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(Part one in my Giantess World series) A group emerges from their Vault to find the world overrun by craving Giantesses. Hungrier and hornier the bigger they get, the group will face more and more bigger ones the farther they venture.

A story about a group humans barely surviving against the hostility the European Giantesses impose on them. Although they first find hope when defeating the smaller Giantesses and make strong allies, they will soon learn the true unstoppable power of the Giantess Empire, who will stop at nothing until humanity has gone extinct.

-(author's note:) The first half of the story will be quite mild with a number of exceptions. The real graphic chapters, which, in some circumstances, definetly won't be for the faint of heart, will be in the latter half (E.G. Chapter 22 which has quite some dark parts, including humans getting murdered by a single Giantess)

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Published: October 02 2016 Updated: December 25 2016
Story Notes:

At first, we will encounter the lesser of the Empire: Amazons and Behemoths mostly. But as they travel farther East, they will face bigger and prominent Giantesses. Those who aren't consumed often suffer a worse faith against these mutants, and they will soon learn of the real power and cruelty the Giantess has. It is only a matter of time.

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Please rate and comment, both positively and negatively :)

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Note: I’m thinking of making a Giantess World mod for Europa Universalis IV… You’d have the Giantess Empire, with subjects who have a high liberty desire (the Queen of China) and the wars with the remaining humans (Great Britain, Africa etc. :)


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We're getting closer to the end, and this is the first real dark chapter, and most of the following will be too. Enjoy...

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Before we start, I just want to thank the people who have been following me so far into the story! I am glad to receive so many readers every time I upload. And especially thanks to those who have commented on this story. I want you to know I take them very serious, and several positive chances to the story itself have been made according to the criticisms and positive reinforcements :)

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Merry Christmas!! Have you made any New Year's resolutions yet? Yeah, me neither;) Anyhow, here's the very final chapter of the story --