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Story Notes:

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Author's Chapter Notes:

A prologue of indeterminate drama and strangeness has been added.





Monsters were after her. Three of these monsters were over twenty feet in length and they worked in perfect cooperation. Wherever they went, wherever they explored hungrily they had in tow with them a smaller monster. Perhaps this one was not fully mature? She was a mere fifteen feet in length and only four feet in diameter, slender and timid compared to her three sisters who were easily five feet around. The smaller sister often helped from behind, often supported the other three's attack.




Of the four monsters there was a definite leader, much more graceful than her other three sisters. She was often the first to confront the girl, often leading the charge against her and spurring the chase of the other three. The girl knew this one intimately. This was the explorer, the accuser, always the first to attempt a task, and always the companion, or the minion of the huge enforcer. This one would circle her, mocking the girl's weakness and slowness. This one liked to pounce on her, liked to let her feel it's immense weight, liked to toy with her in terrible ways, sometimes in savage ways.




But there were not just four monsters. There was another one, much more terrible than the other four. It was marginally longer than the runt of the pack, but it was frighteningly stout and muscular, at least seven feet in diameter. This was the enforcer, cooperating perfectly with the other four. This one made the girl feel even more tiny and insignificant than the other ones ever could. Of the five monsters this one was by far the most intimidating. If the girl had truly angered the mistress of these five monsters, the stout enforcer would come alone and it would dominate her entirely, almost crushing her beneath it's unstoppable bulk. The leader of the four would often work in tandem with the mighty enforcer, they complemented each other, and their complex dance of cooperation was perfect. The leader was grace and her huge companion was the muscle of the pack of five. These two monsters working together were more effective than the other three combined, easily.




The sad girl knew well enough to steer clear of this tag-team duo of grace and might. But, she could never get away. She was always confined to the ground, whatever that happened to be whenever the chase was afoot. She couldn't fly, couldn't glide gracefully like the pack of monsters could. It was never a fair hunt.




They were the strangest of monsters. Proud, beautiful beasts who were groomed to perfection. Despite their unstoppable nature they were intentionally kept soft. Not in a way that the sad, outnumbered girl could ever really appreciate, not to her. But for their kind, these monstrosities were quite silky, well-groomed, elegant even. Monstrosities fit for a mythic beauty pageant among their own awful kind. Show monsters, primped and coddled, arrogantly spoiled.




They could fly. They were also completely blind. They were commanded by what always resided in the sky overhead, obeying the silent signals which were lightning quick and efficient. Their route was always overseen, their course always instantly plotted. The sad, slow girl had no chance at all, save to hide from what commanded the colossal, blind monsters from on high.




The girl didn't like to look upon the monsters. She always wanted to turn away when they were near. She didn't like to be reminded of what had happened, of that day when she became their cherished toy, their favorite prey. The monsters reminded her of absolute might, and of her own incredible frailty. Beyond all of that, the monsters were just wrong. They shouldn't exist, not like this, not so frightening. They should be like kittens, like beautiful candy, or like flowers. They should be lovely, perhaps trivial things that were beautiful for beauty's sake. They should be wholesome, perhaps innocent, maybe even unremarkable. Not monsters. Not a pack of fearless hunters. Not invincible oppressors.




They had her trapped and then they pounced. The girl had the wind driven from her lungs and she fell to the ground as they gloated around her triumphantly. They pressed against her harshly and immobilized her as she wept. The other pack of five, the sister pack of this one caught her scent and they arrived, twins which glided down out of the sky to circle her almost hungrily. They brought with them things to shame her, things to mock her defeat.




The girl sobbed as the twin packs of monsters got to work, readying her for the stripping of what was left of her well-hidden dignity. The monsters took her remaining dignity from her slowly, as they scared her deeply. Their blind, beautifully armored heads kept her still as the mockeries were attached to her back with slow precision, guided by the terrible force in the sky. The girl was released from their bruising, brutal ministrations. They mocked her silently as she lay sobbing, the delicate satires crinkled loudly as she rolled over to her back.




The girl wanted nothing more than to go home, where she belonged, where such monsters were sane and had a laughably mundane context. But the girl couldn't find the impossible route, she didn't know the way to the magical mirror, that merciful portal, or the arcane elixir that could restore her and drive off such monsters and their mistress. She was utterly lost. Vanquished completely and for all time. Peace with the terrible thing in the sky which guided and kept the monsters in check, on course and beautiful could not be had. After all, the poor girl had nothing at all to offer in a bargain. Demons were shrewd in every detail. That was why they were demons, after all.








The beautiful, naked girl was on her hands and knees. Her face was incredibly sad, her large dark eyes had a terrible haunted look to them. Her dark hair was messy and she shifted, wincing as the flower's pollen stuck to her knees and shins. The pair of gossamer dragonfly wings shifted and drooped as she tried to steady herself on the subtly wobbling flower head.




The sound file, a stylized click of a camera sounded again and again, causing the girl to tighten each time the overly loud and unpredictable burst of sound would erupt.




"Linda, please!" She whined, she knew she couldn't be heard so she reached out a tiny arm towards her photographer.




"Please, Linda, this is scaring me!"




The response was also a feminine voice, but it was so loud, so powerful and deeply driven that the naked mock-fairy could feel the sound waves tickle and buzz in her skin. The word's impacts reminded her that her tiny eyes were made of delicate jelly, they itched in her sockets as her smiling photographer cooed thunderously.




"Oh, Jesse! You look so pretty! You are such a pretty girl, aren't you? Come on, just a few more! Come on! Look sexy for me!”




The little troubled face glowered angrily and she was once again assaulted by the obnoxiously blaring cartoony shutter noise.




"That's wonderful! Smile for me, pretty please? Aww. Are you tired? I guess we could be done here, if you want. Here, let me pick you up. I'll let you rest in your toy box."




An alarmingly massive female hand hovered beyond the flower head. The colossal index finger and thumb readied to pinch Jesse up. They were beautiful fingers, the long natural nails were painted a light lavender. The skin and cuticles were flawless, well nourished, well-maintained. Tiny Jesse sitting in this hand would make a nicely artistic cover for a magazine or a catalog aimed at the fashionable fifteen to thirty-five year old female demographic. A piece of whimsical photo manipulation art to prepare the clientele for the upscale, new-age-y hygiene products and clothes within. Or perhaps the cover for a modestly raunchy fantasy novel drop-kicked into pop culture's cowardly fickle and watery eye.




Terror filled Jesse's large, beautiful eyes suddenly. She knew what Linda was alluding to with the term "toy box". The bile rose in her throat and she shuddered with nausea. For Jesse that pet name was a terrible place. Her helpless body delicately tucked up underneath one of the beautiful demon's long, healthy toenails which adorned her plump, dense big toes. A bit of abandoned human lint, a shred of cotton tamped into a drafty crack.




For Jesse's boyfriend, Steve, the term "toy box" meant something entirely different and much worse. Jesse was never covered in a foul smelling ooze when the demoness would retrieve her like Steve always was. Jesse was only fraught by sticky, slightly smelly horror afterward. Steve would almost die… inside... of the titaness each time. Steve seemed to permanently lose something after each play session with Linda. Linda was a morbidly unique kind of monster. She would sometimes torment poor broken Jesse by using her to "clean" those two terrible places, even though Jesse knew that Linda maintained all of herself scrupulously clean. Jesse had watched Linda prepare for her day many times. Jesse had never seen someone use a nail brush and soap to scrub beneath toenails like that. She knew that Linda did it exclusively for her playthings. The scary blonde woman had a strange fixation with demeaning them under there. The titaness had many unusual predilections, it seemed that all of them required tiny living dolls.




Jesse adamantly shook her head no as the fingertips surrounded her. The beautiful, soft skyscraper smiled and shook her head with a pout as her eyes grew large and sad.




"No? You're not done yet? Well, let me get the camera ready again and then you give me some big smiles, okay? We are almost done! You are really going to like these, Jesse! Those wings look perfect on you!"




Jesse watched as the chocolate colored DSLR camera floated up level with her. She twisted her tiny hips as she knelt there and managed to smile warmly while the stupid electronic belches hurt her tiny ears.




"Oh, you are just so beautiful, Jesse. Really. It's so hard for me to see that tiny face most of the time. I forget sometimes that you are so much more than just a tiny, squirming pink thing. I'm really going to have to buy something to help me see you better. Maybe a little electronic field microscope, or another camera! Something I can hook up to one of the televisions? I'll have to go hunting online. But, you look so sad. Jesse! You have fairy wings! Come on! Give me another big smile!"




Something touched her. Before she could react something was crawling onto Jesse's leg. She twisted violently and caught a glimpse for a moment. White and glistening, pulpy and segmented. Jesse shrieked, her tiny cries were immediately grating, piercing falsettos. The flower head began to sway under her violent motions, almost tossing her to the kitchen table. Jesse dug her tiny fingers into the hairy hemisphere as she hung on against the dangerous motion and kicked her legs.




"Shit! Jesse!"




Linda dropped the camera noisily onto the kitchen table and the fingers of her left hand parted as they swept underneath the flower head, capturing the stem against the webbing of her middle finger and ring finger.




"Hold on! Shit!"




It was on her back now. She was crawling frantically across the flower's sticky center and screaming. Linda's enormous fingertips fumbled and Jesse's slender torso was momentarily caught in between the curved, lavender pinch of the huge nails.




"Jesse, please! Hold still, goddammit!"




The thick thumb of the hand which held the flower head folded tightly down over Jesse. Linda's face swept in and the broad tip of the long thumbnail gently pinned one of Jesse's flailing arms and her tiny head harshly into the flower's hairy sex. Jesse screamed despondently, gossamer strands of drool spilled from her agonized mouth.




"Just hold still, Jesse! I can get it if you just…"




Broad monstrous nail tips bruised her as they pinched at it. Jesse cried out in pain. Then Linda had it as the creature tried to take shelter in Jesse's hair. Jesse's head was pried back as the colossal fingertips pulled away. Jesse screamed as some of her hair was pulled out by the pinched nails. A large drop of golden nectar squeezed out of the end of the tiny ugly creature as Linda lifted it away. The enormous thumb arched upwards and Jesse scrambled, tumbling off of the flower head and into Linda's enormous palm.




Linda held it to her eyes.




"I think it's an aphid! Yup. That's an aphid."




The flower head slid away from between the fingers and Linda thundered over to the kitchen sink. She flicked the tiny bug into the drain and rinsed off her fingers before drying them on a hanging towel. Linda brought the tiny girl up to her eyes. Jesse was curled in a ball and hysterically crying.




"Shhh. It's okay now. I got it."




Linda touched her with a fingertip and Jesse cried out before lunging away from her across the palm.




"Shhh. I've got you, Jesse. You're safe!"




Linda gently gathered her in between her fingers and raised the tiny girl closer to her. Jesse's little face was red and wet. She was clinging tightly to the pad of Linda's thumb tip. Linda softly pet her with a finger and the little thing pushed up against the underside of her thumbnail, trying to not be touched.




Linda gently pried loose the tiny wings from the sobbing form. She smiled sadly at her and the two women stared at each other for a time. Finally, Jesse raised her head and shouted something at the blue eyes. She repeated it, growing shrill, her voice cracking. Linda brought her to her ear and listened as she raggedly repeated it.




"I don't want to be tiny! I don't want to be tiny! Please, I'm sorry for what I did! I-"




"But you are tiny, Jesse. It can't be reversed. You should be thankful that I managed to get that off of you. You should be thankful that it wasn't a spider!"




Linda softly put her into an enormous hand.




"I know this is difficult for you, Jesse. But, look on the bright side, I'm very careful with my toys, aren't I? We get to have so much fun together and you never get hurt, you never really suffer. Because I'm careful. Because I love you."




Jesse flopped over and curled up. Linda watched her for quite a while, watched the little back tremble as she sobbed. For a while Linda felt her sadness along with her. It was really a horrible fate, who in their right mind would want to be an inch tall? But that caused Linda to smile. There was someone who had wanted it, in this very house. But moreover, he had asked to be tiny, he had begged over and over again to be reduced to a trembling, powerless trinket. But the best part, the best part was that he had wanted Linda to have him. He had wanted so badly to be a toy for his own mother.




Linda softly touched Jesse.




"You have had quite a scare today, Jesse. Maybe I shouldn't put you in your toy box. You were a good girl, after all. I think you deserve some time to yourself, don't you? Oh my, I almost forgot about that nasty pollen. Let's go get that taken care of and then you can give me a kiss. Don't you want to thank you rescuer? You should be polite, Jesse. You should always be polite. Ladylike. Fairies aren't mean and ungrateful, are they? They're gracious and cheerful, even if they're tiny. You are just too beautiful to act like a little savage."







Chapter End Notes:

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