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Will was an average highschooler living in an apartment. When he wakes up three inches tall, with no apparant explanation, he's forced to rely on the help of a helpfull girl named Emily who lives down the hall. He also encounters two other girls, Karen and Jessica, who have their own plans in store for him. He'll be forced to face his inhibitions as he's thrust into countless "encounters" with these three girls. 

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Published: January 01 2017 Updated: June 10 2017

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A tree fell on my internet and it took three days to be repaired.

Concequently, this chapter is about three or so days late.


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This chapter features a guest apperance of Bayes Theorum.


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Sorry about the long wait. School and video games happened. Also I ended up writing more chapters then I expected.



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I goofed up on last chapters name.

It's fixed now.




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Also I updated the description of this story to be less terrible. I'd update the story title if I could, but then noone would be able to find this story.




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So, as a few of you pointed out in the reviews, this chapter was bad, so I re-did it to make it less bad. I hope you like this version at least a little bit better then the last one.




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