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For one particular person on Home it was the beginning of what seemed to be any normal day. Inside her apartment the tiny agent named Jenny was finally waking from a long and somewhat uncomfortable sleep. She had been drinking the night before and although she didn't feel entirely sick she definitely drunk more than she felt that she should have. Today she would have loved nothing more than to stay in bed and just relax. However unfortunately for her she had work that morning so she needed to get out of bed.

Despite much reluctance Jenny did eventually get out of bed and make the short trip towards her bathroom. Her curly blonde hair was in a mess and she knew that she would have to sort it out before she went anywhere. On the side next to the sink was a device which would be perfect for the job. Its sole purpose was to untangle hair so Jenny used it quickly in order to make herself seem more presentable.

It only took a couple of minutes for the device to do its job and Jenny could see that her hair was fine once more. It wasn't perfect but it was more than acceptable to go to work with, once or twice she had considered cutting it short but she liked the way that her hair was and decided not to change it.

With her hair now in order Jenny began to wash her face and make sure that her teeth were clean. She had recently lost one of her teeth but like the vast majority of her species she was already growing it back. She also had the tough decision of which uniform to wear that day. Like all the agents who worked for Park Incorporated she had a one piece jumpsuit like uniform that she would work in. This would range from travelling to different planets all the way to helping out with problems in the city.

Eventually Jenny picked out a uniform which was half purple and half white. It seemed to be the perfect mix of the two and the uniform itself did look good on her. Each agent had a unique uniform, she had designed it herself and although it did look good on her she did consider getting a new one just because she had been using this one for so long. She thought about having one in an orange colour.

After Jenny was finished with this she had to grab something for breakfast and clean off her bed. However it wasn't long until she heard a loud knocking on her door. She tried to ignore it but it happened again a few moments later and she realised that she would have to answer it before long. She was annoyed as there were other things that she wished that she could do before having to leave.

With some annoyance Jenny walked towards her door and answered it, there she saw what seemed to be a giant woman kneeling there. This giantess had short brown hair and a uniform that was mainly a dark blue in colour. It seemed to go with her well and she smiled down at her fellow agent.

From Jenny's perspective the agent looked to be a towering giantess. However as she stepped out of her apartment it was clear to all that it was not the fellow agent who was gigantic, it was in fact Jenny who was tiny. She stood at only three inches in height and she was able to make herself even smaller. Given the choice she would be normal size but three inches was as large as she could be.

Before Jenny had become an agent for Park Incorporated she had been a very respectable six feet in height. However after being exposed to the Jones serum she quickly lost sixty nine inches in height which led to her current size. At first she had been quite sad about this but over the years she had learned to accept her size.

The agent at her door was Agent Chloe Lane who was not only a fellow colleague but one of her best friends. Not only did they work together but they would also have nights out with one another along with a couple of the other agents. Chloe's was gifted with the ability to stretch herself as far as she could imagine. It might have even been possible for her to stretch herself across the entire planet. However she had not attempted this. All she knew that when she stretched she never felt any kind of strain on her body.

"Morning sleepy head," said Chloe as she looked down at Jenny. She felt gigantic in comparison to her but she would never mention it. "You don't want to be late for work again do you?"

"Well being fashionably never hurt anyone," replied Jenny. Both women laughed for a moment before Chloe lowered her hand down for her. Jenny stepped on the hand and she felt Chloe stand up to her full height. She didn't have to worry about locking the door since it automatically locked itself. With that Chloe began to walk away.

As Chloe walked she began to stretch her legs. Using her stretching abilities her legs continued to elongate until they were roughly fifty feet in length. For anyone else looking on it would look very strange to see a woman with such long legs with a small body to go along with it.

This was just Chloe's way of getting from one place to another at a much faster pace than was the norm. Other agents would use it if they were on their way to work and Chloe seemed to be no different. She looked at Jenny in her hand and she was careful with her at all times. However Jenny wasn't as fragile as most people thought.

"Any idea what's happening today?" asked Jenny as she looked up to the face of Chloe. The extremely leggy woman had to keep looking down so that she could see where she was going, the last thing she wanted to do was to trip on something.

"Well it is Jessica's last day of work before she goes on leave," replied Chloe. "There is a little party that's taking place at lunch for her. Other than that it's just the same as any other day really."

"Can you believe she fell in love with an alien? Well I gotta say that he is pretty cute and given the chance I should have snatched him up myself." She gave Chloe an evil smile and it didn't seem to matter that much to her. It was no secret that Jenny knew how to have her way with a man. How he performed in the bedroom was very important to her and despite her lack of size she could give any man a run for their money. Most of the time they couldn't keep up so she would have to move onto someone else. It was a style that some would frown upon but to her it made perfect sense.

"Yeah he is pretty cute and I still can't believe that she's pregnant. She told me that she had tried several times with her previous husbands but nothing had ever materialised. I just hope that everything goes well for her."

"As do I but it'll be weird not seeing her around work for a while. She's been here for how many years now?"

"Too many for me to count."

The two women giggled to one another and eventually they arrived at a large building which was the headquarters of Park Incorporated. Chloe quickly reverted back to normal so that they could both enter the building. By the time that they did they could see that everyone was already hard at work. It still seemed to be like a normal day for most and the first thing that they did was to sign in.

For the first several hours the two women worked separately. Chloe had to sort through some paperwork and take part in a few training exercises. Jenny on the other hand had a mission or two that she needed to complete before she could go for lunch. Her speciality was planets that had particularly small life forms. There were many of these dwarf planets all around the galaxy which were both quite small and supported life. Due to Jenny's size she was the perfect agent to go to these planets.

On a couple of these planets when Jenny was at her full size she seemed like a towering giant in comparison to the inhabitants. However thanks to her cloaking device she wouldn't be seen and she did possess the ability to shrink herself even smaller. She could make herself the same size as the inhabitants or if she wanted to even smaller than them. However she never interacted with the inhabitants of any planet she travelled to since such an act was forbidden.

Eventually the lunch period came and most of the members of staff had gathered to say their farewell to Jessica. A part of her had wanted to keep going but she didn't want to put her unborn baby at risk. She had been working for almost two centuries to become pregnant and she didn't want it all to go to waste. The father Tucker wasn't there but it was still nice for her to have a little send off from her colleagues.

One thing that Park Incorporated did give Jessica was a giant size baby outfit for when the baby was born. Since they had been monitoring the baby's development in Jessica's womb they had a good idea how big it would be when it was finally ready to be born. Others gave Jessica little things that she did eventually appreciate.

At one point Jenny had a few moments to speak to her giant friend. Jenny needed to stand on Jessica's fingertip and brought to a higher position so that talking between one another would be much easier. Jessica could see and hear Jenny fairly clearly. One advantage Jenny had was that she had a loud voice for her size, this allowed her to talk to normal people without the need to shout.

"So Jessica you're starting the next stage of your life," said Jenny as she looked into the enormous face of Jessica. She was used to people being much larger than her but not quite on this scale. The same could be said for Jessica but the opposite way around, despite the size difference between the two they remained close friends. For most people who watched on it seemed odd that a woman who was barely three inches tall was good friends with someone who stood one hundred and fifty feet.

"Yeah but it just feels a little weird you know," replied Jessica. Her voice was not loud enough to cause Jenny any discomfort. "I've been waiting for this for so many years and now it's happening I'm not sure how to react exactly. Of course I'm happy that I have this baby coming but I'm not sure if I'll make a very good mother." She rubbed her belly which seemed large in comparison to the rest of her body. This was typical for a pregnant woman but at her size it only seemed to be magnified.

"You'll make a great mother I know it."

"Thanks that does make me feel better but what about you? Are you thinking about settling down yet and starting a family? You're not getting any younger." She wasn't sure whether Jenny could even have children. She had the same problem that Jessica had but the opposite. Where Jessica had been too large to be naturally impregnated Jenny was too small. Plus the fact that she couldn't keep one partner for too long didn't help.

"Not yet, maybe one day but I like to have some independence for a little while longer. Besides any man who can keep up with me deserves to be the father of any children I have." This caused both of them to giggle for a few moments. Jessica continued to rub her belly as she laughed.

"Hopefully you'll find the right guy for you."

They talked for another minute or two before Jessica had to put Jenny back down on the ground. The get together was almost finished and everyone needed to return to work before they got into trouble. Jenny still had quite a bit of work that she needed to do before she could leave. One thing she was glad about her job was that she would never be bored and there were people around that she liked working with.

There was one other person at the get together who couldn't seem to be able to take their eyes off of Jenny. He was a scientist named Doctor Liam Hammond and he was no stranger to Jenny. He was none other than Jenny's latest boyfriend but recently they had broken up and not on very good terms. He had wanted to continue on with the relationship but Jenny had called it off. She didn't think that he was right for her and the truth was that he bored her in the bedroom. This was something important to her and it seemed like Liam had not been able to measure up.

On more than one occasion he had tried to make Jenny love him once again but none of his attempts had worked. She just simply had not been interested in him and had wanted to move on. For Liam he couldn't move on, she was always on his mind and no matter how much he tried she was still there.

A couple of hours later Jenny found herself standing right in front of a vortex generator. It was time for her to go on another routine mission and she just waited for the vortex to appear. At the controls was a scientist that she had been working with for years. They didn't really know each other outside of work but they would always say hello to one another if they walked by one another.

After a few moments a very small vortex opened and it was just large enough for Jenny. She made sure that she was wearing the proper equipment before she stepped through it, this included an atmosphere suit. The planet she was travelling to had an atmosphere which was toxic to her. There had been tests on her suit before she could even leave, just one breach and it could be fatal for her.

With a deep breath Jenny stepped into the vortex and she felt the familiar sensation of herself travelling through it. Once again her eyes were bombarded with purple, blue and pink and it forced her to close her eyes for the duration of the trip. This didn't last long as she felt her feet press down on the ground.

The planet had a very long code name that she had not bothered to remember. Above her the sky was not blue but instead a murky brown colour thanks to all the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The planet was quite far away from its closest star, without the extensive greenhouse gases in the atmosphere the planet would be too cold to support life. Light was still being coming through but it was still dimmer than the norm.

Despite the oddness of the planet there was life on the planet. Plants had evolved to soak up as much sunlight as they could and continue with their photosynthesis. Animals had also evolved to survive on the planet although all of them remained small. The largest was probably no taller than around three feet in height. This was the kind of planet which was perfect for someone as small as Jenny.

Because of the fact that she had been there numerous times before she didn't really marvel over the view. Instead she began her work, one thing that she did was to ensure her cloaking setting on her VSC was activated. She didn't want any of the local creatures knowing that she was there. A few of them could be fairly dangerous and would likely attack her if they knew that she was there.

After all that was sorted out Jenny began to perform the necessary scans. The atmospheric scans seemed to be normal for the planet. For almost any other planet they would be dangerous but in this case it was perfect. However when she took a soil sample the VSC picked up something that was abnormal. It was something for the scientists back at HQ to study with more detail.

One thing that Jenny needed to do before she could return was to pick up a certain plant. It was one that had recently evolved and a sample needed to be returned in order for it to be studied. It was a plant which was roughly as tall as Jenny was but she didn't need to take the entire plant back. Instead she only needed one of its leaves in order for it to be thoroughly studied back on Home.

When Jenny was able to rip a leaf off of the plant she placed in in a small sphere that she had on her person. She placed it inside and quickly it sealed itself up, when she was sure that it was secure she placed it back on her belt. For all intense and purposes her mission was complete and she could return to Home. She felt that she needed a drink and she was on the verge of activating her VSC when she noticed something that was odd. The soul sample that she had taken registered an abnormality. It was something that was too advanced for her to register immediately and she felt like it was something that she could get the scientists back at headquarters to take a look at.

With her mission complete Jenny activated her VSC in order to open a vortex. She had to wait a moment or two for the vortex itself to open and when it did, she confidently stepped through it.

Within moments Jenny found herself back at headquarters on Home. The first thing that she did was to take off the helmet of her suit so that she could take a decent breath. She looked up at the scientist who was at the controls and from what he could see the mission had been a success from beginning to end.

"Welcome back Agent Grande," said the Scientist. He looked down at Jenny as she stepped towards him. "I trust your mission was a success."

"Indeed it was," replied Jenny. She felt the scientist pick her up and place her on a side right next to the controls. She took the spheres off of her belt and placed them on a nearby glass dish. "Here are the samples you wanted."

"Great, I'll get them up to the lab immediately for testing. Is there anything else that you'd like the report?"

"Yes there is one thing, when I took a soil sample my VSC detected something odd. Maybe you and the other eggheads can take a look at it."

"Could just be a sample contamination but we'll still take a look regardless. Please upload the data if you may."

"As you wish." She quickly began to type away on her VSC, it was much like the standard VSC that any agent had but its scale was significantly smaller for her. It only took a few seconds for her to upload the data into the company's data base so that it could be more thoroughly studied. "There we go, don't wait around with it though. Don't want the planet to go exploding on us."

"I doubt that will happen but of course we'll look at it right away. It's probably nothing but we need to be sure."

"Well while you and the brain trust do that can you put me on the ground please, I don't particularly want to climb down from up here."

With some care the scientist placed Jenny on the ground and after waving goodbye she began to walk away. It was close to the end of the day but she felt that she could do with a quick drink before she went on to finish off her work. She had to complete some paperwork about her latest mission.

A few minutes later Jenny had gotten the drink that she wanted and was standing on a table in one of the building's many break rooms. A fellow agent had helped her onto the table and she was just enjoying a cool drink of water when she saw Chloe entering the room. She too had just been on a mission and felt the need for a drink. She was happy to see her friend in there and they began to talk as usual. The main topic was about the missions that they had just been on. For Chloe she had been to a planet which had intelligent life but were living in an age much like Earth's medieval period. However the conversion did begin to move onto other things.

"Are you coming out tonight?" asked Chloe as she looked at Jenny who was sitting down on the edge of the table. "Sue and I were going to have another girl's night out if you wanted to join us."

"Yeah sure," replied Jenny. "I need to find my latest hook-up anyway." She giggled a little. "Is Jessica coming with us?"

"Nah she thinks it's best to rest up. She told me her pregnancy had sapped more energy out of her than she thought."

"Oh poor girl, well she can't say that she wasn't warned."

Both women giggled and it was like they truly connected with one another. Chloe could remember when Jenny first joined the company and how she had been a promising trainee who wanted to help others. However she had felt that she had lost her chance to be useful when the Jones Serum had reduced her from a respectable six feet in height all the way down to three inches. However it had been Chloe, Jessica and another couple of agents who showed her that everything was not as bad as it seemed.

Over time Jenny had adapted to her powers and even discovered that she could shrink herself even smaller. She could shrink down to a level that was almost beyond people's comprehensions. However her maximum height had always remained three inches and there seemed to be nothing that could change that.

Before they could speak any further they saw Agent Perry enter the room. She was moving much faster than a normal person. It did help with the fact that she had been gifted with the ability to run at supersonic speeds. She was by far the fasted agent at Park Incorporated and she had been an agent for a few years now.

However everything had not been so positive for Agent Perry. When her powers first activated her speed also caused her to age at an accelerated rate. However thankfully the scientists at Park Incorporated was able to slow down the process to an acceptable speed. However she needed to wear a specific ring that slowed down the process. Unfortunately if she were to remove it her body would age rapidly and she would likely die before anything could be done to stop it.

"Hey there," said Agent Perry as she picked up a nearby cup. Faster than normally possible she placed it under a fairly large machine that was close by. She pressed some buttons on it and she had to wait for her drink to pour into the cup. It could create almost any non-alcoholic drink imaginable. "What's up?"

"Nothing much Brenda," replied Jenny as she looked up at the speedster. "Just talking about the party at lunch. You were there weren't you?"

"For a while, I had some work that needed to be done. Great little party, although I think I ate too much cake." This made all three of them giggle for a moment. "Got any more missions before you finish today?"

"Nah, just some paperwork. Just came back from a mission, mostly routine stuff but you can't beat the perks."

"Yeah sure, a place to live and even a vacation home isn't that bad of a package when you come to think about it."

All three of them talked for another few minutes which felt nice to Jenny. She knew people who hated their jobs and the people that they worked with but here it felt like they were part of one big family. But they did have work to get back to so they went back to their own individual tasks.

Minutes later Jenny found herself sitting on a table which was scaled down for her. It sat on top of another table in a small and relatively empty room. It was a room that was used from time to time for various different needs. She always felt that she needed some peace and quiet so that she could fill in the paperwork. It was by far the dullest part of job but an essential one nonetheless.

Jenny wasn't using a pen and paper to write down the information. Instead there was a small tablet like device that she used. It was transferring everything that she wrote into the company's servers so that it would be easily large enough for anyone to read. She didn't particularly need to be in this room but she felt that she needed to so that she didn't get distracted by anyone.

For a while Jenny had the peace and quiet that she wanted and she had almost finished her work when she heard someone enter. She looked up and to her displeasure she could see that it was Liam. She really was not in the mood to talk to him since she knew what he was going say anyway.

"Is there something you want or did you just come to be alone?" asked Jenny knowing full well what the answer was going to be.

"I came to see you," replied Liam as he walked towards the table. "I want to know the truth about us." There was a hint of desperation in his voice.

"There's nothing to tell, I told you everything before and I don't like to repeat myself. Now if there's nothing else I would prefer to get back to my work."

"But you haven't given me a true reason why you decided to break off our relationship." He was trying to subdue his anger as he looked down at the tiny woman.

"I told you before, I thought that you were the one but I made a mistake. There's nothing wrong with you, it's me."

This still wasn't a good enough his mind was mixed with both anger and sadness. He had thought that he and Jenny were going to live happily ever after but now he realised that this was never going to happen. He could try everything that he wanted but he knew that she would never love him in the way that he loved her.

Liam carefully went into his back pocket where he had a spray can. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he pointed the can at Jenny and sprayed her with some of the contents. She didn't have any time to get out of the way before she was sprayed. Quickly she got up from her seat and began to cough. She had no idea what she had just been sprayed with but it didn't taste very good. However she felt her body begin to tingle and she knew that something terrible was about to happen.

"What did you do?" asked Jenny with fear in her voice. She looked up at Liam and saw that he had a blank expression.

"I only did what I had to do," replied Liam. There was no emotion in his voice which sent a chill down Jenny's spine. "If you could never love me then no one can have the chance to love you. Goodbye Jenny."

Before Jenny could say a word she saw the world growing around her. She realised that it was in fact her who was shrinking. This was an experience that she had felt one more than one occasion. However this time it felt different, it was beyond her control and even though she tried to stop her shrinking she discovered that she couldn't. She could see everything growing at a rapid rate and she could do nothing to stop it.

Within moments the tiny woman could barely be seen and she only continued to become smaller and smaller as the seconds went by. Liam now seemed to be the size of a mountain in comparison to her and she was only getting smaller and smaller. She even tried shouting at him but she was already too small for him to hear.

It was only a few moments late that Jenny eventually disappeared from view. Liam stood there for several seconds more before turning around and walking away. He was saddened by what had happened but in his opinion he had been just in his actions. To everyone Jenny was now gone and she was never coming back.

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