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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone.


I wanted to start off by saying I had no plans to make this happen so soon. I had planned on waiting until Momster was finished but the ideas for this one just kept coming and I couldn't wait any longer. Fear not, Momster will not be abandoned. I have already written the next chapter for it and am just making some final touches to it before I release it. Expect it very soon. Other than that, welcome back and please enjoy

The black truck pulled up into the driveway. As the door swung open, Liz stepped out and onto the hot concrete. Her black shoes trailing up equally black pants to a long sleeved, white collared shirt. "Oh good lord. Freaking 11 and it's still hot as hell outside." She whined as she stepped across the darkened pavement to the door. She listened to the sound of the tumblers in the handle as she inserted the key.

Stepping inside, she turned to shut and lock the door behind her. Yawning, exhausted from her double-shift, she made her to the stairs, slowing down only to drop her apron on the coffee table in the entry way. Her room was equally dark. Reaching to her left she ran her hand up the wall, finally making contact with the plastic switch, flooding the room with light.

A quick scan of the room showed everything in order. A well made bed, organized desk, and vacuumed floor.

Liz smiled. "She did well."

She made her way to her bed, sitting down and leaning back, stretching as she did so. She sat there for a moment, glancing towards the door, shaking her head as the seconds ticked by.

Just as she felt herself about to get up, a small figure stepped through the doorway.

Liz rolled her eyes. "About time. I've been waiting for several minutes."

Norma looked up to her giantess daughter. "Apologies Goddess. Being so small made it difficult to get up the stairs. I had been in the living room when you came home."

"I don't want excuses. I expect you to do your job despite any size you might be. And 18" is more than enough to get up the stairs quickly."

Norma bowed as she stepped in front of Liz's firmly planted feet. "Of course Goddess. It won't happen again." She spoke as she began working on the large laces.

"See that it doesn't."

As Norma finished untying the knots and loosening the laces, Liz lifted her feet, using one foot to kick off the opposite foot's shoe and then repeated the process, lowering her black socked feet to the floor.

Norma was immediately hit by the smell of Liz's feet. The smell was overpowering, yet, intoxicating.

She fell to her knees and grabbed at the sock which sat just below her daughter's ankle. Tugging on it, the soaked fabric began to slip off. Making it over the heel was always the hardest part. Once it was there, the remainder was easy enough. She slid the first sock off, dropping it to the floor before continuing with the second. Once she had completed the task, two feet, nearly as tall as she was, stood in front of her. The soles wrinled as Liz flexed and stretched her toes. The scent of her large feet surrounding Norma. She stepped forward, placing her hands on the balls of the feet before her.

Liz sensed her tiny mother's desperation for her feet. She laughed, lifting her feet from the tiny woman's reach.

Norma looked up. "Please Goddess. I beg of you. Let me have them. I've been dreaming of them for almost 2 weeks."

"Is that a fact? And what have you done to make up for your little night with Britney?"

Norma looked down, ashamed. "Please Goddess. I was small, unable to stop her. And she paid the price."

"Yes, she did, but that doesn't mean that you have. And don't give me that crap about being too small to do anything. Britney never would have forced it if you had shown hesitation. You enjoyed it as much as she did. So what have you done to make it up to me?"

"Nothing Goddess. I've done nothing. But I will do whatever you say. I swear it."

Liz placed her feet on the ground. "Don't touch." She commanded as she sat back, contemplating what task she could give the small woman to make up for what she had done. Since that afternoon when Liz had force Britney to worship her feet they had barely spoken. She was left to guess what the cause was, because Britney had not been clear on why she was unable to hang out. The obvious would be that Liz had forced her to do something so demeaning. But the punishment fit the crime and Liz knew that Britney would see it that way. There was something deeper about it. Perhaps, Britney's awkwardness was caused not by her repulsion of the act, but because of her love of it.

Liz laughed to herself. "No way."

She sat back up, seeing her mother's eyes fixated on her feet. "You're pathetic you know that?"

Norma said nothing. She merely nodded.

Rolling her eyes, Liz leaned down, grabbing her mother by the waist and lifting her to her eyeline. "You can't have my feet. I'm still not happy about what you allowed to happen. But I do think it's time we started closing the gap some."

Norma's eyes widened with cheer. "Of course Goddess. Whatever you say."

Liz smiled. Her mother was truly adorable. Like a child being told they could have the christmas gift they always wanted. She placed her mother on the bed as she stood up. Slowly, she undressed herself as Norma looked on in awe.

Finally, she stood before the tiny woman void of any clothes. Norma was already naked as was Liz's rule for her pet. Grabbing the covers from under the pillows, Liz climbed into bed, Norma getting lifted up as she stood where Liz's thighs now sat. "Come up here." Liz cooed.

Norma shimmied up the blankets over the small formation of hills that were Liz's body. As she walked up the stomach, she felt large and powerful fingers take hold of the back of her head, pulling her closer and lower.

Knowing better than to fight back, Norma followed her daughter's lead, and fell to her knees and then to her stomach. Liz's loving hands had guided her mother to her exposed breasts.

Norma was face to face with her daughter's soft, plush nipple. "Take it in my pet. Worship me."

Her eyes closed as her lips made contact with the pink flesh. Opening, they wrapped around the nub as she began sucking. Liz's fingers never left her mother's head. She held her in a firm but loving embrace as Norma sucked at the nipple, pleading with it to give her something. The nipple never responded in kind.

But the sound of Liz's gentle moaning was music to Norma's ears. It was the first time in almost two weeks her mouth met Liz's body. After she came home from punishing Britney, Liz explained to Norma that there would be consequences despite her honesty. She was then shrunk to 18" where she had remained ever since.

Days of chores and slavery with no reward took their toll on the tiny woman. Liz had even taken up waiting tables at a nearby italian restaurant. This only caused further desperation in Norma who was now forced to endure the wonderful and overpowering scent of Liz's sweaty body and feet only to be denied access to it. It was torture to her, and Liz knew it.

She hungrily licked and sucked on the nipple, as if making out with a lover. "Oh I've missed you so much Goddess." She cried.

"I know you have my little pet. It's time to start mending the broken trust. You are mine."

"Oh yes my amazing and wonderful Goddess. All yours. Forever."

"Not to say you can't occasionally have fun with Britney."

This caught Norma off guard. She lifted away from the nipple. "But, you have been punishing me for what happened with Britney. Why would you allow anything to happen?"

Liz smiled. "Because, my little foot slave. It would be under my direct supervision. I am the Goddess. You are the slave. If you wish to enjoy the touch of someone else, it must be under my rule, and only when I allow it. Even though the only other person I would allow it with is Britney. You are being punished because you did it behind my back."

Norma nodded. "Yes Goddess."

"In fact, invite her over tomorrow while I'm at work. When she gets here, shrink her."

Norma looked up in shock. "Do what?"

"You heard me. Shrink her when she gets here. Make her no more than 3 inches tall. I want her spending the entire day under your rule. Do with her whatever you want. But make sure she is used. I won't come home to find out she spent the day without any torment."

"But, Liz, that's...kidnapping. It was one thing when Britney knew I chose to be small and knew that I would enjoy being at her feet. But to invite her over and just shrink her without her persmission. Honey, I think that might be going too far."

Liz pulled her mother's mouth back to her nipple. "Suck!" She ordered.

Norma did as commanded as Liz spoke softly.

"It will be fine. Worse case scenario we play it off like you just had to get back at her for her enjoying you at that size. When I get home I'll grow her back and take her home. Now get under the covers. You're going to go further down to continue sucking."

Liz leaned back, sighing deeply as the tiny mouth of her slave mother found its way between her legs. Only minutes passed before climax. A tiny Norma, face now soaked, climbed up her daughter's body followed by a roar of laughter from Liz before being bathed in the large teen's saliva, delivered by tongue. The two fell asleep, Norma between her daughter's breasts.

The following morning Liz jogged along the sidewalk. She came around the corner to see the bench where she had forced Britney into submission. This was a path less travelled by her as it went longer than her normal run. To her surprise, the woman that had come upon her and Britney sat on the bench, clearly out of breath. She had been running as well.

Their eyes met. The woman slowly stood up as Liz slowed from jogging to a slow walk, stopping only 10 feet from this 40 something year old.

Taking a deep breath, Liz looked the woman over. Dirty blonde hair that would fall beneath her shoulders if her ponytail didn't hold it in place. Blue eyes, far brighter than most blue eyes she had seen, possibly colored contacts. A fit body, showing very little wear and tear. The woman took care of herself. If she had children, there were no obvious signs of it. "Can I help you?"

The woman opened her mouth, then closed it again.

"Come on, say something."

"I uh...Uhm...I've been waiting here...fo...for you, that is."

"Yes, I can see that. I doubt you would choose this bench to hang out if you were just looking for a place to rest. What do you want?"

"Well.." The woman struggled. "I wanted to know what you were doing with that other girl."

Liz chuckled. "Seriously? Don't play dumb. You know exactly what was going on."

The woman gave a small smile. "No, I guess what I'm asking is why it was happening."

Liz cocked an eyebrow. "What does it matter to you?"

Despite such an obvious question that would be asked by anyone in Liz's position, the woman seemed uncertain how to answer.

Liz took a step forward. "What's your name?"

The woman was breathing heavily now. "Mary." She blurted out.

Another step closer. Well Mary, my name is Liz." Another step closer.

"I uh, I should go." Mary said, turning on her heel.

Another step and Liz reached out, taking Mary by the arm. "I could really use your help Mary."

The small woman, which Liz could see stood no taller than 5'3" at the most, turned to look at the oversized girl. "My help?"

Liz nodded. "You see, I hurt my ankle just before I came around the corner. I'm terrible at rubbing it. Would you mind?"

Mary gasped slightly. "Well, I suppose it would be the right thing to do."

Liz smiled. "Oh you are such a doll." She couldn't believe it. Not one, not two, but three women had shown more than common interest in her feet. This woman was desperate to show her attention and she knew nothing of her other than that quick moment a few weeks ago and the past two minutes she had just shared with her. "I must really leave a strong impression." She thought to herself.

Sitting on the bench, Mary sat on the opposite end. "Can you uhm, lift your foot up to me?"

Liz nodded, placing her foot on the woman's lap. Mary grabbed hold of Liz's ankle, slowly rubbing it.

"You know." Liz began. "If you want better access you can take off my shoe."

Mary looked up. "Really!?" Immediately she lowered her head, unable to believe how she had responded. "I mean, do you uh, think that it would be okay to do that without hurting you?"

"It will be fine."

Both Mary and Liz knew what was happening here. This woman wasn't stupid enough to believe a word coming out of Liz's mouth. But what she had witnessed two weeks ago had proven incredibly difficult to forget. She unlaced the shoe, sliding it off of the foot of the young amazon. Mary gulped. Her heart raced. She took hold of the sock at the ankle and began pulling at it. She felt her face flush with blood as the sock slipped over the heel. It slid further up, exposing a large and perfectly wrinkled sole. Her mouth watered. Images of the young Hawaiian girl at these feet flooded her mind.

Just as the sock was about to clear the toes, the foot pulled away, snapping Mary out of her trance. "You know what, my ankle is feeling fine acually." Liz said conidentally as she pulled the sock back on.

Slipping her foot back into her shoe, she began re-tying the knot as Mary sat awkwardly. "But."

Liz stood up over the smaller woman. "I'm sure you have a lot on your mind. You don't need to be bothered by some random teen jogging along the path."

Mary stood up as well. "It's no trouble. Really, you shouldn't be on an injured ankle."

"Don't worry. I'll get ice on it as soon as I get home. I promise."

As Liz turned to jog away Mary jumped in front of her. "I can't in good conscience let you go with a hurt ankle. My house is just around the corner. At least let me give you a ride home."

Liz smiled warmly. "That's sweet of you Mary. But I'm not too far from here. But I'll tell you what." She said as she took hold of Mary's arm, disconnecting the band that held her phone before slipping the electronic from it's plastic and mesh prison. Pressing the home button, the screen came to life. Mary remained silent, not certain how to handle this further.

A few taps later and Liz handed the phone back to Mary. "That's my address. If you're really worried about my health so much, come check up on me sometime."

With that, Liz jogged off, leaving Mary staring at the lit up screen. She read and re-read the number and street name in her head until she had it etched into memory. Turning the phone off, she walked home, unable to find the energy to jog.

Walking into her house she placed her phone on the counter, she grabbed a glass from the cabinet, filling it with water from the fridge.

"Hey honey."

Mary turned to see her husband, Tom, entering the kitchen. "Already back from your jog?"

"Oh yeah. I uh, got an early start this morning." She lied.

"Glad to hear it."

The well dressed man made his way around the kitchen, quickly tossing a bagel in the toaster, filling his coffee mug, and spreading some cream cheese on the newly browned half of bagel.

Mary came up behind him, wrapping her arms around his stomach. Her hand trailed down, coming to a rest over his crotch.

Tom smiled. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to remind you that you have a wife." She teased, scrathing her nails against the fabric of his pants, desperately searching for an erection.

"Thanks babe, but I have to go. And you're getting sweat on my suit." He complained as he turned, giving her a quick peck on the lips before making his way to the garage.

Mary followed her husband into the dark garage which began filling with light as the door lifted. "Come on sweetie. It's been almost two months. I need this."

Tom sighed. "Look, you know I'm under a lot of pressure with this new project. I just can't get distracted right now. We will find time for this soon, okay?"

Mary sighed. "That's what you said about having a family." She whispered as the Ferrari came to life. "Be back tonight. Don't wait up." He called out as the car backed out and sped away.

She walked back into the house, stopping at the kitchen counter. Her eyes moved down towards the phone. "Is this what I've become? That I'm so starved for sex that I'll turn to a female? And a young one at that. Good lord! It's not even like I would have necessarily gotten anything out of it."

Mary's mind spun. She was desperate for someone else's touch. So much so that the thought of licking another woman's feet seemed like the sweetest of fruits. She was truly desperate. Grabbing her phone, she headed upstairs to her room to take a shower. Her mind made up. "I have to go."

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