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Author's Chapter Notes:

The characters in this story are created by Rob Classact. To read the original series click on this link.


It was a hot summer's day as Alicia went on her daily jog. At first glance at her she seemed to be like any other young woman. However when looking at her more carefully one would definitely see that there was something special about her. This was the fact that she was a very muscular girl who took pride in her physique. Her constant exercising not only kept her in great shape but it was actually causing her muscles to slowly grow over time. Many would say that she was already too big but she didn't think that was possible.

The only thing bigger than Alicia's muscles was her love for anime, for hours on end she would make costumes based on her favourite anime characters and the amount of detail in these costumes was nothing short of astonishing. She had been trying to learn Japanese for some time but she just couldn't wrap her head around the writing. She hoped that one day she would learn the language and maybe even move to Japan one day.

Alicia always seemed to have a smile on her face as she was what many would call a bright ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Sometimes she would say things that might hurt the feelings of someone but there was not a single mean bone in her body. She just didn't have much of a filter when most of the time when she spoke. Her shoulder length blond hair was tied up in a ponytail.

Alicia wore her usual jogging gear and she wore a cap that had the anime character Hello Kitty on it and it was amongst her favourite. She would also jog with her roommate Whitley but this morning no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get her roommate to get up. This sometimes happened when Whitley had a large amount of weed the previous night. In the end Alicia had to admit defeat and went on her jog by herself. She was jogging her usual route and there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. From time to time she would see people that she would see often when she jogged and to a few of them she would wave at them. They would wave back to her and in her life everything seemed to be rosy.

However there was one thing that Alicia had to admit was odd, she saw a new shop that had just opened up that she had never seen before. She didn't know whether it had just appeared or the fact that she had just never noticed it before. Sometimes when she jogged she would go into automatic pilot and not really take much notice of the rest of the world around her. At times she would run for miles and miles and not even realise.

As she jogged passed Alicia she took a quick look inside of the store window and she saw what seemed to be a lot of various junk. For most people they wouldn't want anything like that but for her she saw an opportunity. Many times items that she needed for her cosplay costumes were found in stores like this. She thought that she could find something that would be of use to her. She was also looking to have a conversation since Whitley was not with her so she made her way inside the building.

The store was a single floor building that looked to be quite old even though Alicia was sure that it hadn't been there for long. She saw shelves full of random junk and she saw an old woman behind a desk. She couldn't have been more than five feet tall with white hair and somewhat ragged clothing. She watched as Alicia walked in but she didn't seem to be all that interested.

For anyone else entering the store they would think that they were just looking at junk but not to Alicia. She felt like a kid in a candy store as she looked at every item and she could imagine putting it in one of her cosplay costumes. She was struggling to hide her excitement as she was allowing her imagination to get the better of her.

On one particular shelf she picked up what seemed to be an old dumbbell, for most people they would have struggled to pick it up but for Alicia it was no struggle whatsoever. Her large muscles gave her incredible strength and one day she hoped to be able to lift a car like she had seen superheroes do in comics.

"Is there something in particular that you want my dear?" asked the old woman. Her voice seemed to be straining as if it was a struggle for her to speak. She could see that Alicia wasn't a typical woman.

"Where to start?" replied Alicia with excitement in her voice. "I'm looking for a rusty old chain for my School Of Zenki costume, or maybe I should get that busted watch to make my Frog Girl costume more realistic. If you had a nineteen seventy eight pair of Lincoln Shoes I could just die." Her excitement was still getting the better of her and it seemed like it was making the woman laugh.

"I have all that and much, much more. Let me ask you something my dear." She paused for a moment so that she was able to catch her breath. "Do you believe in magic?"

"I believe in fairy dust if that counts?"

"Then I have something here that I think that you might want." She bent down to the point that Alicia couldn't see her through the counter. She only needed to wait for a few moments before the old woman stood back up again with what seemed to be a monkey paw in her one hand. The paw had four extended fingers and Alicia couldn't help but look at it in amazement. "Do you know what this is young lady?"

"Is that a back scratcher because sometimes there are spots on my back that I just can't reach." That would annoy her from times and she would have to use a doorframe to scratch her back.

"No my dear, this is a monkey's paw. With this you can have four wishes, anything that you desire is merely one wish away. You could wish to be a princess or maybe even a Hollywood actress."

"Or I could use it to scratch my back."

"I-I guess that you could."

"Then it is a backscratcher." She seemed to be happy to have won that little discussion. "I could wish for my back to never be itchy again."

"That would be a waste, with this you could make the world a great place, or turn it into a desolate wasteland. An infinite world of possibilities, almost anything can happen but once the fourth wish has been used the paw will become useless. Would you want to buy such an item?"

"It would be fun plus I think my friends would find it interesting. Everything's been really boring recently so something like this will really spice things up. How does something like that cost?"

"How much do you have?"

"Err let me check?" She quickly went into her pocket and pulled out the only bank note that she had. At first she thought that it was a twenty dollar bill but when she looked it was only a ten dollar bill. Despite this she placed it onto the counter and smiled. "I got ten bucks and not a penny more."

"Sold!" The old woman eagerly took the ten dollars and she placed the monkey paw on the counter. She allowed Alicia to pick up the paw. "May your wishes bring you great fortune my dear."

"Thanks, I'm going to tell my friends right now. Do you have any spare if they want one as well?"

"I'm sorry that was the only one I had."

"Oh that's too bad." She seemed to be disappointed with this, but with the monkey paw that she had she thought that it was enough. "Maybe I can make some wishes that they will like as well. Anyway thanks for this but I've gotta go and finish my jog now." She lifted her arm and showed off her muscles. "But these babies need a lot of Tender, Love and Care if they want to stay like this."

The woman said nothing as she watched Alicia step out of the store. She did chuckle as she saw that Alicia was actually leaving with the paw. The chuckle soon turned into a cackle which didn't seem to end.

Alicia continued her jog as normal although at one point she would buy herself an energy drink. However since she had spent all of her money buying the monkey paw she didn't have anything left to buy a drink. Instead she just carried on without and she planned to have a drink when she got home.

Eventually Alicia found herself outside of the house that she shared with Krysta who was not just her friend but also her landlord. Whitley also lived there and the three women co-existed in relative harmony and each of them was somewhat abnormal in their own way. Carefully Alicia opened the door to the two storey house and she saw Krysta sitting down and watching her soaps.

Krysta at first was a relatively normal looking young woman. Her family originally came from Vietnam but she was a very American girl. However the most striking thing about her was her breasts. They were very large and they were the reason why she was nicknamed K-Cup Krysta. However rather than hiding them away all the time Krysta had done some web videos involving her breasts in order to help pay for the house and bring some much needed money into the household. She did have a tutoring job on the side but she was far more famous for her breasts than tutoring. When she met most men they would be fixated on her breasts and not even look up to her face. Even some women had the same problem as the men.

"Hey there Krysta!" said Alicia in a relatively loud voice. She didn't care if she was too loud, her own excitement was too much for her to do anything else. She seemed to have a permanent grin on her face.

"Alicia, you were a little longer than I expected," replied Krysta. She knew that Alicia would leave at a certain time for her jog and like clockwork would come back at the exact same time. The muscular girl didn't do this on purpose but it seemed that she just always jogged at the same pace.

"Well I did take one quick pit stop. There's something that I want to show you and Whitley. It's something that's going to make our lives a lot more exciting." Her grin only grew as she spoke. "I'll go and shout her right now." Quickly she moved towards the stairs and looked up them. "Whitley can you come down, I've got something super exciting to show you. You better hurry or else you'll miss all the fun!"

Alicia's voice carried all the way up to Whitley's room. Whitley was still in bed and she hadn't fully woken up yet. Rather than being in her bedclothes she was still wearing the same outfit that she had the previous night. She had smoked a lot of weed the previous night and she was suffering the aftereffects. It even made her contemplate quitting the drug but contemplating was as far as she was going to go.

Whitley was an African American woman who was the newest tenant in the household. Slowly she got out of bed and stood up to her full height and this was where her abnormality would be obvious to all that saw her. Whitley was at least an inch or two above seven foot which made her stand out a lot with other people. Her head was still ringing but she ducked her head under the doorframe and made her way downstairs.

Before Whitley was willing to hear whatever Alicia had to say she wanted to get something to eat. The weed had given her a serious case of the munchies and the fact that she was still growing meant that she needed a lot of food to maintain herself. In one sitting she could easily eat more than Alicia and Krysta combined. Her ongoing growth spurt didn't help either and for now it didn't look like she was going to stop.

"I swear Alicia if this you showing off one of your costumes I'm going to fucking kill you," said Whitley as she made her way down the stairs. Out of the three women she was definitely the easiest to irritate.

After a few moments Whitley did eventually step into the front room. Most would have stood in awe over her but since they were used to her height it was no different than watching a friend enter the room. She could see Alicia standing with something behind her back and Krysta on the couch.

"Hey there Whitley," said Alicia with excitement in her voice. "I'm glad that you could make it. I wanted to show you both something that you will think is absolutely amazing." She did giggle and Whitley did find this annoying but she kept it to herself. Quickly she took the monkey paw from her back and showed it to her two roommates. "This thing will grant me four wishes. Can you imagine what we could do with this thing?" Her excitement was getting the better of her once again.

"A monkey paw?" replied Krysta. She adjusted her glasses a little so that she could see it better. "You know that those things don't work don't you? If anything it's cruel to chop off a monkey's hand like that."

"Yeah Alicia you've been conned," added Whitley. "And next time you shout me down like that make sure it's something important."

"No its magic believe me," said Alicia as she wanted to show the women that she hadn't been conned. She looked at Whitley and she said the first wish that popped into her head. "I wish Whitley was bigger."

"What that's just stupid. You can't just wish someone to be bigger and besides I'm the last person in the world who needs to be bigger." She seemed more annoyed than anything else and just wanted to go back to bed.

However one of the extended fingers on the monkey paw did retract. It was the little finger of the hand and this hadn't gone unnoticed by the women. At first Krysta and Whitley thought that Alicia had done it herself. But then Whitley felt a strange wave shoot through her body, it was a feeling that she had never felt before. She had no idea what it could be and when she looked at Alicia she noticed something smaller. The shorter blonde seemed to be even shorter, she then looked at Krysta as well who also seemed shorter. Both women were looking at her in amazement.

It was at this point that Whitley realised that it wasn't her roommates shrinking but instead her who was getting taller. Before she could properly focus on what was happening her head struck the ceiling with a loud thud. She gave out a cry of pain and she expected to stop but she didn't. Her head pushed against the ceiling and all three of them could hear it cracking, it didn't take too much pressure for Whitley's head to crash through the ceiling and it was at this point that she stopped growing.

Alicia and Krysta continued to look at Whitley in amazement. They had just watched a woman who was already seven feet tall grow even taller. Everything from the shoulders below could be clearly seen by them both. However Whitley's head and neck was in the room above. Krysta quickly got up from where she was sitting and continued to look up, not only did she know that she was looking at the tallest person in history but she also thought about how much it was going to cost to fix the damage. Whitley was now easily ten feet in height.

"Holy crap it's real!" said Krysta who still couldn't believe what she was seeing. "That thing's fucking real!"

"See I told you," replied Alicia who was happy to see that she was right. However she was somewhat regretting her wish. "Magic does exist and right now I have magic in my hand thanks to this monkey paw." Both of them began to hear Whitley say something but her words were muffled.

The two women decided to go upstairs so that they could hear what Whitley had to say. Both of them found themselves in Krysta's room where Whitley's head had come up through the floor. All that could be seen of the towering woman was her head and part of her neck. There was some plaster on Whitley's head and dust all around. It was still amazing for all three of them although not all were happy about this.

"What the fuck did you do to me?" asked Whitley who was more than a little annoyed by what had happened. Her voice was very angry and with her increased size it seemed a little louder.

"I made a wish and it came true," replied Alicia. "Like all wishes should come true unless they're bad ones."

"Well unwish it!" She tried to duck but her head was stuck where it was. This only added to her annoyance. "I'm stuck! Wish me back to normal so I can at least stand up inside the room without this happening."

"I don't know, using up one wish to put another one right seems like a waste. Who knows maybe you'll like being this tall. I know that I do."

"Alicia I'm fucking serious right now. Wish me back to normal or else I'm going to go down into the basement and tear up all of your costumes! You think I'm kidding around, believe me I'm not."

"I'll do it," replied Krysta as she snatched the monkey paw out of Alicia's hand. She held onto it tightly and made her wish. "I wish that Whitley was back to normal." A few seconds passed and nothing seemed to happen. "I wish that Whitley was back to normal." Again the women waited and nothing happened. She took a look at it. "Did the batteries die out on this thing or something?"

"No silly," said Alicia as she took the monkey paw off of Krysta. "Since I made the first wish only I can make the wishes." She looked at the paw again and she began to imagine what her next wishes could be.

"In that case you'll have to wish Whitley back to normal. I don't think she appreciates having her head go through a ceiling like that."

"You're right I don't," added Whitley who would of grabbed onto Alicia by now if she could have.

"Ok, Ok I'll make the wish," replied Alicia. She didn't like that she was having to take back the wish but she could see how it was going to be. "I wish that Whitley was back to her normal self." Once again they waited for several seconds but nothing seemed to happen. "Err I guess the batteries are dead in this."

"Why the hell isn't it working?" Her annoyance had grown even more than her body, it was something that she was for the moment keeping under control.

"I don't know. Maybe you were just meant to be this tall."

"All maybe I'm supposed to get my extra large hands and wrap them around that tiny neck of yours!" She tried to lift her arms up through the ceiling below but she couldn't. This only added to her anger.

"Wait Alicia where did you get that thing from?" asked Krysta. She did have an idea about how she could put all of this right.

"It was from a new store that opened up downtown," replied Alicia. She was finding it somewhat strange talking to a head that was popping out of the floor. She turned to Krysta so that she could speak to her better. "This sweet old lady sold it to me and she had a lot of cool stuff in her store as well."

"Maybe she knows a way to put an end to all of this." She then looked down at Whitley's head. "Whitley you stay here while Alicia and I go to this store and put everything right, just stay where you are."

"Well it's not like I can go anywhere," replied Whitley with sarcasm in her voice. "Just don't take too long." There was one other problem that she had and that was the fact that she was hungry. Although for now she wasn't going to eat since it meant that she would probably eat all the food in the house.

"Wait there's something I need to do first," said Alicia. Before the other women could say a word they saw Alicia pull her phone out of her pocket and she sat down right next to Whitley's head. She outstretched her arm and smiled to the camera in her phone.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious I'm taking a selfie with you." There was a flash as the phone took the picture. Quickly she looked at the picture and she was happy with herself on it but Whitley seemed to be gloom. "Oh come on Whitley you can do better than that."

"I swear Alicia when I get out of here I'm going to fucking kill you."

"Oh you don't mean that Whitley, we're like best friends now and besties always take selfies of one another."

"Actually Alicia we should really be going now," replied Krysta who needed to put this to an end before anything bad happened.

"Come on Krysta," said Alicia. "Just one more picture, I doubt that anything like this will happen again. That is unless Whitley does eventually grow this tall naturally which would be totally awesome."


"Ok I'm coming." She didn't like to have her fun spoilt but she did get the selfie that she wanted.

Within moments both Alicia and Krysta were standing outside of the house. From there everything seemed normal and no one would believe that there was a ten foot giant woman inside. Krysta began to step towards her nearby car although Alicia wanted to jog there like she had done earlier that day. However Krysta wasn't in the mood for jogging and she wanted to return Whitley to normal as soon as possible.

Much to Alicia's disappointment she did go into car and allowed Krysta to drive her away. Alicia would have liked to drive but the problem was that Krysta's car was a manual and Alicia could only drive an automatic. Instead she just had to direct Krysta in the right direction to the store.

However she was struggling to remember as she would normally go into automatic pilot when she jogged. The journey was taking a lot longer than Krysta had expected, the store was several miles away and she couldn't believe that this was Alicia's jogging route. It just showed how much the muscular anime fan loved to exercise in order to keep her body in shape.

Over the time that Krysta had known Alicia her muscles had only seemed to grow. Alicia was fairly muscular when she first met Alicia but now she looked like a weakling in comparison. Krysta would say that Alicia took steroids but this wasn't the case. Her ever increasing muscle mass was through hard work and sheer determination. If anything Alicia was an inspiration for others who wanted to become bodybuilders the right way. She could only imagine how much bigger Alicia would become over the next few years and she could imagine her becoming the most muscular woman in the world eventually.

After several minutes of driving and several miles of travelling the car eventually pulled up outside of the store where Alicia had bought the monkey paw. However it looked different to how it had no more than an hour or two before. It looked to be abandoned but not recently abandoned but as if no one had been inside for some time. Krysta looked through the window and could see that it was a mess inside. There was parts of the ceiling on the ground and she thought that the building should be condemned. It seemed impossible that this could have been a fully functioning store a short while ago.

"Alicia are you sure this is the right place?" asked Krysta as she and Alicia got out of the car. "This place looks like it's been abandoned for years."

"Yeah this is the place," replied Alicia. At first she hadn't been sure but she recognised everything else around so she knew that she was in the right place. "You know I don't make many mistakes."

"Besides causing Whitley to grow so tall that her head went through the ceiling." She gave a sigh as her hopes seemed to be dashed. "This can't be the right place, we better have a look around before we go."

For the next several minutes both women checked around the nearby stores but none of them were the one that Alicia bought the monkey paw from. Krysta was more annoyed than anything else but eventually even she had to admit defeat. The store that Alicia had visited seemed to be long gone which they did find to be odd. It was as if there was some kind of force at work that neither women knew about or understood.

Eventually both of them got back into the car and they began the drive home. Alicia was still trying to think of the bright side and she still had the monkey paw in her hand. Since it seemed like she wasn't getting rid of it she was thinking about what her next wish was going to be. She did consider wishing to become even more muscular but she decided against it, her muscles were through hard work and if she wished for them to be bigger then she would feel like she was cheating.

After a few minutes the car eventually pulled up at the house. Carefully they both stepped out of the car and began to walk towards the front door. Krysta in particular was trying to figure out what to do next. Their problem hadn't gone away and it seemed like bigger trouble was along the way.

"Are you sure that was the right place?" asked Krysta as they were still a short distance from the door.

"Yes I'm sure," replied Alicia. "I'm like an elephant, I never forget. Except when it's time to pay rent." Just then she began to hear a noise, it sounded like it was a cracking noise. "Hey do you hear that?"

Krysta could hear the cracking sound as well. Both girls stopped and tried to see where the sound was coming from. After a few moments they could tell that it was coming from above them. They had no idea what it was until they saw some of the roof tiles slipping off. This seemed very odd but the cause was soon discovered when both women saw Whitley's head beginning to rise up from the roof.

Krysta in particular was shocked by what she was seeing. If she thought that it was impossible before that Whitley could be so tall her mind was definitely being shattered. Both women were powerless but to watch as Whitley continued to rise up, her head seemed to have grown as well which in Krysta's mind meant that she was getting bigger rather than just taller.

After a few seconds Whitley did finally stop growing but now her shoulders were just poking up through the roof. She could see both Alicia and Krysta on the ground below and in an instant her rage began to get the better of her. Once again she would have brought her arms up if she could but she was still trapped.

"God damn it Alicia!" shouted Whitley at the top of her lungs. "When I get out of here I'm going to kill you!"

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