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A mother shrinks her son and enjoys playing with him.

Additional tags: fingers and even more fingers

Order of stories in this arc: Tiny Dancer, Linda's Three Inches, Housesitting with Bethany. Keepsake can be read at any point, but it isn't that good of a story and isn't required.

I realize this is a huge story that takes too long to read, so my additions over the latter part of 2018 were intentionally to the first chapter to make it as interesting as possible.

Jan 06, 2019, CH1: mnor tweaks

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Shrink: Micro (1 in. to 1/2 in.)
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Word count: 94054 Read: 84840
Published: August 15 2016 Updated: October 05 2016
Story Notes:

This is directly inspired by Black Jack's story “Mom and the Loving Visit”. This has the same basic bones as his story, but I have added detail and a bit more motivation, So, this is essentially “Mom and the Loving Visit” Cruelty and Psychosis Edition.


Black Jack's original story (available via a search on Giantesscity) ends quite short and unfinished. Mine continues way too long and overstays it's welcome.

I have revised it immensely and I've added the insertion tag.

My original story has been removed, supplanted by the Special Edition version which is much more impactful. Unfortunately doing this deleted all my reviews, rest assured, there were good reviews... by very few people. I am grateful nonetheless!

I warn potential readers: This is intentionally VERY detailed, to the point of perhaps monotony for some. The stories in this series are intentionally done this way as study for my own offline and serious projects and as a lasting mark that I was here at all in the size-fetish community once I am long gone.


I was inspired by the above story and Goddess Grazi's amazing sexiness. We've all got individualized tastes, yes? I've got to write about what interests me. Please do the same! I hope some of you will enjoy it.

1. Tiny Dancer:Special Edition Part 1 by V11 [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (44629 words)


I know that there is no way that the read counter could be accurate. Still, it makes me feel some amount of prideful accomplishment that I have at least one view per word of this story, so sayeth the counter of truth. I have went through and tweaked this story a bit, and I tried to change my paragraph formatting.

The special effects, especially the CGI has been enhanced in this special edition. Instead of Linda being a four hundred ten foot tall rubber covered, nuclear powered automaton, we have reshot those scenes using a charming blonde amateur actress. Green screen was utilized and I believe that the actress, really an executive secretary for a shall-not-be-named Wisconsin sausage company, did an excellent job with her lines and putting up with Hans and Gertrude, our pedicurist and manicurist throughout production.

I would love to see artwork portraying any scene or scenes from this story. I suppose I shall have to be content that I wrote it at all. Still, it would be a cool and pleasant surprise. I would love to put a readable version in front of SmushedBoy and see his reaction. Maybe someday I'll commission JamesMason0 or Flagg or someone. Or do it myself, I am not helpless, just touched in the head.



I may continue to tweak this 4 part Special Edition if anything else seems nice to add. Thank you for your readership!

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