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Tucker woke up at his usual time and he began to stretch himself. He could see that he was on a gigantic bed but this was nothing out of the ordinary for him. It was how he woke up every single morning and it was time to begin his day. He felt lucky to have the life that he had and the first thing he did was turn his head and he saw his wife sleeping right next to him. She was by far the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen and he still couldn't believe that they were married.

Tucker waited a few minutes before Jessica began to stir and no sooner had she begun to wake up he watched his wife grow from an impressive eight plus feet up to a hundred and fifty feet in height. He could see every tone of her muscles and the sheer size of her breasts would make any man go crazy for a few moments. He saw as she moved her hair away from her face and after one of the biggest yawns that the universe had ever seen she looked down at her husband.

"W-What time is it?" asked Jessica as she was still coming to. Like Tucker before her she began to stretch herself except in her case it was much further.

"Time for you to be getting up and going to work," replied Tucker who seemed tiny in comparison to his giant wife.

"Ah can't I sleep for a little longer? You know what I'm like if I don't get enough sleep." Her nightdress fitted her perfectly and it was one of the few articles of clothing that she had that changed size with her.

"Normally yes but you don't want to be late now do you?"

"I guess not." She knew that she wouldn't be going back to sleep but she wanted to push her luck. She did slowly climb out of the bed and she picked up Tucker as well. "Well since neither of us are going back to sleep I guess we better get up." She smiled at him and this always made him feel happier.

"I was going to get some more shut eye but you've convinced me."

Tucker could feel the softness of Jessica's hand and it was a sensation that he always liked. He could feel her warmth and he knew that he had met his soulmate when he was with her. For Jessica the feeling was mutual and although they came from different worlds their pairing seemed to be fate. Neither of them had regretted getting together and they were just living happily with one another.

As Tucker and Jessica approached their bathroom in the room opposite their daughter Dawn was still sleeping. She was having a pleasant dream but this was interrupted when she heard a loud chirping sound. This was from her pet dinosaur like lizard named Lucky who had been sleeping in his own little spot on small set of drawers by her bed. He knew that it was morning and it was time for his mother to wake up. He continued to chirp loudly and eventually he saw her beginning to wake up.

Lucky's excitement only increased as he watched her wake up. Unlike her own mother Dawn didn't shrink when she went to sleep and thus retained her normal size. She was also around fifty feet taller than her mother although she didn't have her breasts or her muscles. Her figure seemed to be very stretched and she was the tallest person in Home's history and she was still growing.

Dawn sat up in her bed and she looked over to Lucky. He was still chirping loudly but soon her giant finger came down and touched his head. He enjoyed this more than anyone could describe and she looked over to him. By now he had stopped chirping and he wagged his tail in excitement.

"Ok I'm up," said Dawn who wasn't fully awake. "You can stop with the alarm." She heard him chirping at her a little and it was obvious that he wanted some affection from her. She responded by picking him up and giving him a kiss. "If there's anything I can depend on it's you waking me up when it's time to get up. Why waste my money on an alarm when I have you instead?"

After around a minute Dawn did eventually get out of bed and when she stood up to her full height her head was only a few feet from the ceiling. Her long white hair was in somewhat of a mess but it was something that a quick brush couldn't solve. Also the bed she had been lying in began to shrink in size. Within moments it had stopped and although it was still gigantic it wasn't large enough for someone of Dawn's stature.

After quickly brushing her hair she picked up Lucky and made her way out of her room. She needed to duck to get through her door and then she made it into the bathroom. There she washed her face thoroughly and also washed the face of Lucky. He didn't particularly like being washed but this was much better than having a bath. She also helped him brush his teeth because unlike her and just like her father his teeth wouldn't regrow if he lost them. Even though it would be difficult for Dawn to brush the teeth of such a small creature she was so used to it that she found it easy. She also took great care in not to accidentally injure him.

When everything was done Dawn returned to her room and she went to one of her drawers. She took out an outfit that to her looked like something that should be on a doll rather than her. However she began to concentrate and the outfit began to grow, within seconds it was large enough for her to wear. She took off her pyjamas and put on the outfit that was made up of a blue sweatshirt along with a pair of jeans and she even picked out her favourite pair of sneakers.

After that Dawn made her room up before taking herself and Lucky into the kitchen where she already saw her parents preparing breakfast. She could see that her mother was wearing her yellow and blue jumpsuit with matching boots. Her hair was also in a ponytail and it was obvious to her that her mother was ready for work. Her father was wearing a tracksuit that he was comfortable in wearing.

They both saw their towering daughter enter the kitchen and they both said hello to her. Within minutes each of them were sitting down at the table and eating their breakfast. The gigantic table was for the two ladies of the house while Tucker sat at his own table on the much larger one. Lucky was also on the table and he was eating his breakfast out of a bowl which had his name written on it.

Dawn was easily eating twice what her mother was eating but this wasn't too much of a surprise considering how fast she was growing. However Dawn's need for extra calories wasn't a problem for the family budget thanks to the fact that she could increase the size of her food. It mean that she could eat a feast with nothing more than a crumb. It was a talent that her mother didn't have and it also made the two hundred foot tall girl that little bit more unique.

"So what are you going to do today?" asked Jessica as she looked down at her normal size husband. She had work and Dawn had to go to school today so she was just curious to what he was doing.

"Well I might do some more paperwork before taking Lucky here for a walk," replied Tucker. He saw Lucky's head lift up from his bowl after he heard his name mentioned. He then began to chirp in excitement.

"That sounds nice, just don't push yourself too much." When she spoke like this he knew exactly what she meant and he knew that Dawn would most likely be disgusted by the meaning.

"Ok Honey." Before he could say another word he felt Jessica's warm lips touch his head as she gave him a small kiss. It was small for her but to him it was big but then again everything that she did was big.

"And if you go out you wouldn't mind just picking up some plant seeds for me. I thought that the place could do with brightening up and a few trees would do."

"Any that you want in particular?"

"I'll leave that entirely to you." She then looked over to Dawn who was still eating away. "And Dawn you've done all your homework for today?" Dawn didn't say a word and just nodded at her mother. "Good because we can't let you get behind on your studies." She knew how important Dawn's grades were and how much she struggled to keep them to an acceptable level.

The breakfast lasted for several more minutes before everyone had eaten their fill. Jessica and Dawn worked together to clean up which only took the mother and daughter team a few minutes to complete. Tucker and Lucky remained on the table as they watched the women at work. Tucker would have liked to have helped but he knew that he was too small to help them, he didn't try to let it get to him.

When it was all done he felt Jessica wrap her fingers around him and pick him up. This was something that he was used to and he felt himself get gently pressed against her lips. This lasted for a few moments before Jessica broke off the kiss and she rested Tucker in the palm of her hand.

"I'll see you later Tucker," said Jessica. "I'm on a long day today so I'll be back later than normal."

"Ok Honey," replied Tucker and she gave him another small kiss before placing him down on the ground again.

Dawn also picked up Lucky and gave him a kiss as well. He loved it when she showed him affection which seemed to happen practically all the time when they were together. If he misbehaved then she wouldn't show him any affection so that she could teach him a lesson. To him she was everything and without her he didn't know how the universe could even exist.

"Bye Lucky," said Dawn after a gentle hug. "You be good for grandad ok." Lucky chirped in agreement as he looked at his gigantic mother. She then placed him down next to her father and she waved at them both. "I'll see you later as well daddy."

"Goodbye Princess," replied Tucker as he waved at his gigantic daughter. He still couldn't get over how big she was, even compared to her mother she still seemed to be gigantic but he wouldn't change anything about her.

With that both giantesses made their way out of the house. Jessica was on her way to Park Incorporated in order to perform another full day of work. She had much to do that day and she thought that she might be somewhat tired when she returned. However she knew how her work benefited many and to her it made it worthwhile.

For Dawn going to school seemed like a chore for her that she had to endure every single day. She never felt that she fitted in with her peers but that was probably because they only reached her ankles. She did like seeing Graham at school and to her he made the entire experience bearable.

With Tucker now alone in the house with Lucky he went to do some work of his own. Lucky on the other hand sat not far from the door as he hoped that Dawn would return sooner than usual. He did have a few activity areas around the home that he would use to occupy himself when Dawn wasn't around.

After several minutes of waiting Lucky did go to one of these activity areas and the first thing that he saw was a mirror. When he first saw his reflection he thought that it was another of his species and he began to chirp quite aggressively. He thought that this other lizard wanted his mother and he wouldn't let that happen.

It took Lucky a couple of minutes to realise that it was looking at his own reflection in the mirror. He looked at himself for a few more minutes before moving on to some ledges that he could jump on to. He could jump surprisingly high for a creature of his size and these ledges did help him stay in shape. He would continually jump up them and then jump down in quick succession.

Lucky was so full of energy that it was almost impossible for any normal person to keep up with him. These activity areas helped to reduce the energy within him but quite a lot of the time it wasn't all that successful.

There was one particular part of the activity area that Lucky did enjoy, there was a button that he would press with his snout. Whenever he did this a small treat would be released and he would eat it up quickly. It was very tasty for him and sometimes he would press the button five or six times just to have enough. The button was large and red which was clear to be seen by him.

Over the next couple of hours Tucker continued on with the paperwork. However rather than actually writing anything down on paper he had to type things down on a screen. He was having to go through several things like how much money was coming in through Jessica's job and the times that he would help out Park Incorporated. He would then have to work out how much was coming out with the bare essentials and some other extras that the family would have.

One thing that he knew was that Jessica wanted to buy herself some more clothes and he just had to make sure that there was enough money for her to do this. One thing that she wasn't very good at was managing her money but since Tucker began to look after it everything had gone smoothly for the family. He would sometimes wonder how she ever kept hold of her money before they had gotten married.

Eventually Tucker felt something nudging against his side. He ignored it at first but when it continued he finally looked and he could see that it was Lucky gently jabbing his snout into his side. He looked at Lucky and stroked him on the head, he had always wanted a dog when he was on Earth but Lucky seemed to be a good substitute.

"Ok Lucky what is it?" asked Tucker. As expected all he got out of Lucky was some joyful chirps. This lasted for a few moments before Tucker felt that he should intervene. "What's that boy? You wanna go for your walk?" He knew that wasn't what Lucky was saying but he just wanted to have a laugh. "Ok let's go."

Lucky continued to chirp in excitement. For Tucker it would be nice for them both to get out and have some fresh air. It would also get them out of the home for a while, Tucker did hope that he would get to speak to some of the people he had gotten friendly with. He even discovered that he would have more women would talk to him. He wouldn't leave Jessica of course but it did make him feel younger. He didn't want any more reminders that he was approaching his mid-fifties.

Within minutes Lucky went running out the door with Tucker following behind. Both were used to having a giant woman carry them out of the house but this time they were walking out. Lucky was wearing his collar that he had for Christmas while Tucker carried something that he considered to be like a leash. As long as he had it Lucky couldn't run a certain distance away from him. An invisible force would pull the lizard back towards him if he ran too far.

It seemed like this wouldn't be needed as Lucky seemed to be staying right on the edge of the devices range. He was following his nose more than anything else, his nose was more sensitive than Tucker or even Jessica could imagine. For his species it helped them make the distinction between which fruits were poisonous and which ones were safe. For Lucky he would use his smell to track down delicious food and to find Dawn when he was trying to find her. His nose also helped his species detect predators but since he didn't live in the wild it didn't seem to be needed.

At that moment in time he could faintly smell her as she was at school. However she was miles away and although he wanted to be with her he knew that she would be angry if he tried to meet her up at school. Instead he wanted to make his way to a nearby park in order to eat some of the fruit that might have fallen on the ground.

For Tucker he was just enjoying the fact that it was a nice and sunny day. Things were going his way at that moment in time and he felt happier. A few people waved at him when he went by and he simply waved back at them. He did keep an eye on Lucky just in case he got himself into trouble. He knew that Lucky's curiosity sometimes got the better of him and he didn't want the small lizard to hurt himself.

After around half an hour Tucker was beginning to feel tired and he sat himself down on a bench. His age was getting the better of him and he just watched as Lucky ran in almost every direction possible. He couldn't believe how a creature as small as Lucky had so much energy.

Lucky's nose had caught something of interest. It was an odd smell that seemed somewhat familiar to him. He was trying to track it as best as he could but he was having some difficulty. At one point he thought that he had a decent lock on the smell but he felt himself get pulled back towards Tucker. It was then that he realised that he needed Tucker to get closer to the smell. Quickly he went to where Tucker was sitting and began to chirp and click his tongue at him. This was a clear indication that he wanted to move on but it seemed that Tucker wasn't ready yet.

"Can it wait Lucky?" asked Tucker. "I'm still trying to catch my breath." He did stroke the lizard on the head and although he enjoyed it he still wanted to move on so that he could track down the smell. "Alright just give me a minute."

Slowly Tucker rose back to his feet and as soon as he began to walk Lucky ran in the direction of where he could detect the smell. His pace was somewhat quick and Tucker was struggling to keep up. Eventually Lucky found what he was looking for, it was a particularly tasty fruit that was growing in one of the nearby trees. It was a large purple fruit that was very succulent and was amongst one of Lucky's favourites.

One problem was the fact that it was at the very top of the tree but it didn't seem to be a problem for Lucky. Without even thinking about it he began to climb up the tree in order to reach the fruit. Tucker wasn't fast enough to get there in time to stop him. He did shout for Lucky to get down but it seemed that the lizard's need to get to the fruit outweighed whatever Tucker was saying.

Tucker was powerless but to watch as Lucky climbed higher and higher into the tree. It was a fairly tall tree but Lucky didn't care, all he cared about was reaching the fruit and after a few minutes of climbing he did reach his goal. The fruit was within his grasp and he didn't hesitate in taking a bite out of it. His taste buds instantly felt the benefit and he continued to chomp away at the fruit. To him all of this had been well worth the effort and eventually he did finish the fruit.

It was only then that Lucky realised just how high up he was. Normally this wouldn't be that much of a problem for him but this time he didn't have Dawn or Jessica around to help him. He felt that he couldn't get down the same way that he had gotten up. His fear of falling was too great and he began chirp loudly in panic. This was clearly heard by Tucker who was still standing at the bottom of the tree.

"Lucky!" shouted Tucker but he knew that simply shouting at the lizard wasn't going to bring him back down.

In Tucker's youth he had been quite well known for climbing trees but that was almost four decades ago and he hadn't climbed a tree since. However he thought that he still had the skill to do so. Plus there was also the fact that he was used to climbing up Jessica's various body parts so he thought a simple tree wouldn't be that much of a challenge.

Slowly Tucker did begin to climb the tree and at first he was making some progress. It made him remember when he was a child back in England and how much he used to enjoy climbing trees. However he did focus on the task at hand as he could still hear Lucky calling out for help.

As Tucker climbed higher he couldn't help but wonder if anyone was watching, seeing a child climbing a tree was within the norm but a fully grown adult was another matter entirely. He hoped that he didn't fall because he would likely injure himself and Lucky would remain up in the tree. It seemed like the small lizard had caused him even more trouble than he would have liked.

Tucker could feel the years rolling back and he felt like a kid once again. He could still hear Lucky's calls and he continued to climb higher and higher. The tree seemed to be taller than he had originally thought but he didn't let that bother him as he just kept climbing, he wasn't far away from regaining one of the most important things in his giant size daughter's life. If anything happened to Lucky he knew just how much Dawn would be upset.

After a couple of minutes Tucker eventually reached up to where Lucky had gotten himself stuck. The small lizard looked at Tucker and chirped away somewhat sadly, he was glad to see him but he was still scared. He was beginning to think that the fruit hadn't been worth all of this effort.

"Don't be upset Lucky," said Tucker. He knew that Lucky would still be scared and he had seen how Dawn would comfort him when he was like this. "I'm gonna get you down from here and then we can go home."

Tucker went to reach Lucky but suddenly he heard the branch that he was standing on beginning to snap. Before he could properly decide what to do the branch completely snapped and he began to fall. Instead of falling all the way to the ground instead he only fell a few feet before his leg got caught in a branch and he felt himself hanging upside down. This was somewhat a relief for him but now he had the same problem as Lucky. He too was stuck as he couldn't free his leg, even if he did he would then fall from the tree and risk serious injury or worse.

He could still hear Lucky calling out for help, however Tucker was more concerned about himself rather than Lucky. He was trying to think of a way out of his predicament but in the end there was only one thing that he could do. Like Lucky he began calling out for help and he hoped that he would be rescued soon.

Rather than feeling any kind of injuries Tucker instead felt embarrassed about the entire thing and he really hoped that Jessica or Dawn didn't find out about this, he had tried to show them that he was independent but this scenario wasn't helping his case. It seemed like all he could do was hang around and wait.

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