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Story Notes:

At first, we will encounter the lesser of the Empire: Amazons and Behemoths mostly. But as they travel farther East, they will face bigger and prominent Giantesses. Those who aren't consumed often suffer a worse faith against these mutants, and they will soon learn of the real power and cruelty the Giantess has. It is only a matter of time.

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It was 09:00 AM on Wednesday May the 5th, 2257, when I and seven others were called upon by the Overseer of our Vault. The Overseer is the one in charge of the Vault. His name is Abraham John; an old man who rarely leaves his chambers. He had been in charge ever since his father died of natural causes in 2238. This call didn't come as a surprise to us. According to my friend who worked with the scientists (who also happened to be one of the seven others) some high ranked scientists had been talking about "leaving the vault". But whenever he’d ask about it he would be dismissed and sent out, back to whatever it was he was working on. His name is Timmy Michelson. I've known him since my earliest days. We were born shortly after each other, and have been neighbors and friends ever since. And now we stood together in the Overseer's chamber with six others, anxious to hear what important things he had to say. I had never seen any of the other people. But then again, that’s no surprise. Our Vault is huge, with just over 9.000 inhabitants, and most dwellers never came out of their section. Finally the Overseer entered the room.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice.” 

The Overseer said. He sat down in his chair and poured himself a glass of red wine. Two, what appeared to be, assistants sat next to him. A man and middle aged woman.

"First of all I have to tell you that this is highly confidential. You are not to speak to anyone about this, on penalty of high treason.”

The Overseer took a big gulp and refilled the glass with more wine. The drinking seemed to ease his shaking hands a bit.

“There have been a number of rumors inside the Vault. I’m sure you’ve heard them, and we have reason to believe that they are true.”

There were a lot of rumors inside the Vault, most of which involved outside hostilities. But he was talking about the recently leaked reports of Vaults gone silent. The mutants from outside supposedly found a number of Vaults in Germany. Our Vault, Vault 31, happened to be one of the few Vaults in Germany that was still able to communicate with the few remaining undiscovered Vaults in Europe and Asia. Most feared that the locations had been compromised, and that we could be the next.

“So they are true!”

I heard from my right.

“There is no need for panic, mister Emanuel. If they knew the location of our Vault, they would already have come for us.” The Overseer continued. “I have assembled the eight of you and formed a squad. Squad #3 to be exact. Each squad has the mission to go to one of the Vaults, and find the reason why they have gone silent. If the vault hasn’t been infiltrated, make contact with them by using a radio transmitter. If they have been infiltrated, you will have to find out how.”

The middle aged woman interrupted him.

“But first, allow me to introduce you to each other. Jane Somer. You are signed to be the team’s mechanic. Your supervisors speak highly of your skills, and that’s why you have been assigned to this squad. The same goes for Charles von Sting. You are assigned as the field medic. Oliver Benson, you are assigned as the team’s technician. Clerence Yenotin is a survival expert who has been outside several times. She will guide you through the journey. Her height actually makes it possible for her to blend in with the Amazon Giantesses. With her 6”7 she can easily be mistaken for a smaller Amazon. This is why she makes for such an excellent scout during infiltration missions.

Then, there are three soldiers. Melissa Flanders, Sam Emanuel and Gilligan Darkwater. Are there any questions? Good. Now that we have filled you in you are to go to the research facility. Dismissed.”

After the speech, we made our way to the research section.

"That was quite something, wasn't it?"

Timmy asked me along the way.

"Yeah, tell me about it. What do you think they'll tell us in the research section?" I asked him. "I don't know. They never tell me anything in there."

The field medic, Charles, caught up with us.

"I'm pretty sure they'll just brief us in, and give us our supplies."

Charles answered.

"Yeah I think so too. I just hope they'll let us say goodbye to our families. Wouldn't be surprised if they won’t let us talk to them, just in case we might inform them."

I answered.

After about ten minutes we reached the entrance of the research facility, and were immediately greeted by the head of the science department.

"Welcome men. Glad to see you’re doing something important Timmy. I always knew you'd end up well."

The scientist told Timmy who walked in first of us. He was Timmy's boss, and really seemed proud of his student.

"Thank you, Mister Glenn. I'll make you proud."

Mister Glenn made a gesture that said we should follow him. We arrived in his office. He pointed towards the chairs and we sat down. He took a big map out of his desk and presented it to us.

"This is an old world map of what used to be Europe. I'm sure you've seen this before in school. You can see the location of our Vault here."

He pointed to a city in eastern Holland, named Enschede. He then pointed at the German Cities Essen, Hamburg and Berlin.

“Here are 3 of the 11 Vaults that have gone silent. You will be assigned to go to Vault 32 in Essen, Vault 33 in Hamburg, and Vault 35 in Berlin. I trust you know what to do once you reach the assigned destinations, Timmy?”

Timmy nodded.

“Good. I’m sure you already know what roams outside. The mutant, or; Giantess, has ruled the above for over a 150 years. Because of the lack of information the Vault gives its dwellers, I’ll form you in. There is little known about the origins of these monsters, but we know that at some point, by the end of the 21st century, there was a gender war. Not all women fought against man, but a large number of women revolted against men and an equal large number of women. The details are vague, but we know the current empress of the Giantess Empire Dominika Avdonin and Turkish scientist Benan Belik created a virus, the Forced Evolution Virus. It was designed for their armies. The virus forced muscle growth, resistance to radiation, body growth, and cellular senescence. This not only makes their wounds heal much faster, but also stops them from aging. That’s why many of the first generation FEV subjects are still alive.

The virus becomes more effective with every injection. Those who are injected only once experience minor muscle & body growth. Most of the subjects grow between 6 and 10 feet. These are called ‘Amazons’. The first-stage Giantess. They make up for about 70% of the Giantess population. They are larger than humans, and a lot stronger. Keep these mutants at a distance, and make sure to shoot them down before they can reach you. The Amazons are basically the main infantry, and make up the largest part of the armies. They are mostly vegetative, and usually live near or on farms. So if you see a community around such places, avoid them.

The second-stage Giantess will stimulate more body growth. The ‘Behemoth’ will grow anywhere between 15 and 25 feet. A strong, thin layer of tissue will grow between the skins, basically turning the skin of a Behemoth into armor. They are fast, extremely strong and must be avoided at all cost. The Behemoth is hard to bring down even with heavy weapons. Back in the days of the Great War, they were the unit leaders of the Amazons. They often live together with Amazons around the same places. Don’t worry; they only make up about a third of the entire population.

The Titan is the third-stage Giantess. These mutants are often army commanders, and can reach the height of 110ft. Little is known about this type of mutant, only that almost none of them ever come to Western Europe. Even though the previous two mentioned Giantesses could easily survive on small portions of food for a long time thanks to the FEV, these Giantesses excel in that. They can eat as much as a normal person to survive the day, but they rather eat large portions at once. They can control their digestion, and keep the food well stored in their stomachs for weeks, or even months.

Then, there are the absolute Elite. The Colossal Giantess is the fourth-stage Giantess. They grow up to a 200 feet. However, this has never been proven. The only ‘proof’ we have of this is what some scouts told us. They heard Giantesses talking about these mutants. Figures like Empress Dominika and Benan Belik are reportedly fourth-stage mutants, along with other high-ranked figures inside the Empire.

Before I turn you loose, I must tell you about Vault 35, Berlin. They had acquired a number of FEV samples from outside a few decades ago, and had been working on a new version of the virus. Their goal was to extract the growth section out of the RNA of the virus. The result would be that normal humans could take the benefits of the FEV, muscle growth, resistance to radiation etc., without experiencing massive body growth. The last message Vault 35 send out to the Vaults was that they had finished their research, and that the test subjects reported positively to the FEV 2.0. Shortly after that, they went silent. If they were indeed infiltrated, we fear that the Empire knew of this and simply waited for them to complete their research. If they indeed have their hands on the FEV2.0, you must change your mission to infiltrate the Empire’s HQ and get it back. We have no idea in what form you can find it. Perhaps it’s liquid matter, maybe it’s one of the test subjects. But all will become clear ones you reach the Vault.

And a word of advice. Save a bullet for yourself. Those who are captured either end up in the wide slave market, or for personal gain. The situation for any human being on the surface is, to put it at its mildest, dire.”

Of course, we already knew this. The Vault holds no secrets, thanks to the massive gossiping that goes around in here. So we were glad the man finally finished his long speech. We got our equipment. Some tech stuff I didn’t understand was handed over to Timmy, our nutrition pills, and our weapons. Charles and Jane both received a Desert Eagle, Clerence was given a hunting rifle with a score and I was handed a shotgun and a picklock set. Our three soldiers were of course equipped with much more suitable weapons. Melissa and Sam both got a light machine gun, and Gilligan was handed a sniper rifle. Thanks to his skills with energy weapons, Timmy received a newly developed laser pistol. We all got an armored suit, put it on, and left without anyone noticing for the Vault door

And now, we’re nearing the Vault door. Nearing the door that will lead us outside to the Giantesses. The mutants we were told to fear as kids, even as adults.

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