Desiree slowly walking through the city.  Beth headed towards Desiree which was hard to do since there was panic in the city with people running through the streets and cars leaving the city.  Beth got out and she began to run, she could feel the ground tremble each time Desiree took a step. Beth ran around a corner and she saw Desiree. 


   Beth felt the pavement under her feet tremble as Desiree walked by and she ran down the block after her.  Beth looked up at Desiree from the back she looked all the way up her legs, up her thighs and bum up her back all the way up to her head. She saw Desiree's black hair hanging down her back and way up on her left shoulder she saw Marvin. Beth ran after Desiree and as Desiree was walking Beth could barely keep up. Desiree's walking stride was 58 feet and each time Desiree's foot hit the pavement Beth felt it. 

   Desiree felt a rush, she was the largest being on the planet, she knew nothing could stand in her way. She stopped put her hands on her hips and watched for a minute the people way down below running around it amused her quite a bit and she laughed a little. 


   Beth was standing right behind Desiree and she looked up at her and she said, "Oh my gosh, if Desiree gets mad no one will be able to stop her."   Desiree then dropped her hands to her side and began to walk the ground just trembled with each step. She was now walking to the north side of the city. When Desiree got there she saw the large Target store and she headed towards it, and cars began to leave the parking lot.  Desiree looking around said, "Hey everyone seriously!  If I wanted to hurt anyone you would not be able to get away from me."  


   Desiree then sat down in the parking lot and a car was speeding past her, she quickly grabbed it and she just picked it up like a toy.  She lifted the small red car up to her face and she looked at it, in the car was a woman and she began to scream as Desiree looked at the tiny red car.  She turned the car so that the from was facing her face and she smiled at the woman in the car and said, "Mrs.  There is no need to be afraid, I won't drop or crush you. Here i will put you down."  Desiree lowered the car down and she let the car go.  Desiree then stood up and as she did out of the store ran a little boy, he ran out and into the parking lot and he was running straight towards Desiree's right foot.


   Deisree looked down and she saw something small running towards her right foot. she saw the small person stop.  The little boys parents ran out and they looked up at Desiree. The little boy was standing nest to Desiree's big toe, he was much smaller then her big toe.  The little boy looked up at Desiree, and he cranked his head and he then let out a loud shreak.  He then turned and began to run away from Desiree as fast as he could.  To Desiree it did not look like he was running fast and Desiree let out a little laugh.  She then headed out of the parking lot.

     She then headed out of the North Mall parking lot and as she did people went running. Desiree then headed towards the downtown part of the city.  There there were a few tall buildings one was 15 floors same height at her and the other two were 12 floors and 10 floors, the others were 5 and under. As Desiree was making her way to the down town part of the city screams acrose across the city. 


   Desiree after reaching the down town part she walked up to the building that was 12 floors and she bent down a bit to look in the windows.  As Desiree bent down to look in the people moved back as they saw her bend down and she looked in.  As they looked out they saw her huge face out the window, she then straightened up and she then hit the side of the building with her left hand palm open.  When she hit the building it just shook and debris fell into the streets below which sent people running.  Marvin sat there on her left shoulder enjoying every moment of it. 


  Desiree then headed across the city, her 150 foot tall form just towered over the buildings.  Desiree Bradley left the city and she was walking along the side of the main highway a good 70 feet off the shoulder.  As Marvin looked down he saw traffice on the highway and some cars were speeding.  When Desiree left the city limits, she increased her walking speed and when she did she was walking faster then the speed the cars were travelling on the highway.  As Desiree was walking the ground around her just trembled with each step she took.



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