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Story Notes:

I'm going to explore at least one request from the comments I got from LTI. I'm also going to do some adventurous stuff I haven't read before in another story. That doesn't mean it hasn't been done. I don't have access to some Wiki-GTS, you know.

Let me hear the collective groans! I am now tweaking and adding punchiness to stuff.

Chapter 10, Nov 17, 2016: retooled for more detailed horror/bliss.

November 29, 2016 Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 7 tweaked. I would like to add a lot more to Ch. 7 if I get a chance and make the story much longer.

05-15-2017 Ch. 9 tweaked.

07-02-2017 Ch. 4 tweaked. Just tweaked.

07-03-2017 Ch. 8 tweaked. Wanted to add this bit for a long time.

08-28-2017 Ch. 8 tweaked again.

10-03-2017 Ch. 8 and Ch. 10 tweaked... again.

11-28-2017 Ch. 8 tweaked

2-07-2018   Ch. 9, 10, 14 tweaked

Linda threw back the front door. Bethany was grinning broadly at her and took a final drag of her cigarette before flipping it into Linda's yard.


"Bethany! I thought you told me you had quit those things a long time ago?"


Bethany gave Linda an exasperated yet cheerful look, "I did! But, you know how things get. I didn't mean to, I swear. I had a bad day and on the way home when I filled up the car, well… I really don't remember even buying them. Now? Now I've got to start all over again."


The redhead brought her bags inside and the women made their way to the living room where Bethany stowed her things.


"I'm sorry I'm late. We closed today on something and I got stuck going over the paperwork with the clients. I should have packed this morning to come over, well, it's been a rough day all around."


Linda checked the clock and smiled.


"That's alright, Bethany! But, I've only got maybe half an hour before I absolutely must leave. I need to be there early, thanks to airport security. So…"


Bethany grinned, "there are little bags of pesto in the freezer, plenty of wine, a full selection of television channels and some teeny-tiny friends to keep me company! I'll be fine, Linda!"


"I shut down the security system. It is too much of a bother to change the codes for you. Don't worry, though, you know where the panic room is, and the deadbolts were special order. Even without the security system no one is going to get in here as long as you don't leave the doors wide open."


Bethany came to Linda and grabbed her by her hands.


"Don't worry so much! I'll be perfectly fine, and so will they."


Linda's façade parted and Bethany got a look at the steely hard and aggressive underpinning which was Linda's true inner workings. Bethany was still smiling, completely unfazed.


"You need to be careful with them, Bethany."


Bethany's eyes got wide and her mouth pursed in mock, comic surprise.


"I will be careful with them, Linda! I will treat them like they're my own children!"


"Bethany! I'm serious!"


"I can tell! I sure would hate to end up tiny! You know, just so naked and vulnerable with my perky little breasts!"


Linda stared at her incredulously as Bethany gently took one of Linda's index fingers and raised up to her own face. Bethany could tell that Linda did not like it, but was allowing her to follow through with whatever she had intended. Whether Linda knew it or not, she didn't really mind. After all, she had kissed Bethany on more than one occasion. Linda's calm kisses were certainly not intended to be overtly sexual, yet they were always accompanied with the gently chiding threat of shrinking Bethany when she had done something particularly heinous. That, in itself, to Linda at least, was ultimately sexual and Bethany knew that. Linda's over-sized self-confidence gave Bethany a lot of leeway to be overly intimate.


"Tiny little arms and legs wrapped around this… Just absolutely terrified of what you would do to me!"


Bethany appraised the pretty fingertip stoically for a moment before running it across her bottom lip softly.


"I'm not kidding, Bethany."


"Oh, neither am I! I'd rather make you tiny and make you squirm. But, a close second would be seeing you so magnificently huge! That might be interesting! Would you trap me? Would you squeeze me? Would you hold me for a long time just feeling my tiny trembles, all of me just right there, me, but completely helpless and hopeless!"


Bethany slid Linda's finger into her mouth for a moment and sucked on it as she stared into Linda's eyes. She freed it out with a smack of her lips.


"Tiny little frightened Bethany who would just want to be loved by you, who would just want the cruel giantess to no longer be angry. Would you put me down in your panties? Oh, I bet I would just love all of that lovely blonde hair down there! Could I nibble on your button? Would you let me do that? My tiny little face, can you imagine that?"


Bethany snarled playfully and bit at the air in front of Linda's face. Linda pulled her hand away, flustered. Bethany watched mischievously as Linda began to blush.


"Goddammit, Bethany! Stop it! Don't do that to me, don't say things like that. You're my friend. That is totally unfair!"


Bethany leaned in and glared, smoldering intently into Linda's eyes, an amused and aroused smile on her own face.


"I'll fuck you, Linda, however and whenever you want to do that. I'd prefer to do it like this, though."


"You and I have talked about this. I should never have let you kiss me. Now you just won't stop."


"Maybe you shouldn't threaten me with the Keepsake, Linda. Because, if I'm a bad girl, like a really bad girl, well, lucky for me that you're gorgeous all over. I would gladly fuck any beautiful part of you. I would rather not be tiny, but if I didn't have a choice I'd be content. Because it's you."


"I'm… you know I'm not like that, Bethany."


"Unless I would happen to be tiny! Then everyone is fair game, right? Then you wouldn't be able to resist, would you?" Bethany growled in frustration, "I sure am glad we've grown close like sisters. Otherwise... Otherwise I don't think I could stand to be around you!"


Bethany wrapped her arms around Linda and held her face close to her own. She kissed her on the cheek and then on the other cheek, she left little polite kisses on her forehead and face almost like a mother or sister would as she confided in her.


"Go on, go to the funeral. Don't worry about them. I promise I'll be nice! I've been practicing, you know, a lot, really. I've even grown my nails out a little bit for it. They'll be fine. If not, you can come back and make me your toy. You know, you really hurt me. You are difficult to be around, Linda Johnson. You make me crazy. You make me think about letting you do it. Then, at least you wouldn't feel threatened and could be yourself. Your kinky, dominating self."


Bethany kissed Linda on the lips, but pulled away before it became uncomfortable for either of them. She looked over her wonderful face as she smiled and ran a hand through her long platinum hair.


"Go on. Everything will be fine. The kids and I will have fun. Maybe they won't be so intimidated by me when you get back."


"Just pay attention. Count it off when they can't breathe. Consider what you're putting them through every second you are doing something. That's all. Their lives are bad enough. Really, they are."


Bethany waved goodbye from inside the garage as the dark purple Jaguar faded into the trees. She was alone now, well, nearly so. Perhaps it was time to have some fun.

Chapter End Notes:

I really enjoy comments!

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