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Set in the same world as my other stories The Masks of Gods and The Sons of Men, this story follows several different characters set in the American plains/south. Set nearly six years after the giants first arrive on earth, In the Shadow of the World revolves around the day to day struggles of both giants and humans alike. A pragmatic but ultimately troubled giantess named Keirsien must learn to cope with both the physical and psychological stress of this strange new world. Meanwhile, a roguish drifter named Sharpe must put aside his selfish ways to save his new family. Saryl, a paranoid giantess with a haunted past, is forced to make some unconventional allies all while the anxiety addled Loyolla is forced to join a violent gang of criminals. This story is chock-full of plot and I'm hoping to reignite interest in this world. The point of view will switch around a good bit and I'm going to experiment with narration so at times it may implement some stream of consciousness. Anyway I hope you all enjoy! If you are curious about the lore you can always check out my other two stories if you haven't already!

Rated: R
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Published: December 16 2016 Updated: December 22 2016

1. Out of the Endless Murk by Dracobrss [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (3990 words)

Well, I'm back at it again. I know I haven't written in a long time, but school has been particularly distracting. Now that I'm free once more I'm hoping to get a new story started. My other two stories were not met with much response and I found myself struggling to keep interested. Hopefully, that will not be the case with this one. Like I said its set in the same world as The Masks of Gods and The Sons of Men so if you're confused about what's going on I recommend checking those out. As I mentioned in the intro I hope to jump from various perspectives so it may get a bit disjointed at times but fear not for it will all tie together eventually. I know one of the major complaints about my last story was that much of the mysterious allure was missing which is why I hope to explore more lore in this particular story. By its end, I'm hoping to reveal more about the giants' home, how they got here, and why they do what they do. The story arc is a bit hazy in my head but I know where I wanna take it. As always though I change my frequency of additions and certain plot aspects based on my fans' input. With that in mind remember to comment with your thoughts, likes, dislikes etc. Feedback really drives me to improve the story! Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

2. A New Flame by Dracobrss [Reviews - 0] (4410 words)

Hey, a little later on this then I hope but that's ok. The Holidays are here so things are a bit hectic, you all know how it is. Anyway I'm actually quite pleased with this chapter. I think it helps characterize Sharpe and Keirsien a bit more before the plot really gets going. It gets a bit post-modern at points but I think you'll enjoy it. So anyway after this chapter the narration is gonna change up a bit and probably switch over to Sharpe for a chapter, then off to the other two characters for a while. Trust me it will work. I also wanted to announce a special extra that I'll be writing for the one year anniversary of The Masks of Gods. I won't spoil too much but it'll just be a real quick thing that will pop up sometime in the next few days that will supplement the story from Vera's point of view. Likewise it will help tie it in with some of the other stories I've been writing, so stay tuned! Lastly, as always feel free to provide any comments or feedback. I know it seems like I'm desperate for reviews but I really just like to know how people like the story so far, and if certain aspects of it appeal more than others. Besides, it lets me know people are reading and enjoying it! Well that's about it, enjoy this chapter and stay tuned for another update coming soon!