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"But daddy! I wanted a constellation!" A young woman yelled into her cellphone as she sat on a lounge chair near a large pool. She meticulously inspected her newly manicured pink colored nails, which glimmered marvelously in the afternoon sun as she heard her father's explanation. "But! Daddy, I don't want stupid planets! Like seriously, what am I gonna do with them?!" She was angered by his lack of interest in the matter. "Don't Sasha me Daddy! Like seriously, thanks for ruining my life dad!" She quickly ended the phone call and angrily stared at the pool cleaner who was trying to avoid eye contact with her.

"You!" Sasha shouted at the cleaner, who looked right at her with a frighten expression. "I'm tired... Come here and rub my feet servant," she said as she lifted her bare foot and began to wiggle her toes. The pool cleaner made her way towards the woman, who was still visibly angered. "I can't believe this!" Sasha exclaimed as the cleaner lowered herself at her feet. "Like what is he even thinking! Doesn't he know his own daughter!" She continued to vent towards young servant, who simply nodded in agreement. "Why planets? I want a constellation! I can be immortalized by that! People will look into the heavens and see my star formation and like the ancient people who would make stories about heroes and gods to explain the constellation, I would be among those folk lore heroes as the Goddess that I truly am!" Sasha smiled brightly as her servant slowly looked down at the ground.

"You understand ri..." Sasha's words slowly transformed into cruel laughter as she realized who she was speaking with. "Of course you don't. You're like the rest of them! You *people* could never understand such a struggle." Sasha wiggled her foot out of the servant's hands and placed it on her face, "you *little people* are meant to serve people like me. You're all just mere ants, scurrying around in fear of our shadows and avoiding our crushing strides."

The woman simply mumbled something under her breath as Sasha pressed her bare foot harder onto servant's face. Her rambling fell onto deaf ears as Sasha was distracted by her phone which rang loudly on top of her bare belly. She quickly answered it and was immediately crossed by her father's voice. "No daddy! I want that constellation!" Sasha voice rang out as she moved her foot away from the servant's face and placed it back onto the chair's foot rest. She then snapped her fingers to get the servant's attention, while pointing at her feet. The servant complied and humiliatingly rubbed Sasha's foot once more.

"What? I have to visit one of those stupid planets?!" Sasha continued to get aggravated by her father's ideas. However, a few seconds later, her expression changed from angered to annoyed. "Uhh, fine daddy, I'll do that. But it's not going to change my anything," Sasha said as she ended the call and placed the golden rose colored phone on top of her belly.

"God I hate my dad sometimes," she grumbled as she started to speak with her servant once more. "He wants me to go to one of these planets and see if I like it or not. If I don't, then he'll return the deed to them and buy me a constellation," she said as she adjusted her white bikini top, which shook her large breasts. "He told me that I should bring a servant named Nova to help me," Sasha told the young woman who was still running her feet. The servant slowly looked at Sasha, "What? Do you know her? Good! Can you bring her to me? Also, be a dear and serve me some lemonade," Sasha disinterestedly said as she pointed towards a small metallic table next to her with a glass and a picture filled with lemonade.

"Ms Sasha," the young woman said as she stood up, "that's me. Nova." "Oh well, that was very convenient..." Sasha cleared her throat, signaling to Nova that she still wanted her lemonade. Nova complied. "Huh, wonder why my daddy choose you," Sasha said as she watched the woman pour her a glass of lemonade. "Well, I was a scientist before doing this actually... Maybe he wants me to make sure that the environment is safe?" Nova replied as she handed Sasha the already sweating drink.

"You're a scientist huh? What made you decide to come and serve me?" Sasha uninterestingly asked as she began to drink the cool lemonade. Holding back a bit of anger and sadness, after a few seconds, Nova simply replied with "It paid more."

"Ahhhh," Sasha satisfyingly let out as she wiped her mouth clean once she had finished her drink. She handed the empty glass to Nova, who simply placed it on the table right next to Sasha. "Oh, but you should be humbled for such an opportunity to serve me. I'm a Goddess and you're like an archangel..."

Sasha quickly swung her legs off the footrest of the lounge chair. "Let's go... We're wasting time. The faster we get through this the sooner I can get the constellation." Sasha grabbed her phone off her belly as she stood up to her full imposing 5' 10" height. Her golden blonde hair flowed down to her back as she turned around and headed toward the equally as imposing mansion. The white, clear-through mini sarong wrapped around her waist over her white bikini bottom slowly swayed in the wind as she walked towards a sliding door.

She looked behind her to see Nova just standing there near the lounge chair. "Come on, let's go!" Sasha commanded as she slid the door open. Nova hesitantly walked towards her, "What do you mean now?? Like right now??? Dressed like this?"

"Yeah of course. Don't have time to change," Sasha responded as she walked past the massive kitchen within the mansion. "But I'm not wearing anything protective. Just a blue tank top and blue sport shorts... I think we should at least be better-" Nova was abruptly stopped by Sasha, who looked at her with disdain. "I'm not gonna change, and neither are you. You can wear shoes for 'protection', but other then that, I don't care. There is nothing wrong... God why did daddy pick you?" Sasha angrily replied.

Sasha quickly walked down the flight of stairs that led to the basement. Nova, defeatedly, followed suit as her bare feet hit the wooden stair case.


As Nova reached the bottom step, she was greeted by a large white room. Down at the end of this room was a large, metallic door frame without a door. Sasha was next to it, near a computer like input device. As Nova got closer, she realized what she was looking at. "Is this a teleporter?" She asked in astonishment, "Yeah, it is," Sasha responded nonchalantly as she fiddled around with the controls.

Sasha then pressed a large green button on the council, which activated the door, causing a purplish/blue light to emit from within the limits of the frame. "Here," Sasha said as she gave Nova a small X-Acto Knife and a Petri dish, "these are the tools that you have to work with... Well that and obviously the lab here."

Nova quickly scanned around the white room and saw nothing but a shelf with a microscope and a refrigerator in one of the corners. "This.... place?" Nova hesitantly asked. "Yes, now we must go!" Sasha said as she walked through the wall of light. Nova slowly followed.


People all over the Western United States watched in stunned silence as the purplish/blue wall of light continued to pulsate ever so slightly. It stretched up into the sky for what seemed like miles. Planes, cars and even people were redirected away from this mysterious light source by the military, who desperately tried to come up with an answer to this phenomenon. Cities and towns there were inside the light were completely disconnected from the outside world.

The anomaly had just formed a few minutes ago without any warning. As the military slowly moved a large battalion near the massive wall of light, people screamed in terror as they saw something manifest from within the doorway. A dark object seemed to materialize within the shroud of lights. Suddenly, the massive object swung forward, revealing its true, peach colored form.

The wind violently shifted around as the massive object continued its forward momentum. People screamed in terror as it flew overhead, with the powerful gale behind it leveling cities and towns out of existence. The object started to lower itself towards the middle of Kansas. The small farming communities and towns watched in sheer hysteria as the object quickly descended upon them.

The peach colored underside of the massive thing slowly darkened as it approached the ground. The sun faded into a virtual twilight for the people below. The wind that was blasted towards the earth blew vegetation and houses apart. Screams and prayers were heard all over these small communities, but were quickly snuffed out as the large object smashed into the ground with an earth shattering blast.

A shockwave traveled all around the object, causing towns and cities far beyond it to be toppled by the gush of air. An earthquake rattled the Midwestern United States as buildings that survived the shockwave simply collapsed due to the sheer destructive force. People, confused and disoriented, ran around helplessly as they tried to get away from the massive thing and as their beloved cities and towns crumbled to the ground. All of this happened while the military watched in terror as they not only noticed another black object manifesting from the light, but that the first object was attached to a large peach colored pillar that was leaning up towards the light.

As the second massive object swung forward, it too caused devastation on the people below. With a deafening boom, the second object crashed into the ground next to the other one, causing another set of shockwaves and earthquakes to level any remaining building around it. Fissures formed as the weight of these two objects caused the earth to warp and crack.

The citizens who survived the onslaught began to move about their new, grey landscape as the dust clouds created by the falling buildings settled down onto the ground. The two objects triumphantly revealed themselves from behind these sheets of dusk clouds. Their sheer size dwarfed the land, and dominated the early morning sky. Those closes to the objects could not see nor comprehend what these things truly were.

People who were far away, however, got a more disturbing view. Near the Canadian border, a military base radioed in to high command about what they were seeing. Standing before them, with her arms at her hips, stood a colossal female entity. Men in the base were tipping between utter fear and complete lust as they saw this massive woman standing surreally in the middle of the American mainland with her white bikini. As she gently teetered back and forth, causing her massive breast to wobble ever so slightly, she seemed to scan the landscape below her.

The gentle teetering may have been adorable from far away, however, for those near her feet, the earth shook violently as the massive woman's weight shifted between the balls of her feet and her heels. As her balance moved forward, her toes began to collide with one another, crushing those who landed on the large digits after her footstep sent them flying into the air. Rubble underneath the toes were compacted and pushed deeper into the earth and the unfortunate souls who were also underneath her toes watched in horror as the massive digits collided with one another, sending them into the darkness. As the world rumbled around them, they could feel the immense heat radiating from the giant's body. Soon, however, their worries and thoughts ended as they were crushed equally with the dirt. The ground around the digits cracked and crumbled as her weight shifted to the very tip of her feet.

Her heels rose up into the air, causing debris and chunks of earth which were stuck on her soles to fall violently back down to the ground. Anyone lucky enough to have survived and crazy enough to have stayed near her feet were pelted mercilessly by the rain of debris. A few people nearest the shadowed footprint saw the untold devastation. Everything was brown. Nothing was indistinguishable from another.

Suddenly the heels stopped their descent and plummeted back onto the devastated ground below. People screamed in terror as the heels slammed back into the craters that they had previously created, sending more debris and citizens flying into the air. The earth shook once more as the balls of her feet began to rise up into the air. With the sickening sound of the ground cracking as the massive weight was removed from it, the huge feet simply moved up, showing her soles to the rest of the world.

Her toes wiggled in the air, causing debris to be dislodged from her skin, sending them down to the ground below. Just like the heels before them, the massive foot slammed back into the ground with an echoing slam and a devastating earthquake. She continued this for a few minutes, effectively wiping out all buildings in a 20 mile radius. The earthquakes rocked the Midwestern United States as the giant continued to mindlessly shift her body around.


Sasha waited for the arrival of Nova impatiently as she slowly swayed back and forth. She looked down at the terrain before her and was quickly unimpressed. While other planets that her dad bought and sent pictures of seemed colorful and lively, this planet looked plain and boring. The ground was a mix of green, grey and sometimes a few shades of brown here and there. "Great... Randomly picked a planet and I got a dud. Hey, more reason why me dad should get that constellation!" She told herself as she stopped moving around.

Suddenly, her phone rang. "Speak of the devil," Sasha said to herself as she saw that it was her dad calling. "Hey daddy... Yeah I'm here on one of the planets... Yeah it seems dead... You know what won't die so quickly? A constellation of course! And---" Sasha was cut off as her dad started to question her. "She's coming I think... And yeah, I picked it at random....". Sasha slowly started to get angry as her father bombarded her with more "useless" questions until...


Those around the giant scattered in fear throughout the debris fields as her thunderous voiced echoed through the landscape and even across the world itself. The military desperately tried to attack the massive woman with tanks and artillery, but none of the shells did any damage to her. The only thing that they cause her to do was to wiggle her toes a bit, causing more damage and earthquakes to erupt around them. The Air Force, on the other hand, were strafing around her ankles trying to desperately catch her attention.

As the shells, machine gun fire and missiles rang out throughout the Kansas countryside, they were instantly drowned out by the rising thunder that was the giant's voice. Suddenly, the massive being's left foot rose quickly up into the sky. Piece of earth and debris were sent flying into the air as a cloud of smoke followed the massive object. People only had a few seconds to comprehend what was going on before the colossal foot came crashing down onto the earth violently. The earth shook, causing fissures to form all over the Kansas countryside. The military battalions were sent flying into the air by the powerful shockwave of the impact, while the Air Force was completely wiped out by the sudden rise of the foot.

As people desperately held onto any stable object to prevent themselves from being thrown into the air, with the thunderous voice high above them, the gushing wind and the unforgiving earthquake, some did not realize that the foot quickly ascended once more. It violently came down onto the ground again, compacting more earth into a hard rock like substance underneath it and causing another devastating earthquake. Clouds of debris formed around it as the dust cloud from the first impact didn't have a change to settle down. However, these clouds were pushed to the side as the massive foot rose once more into the air.

For some reason, the foot did not come crashing down to the ground as quickly as the other two times. It stayed up in the sky, as still as it could be, as the thunderous voice of the giant continued to increase ever so. The earthquakes began to subside and the dust clouds started to settle as the remaining people slowly moved out of their hiding spots. The thunder that was the woman's voice still rang out as her foot loomed over them.

Most could see her massive sole, now darkened by the dirt and debris of cities and farms, ever so slightly move. It completely blocked out the sun for a large portion of the population, but most did not care about that. The thing that worried most was when it was gonna fall back down, and where.

The answer came sooner then anyone wanted as the colossal bare foot came down to the ground one last time. People one the ground had only a split second to realize what was happening before the foot sent them into darkness and crushed them into dust beneath it. Trenches were formed as the earth once again came alive. The earth literally shifted around as large pillars of dirt and rock were formed all around the massive foot.

People screamed and prayed for this to stop, but nothing prepared anyone for what was heading their way. At the doorway of light, another dark figure slowly materialized...


"I WANT THAT CONSTELLATION," Sasha yelled as she stomped her foot out of frustration. She continued to hear her father's reasoning, but she couldn't handle any more of it and hung the phone up abruptly. She growled out of anger as she lowered the phone away from her face and to her sides. Just then, Sasha heard a footstep right behind her.

"Fucking finally," she lashed out as Nova slowly walked out of the teleporter light and onto the planet's surface. "I'm sorry," Nova responded in a monotone voice. Sasha quickly turned to face her servant, kicking up dust from the planet's surface as her feet angrily shuffled into place. "How dare you think this is funny!" Sasha angrily scolded Nova, wagging her finger in front of Nova's face, "I waited way too long for this!"

Nova stood her ground, "I didn't think this was funny Sa---" Sasha cut her off before Nova could say her name. "It's Master to you," Sasha said as she lowered her hand back down to her side. "I'm sorry, Master, but I didn't find this funny. Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm from my previous apology, I was just amazed by the planet's beauty," Nova told the angry woman, who seemed to calm down with her apology. "You do not understand what beauty truly is," Sasha said as she turned around, her bare back facing Nova once more.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Nova spoke to her once more, "I'm gonna go and extract a piece of land to study..."

"Fine, fine," Sasha dismissively said as she waved her hand.

Nova wiggled her toes slightly, feeling the soft, sand-like ground below. "That's so weird," she told herself softly as she walked towards a small puddle just a few feet away.

All the meanwhile, Sasha grabbed her phone and began to take pictures of her feet and the ground below.


The remaining people of Kansas watched in complete horror as a second colossal woman came through the wall of light. Her feet, which were smaller then the first woman's, impacted onto to the ground with the same unforgiving force. People watched as their peach colored doomsday came crashing down upon them. Families, friends and lovers simply huddled together as their world turned into darkness right before they were smashed into nothingness beneath the woman's foot.

As her other foot came out of the wall of light and smashed into the ground below, the original giant woman spoke. Her words shook the remaining populace to their core. Suddenly, the woman turned around, smashing the ground around her into a faith dust. People, debris and chunks of the earth went flying into the air as her feet moved. As they tumbled around in the air, most fell towards the harsh, broken ground below to their certain demise. Others fell onto the soft peach colored skin of the giant women's feet, where they tried to desperately hold on as they shook violently.

Their feet settled down as the giant women began to speak with one another in their thundering voices. However, it wasn't long until Sasha's feet once again moved. The tiny people who held on to her massive appendages desperately clutches onto anything they could. They used the small nearly invisible hairs on her skin to hold on as the massive feet shifted into their new place. With a devastating impact, they landed back onto the ground, crushing even more landscape underneath it and sending both people on them and around them flying back into the air.

The two women talked once again before the new giant decided to wiggle her toes. The massive digits began to bury themselves onto the ground, which kicked up debris and people into the air and onto her toes. People watched as they landed on the massive flesh mountains where they were instantly smashed into unrecognizable bloodstains by the movements. These stains were wiped cleaned by the nature oils and sweat that slowly trickled out of the giant's pores and by her toes sliding on one another.

The earth shook violently as these ten digits carelessly grinded the land between Kansas and Missouri. Cities and towns crumbled to the ground as they tremors rattled the states. St. Louis watched in sheer terror as the woman casually looked down at the ground with an interested look. A large portion of the citizens thought that she knew that they were there and that she was enjoying her destructive actions.

Her toes came to a sudden stop. For a brief moment, both giant women stood relatively still. That all changed when the new giant, with her sports shorts and blue tank top, began to walk forward. The ground cracked and seemed to scream in relief as the huge weight was lifted from it. A cloud of dust and rubble was sent into the air as the massive foot lifted off the earth. For those who desperately held on, the crushing speed of which the foot took off was enough to instantly pulverized them into paste. Those who landed on top of her toes a were quickly liquified as well by sheer movement of the appendage.

The citizens of St Louis held their breaths as the massive foot swung over them. While most thought they were safe, some realized what was gonna happen next. The gale from the swinging foot hit the city with an unrelenting force. Buildings toppled over while cars, trees and people were launched into the vortex of wind. This gale lasted for just a few seconds, but it was strong enough to destroy majority of the city without her foot even touching the ground.

In the middle of Illinois, however, there was a slightly different situation. People in various cities and towns watched in horror as the giant foot started to fall towards them. Out of instinct, people scattered as they tried desperately to escape the oncoming destruction. Their whole perspective turned darker and darker as the sole got closer to the ground. The wind rattled uncontrollably as it was pushed downward by the massive object. Those who accepted their fate watched the massive sole turn into a large, unrecognizable mass of peached colored trenches and caverns as the fine details of her sole revealed themselves to the tiny citizens.

These details were lost as darkness completely overtook the populace before they were instantly obliterated by the unknowing woman. Her other foot swung forward, slamming into the ground right next to one that had settled into the middle of Illinois just a few seconds before. The earth shook violently as the flat plains of the Illinois country side was warped into mountainous terrain. Fissures were created while large trenches opened up, sending hundred tumbling to their doom. Huge chunks of land rose around the massive feet due to the sheer impact of their landing. All of this while the gigantic woman stood high above them, watching these events unfold, or so the small populace thought.

As the clouds of dust and smoke settled, those who still lived looked up at the massive woman, who wore a casual blue sports jeans and a blue tank top, and began to pray for any help. Those in Chicago also prayed to the massive Goddess, who seemed to be looking down at them.

Suddenly, the unimaginably colossal woman began to lower herself towards the damage city. Screams rang out as her sheer size started to block out the sunlight. As she lowered herself, her heels began to slowly peel themselves from the ground with a deafening noise as her weight shifted. Her toes began to spread and dig themselves deeper into the ground as they slowly started to take on her full weight. Her heels loomed over the remaining Illinois skyline as dust and debris stuck in them were dislodged and sent flying towards the ground below.

Her bare knees slammed onto the ground like two, unstoppable meteors, causing total destruction around them. The earth shook, while people and chunks of the ground were sent flying all over the place. The shockwave of the impact quickly travelled towards Chicago, causing untold devastation onto the remaining skyscrapers.

The Chicagoans yelled in fear as the massive woman stopped her movements and simply looked down upon the city. Her brown eyes scanned the tiny landscape below.


'Huh, this is some weird vegetation,' Nova told herself as she looked at the grey fungus. 'Hopefully it's nothing too dangerous,' she speculated as she brought out the knife from within her pocket.


Chicago once again came to life as the massive woman brought a colossal metallic object into the view of the populace. As this thing came closer to the ground, people started to desperately flee the city from the oncoming devastation. Like a knife through hot butter, the metallic mass effortlessly tore through the earth, crushing houses and buildings within the surrounding suburbs of the city. The earthquakes that ensued were not as powerful as those made by her feet, but nonetheless, causing collateral damage to the surround ground around it.

The metallic object started to swiftly move, cutting through large portions of other suburbs as it quickly encircled the city. People watched in horror as their buildings, their houses or even their loved ones were bulldozed by the large utensil. Those within the city limits could only watch as the object moved around them, causing minor damage to the city itself. All of this while the massive woman uncaringly watched high above them.

People screamed and begged to the mighty woman to stop the ongoing damage that she was causing, but all of these prayers were drowned out by the sound of rubble being dragged along with the utensil and the sound of the earth breaking roared all around them. The utensil quickly dashed through the lakeside of Chicago, causing untold devastation to the skyline. People were crushed and swept away with the huge chunks of earth that were being displaced by her action. Eventually, the metallic object made its way back to its staring spot. Once it completed its circle of devastation, the metallic piece of equipment quickly rose to the heavens.

The sound of sirens and screams replaced the fading sounds of destruction as people started to search for their friends and families. Even with the massive woman looming over them, most disregarded her as they helped their fellow neighbors. That all changed as a shadow eclipsed the city. Everyone's attention was once again brought upwards as the giant woman carefully lowered her massive hand towards the ground. Chicagoans desperately attempted to save their loved ones trapped inside the rubble from the incoming doom.

The sound of huge bombs echoed through the city as the woman's fingers slammed onto the soft, broken ground. As they buried themselves deeper, the earth shook violently, causing buildings to buckle and sway. Near the newly created trench around the city, the ground started to shatter and break into multiple pieces as the finger continued to wedge themselves into the dirt. Houses and buildings that were caught underneath the massive digits were thrusted into the ground with an unrelenting force. People who were wedged into her large, fissures like fingerprints hoped for the best as they were slowly crushed by the ever building weight.

The massive Goddess' fingers wiggled within the ground below, causing huge chunks of the earth to be dislodged and fly in ever single direction. Large boulders were sent feel with the city center, causing untold devastation as thy landed onto the ground like meteors.

Then, the deafening sound of the earth breaking apart rang throughout the city and the surrounding landscape as the Goddess seemed to effortlessly remove this massive chunk of dirt and rocks out from within the Earth itself. The Chicagoans screamed in sheer terror as they were quickly launched into the air. The fragile ground around the edges of the floating island started to crumble and fall back down to earth. People desperately tried to run away from the weak and crumbling edges but most ended up falling down to their doom regardless.

The massive Goddess, who still seemed disinterested in the city itself, quickly brought her other hand out which held a large, glass Petri dish. She carefully placed the large chunk of Earth into the massive, clear prison. As the island landed on the dish, the sheer impact caused a large portion of the Chicago skyline to crumble. The island itself started to crumble as well since the chunk of earth beneath was uneven. Huge pieces of the city were separated as the little island split open, exposing the city's once working sewer and transit systems.

People held on to anything they could as their world tilted into a harsh slope. Houses and building fell over while fires and explosions were heard everywhere. People who were safe for the time being looked up to the massive Goddess, who looked down on their tiny city, before she brought another massive piece of glass. The citizens screamed in terror as this glass popped loudly into place, sealing them within the prison.


'That was easy,' Nova told herself as she looked down at the closed Petri dish. Her attention quickly changed to her left hand, which had sung itself into this plant's weird surface. She scanned her fingerprints, which were covered in a weird, light brown and grayish color. 'Hopefully it's not too dangerous,' she told herself as she lowered her hand...


Those who were jammed into the massive woman's gigantic grooves and trenches that were her fingerprints watched in horror and disbelief as the massive Goddess bright them towards her equally as massive face. Her colossal brown eyes scanned her fingers as hundred of the surviving people desperately and weakly tried to signal her. Some waved their hands while others tried to hit her face, which was miles away from her digits, with rubble that they could throw. Other simply watched and admired her beauty from afar, as they knew they couldn't possibly do anything to her, nor could she truly see them. A slight breeze rolled over them, causing her brownish-blonde hair to glide towards her face briefly.

This nearly peaceful scene was ended as the massive woman rapidly brought her hand down. Majority of the people on her fingers were stuck in the rubble and debris, but some had loosen from their tight prison, which caused them to be flung into the air as the massive hand moved rapidly towards the large blue plain that was the woman's tank top. Those still stuck on the digits watched helplessly as the massive hand moved swiftly towards the blue fabric. As the fine details of the woven material became more and more apparent to the small people stuck on the digits, they knew that their lives were at an end. Everything around them darkened almost instantly as the massive fingers crashed into the wall of blue material.

Most of the survivors were instantly smashed into nothing more then unnoticeable stains on the Goddess' fingers and tank top, however, some were luck enough to survive the initial impact. Those who did had to endure the horror of her fingers grinding on the blue fabric, dislodging them and other debris from the grooves of her skin. They were then obliterated by the moving pillars of flesh as her fingers moved swiftly on the fabric. Other were sent flying into the air, into their certain demise.


After wiping her hand off on her tank top, Nova looked up to Sasha, who was still taking pictures of her feet and the landscape below. Nice simply shrugged it off as she began to head towards the still open portal. "Master Sasha," she said as she got closer to the gateway, feeling the odd dirt building up between her toes, "I've collect a sample and I will now go and investigate it. It hopefully won't take me that long."

Sasha looked up at Nova with an annoyed look on her face "Yeah whatever," she replied, "also, before you waste your time looking at rocks, could you bring me a cup of wine?"

Nova simply nodded in agreement as she walked passed through the door of light, thus leaving Sasha alone once again. "Such a waste of time," she said as she focused once more on her attempt to take a perfect picture.


The people near the remaining Goddess looked up in awe and fear as the massive being held a colossal device, many times larger then even a city, high above the populace. Every once and a while, the Goddess would tap the device, which would release a loud digital shuttering noise. The confused populace looked up at the Goddess, who seemed to be photographing them.

Suddenly, a blinding light swept through the Kansas landscape for just a brief moment as the massive phone activated its flash. The Goddess, seemingly disinterested about the tiny people below her, looked at her phone with complete and utter focus. Then, the massive woman began to rapidly tap on her phone while a large majority of the citizens around her seemed to lose interest about her activity and instead began to focus on how to get away from her. Suddenly, a strange shadow started to engulf the remaining towns and cities around the Goddess.

As people looked up to see what the disturbance was, they were horrified to see the massive device that the Goddess once held falling rapidly towards them. The massive woman let out a thunderous "Oh" as the device slammed glass first into the ground. A large puff of smoke, filled with debris and people, was launched from the device once it slammed into the ground. An earthquake ensued as the earth around the phone shattered into pieces. People not only screamed in fear, but also felt not only helpless, but completely insignificant as the massive woman's phone was enough to to annihilate portions of their world.

The colossal Goddess quickly picked up the device and brought it near her face. She quickly scanned the devices and saw nothing wrong with the phone, with the exception of the dirt that was now stuck on the screen. A small handful of people were on the phone, and before they could even respond at what was happening around them, they were instantly steamrolled by the Goddess' massive hand as it wiped off the screen of the small debris.

The goddess, satisfied with her handy work, simply went back into whatever app she was using without much care about the hundreds that were crushed due to her clumsy actions.


Nova walked up towards the fridge inside the basement near the active portal. Within this stainless steel fridge were a few bottles of expensive wines. She simply grabbed a bottle without looking at it and placed it on a counter near the fridge. She then started to head towards another counter with the scientific equipment was located at. However, a thought crossed her mind.

'The grey matter on the planet is way too small to be dangerous,' she thought to herself as she walked back towards the counter with the wine bottle on it. She looked down at the Petri dish with a mischievous smile. 'If it was design to hurt or poison us, it would have done so way before we crushed a majority of it,' she carefully opened the Petri dish near the wine bottle, 'plus, we were stepping on it barefooted too... And nothing happened.' Nova placed the glass cap on the counter as she walked back to the fridge. Near it was a small cabinet where she brought out a wine glass. Nova quickly made her way back towards the Petri dish with a smile on her face.

'But hey... You never know what it could do if ingested,' she carefully poured the wine into the cup until it was halfway full, just as Sasha likes it. Then Nova's attention was squarely focused on the Petri dish as she brought out the knife she used to extract it and brought it closer to the broken island. 'Hopefully this gives her a bad stomach ache,' she told herself as the blade dangled over the dish.


The surviving Chicagoans could only watch in terror as the massive metallic object once again hovered over the broken city. It gently came towards them, slanting itself onto its broad side. It hit the glass container ever so slightly, causing a loud, echoing bang. As it moved towards the rubble, a harsh screech bellowed in its massive movements as it scraped along the glass surface.

The metallic wand began to burry itself underneath a huge chuck of the city, causing the small island piece to shift as the massive utensil moved into place. People could only hand on as the massive being continued to do whatever she wanted with the once great city. After a few sickening moments of movement, the island and the utensil stood eerily still. The Chicagoans on the destroyed islands could only look up towards the massive woman, who seemed to be looking down towards them while lost in her own thoughts.

Suddenly, the utensil came alive, causing the islands to shift and move as the metallic knife started to rise towards the sky. The large, shattered pieces of earth and rubble crumbled into pieces, causing hundreds to either be crushed beneath the rocks or be dropped from the utensil entirely, making them plummet to their doom.

The knife quickly and effectively moved towards the large cup filled with a dark liquid. Before the surviving Chicagoans could process anything, they felt their island suddenly drop towards the ground. As the rocks tumbled in the air, some were able to see their destination below. The dark red liquid within the cup emitted a familiar alcoholic smell which got stronger and stronger as the people got closer to the surface of the water.

With a loud splash, the pieces of the city, along with countless citizens, crashed into the liquid. Almost instantly, people began to swim towards the surface in a desperate attempt for survival. As the citizen swam up, many were quickly becoming debilitated as their bodies absorbed the alcoholic drink. Those who were strong enough to push forward, or lucky enough make it, pierced through the wine's calming surface to find a vast empty ocean of the deep red liquid.

Only a handful of debris made their way to the surface as well, causing most to be submerged within the drink. People screamed in agony as their eyes were slowly burning due to the alcohol while others desperately tried to crawl onto any sort of rubble to prevent themselves from getting poisoned by the liquid.

Many however drowned as collapsed buildings and chunks of land pulled them deeper into the maroon ocean like beverage. Other, intoxicated by the drink, simply drowned as their bodies began to go numb.

For the survivors, their colossal glass prison began to move as the gigantic woman grabbed the cup and started to move towards the ominous light. People within the liquid screamed in both terror and confusion. While others started to allow the alcoholic beverage to take hold of their senses in order to calm their fear.


Sasha continued to look around the vast emptiness of her new planet. She looked down at the strange, brown and grayish land below with little thought. "Where is she?" Sasha proclaimed loudly to herself as she shuffled around in a circle. She could feel the strange ground easily parting ways as her feet slowly dug into it. The sensation of what felt like cool sand going between her toes caused Sasha to forget about her drink for just a few moments.

A soft moan escaped her lips as the emptiness of the planet finally started to show its benefits to the woman. "Well... it's close to the parent star... this planet can be like, my personal sunbathing spot!" She told herself as looked down at her feet, which were buried slightly into the ground. As she began to wiggle her toes, causing the dirt to move between her digits, she calmly thought of other uses for this planet. While she was lost in her ideas, Nova silently appeared through the portal door.

"Madam?" She said as her head, upper torso and left arm were leaning out of the blue light. Sasha was completely oblivious to Nova's presence as she continued to think about all the possibilities. "Master!" Nova raised her voice which caused Sasha to jump in place. "W-what?... Oh, Nova... Finally you got my drink!" Sasha snatched the cup of wine out of Nova's hand. "Your duty is done... be gone until I call for you or you find something in that gray stuff," Sasha told Nova as she waved her right arm dismissively towards the servant girl.

"Yes master," Nova responded as a mischievous smile grew on her face. "What's with the smi--" before Sasha could finish her sentence, Nova quickly leaned into the portal, which caused her to vanish.

"Whatever..." the young blonde woman said as she brought the cup towards her lips.


The Chicagoans who were still sober watched in sheer terror as the glass started to lean towards the massive woman's face. Those who were able to started to scream and beg for mercy as the giant's perfect face came closer and closer towards the opening of the container. The liquid continued to move towards the edge of the massive cup as the giant's red colored lips came to view.

Citizens still screamed for any form of salvation, even though in the back of their heads, they knew it was all over. With an ear splitting thud, her luscious lips made contact with the glass. Her massive, cavern like mouth opened slowly and maliciously as thousands and thousands of gallons of the red liquid flowed through the opening at a rapid pace. Most of the Chicagoans had only seconds to process what was happening as the violent current thrashed them around.

Their surroundings changed rapidly from sunny and cool to dark and humid. Those still conscious were horrified as they realized that they had entered the massive being's mouth. People who clutched onto debris could see a light that rapidly shrunk as they tumbled with the red liquid towards the back of the goddess' mouth. Once there, the tiny people suddenly felt themselves falling down a long passage way, which sealed their faith.


"Ahh" Sasha proclaimed as she moved the cup of wine away from her. "That was good!..." she said as she slowly started to lean backwards. "Gotta think of a few more ideas for this rock... and my feet are killing me... well, I don't think the ground is dangerous," she scoffed at that idea, "just gotta sit down for a few minutes..."


The citizens in the open American Midwest watched in sheer terror as the colossal woman slowly leaned backwards towards the ground. Like a mass of rats caught within the sudden burst of a blinding light, hundreds of people ran towards anything that could be a safe-haven. A shadow drenched over the Midwest as the massive woman's ass came closer and closer towards them. Her thin mini sarong came into contact with the ground below, wiping away hundreds of towns and cities beneath the tiny cloth fibers. Those underneath the sarong could only watch as the wave of destruction came towards them. The rumbling grew louder and louder as the cloth continued its unaware path of annihilation. People watched as their cities were bulldozed apart before they themselves were swept as well.


Most of the citizens of Lincoln, Nebraska, stood by in complete shock as their once sunny sky was replaced by a darkening piece of peach colored flesh. The Goddess' left butt cheek slowly approached them, causing their surrounding to become darker and darker. The sound of the wind howling echoed throughout the capital city as hundreds of people tried desperately to escape the on coming destruction. Most however, had accepted their fate as they watched helplessly as the peach colored skin turned darker and darker as it blocked more light.

Suddenly, the ground shook violently around the citizens, causing buildings and skyscrapers to collapse around them. Her hand, miles away from the capital, slammed onto the ground with unforgiving speed. The earth snapped and shattered as it impacted the soft clay below. The ground then continued to break apart as she placed nearly all her weight on the hand for support.

Those in Lincoln continued to avoid debris falling onto them as their once proud city fell onto the ground. Their screams of despair and fear were muffled by the sound of the wind howling even louder then before. The colossal woman's shadow, which had been advancing slowly over the city, suddenly began to darken rapidly as she allowed her butt to drop onto the ground.

Most citizens were preoccupied by the falling buildings to realize this. The sarong slammed onto the ground first with an unrelenting force, crushing towns and cities indiscriminately before her full weight of her butt cheeks crashed onto them. The whole world shook as her full weight slammed onto the earth. The ground around her butt rose around it as more and more dirt was displaced. Fissures and openings were created near her, causing cities and towns to disappear as they fell within these crevices. A huge shockwave ran through America, flattening hundreds of cities and killing millions. Her ass settled into the ground as the millions beneath it were crushed instantly by the sheer weight.

Those lucky enough to be between her cheeks were smashed as her full weight caused them to collide with one another.

Earthquakes rang out throughout the world as the massive giant simply brought her colossal glass towards herself, and began to nonchalantly drink her beverage as the whole world around her collapsed.

Her massive right hand, which was still flat on the ground, began to bury itself within the soft earth. It warped and dislodged the already crumbling crust with her wiggling fingers. Any survivors within cities and towns near her hand watched helplessly as it scooped them up. Chunks of rock slowly flowed from between her fingers like sand towards the ground below, bringing many to their deaths.

Those within her palm watched in sheer shock as she brought them towards her face. The massive glass cup slowly moved away from her, and the Goddess' undivided attention was placed solely on them. Those strong enough began to jump up, make noise and do anything else to get the woman's attention as her cold, massive blue eyes scanned their tiny fragmented world. Her colossal eyes, which seemed so large, to the point where some thought it was the sky, slowly moved away from them.

The survivors could only watch in disbelief as her hand slowly tilted towards the left, causing the remains ground on her palm to slide off her hand. Before anyone could hold on to anything, her fingers quickly closed into the fist, crushing the poor souls who were unfortunate enough to be caught be her hand.


Sasha watched the sand slowly slide out of her fist and onto the ground. "Huh, pretty soft everywhere," she said as she shifted her butt.

Suddenly, Nova's head popped out of the blue light door. "Sasha no!!" She screamed in terror as she looked at the young woman sitting on the ground.

"Don't yell at me!" Sasha angrily responded as she slammed her fist onto the earth, causing Nova's eyelids to twitch disgust. "I-I'm sorry... but madam, I have some horrifying news about this planet," Nova said as Sasha's eyes widen in terror. "Oh my God, this is all poisonous!" The young blonde woman said as she jumped to her feet. "It's all over me!!"

"Master Sasha, it's not poisonous!" Nova blurted out as she watched in horror as the young woman hopped around the ground. Her feet slammed onto the earth with uncaring movements, causing puffs of smoke and dirt to rise up into the air. Droplets of wine spilled all over the United States. "Please stop hopping!" Nova shouted as Sasha planted her feet firmly back into the ground with a loud thud. Her face slowly turned red as anger took hold of her.

"If it's not poisonous, then why did you come here and make me look like a buffoon!" Sasha said as her left foot rose up and slammed onto the ground in anger. Cringing at that motion, Nova simply looked to the blonde woman and said, "This planet has inhabitants."

This angered Sasha even more, "Look around you... does it look like this planet is teeming with life... no wonder you ended up quitting your scientific work to serve me... you're not even good at it."

Shall owing a bit of anger, Nova simply looked at Sasha and pointed towards the ground. "Their nearly microscopic... but they live in cities. They're intelligent. They've built skyscrapers, cars and even planes... I saw everything with a microscope..."

Nova continued to speak as Sasha looked down on the ground. Her mind raced as this new information had changed her view of this, and possibly all, the other planets that her dad bought her. 'Tiny people... down there... I-I must have crushed hundreds... thousands... no, millions of them...'

A smile crept onto Sasha's face, 'I'm truly a god to these people. This planet is what I deserved for a while... huh... bringing this egghead to help me wasn't just a waste of time...'

"... but we have to get off this planet and contact Galactic Command about this. Also..." Sasha snapped back to reality as those words slipped out of Nova's lips. "Silence... we're not doing any of that," Sasha said as she stretched her hand out towards Nova which held the wine glass. "But madam... we have to... they're an intelligent species! We would be going against every space law possible," Nova said as her arm materialized from within the door and slowly moved towards the nearly empty cup to grab it.

Suddenly, Sasha flipped the cup over, causing the last few ounces of wine to spill onto the planet's surface. Nova gasped as she watched the red liquid hit the ground. "I'm rich and famous in our world... but I'm what I'm truly meant to be here... a Goddess," Sasha chuckled as she looked at her servant, who was completely shocked, "they're germs... I don't think the G.C. would be interested in communicating with germs. I'm doing them a favor by keeping this planet..."

"Sasha! No! They're beings with thoughts and ideas! Not your playthings! They don't deserve to be crushed beneath your, or anyone else's, feet!" Nova angrily said. "Shut up... unless you want to go down to their level and help them," she cruelly laughed at Nova, "you can always change the teleport's x and y coordinates... and you can study and help them all you want at their size."

Sasha raised her leg and placed her foot in front of Nova's face. "But be warned... if you do that, you'll end up here like the rest of them," she began to wiggle her toes as Nova looked helplessly at the grey covered sole. "Anyway, be gone, I'm gonna stay here a bit longer... then we're going to go and see more of my new planets."

Sasha lowered her foot to the ground as Nova angrily looked at the young woman, but knew that she was powerless to stop her. Nova once again disappeared through the door of light while Sasha turned around and placed her hands onto her hips.

"In not sure if you can understand me but... I'm your Goddess now... and you will worship me!" She said as she looked triumphantly down towards the broken ground.

As her toes wiggled in excitement, Sasha smiled and said "This is the best gift ever!"

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