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When I woke up, the first thing I thought was "Where are my blankets?" When I opened my eyes the first thing I thought was "My room looks strange today". When my mind woke up, the first thing I thought was "WHERE THE HELL AM I?"

My brain suddenly shook itself awake and adrenaline coursed through my veins as I started trying to figure out what happened.

I seemed to be in a field of some kind, but fields don’t have ceilings and walls in the distance. In fact, the ceiling and walls looked like MY ceiling and walls, but much bigger.

Now that I think about it, this field looks like a bigger version of my bed.

Did my bedroom become a lot bigger somehow?

Wait… if my whole bedroom grew, that would just mean that I shrunk. Judging from how big everything seems, I’d guess I’m about three inches tall.

Hang on… I SHRANK? How the hell did this happen?! Did I contract some new shrinking disease overnight?  that’s ridiculous, shrinking diseases can’t be possible, can they? I'm no scientist, but this doesn't seem like the kind of thing that can just happen overnight.

And yet here I am, the size of a thumb. There must be some explanation for this.

I didn’t piss off any old gypsy ladies lately… and I didn’t enter any mysterious shops which happened to be selling exactly what I needed while the shopkeeper offered vague warnings about curses.

I'm going to assume... A wizard did it. Sure, that makes about as much sense as anything else.

So what do I do now?

"HELP!" I shout, unsure of what else to do. But I realize that if I'm tiny, I'll be a lot harder to hear. Besides, my mother left on a business trip yesterday, and there’s nobody left in the apartment. I’m all alone for now.

I guess I could try and climb down my bed. Maybe I could climb up to the nightstand where my phone is by climbing up the power cord to my clock.

I can't even climb a rope in gym class, how am I supposed to climb a power cord?

While I'm thinking over my options, I hear a doorbell.

Who could that be? Did mom's trip get canceled? She doesn't normally use the doorbell though. If it’s not mom, I have no idea who it could be.

The doorbell rings again. I'm in no position to answer it, so I simply wait.

I hear the front door opening. I guess it was mom after all, she's the only other person who has the key to this apartment.

When the door to my room turns, however. It's not my mom who walks into the room, but an unfamiliar girl. She seems to be about eighteen, a year older then me. She’s five foot four and wearing sweatpants and a sweater with a hoodie. Her blond hair is long and poorly combed. Now that I look at her, I think I've seen her around the apartment. She lives a few rooms down the hall.

What's she doing here though? We've never interacted in any way, I've only seen her around the halls. Is she here to help me? Wait... is she the wizard who shrunk me? Or witch, as the case may be.

She looks around the room a bit, before her eyes fall on me. She slowly approaches the bed, and bends over to look at me.

"... You're tiny?" she says.

At her size, she looks so intimidating. I instinctively try to back away, but I know there's nowhere I can run.

She kneels till her face is level with the bed. Her eyes are looking right at me.

"How are you so small?" she asks.

"I don't know!" I yell, still feeling a bit scared of this girl's massive size. With every word she says, I realize just how big her mouth is. She could eat me alive!

She pauses, continuing to stare at me.

"... Weird" she says after a while.

Suddenly, she extends her hand towards me. I back away, instinctively fearing it as if it was some wild beast.

But there’s nowhere I can run to. This girl’s hand approaches me and she extends her thumb out. She maneuvers her thumb so it's standing up right next to me, as if she’s comparing sizes.

"… You're about as tall as it." she says.

"Look, can you move your hand away" I say. "It's really unsettling"

She simply shrugs and pulls her hand back. "I was done anyways" she says.

We stare at each other for an awkwardly long moment. I really can’t tell what this girl’s thinking. The few times I passed her, she seemed like a quiet, awkward girl. But this quiet and awkward girl just broke into my room. How did she get in here anyways?

"How did you get in here anyways?" I ask.

She shakes her head in response to my question.

"... Not telling" she says.

I almost shout at her in response, but I manage to control myself. Getting angry here would be a bad idea, at my size, this girl is too dangerous.

"I should take you with me." she says suddenly.

"Take me where?" I ask.

"To my room." she says.


"You're interesting" she says, and suddenly her hand reaches out to me. I try to run away, but I'm far too slow. Her fingers extend towards and then past me as they begin to curl around me. I find myself helpless as her fingers constrict around my body. I feel myself being lifted off the bed by her powerful fingers. Her extra tight grip squeezes me relentlessly.

"You're crushing me!" I shout at her. But she ignores me and starts walking out of the room.

Her grip squeezed me like a giant snake. Unlike a snake however, her skin was warm and smooth, almost comforting in its tight embrace. Even through my clothes, I can feel the heat emanating from her hand (Did I forget to mention, my pajamas seem to have shrunk with me). I find myself getting hard as her hand lifts me up into the sky. I can’t really help that, I’m quite close to a girl, closer than I've ever been in my life.

And so my protests quiet down as I let myself be kidnapped.


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