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Story Notes:

This is directly inspired by Black Jack's story “Mom and the Loving Visit”. This has the same basic bones as his story, but I have added detail and a bit more motivation, So, this is essentially “Mom and the Loving Visit” Cruelty and Psychosis Edition.


Black Jack's original story (available via a search on Giantesscity) ends quite short and unfinished. Mine continues way too long and overstays it's welcome.

I have revised it immensely and I've added the insertion tag.

My original story has been removed, supplanted by the Special Edition version which is much more impactful. Unfortunately doing this deleted all my reviews, rest assured, there were good reviews... by very few people. I am grateful nonetheless!

I warn potential readers: This is intentionally VERY detailed, to the point of perhaps monotony for some. The stories in this series are intentionally done this way as study for my own offline and serious projects and as a lasting mark that I was here at all in the size-fetish community once I am long gone.


I was inspired by the above story and Goddess Grazi's amazing sexiness. We've all got individualized tastes, yes? I've got to write about what interests me. Please do the same! I hope some of you will enjoy it.

Author's Chapter Notes:


I know that there is no way that the read counter could be accurate. Still, it makes me feel some amount of prideful accomplishment that I have at least one view per word of this story, so sayeth the counter of truth. I have went through and tweaked this story a bit, and I tried to change my paragraph formatting.

The special effects, especially the CGI has been enhanced in this special edition. Instead of Linda being a four hundred ten foot tall rubber covered, nuclear powered automaton, we have reshot those scenes using a charming blonde amateur actress. Green screen was utilized and I believe that the actress, really an executive secretary for a shall-not-be-named Wisconsin sausage company, did an excellent job with her lines and putting up with Hans and Gertrude, our pedicurist and manicurist throughout production.

I would love to see artwork portraying any scene or scenes from this story. I suppose I shall have to be content that I wrote it at all. Still, it would be a cool and pleasant surprise. I would love to put a readable version in front of SmushedBoy and see his reaction. Maybe someday I'll commission JamesMason0 or Flagg or someone. Or do it myself, I am not helpless, just touched in the head.



I may continue to tweak this 4 part Special Edition if anything else seems nice to add. Thank you for your readership!

Tiny Dancer


Coffee Table Hardbound Signed Free-Range Limited Edition

(with sprinkles)


Linda Johnson was so bored. It had only been two weeks since she had been bought out at the law firm. She knew that she should be getting on an airplane to visit some far off and exotic locale. She knew she should be celebrating the enormous windfall of money she had recently come into. She should at least be planning her next triumph, the next stage of her life. Linda should be doing all of these things, and more. She was finally single, six months out from the divorce. She should be dating. She should be shopping herself around. But, were any of these choices laid out before her what she truly wanted? So many possibilities, so much potential and so much time with which to carefully craft every decision and action.


Linda idly checked her favorite websites again. Perhaps someone had updated one of those embarrassingly straight-to-the-point erotic stories about tiny people being taken advantage of and worse, at the hands, feet, bodies and domineering minds of their normal sized or even gigantic, impossibly sized captors. Linda sighed, there were no recent additions and no completely new stories anywhere.


After lunch, Linda retrieved from her bedroom the sketchbook she had accidentally found in her son's things that were stored in the attic. She went into Mike's old bedroom and sat down on his single mattress bed, tucking her legs underneath of her on top of the quaint, old Steelers bed spread. Linda slowly went through the drawings, looking each one over for what seemed like the hundredth time. She took her time looking at each one, assessing it. As always, she had to admit that her son was talented. He had captured his subjects perfectly. Linda knew this because her son's drawings were of her, in a way.


Linda did not know how many of these sketchbooks her son had gone through while a teenager. But he had certainly practiced sketching her from memory until he could reproduce what he wanted to from any angle, and in any position perfectly. Linda always wondered why, when he was young, she would catch him looking at her like that. It was so obvious now. Unable to withhold the temptation any longer Linda turned to the last pages. These drawings were special. They were near and dear to her heart, or at least to her psyche. Linda took in each one slowly, thinking about not only what was on the page, but the imagined situation, the imagined dialogue in her son's mind as he had drawn them.


The rest of the pictures in the sketchbook were surprising enough: studies of Linda's hands and feet, and the occasional study of her mouth. There was not a single drawing of her entire face. Perhaps her son knew better than to blatantly identify whom his subject truly was. But it was obvious to Linda, perhaps obvious to anyone who had any artistic preoccupation. You only had to look. You only had to compare. But, these last drawings. Her son had drawn someone else as well here in these last few pages. The naked male was very small, perhaps three or four inches in height in most of the drawings, though in some the poor little man was smaller. Linda knew immediately the first time she had laid eyes upon this tiny person who it was. You only had to look and compare. Such demeaning positions. She often wondered if any of those online guilty pleasures she allowed herself to read and view might be also enjoyed by her son as well. They had to be. Had she done this to him? Had Linda's particular sexual "fascination" colored her interactions with him somehow? Had she been too dominant when he was a boy? Too cruel? Was this entirely random? After all, she had adopted her son. But what were the chances of that?


Her smartphone came alive, chirping at her. Linda picked it up and noticed immediately that it was a text from an old friend, someone she had fond memories of when they were in the same sorority so long ago.


SharonLove: why didn't you tell me, Linda?


Linda responded, "tell you about what?"


SharonLove: just got back from a birthday party. Went to Chase's Buck-Line. That male stripper club in town. Did you think you could keep this a secret?


"Keep what a secret?"


SharonLove: your son! I know it was him! He was dancing there! Don't deny it!


Linda finished off the Pinot Grigio that had been languishing in the door of her refrigerator. She had opened another bottle and now was rather drunk. She tried desperately to smooth it over with her old friend Sharon, stoically denying that it could be her son, Mike, that her friend had seen. Linda was quite sure that Sharon had not believed her and it stung. The last thing Linda needed was such a crippling embarrassment in front of her tight circle of friends. This was supposed to be her time. She was supposed to be freeing herself of needless obligations to make way for a glorious re-sculpting and rebirth of her life. This was obviously shameful and an entanglement. It would be laid directly at her feet and might never go away. After all, she was his mother and must therefore approve of such poor decisions.


As Linda sat on the couch she watched the smart phone footage that Sharon had shot and sent to her for the tenth time at least. She tipped back the bottle as she watched. It was Mike. There was no doubt. Linda paused the video and put her phone down on the coffee table. She sighed deeply in frustration. Ever since he had gone to college, her son Mike had been neglectful of her. He had to know how difficult divorce had been on her. He had to know she was lonely. He could be so stupid sometimes. At times like these, Linda wished she could force him to listen to her. That was even a stretch and a fantasy, she thought to herself, he was beyond that. She wished she could…


Linda glanced down at her phone. Her son's naked body was frozen in the paused footage, arms stretched high over his head in a confident, swaggering dance. Her phone lay on top of his opened secret sketchbook, on top of the realistically shaded drawings of that very same same body pinned and pleading for mercy beneath his mother's ridiculously sized bare foot.




Linda picked up the phone for a moment. She giggled to herself, Mike was just too big. She re-sized the paused frame of video. She played with the resizing thoughtfully. If she could… This would be his fate, this would be his ultimate size. If she could? Linda knew she could, she simply had to retrieve a single small key from her closet safe and then undertake a fifteen minute drive… and she would.




This would be the first piece of Linda's new life, her next and newest triumph. She smiled confidently and placed the phone back down next to her favorite drawing. She stared at the much smaller image of Mike and took another sip. It was as if it he was trapped beneath the glass of her phone's screen, arms overhead, beating his fists in frustration. It wasn't far from the truth, in a way. Because Sharon had been there, had recognized him, had shot this very same video, Mike was now trapped.


Linda giggled and brought a foot down over her phone.


"You've been a very bad boy recently, haven't you?" She slurred as she blotted out her son's body with a big toe. Her touch unpaused the video and Mike sprang to life again, shamelessly dancing underneath his mother's punishing toe. The sight made Linda's scalp tingle excitedly, but she ignored it.


"This is my time, you little shit! You're not going to ruin my friendships or my reputation with your shenanigans! I think it's time you were put in your place. We both know where that is, don't we, Mikey?"


The next day, despite the hangover, Linda drove to her bank and removed her grandfather's proudest scientific accomplishment from the safety deposit box. Perhaps her grandfather was right, perhaps the world was not ready for it. But Mike was definitely ready for it. Besides, Linda ached to see it for herself again. She had been a little girl the last time she had played with the results of her grandfather's research. Now she was responsible, for Mike, for his unfortunate actions, and for her grandfather's legacy.


Mike had been working at the club for over three months now. His roommate had turned him on to the place and after realizing how much money his roomie pulled in working only part-time, Mike couldn't resist. You would think dancing at a strip club would be sleazy, but the owners were, strangely, former professors at Mike's college. Mike did not know the details of how and why they decided to open up the club. But in the small college town this place was well scrutinized and begrudgingly approved of. It was its image, exclusively a woman’s club and the owners kept it clean and free of the sketchier aspects which permeated most of such places. Perhaps it was also the liberal view of the younger, well educated populace of the town which allowed it's existence to continue. Mike did not know, nor did he care. He had been an athlete in high school, but also was in most every school play and musical. His penchant and talent for performing in front of an audience totally unfazed allowed him to easily take on the role of a male dancer. The clientele was usually about half young, college aged women, and there was no impediment to his studies by taking on such a job. He had fun and only at part-time, three nights a week, he made more money than he had ever seen.


There was that strange day, it was last Wednesday. After Mike had showered, and as he was getting ready to go in to work he got a text from his mother.


"Hi, honey! When are you coming over to see me? How about this, how about I come to see you?"


Mike replied, "can't. Busy for the rest of the week. Can I come over this weekend? I can probably make time then."


Her reply was immediate, "that's too bad. I am in town now. Came to do shopping today. I guess I will spend some more time here before going home. This weekend would be good for me! XOX mom."


Mike didn't think anything else of the exchange and finished drying his hair, he needed to get going to the club.


Halfway through the night Mike noticed the strange woman. She had seated herself in the back of the crowd. Large dark sunglasses hid her eyes. A scarf was tied over her hair, and she wore a vintage mid-calf raincoat. She looked like she had stepped out of a 1960s movie.


Mike didn't have much time to study the woman, but there was just something about her that seemed so familiar. Was it his mother? Her hair was dark, not his mother's natural platinum tresses. A wig? That was preposterous, yet there was something about her that lingered in his gut. It could be her face, but Mike could not tell. He was sure his mother did not own clothes like that. However, after he left the stage for a break he lingered behind the curtain to one side and peered out with a good view. Mike didn't need his mother's face to identify her. She had other characteristics that Mike knew all too well.


Mike watched the woman from the safety of the shadows. He noticed that now she did not seem to be paying much attention to his coworkers on the stage. He watched as she stirred her drink with the straw. Long nails adorned her hands, but Mike could not be sure, he did not get a good enough look. Mike went to the other side of the stage but the view here was totally obscured. Frustrated, Mike went back into the maze of hallways and dressing rooms that connected to the stage. No one was in the security office, it was Wednesday, so the security guy was probably out in the bar.


Mike sat down in front of the security monitors and brought up one of the new cameras that had been installed in the ceiling where the strangely dressed woman sat. It took a minute or two, but Mike figured out quickly how to connect the camera to the single joystick sticking out of the console. He panned over to where the woman sat and began to zoom in.


Filling the monitor in front of him were a pair of beautiful, almost unique feet clad in fancy, stylish sandals. Tall arches and smooth, well kept, tanned skin. It could be her, but they were definite ways to be sure. With a few more nudges on the joystick Mike centered the woman's toes of one foot in the monitor. The big toe was long and nicely shaped. The nail bed wide and very deep. The nail of the toe was noticeably convex longitudinally, a pleasing but pronounced curvature to it. The toenail itself was grown long, and it hung out over the tip of the toe a tasteful, manageable length. The rest of the toes were beautifully shaped as well. The nails were shorter than the ones on the big toes, the nail beds were not quite as deep. Still, they were very pleasing, wonderfully shaped and very beautiful. Both feet looked alike, feet that due to the long toenails adorning the big toes were never placed within high heels. These were feet that were meant to be seen as much as walked upon. The kind of feet that Mike adored. Feet that Mike clandestinely looked for in the warm sandal-wearing months attached to the young women around him while he walked to his classes on campus. But these feet in front of him on the monitor, Mike knew them very, very well. Each curve, each swell, all those subtle but telling shapes combined to form a unique identity. These were unmistakably Mike's mother's feet.




Despite the undeniable evidence right in front of him, Mike simply could not accept this as fact. This could not be her. This wasn't how the world worked, or at least, how the world that Mike knew operated. He felt numb, like he had suddenly hit an unexpected and insurmountable wall.


Mike spent a little bit more time confirming that it could be his mother. He had to. There was always the outside chance that someone else might have feet like that. He next checked her hands and found them to be exact matches to his parent. He was a secret and obsessed expert on those particularly elegant and well kept identifiers as well.




What was there to say about his mother's hands? They were beautiful like the rest of her, hands more than good enough to be in commercials or modeling jewelry, though to Mike they were strangely exquisite pieces of art themselves. Linda was blessed with deep nail beds and strong, fast growing nails. Her fingernails also exhibited that same convex longitudinal arch to them as her toenails, a feature that for some reason he found to be particularly elegant, perhaps because of it's rarity. He never fully understood what made particular woman’s hands or feet beautiful to him, but he could spot the qualities instantly at a glance.




Mike had observed over the course of his relatively few years on this planet that there wasn't much correlation seen in the women around him between hands and feet. On more than one occasion Mike had been enchanted by shapely and well kept hands, only to discover later that the female in question did not exhibit the same trends of shape and beauty with her feet. Mike did not know what to make of that, other than to think that he was an arrogant snob pertaining to an invisible, perhaps nonexistent aesthetic that most people would find downright strange, if not insane.




After discovering the probable truth of the matter, Mike didn't feel a single thing. His inner self should be riled and screaming at this point, condemning his own stupidity or strategizing some kind of an elaborate ruse, an excuse or escape. But there was nothing. Mike stood up woodenly and made his way to the break room. He needed time to process this before he could even react with thought, let alone action.



Midway through Mike's next dance the woman abruptly got up and left. Mike decided that it was time to make the long drive out this weekend and visit his mother. The rest of his week was spent contemplating what this meant. Had she been stalking him? Clearly, if it was in fact really her, then she had to have been wearing a brunette wig and trying her utmost to conceal her identity. How could she have found out where he was? Ultimately, if that was in fact his mom, what would she think of his lucrative part-time job? The rest of Mike's week seemed awkward and slow to him. He just wished it would be over, no matter how painful or inconvenient, Mike just wanted to know if his mother had been spying on him. At night, before he would go to bed, Mike would look through the family photos he had on his computer. He studied the pictures of his mother, at first to make sure his suspicion was correct. But, ultimately the pictures of her were too tempting, and Mike gave in to his old teenage habits.



Friday afternoon Mike filled the tank of his car and made his way out to the highway. As he drove he considered what he might have to answer for if his mother broached the subject of her presence at the club Wednesday evening. The whole event seemed unreal. Mike admitted that if handled wrong, with poor word choices, it could end up a train wreck.





 I immediately knew when my mother answered the door that something was off. She was quite happy to see me, and yet… For a moment I swore that there was a sort of veiled, dark nervousness within her blue eyes in the instant just before she threw the door open wide. As I came into the foyer, I noticed that her subtle anxiety had completely evaporated.




"Oh! Who is this handsome stranger? My goodness, let me get a look at you."




My mother half-mockingly looked me over, and yet there was some weight to the gesture. It was almost as if she were taking in my entire outline for the first time or perhaps committing my appearance to memory. She looked almost sad for a moment as her eyes traced over my broad shoulders.




"What is it? What's that look for?" My mother smiled self-consciously, realizing that I had noticed, "oh, I was just thinking about how big you are right now. You're all grown up!" The phrase she used was strange, the "right now" part just didn't fit into any context and shouldn't belong anywhere in that sentence.




Something was off and it made me feel awkward.




Then there was the kiss: as we hugged I gave my mother a peck on her cheek, "I really missed you, mom!" She drew back her face and smiled up at me, "well now, that just isn't a good enough kiss for your mother! I haven't seen you in ages!"




My mom's fingertips traced down my chest and she leaned into me, looking up into my face excitedly. Her touch and closeness made me feel uncomfortable, it seemed somehow inappropriate. I was acutely aware of her mouth, of her face, so close to me. I was immediately reminded of my forbidden, teenaged fantasies which apparently I still harbored very strongly. I fought to not react as I instinctively imagined her beautiful face as gigantic, an utterly intimidating... I instinctively killed that musing in mid-bloom before it could tinge my face with it's emotion.




My mother smiled sweetly up at me and a finger stroked my lips as she studied my features. Something in her eyes changed and her voice became more serious, as if somehow heavy with resignation, "I want a proper kiss, Mike, a really memorable one, who knows? Maybe this will be the last time I'll be able to kiss you like this?" I didn't really understand her sentiment, it seemed so gloomy, but besides that, how she worded it was just clumsy. Like this- what the hell did that even mean? It was rare for her to fumble her diction and she had already done it twice.




My mother affectionately grabbed my face between her soft, warm hands. She bowed my head towards her as she stretched upwards on her tip toes, kissing me on the mouth. Her lips churned against mine and I tried to pull away from her but she wrapped her arms around my neck. This was a lover's kiss, a passionate kiss. I sputtered as I felt her tongue force it's way into my mouth. I tore myself away from her and stepped back in shock.




"Christ, mom!" I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand as she started laughing. "What was that all about? Have you been drinking?"




My mother grinned, "maybe I have! Or maybe I'm afraid that you'll never come out to see me ever again. It's been almost a year, Mike!"




"No, it's only been, like, three months, that's all, maybe four." I glanced around, my mother had a thing for good wines. I didn't smell any on her and there were no orphaned bottles on the counter. She had never been an unpredictable person. What was going on?




"Four months, huh? You don't even know, do you? Well, I remember! I know exactly how long it's been since I've seen you last. It's been seven months! Seven months, Mikey!" My mom gave me an exasperated look and turned away from me. She walked off through her house as I followed. "It's been too long since I've seen you, with your father and I... well, don't let me get going about all of that. The point is, I haven't seen you or talked to you in forever." I hung my head in shame and tightened my resolve. She wasn't happy about my long, irresponsible absence and this entire visit could be spent defending myself.




My mother paused as we made our way through her kitchen. She smiled at me apologetically over her shoulder, "I'm sorry, Mike, but I sometimes feel very possessive of you, you know. To some degree, you're still my responsibility, even if you're away at school." She gave me a playfully sinister grin, "you've been a good boy while away at college, right?" My mother turned away and began to walk again, "Because, if not, Mommy might just arrange to keep you, all to myself."




Something about the tone of my mother's voice gave me pause. I stared after her as she walked away, trying to discern her words. Besides all of the rest of her strangeness, I realized that she had not referred to herself as "Mommy" since I was a child. I knew my mother, or I thought I did. To me, this almost seemed like one barely controlled outburst after another. My mother was fun, but a very strong woman, in consistent control of her emotions and habits. There had been more than one childhood friend who had described her as "intimidating". Was she so angry at me that she couldn't hide it completely? Those sinister undertones to everything, what was up with that? She had to have been a little bit drunk, or tired, or stressed- something.




Wait a minute.




Was this all about my strange encounter last Wednesday? Oh my God. Was that woman really my mother? Did she watch me dance from the back of the crowd?




It could be that, but it certainly didn't explain the majority of my mother's subtly bizarre behaviour and words in the minutes since she had opened the front door. Was there any other hypothetical situation which fit better? It was as if she kept hinting at some ominous change coming... something pertaining to her? Was she going to sell the house and move away? God forbid, was she sick with something... terminal? Was she about to introduce me to some lover of hers? It was my father who had cheated repeatedly, perhaps she was finally bouncing back from their divorce? Did she... did she know about my fascination with woman’s.... with her... least important aspects?




As I followed her I tried to calm and steel myself to maintain my composure, no matter what. Then, I realized that something else was completely wrong. What was it, exactly? Why... Why was my mother walking... like that? I watched in consternation as her butt swung a little bit... seductively? What the hell was going on here?




We finally settled in my mother's living room. Even though I had taken a seat, my mother stood, content to speak with me as she tended some houseplants she had placed in the room's large bay window. As she moved about I noticed that there was some subtle difference in the way that she carried herself. Believe me, it was exactly the sort of thing that I would have definitely picked up on long before now if it had been there. My mother's walking was incredibly graceful and accentuated, beautifully languid. Her stunning bare feet flexed smoothly and slowly with each step. Her feet were exquisitely set back down to earth, her heels touched down first, of course, and then her high arches would gracefully roll forward a moment before those exquisite toes dropped. The effect of this harmonious bearing coupled with her gorgeous tanned legs was incredibly potent and quite beguiling to me.




Was this all deliberate? Was she making a clandestine mockery of my particular… tastes? I considered for a moment a simpler explanation; that she might just be happy and at peace. My mother's divorce had been finalized and she had just taken an early retirement with a huge payout. This was a real possibility, after all, my beautiful parent was incredibly feminine. It was even possible that all of her newly acquired spare time meant that she had been doing a lot of yoga. Perhaps that could account for this overabundance of poise. The answer ultimately mattered little to me, for once I spotted how she moved I was utterly hypnotized. I had to fight repeatedly to tear myself away from gawking in order to meet her gaze at the appropriate time when she might happen to glance over at me.




My mom paused in caring for the plants and related to me the recent happenings in this very rural county. As she talked she would glance down at her beautiful feet, slowly flexing them. Her perfect red toenails glistened, and countless tiny pillows of creamy flesh formed on her soles. As she ended her tirade about rural taxes and the local school board's misadventures she smiled happily at me. She lifted one foot, fanning out and scrunching her gorgeous toes as she held my gaze. I did not waver from her gaze, keeping my face relaxed and my eyes sedate even though a panicked river of emotions hid just beyond my dull façade. Her behavior made me very uncomfortable and I felt a sinking feeling in my gut.




To be honest, it thrilled me that my mother was not wearing socks and shoes. She had perhaps the most beautiful feet and hands I had ever seen, only equaled by two or three other women I ever had the pleasure of witnessing. All of these women, my mother included (for obvious reasons), were impossibly unobtainable. But, I had at least always sated my neurosis by stealing glances at my mother's wonderful body parts. I knew that I was very lucky that at least one of these women was a constant presence in my life. I could never get enough of her elegant hands and especially feet and my mother never disappointed, always maintaining all of her nails scrupulously.




But right now, it was as if she was daring me to look at her feet. I did not understand why she was acting like this, unless she somehow had figured out my perverse fascination. This was an assaultive tour de force of thrilling distraction for me and I decided that it was all just too tempting. The last thing I needed was for my mother to find out about my strange fetish. I deliberately kept my eyes above her breasts, not allowing them to roam at all.




I busied myself with surveying what lay on the coffee table before me. My eyes settled on an object that I did not recognize and I reached out, picking it up from the nicely figured wood. I turned it over in my fingers as we spoke, it was some sort of a glass lens in a black plastic housing, like a detached piece belonging to a telescope or perhaps a microscope.




"There, these plants are finally taken care of," my mother set down the small, elegant watering can and turned to smile at me, "oh! I wondered where that had gotten to!" She padded gracefully to me on those gorgeous feet of hers and I forced myself to not glance at them, instead gazing into her smiling face.




"What is this? Did you buy a telescope?" I offered it up and she took it from me with one perfect hand.




"A telescope? No, silly! It's a jeweler's loupe. I got this so that I'll be able to… Well, you and I are going to need this later." I watched as my mother managed to slide it into a front pocket of her tight shorts, "I have a little project that I've been working on lately." She almost looked disappointed in my lack of interest and she chuckled as she turned away from me.


"Well, Mike," my mom said with a contented sigh as she finally sat down in a nice formal chair across from me, "I'm so happy that you found it in yourself to undertake the treacherous trek to come and see your lonely mother. I sure hope you didn't have to kill any bears on your way here, or swim across any rivers by yourself." She grinned.


I was relieved that she pressed the subject no further and just settled on a simple joking quip about how far out in the country she lived. Had it really been seven entire months that she had claimed since I had seen her last? I had routinely been ignoring her phone calls and messages for the longest time, but there was no real conscious reason to do so. I guess that I just didn't want to deal with her, especially during the protracted divorce from my father. I had studies, a girlfriend, college life and partying. My mother's home was a long drive from where I now lived. But, really, all of these excuses for my negligence were empty and stupid. I was just another self absorbed young person- like any other student living around my college's campus.


"Well," I said, feeling suddenly so damned guilty, "I have classes. Lots of homework. But I'm doing well, all caught up right now. Your text Wednesday got me thinking that it was about time that I come out to see you."


My beautiful mom crossed her long, tanned legs in the chair and bounced a glorious foot in the air. Her tiny shorts pulled up tightly. She rested her hands in her lap and smiled sweetly at me, "Better late than never, hmm?"




Ever since I had been a teenager, my close male friends seemed to have always been smitten with my mother. She was a potent example of a MILF for them. It was always humorous to realize why a friend might upon first meeting her grow silent and awkward when she entered the room or answered the front door.




My mom had occasionally been mistaken for being an older sister in relation to me. To be fair though, I did not know exactly how old she was, I was adopted after all. Does that even make sense? Would a natural born child have any more accurate of a notion as to how old a parent might be? All I had were the amount of candles on her birthday cake each year as a rough guide, and I knew those were a tongue-in-cheek gag of a lie. She was distant enough in age to have obviously adopted and cared for me. But, I could completely understand all of my male friend's confusion, my mother looked quite youthful and she was effortlessly beautiful. She easily could have been a model or perhaps an actress. But, my mother had a formidable mind and she ended up a quite successful attorney.


"So, do you have a girlfriend?'' My mother smiled, it was creepy. She was unreadable to me, completely opaque.


"Well, sorta. Why?'' I asked.


My mom bent forward and reached out, picking up what looked to be a large, antique bottle of perfume off of her coffee table. She hefted it and lightly smelled the cap. Where had this come from? Was this regal looking bottle a recent purchase? As far as I knew, my mother cared little for antiques.


"Because I don't want her to feel bad if she doesn't see you again."


My mother smiled at me in a strange manner, it was confident, playful, yet almost sexy and dirty.


"Huh? I... umm... I don't understand."


My mother ignored me for a moment, tapping her well manicured long fingernails on the perfume's cap and crystal bottle. Shivers ran down my spine and I wanted to turn away. She pulled off the perfume's cap and leaning forward again, gracefully placed it on the coffee table. As she spoke she leaned back into her chair and smelled the top of the perfume around the atomizer. My mother seemed to be really savoring it's scent, her blue eyes grew mischievous.


"Well, you know, out here in the middle of nowhere anything could happen. You could get a flat tire. Run out of gas. You could even be abducted, Mike. Vanish off the face of the earth without a trace."


"What? What are you talking about? Are you feeling okay?"


She was smiling broadly, yet again thoroughly unreadable to me. There was a strange gleam in her eyes.


My mother finished smelling the top of the perfume bottle and seemed to want the cap she had placed upon the coffee table. Instead of leaning forward to pick it up she unfolded her long shapely leg and extended it towards the coffee table. I was transfixed as her foot reached out to the perfume bottle's silver cap. Her long, gorgeous toes fanned out and as she picked it up between them I saw her smirk for just a second, barely perceptible amusement in her eyes. Did she know I was watching with well-hidden, giddy awe? She laid her foot on top of her other thigh and slightly squeezed the silver cap between her toes. I could barely contain myself and I felt my cheeks grow hot as I blushed. She had to be doing this on purpose.


"Oh, of course I'm okay, Mike. I just worry about you! I haven't seen you for so long and... well... You are going to college in the big bad city!"


My mother tucked a thick strand of her platinum hair behind her ear. She idly ran a beautiful index finger over the perfume cap held between her toes.


"Huh? I don't understand. Mom, honestly, I'm practically a grown man now! What is all this about a big bad city? It's beautiful and clean there, and my apartment is pretty nice too."


She was stroking her thumb tip over the long, wide toenail of her clenched big toe. I almost couldn't stand it, and I felt the first stirrings of a boner coming on.


"You are more vulnerable than you know, Mike. Mommy can't protect you there."


I was exasperated, I had no idea what she was going on about. I could not pay attention to everything that was in the air at once, it seemed. I didn't understand why my mother seemed like she was putting on a seductive foot show for me. I also couldn't fathom why she kept looking at me in such an inappropriate manner. Now, I was baffled by her strange paranoia.


"You're talking like I was still a child! Like I was a little boy! But I'm obviously not! Just look at me!"


My lovely mother grinned in a way that chilled me to my core. Her eyes were smoldering.


"Oh, I am looking at you, honey, and all I can see is a little boy. A soft, vulnerable little boy."




The dark playfulness in her eyes changed to something else. What was that look? It disappeared immediately after surfacing, leaving me wondering if I had seen anything in her eyes at all.


"Soft?" I shook my head incredulously, "mom, I work out all the time, I am not-"


"Oh, I know! Put your shirt back down, you don't need to show me your six pack!"


"I am not soft, here, feel this-"


My mother waved me away disgustedly.


"Oh, I know you've been working on your muscles, Mike. You're always doing that!"


My mouth hung open, what was her game? Was she making fun of me? As she spoke again she was peering down at her big toe while she stroked it slowly and gently with her finger, "those muscles of yours might impress those college girls. They might think that you're manly, maybe even rugged. But, I'm your mother, they don't know you the way that I know you. You have a nice, strong physique, Mike, but I'll bet you would feel velvety soft to me, wouldn't you?"


I felt my face go rigid with frustration. Her words made no sense at all. Was she- my mother couldn't possibly be on drugs, could she? I watched as she brought her face down low over the top of her clenched toes, she was studying the underside of her big toe. With a slow gentleness she caressed her toe's pad with the tip of her nail. She glanced up at me for a second and then whispered as she intently caressed it, "such a hard little naked body. I bet that you would feel so wonderfully delicate… just right here… mmm... trembling... right... underneath of... me.”


My mother raised her face to me, a confident and treacherous smirk upon it. I could take no more of her cryptic and insane nonsense.


"What the fuck are you even talking about? I don't understa-" 


Suddenly, my grinning mother raised the bottle and sprayed me in the face with the fruity perfume. I grabbed my burning eyes, trying to rub them as I gagged. "Make a wish, Mikey, mmm, and make it a good one." She was laughing as I staggered towards her, blinded and coughing. I felt light-headed, and felt darkness pass over my eyes.


When my eyes opened, I discovered that I was laying in a massive heap of denim and cotton. I felt as if I was a gladiator in a mighty coliseum constructed out of my own clothes! I seemed no more than an inch tall, perhaps less, I could not tell. The rough denim was solid enough under my feet. The monstrous jumble of my clothing radiated heat, my own residual body heat into my tiny form. I looked further up, and discovered that the couch was now a mountain to me. Just then, I heard a massive creaking sound, like someone changing their weight while sitting in a wooden chair!


A shadow covered up a portion of the uneven, jumbled floor on the far side of the area I found myself trapped in. There was a silvery flash of something plummeting downwards and an impact on the denim I stood upon, violently deforming the thick cloth surface and knocking me down. The large object rolled, tumbling before coming to a stop in the center of my clothes. It was the perfume bottle's cap! The silvery cylinder was the size of an elevator carriage. The pungent, overwhelming fruity scent gagged me again. I heard several more loud creaking noises from the direction I had briefly seen the shadow. I ran away from the sounds, trying to gain the slope of my jean's enormous zipper to see over the far wall of cloth.


It took only milliseconds for my mind to interpret the strangely distorted vista rising upwards in the distance like some vast, natural feature made of weathered stone. But this was no tree-studded, fissured tower composed of tortured granite, rather something formed of golden, tanned flesh. It was my smiling mother, sitting in almost the same position, and in the very same chair as a moment ago. Though I had considered the possibility, I cried out in shock at the sight of her. My mind encountered great difficulty coming to terms with her scale. She was so very far away from me and yet, just right there, impossibly enormous and apparently real.




Oh God. Those legs! My mother's shins would rival a factory's smokestacks in height! Each one was distorted by sheer scale, her knees seemed smaller due to the distances involved, yet her ankles appeared massively oversized, even thick. She was like looking upon some imposingly colossal building, really nearly a mountain to my eyes and yet she was only sitting!




I suddenly realized that I was totally naked and, despite my horror I was rock-hard! I felt an overwhelming sense of feminine dominance, combined with a maternal warmth. Yet, part of this sensation was created by my panic which fueled my arousal even further, something I could never explain to someone not affected by my particular sexual madness.




My mountainous parent leaned forward and her blue eyes flitted about, searching, picking apart the details of the untidy pile of my clothing. Huge ligaments flexed vertically through the length of each of her mighty ankles. Huge gleaming shapes rose for just an instant outside of my clothing barrier, yet in front of the monolithic ankles. They were so close and so alarmingly large that I shrieked in surprise. My stomach muscles winced painfully as I realized that those monstrous forms were only the undersides of my mother's toes. The vibrations caused by her incalculably gigantic body's subtle movements raced outwards and passed beneath me, tickling the soles of my feet even through the giant denim folds that I stood upon. My mother's inquisitive gaze quickly spotted me and that familiar sexy, unsavory smile from earlier crossed her distant face again.




I violently vomited, my nice lunch splattered over the enormous weave of the denim beneath me. More protesting wooden creaking noises split the air as my mother stood up from the chair. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I fought to take in her entire towering form with my eyes.




"No! No! No! This isn't real! Oh, God..."


My stomach became a hard knot as my mother took an enormous, graceful, overly accentuated step towards me. The ground vibrated as her bare foot impacted the living room's carpet. Her first step caused her incredible form to soar upwards even more overhead. She had just covered half the distance to me!




Another seductive step, accompanied with the muted thunder of it's impact. There was stronger vibratory feedback through the floor beneath me. I felt this powerfully through my feet and up into my calves. During my mother's second step her pert, fit body wildly distorted from my sheer tininess. I couldn't believe something so huge could move so quickly, and yet she had only taken two leisurely steps towards me.


I felt like I had been punched as I suddenly grasped an insane piece of logic: my pile of clothes only came up to the bottoms of my mother's lovely ankles.


My mother, Linda, stopped moving and put her hands on her hips. She was looking down into my pile of clothing at her feet. From my vantage point my formerly average height mother was mostly composed of impossibly huge, perspectively distorted legs. Smooth, monstrous ankles towered over the crumpled ring of my clothes. Enormous shapely calves expanded upwards into the sky. Her tremendous thighs were foreshortened so drastically that I almost could not see them. They terminated into distant hips covered with tight white shorts which her elegant hands rested upon. I could barely see her face beyond her enormous breasts. The look on her face was a haughty, gloatingly satisfied one and those shining blue eyes pinned my tiny form to where I stood.




"This can't be… Oh, God... Fuck.... fuck, fuck..."


One of her enormous legs moved slightly and she must have nudged the outside of my pile of clothes with a foot, the tall crumpled wall of clothing closest to her distorted and tumbled down. I cried out and fell to my knees. The same tanned leg began to slowly rise upwards and this sight spurred adrenaline to be dumped into my tiny form. There was a flash of red at the top of the ragged wall from where she had rearranged my clothes. My mother's toes lifted from beyond my prison, wiggling and flexing. My hair stood on end and I began to tremble. Despite my captor's vast scale which played tricks with my eyes, I knew those perfect digits were each more than large enough to trap me beneath them. They were more than adequate to effortlessly, gracefully smash me into paste. The beautiful big toe slowly ran over the ridge, feeling it, as if savoring my empty clothes.


The monstrous tanned foot crept slowly over the top of the distant cloth hills. It continued to slide forward, accompanied with a constant and loud swishing noise, the sound of soft huge toes gliding over fabric. I rocked backwards on my knees, holding both of my hands over my open mouth as tiny strangled noises issued forth, screams aborted from sheer shock. The mighty big toe and its smaller sisters explored the far side of my cloth coliseum, shifting in their spacing as they caressed the terrain of my discarded clothes. I felt my own urine trickle against the inside of my leg as my mother's foot, the size of a yacht, encountered the discarded silver cap of the perfume bottle.


As if seeking meaning to her actions I looked up to my beautiful mother, far, far above me. A haughty smirk was frozen on her face as she took her eyes off of the silver cap to glance at me where I crouched. Her frightening big toe traced over it slowly and then the long crimson toenail bulldozed underneath the cap. She smiled and with the smallest of motions the silver cylinder was sent rolling haphazardly across my enormous underwear at me! I scrambled out of the way, stumbling and falling as the cylinder rolled towards me. In a moment it had stopped, not very far from where I had stood. The disgusting scent choked me and I got to my feet as I raised my arm and clamped my mouth and nose into the crook of my own elbow. Beyond the huge silver cylinder the impossible, monstrous foot slid closer.


Above me my enormous mother was smiling, slowly propelling her foot towards the perfume cap. I crouched low and ran back away from the silver cylinder. There was an overhang of denim, like a great, frozen ocean wave of fabric. I dropped to my stomach and rolled sideways, like a lizard seeking shelter beneath a flat rock, wedging myself underneath the fabric overhang. As I peered out from beneath the overhang the wall of shapely toes came on, growing so enormous that I could no longer see her toenails. The digits became rounded structures, each covered with a maze of ridges. The enormous beautiful toes fanned out. She engulfed the little cap and gripping it in her stout toes carried it upwards, out of my cloth prison. I was shaking uncontrollably but I could not look away, creeping forward past the rough denim curl to follow the metal cylinder into the sky.


My mother raised her foot upwards and retrieved the cap with a pretty hand. This was almost like watching a construction crane affixed to a partially built skyscraper, but the heavy equipment was made of feminine flesh, curves and soft womanly musculature. As I watched she placed it on the impossibly large coffee table. The blonde giantess smiled mischievously down at me and the foot was back, sailing through the air as the beautiful toes wiggled. I pushed back into the rough crevice with a panicked cry, the view outside caused my hair to stand on end. The toes touched down and they skimmed across the crazy terrain towards me. 


My mother's gargantuan toes paused outside of my pitiful retreat and they flexed demonstratively before stroking the tumbled landscape lightly. The big toe slid forward, centering itself in front of the overhang. The colossal digit slowly tilted to and fro. It dawned on me that she knew that I was looking and was playfully modeling her monstrous toe, letting me take it in like some perversely flirtatious treat.




In quaking trepidation I gawked at the colossal toe from the false safety of my crevice. If I were to be unfortunate enough to view almost anyone else at this scale and this closely I suspect that it would be incredibly horrific. An average person might exhibit a swollen, reddened hangnail, peeling dead skin, calluses... not to mention the stench of fungal byproducts and fermented sweat.




But not my mother. She was scrupulous in the care and maintenance of her body. Her inherent beauty and her endless upkeep meant that these colossal digits almost looked fake, strangely homogeneous like an image manipulated photo. Her skin was uniformly vibrant and unblemished, cuticles flawless, nails perfect. The effect of these qualities coupled with her sheer scale was horribly potent like a fever driven nightmare. This was about ideals that were completely incompatible: say, a three story tall cherry, a godzilla-sized kitten, a impossible red rose resting upon crushed, burning buildings.




It really was no wonder that I was quickly losing my mind in this cruel, impossible reality.




The beautiful toe dabbed and swept lazily out in front of my tiny crevice. I was trembling badly, my breathing was too rapid, too shallow and uncontrolled. I truly felt like I was hiding from some sort of horrific predator, something prehistoric, something the size of a bulldozer. If only that had been true.




My skyscraper-sized mother's big toe depressed against the floor of the crumpled, quarry-like arena of denim. It suddenly swept forward, her well-kept flesh and elegant toenail became everything beyond my hiding place. The mighty toe pivoted upwards, it's slightly proud overhang of toenail sent jolts through the mouth of the crevice as it passed. The ominously plump and powerful silhouette traced the outline of my hiding spot's only exit.


"Where did the little bug go? Is it trying to hide in that little crack? You've got a lot to learn, bug. You can't hide from me."


The gorgeous big toe floated upward and disappeared from my limited field of view. "Such a little wrinkle, but I guess bugs don't need much space to hide in, do they?" There was an impact and the swell of cloth over me rolled downwards, bunching into a wadded clot and propelling backwards, towards me. The crevice I lay hidden in deformed as I screamed in a terrible panic. The denim pressed down into me, trapping me. Then, I heard the cotton fibers compress and something enormous invaded my tiny, shadowy hiding spot. There was a widening gap in the fabric which parted like stubborn curtains to reveal that the invader was the tip of my mother's big toe.




"Oh God, this can't be… Oh fuck! Mom! Please, mom, please don't..."




In the decreasing twilight, the tremendous digit tilted down as it slid forward. As it became dark, something that felt hard impacted across my torso at my waist, silencing my panicked babbling as I was driven backwards. There was a flash of light as the fabric was shifted. An enormous, glossy red convex surface was suddenly revealed, spreading out in front of me. It reminded me of some sort of a gaudy, plastic roof belonging to a food kiosk that one might find at some foreign amusement park. It was my mother's toenail. It's thick, cold edge was pressed against my hips, causing me to stumble. "Oh God, no!" I was pitched forward onto my face against it as the monstrosity continued to slide. I was taken along with it as the toe raised, leveling again, my tiny legs dangling off the edge of her nail. As I laid clinging belly first, tiny arms splayed out against my mother's toenail, my back plowed across the gigantic weave of the fabric roof.




"Mom! Please don't kill me! Oh, God! Mommy!"




I was pressed against the back wall of the cave like some ridiculous parody of an unlucky bullfighter as the digit delicately probed. I screeched in the dusty twilight, choked from my panic as my belly, chest and face were smeared across the smooth, slightly bowed surface of my mother's toenail. The thick fabric somewhere below me groaned as it was crushed, the sound of it greatly dampened by the monumental weight of the toe's dense flesh. I could not escape the almost bruising pressure of the colossal nail's lacquered edge across my stomach, like being pinned beneath a lowered garage door made out of glass.




The big toe mercifully retreated and I was ripped from it against the roof, falling heavily to the rough floor. The tremendous digit backed out slowly, patting and caressing the denim. My mother was delicately feeling for my tiny body and I hugged myself tightly as I gaped in horror. The stout digit's search deformed my little sheltering crevice into a small cave as it left. I tried to control my intense breathing as the menacing behemoths of unblemished flesh rested just outside, obstructing any escape.




My mother's big toe lifted slightly and stroked the jean material beneath it, "Where's that tiny little thing?" her distant voice thundered, loud enough that it easily penetrated the thick warped roof of my hiding spot.




I still tried to comfort myself in my terror, my shaking arms wound tightly around my own ribs. I could not look away from the plump, colossal toe that ran softly across the denim. The pretty, well-tended digit could fill my apartment's living room entirely. I could be crushed to a paste beneath my own mother's gently stroking appendage. This body that I had always inhabited could be reduced to just a patch of glistening, thick blood on the bottom of a perfect toe. A chill crept down my spine. My life could be wholly obliterated by the most unlikely of things, brought to bear upon me by the most improbable of monsters. I was cornered and I knew that my nightmarish mother was not going to stop.




My teeth were chattering as I stared at the mammoth, playful toes. I was not at all in my right mind as I foolishly crept to the widened entrance of my hiding spot. I cautiously stepped out into the light. I soberly addressed the mighty, hulking digits as if they were somehow separate from the panic-inducing tower of living flesh far above, "Please," I choked out painfully, holding my hands out cautiously in front of me, "please... don't... don't crush me! I don't... want to... I don't... want to die!"




There was a tremendous gasp that tore across the sky far above me. It's sound could easily have been mistaken for soaked earth tearing violently away from a mountain's incline to begin a landslide. My mother's deafening inhalation was followed by thunderous, delighted words, "Ah! Now what could that be?" Massive tendons suddenly rippled to life beneath the flesh of the vast foot's instep. The long toes all reared at once and they fanned out. I was warmed by humid air flowing past as I became suddenly covered in their dancing shadows. For a short moment I was paralyzed, unable to do anything other than gawk stupidly at the magnificent, plump silhouettes wiggling slowly in the air. The denim wrinkles I stood upon shuddered violently as the colossal foot shifted forward.




I was snapped instantly out of my moronic reverie- my own mother was going to crush me! I stumbled backward with a screech and as I spun, a thunderous, delighted chuckle shook the air. I caught a glimpse of a vast, rounded shape dropping. The big toe was touching down right where my naked body had just been! I desperately scrambled to make it back to my hiding spot.




The difficult denim terrain beneath my feet was yanked backwards as the ponderous toe sunk slightly into the fabric. I caught myself with my arms as I fell. Another rumbling chuckle deafened me as wind suddenly gusted up, ripping past me with an eery howl. I panicked as I realized that this wind was filling some sudden void behind me- where her colossal foot had just been! "Why, that's no mouse," the smooth, amused voice thundered, "it's much too small to be that." I scrambled up in terror as the wind died and a huge shadow slid across me. "Ahh! It looks like a naked young man, but only the size of a bug!" A sudden, hot wind gust flowed over my naked skin from behind. Something smooth and hard collided with my back. I was thrown by it, crashing into a swell of cloth next to the opening. As I hastily recovered my footing I could see what had struck me and it was very familiar, already the source of several of my bruises. It was a convex, red varnished wall that almost seemed to be the size of a church door.




As I took in what surrounded this great oval pool of crimson, every thought and desperate need in my tiny skull instantly evaporated. Hovering low above the twisted textile landscape were those five colossal and exquisite toes. Their massively thick lengths ended in a stupendous ramp of flesh soaring upwards into the sky. This vast canvas of healthy skin supported buried veins every bit as thick as my tiny body. Everything I was gazing upon was just my mother's hovering instep which inclined upwards to join the tower of her ankle and shin.




My pulse pounded in my ears as I took in the monstrous toes, my gaze racing from one to another as if they were bullies surrounding me in some park late at night. I realized that an ugly, hoarse wail was unwittingly tumbling from my grimacing mouth. I tried to tend to it, covering my lips with one of my hands. The powerful, shapely digits flexed away from each other slowly, "Did you decide to come out and play with me, Mikey? Was it really scary under that tiny fold?"




The plump, hulking big toe flexed forward and glided towards me, filling my vision with the slightly translucent sheen of ridged flesh and lustrous red polish. "Proper bugs crawl on their bellies, Mikey. Everyone knows that." The great egg shaped body of her big toe suddenly swung skyward right in front of me, it's formidable toenail sweeping only inches away from the front of my body as it passed. I was almost toppled by the gust of displaced air created by something so large in motion. My gigantic mother had just gently flicked at my tiny form and it was like being narrowly missed by a car running through a crosswalk. I flinched and stumbled backwards with a thin screech, desperately trying to get out from beneath the threatening pad of the suddenly hovering digit.




"Aww, I missed." The big toe swung down and it's smaller sisters joined it in lowering, their flawless nails grazing the denim. "I think I'll just pick you up," the goddess boomed. The colossal big toe and second toe that hung much too closely to me spread widely. All that my foolish, panic-struck mind could think of was animatronics from a theme park while the mammoth digits swung toward me as they closed. "Hold still, my little-" With a rush of hot air, the long second toe squarely struck my body from my knees upward as it delicately clasped shut against it's lumbering sister. I was effortlessly swatted aside, tumbling head over heels into the shadows of the cave.




"Dammit. Where did you go?" The titaness thundered.




Sweat-scented air flowed quickly into the little denim cavern as a veritable wall of curved toeflesh landed just beyond the ragged entrance. I stumbled to my feet with the help of a stiff fold of fabric and took in the frightening sight just beyond the opening of my sad sanctuary. My mother's exquisite big toe carefully prowled, exploring the denim beneath of it, feeling for me. I shrieked as the digit raised and prodded into the cave's aperture at an angle from above. Her elegant nail slid against the murmuring cloth as it lowered and the plump flesh deformed the opening as it came to rest. "You're a lucky insect, aren't you, Mikey? I know that you're in there, bug, and I'm going to find you." The mighty toe slowly retreated, the edge of it's slightly long nail was intentionally dragged backwards across the denim as it left. My mother's simple intimidation was effortlessly successful, I was moaning with apprehension as her toe nonchalantly raked the cave's unruly foundation.




"Let's see, I wonder where could you be? This is really such a tiny hole, isn't it?" The front of my colossal mother's inescapable digit blocked off most of the light as it entered my hiding spot again. I scrambled in the twilight to find any way to escape or hide. The denim groaned in defeat against the mighty appendage as it slid heavily inward, like a locomotive engine surging into a train tunnel. It thumped gigantically as it probed the little cloth cavity. The big toe's heaving bulk caused currents of air to race across my naked skin as it's overhang of nail scraped and wrinkled the shapeless, pliable roof. An all pervading warmth filled the little collapsing space as a huge convex wall of flesh, just a tiny sampling of my mother's immeasurable body, collided with me. It was like being hit by a slowly swinging wrecking ball. I was thrown backwards and my hands immediately went to my fiercely stinging face. My chest and thighs also ached from the impact and I groaned as I lay there.




"What was that I just felt?"




Something huge was moving in the darkness very close to me. I could hear a thick and slurred buzzing hiss, the murmur of a vast toeprint played against the stiff weave of my cave's jumbled floor. The air itself compressed and my ears threatened to pop. Suddenly, hot and mercilessly dense skin brushed, rasping against all of my exposed body at once before pulling away. It happened so quickly that my reactive thrashing met only the hot, fragrant air left in it's wake. "Hmm. What was that, right there?" my mother thundered, amusement tinging her voice. All of the skin on the front side of my prone form throbbed, harshly chafed. My eyes fiercely stung from the salty residue left on my face and I thrashed in agony.




The colossal tip of my mother's probing digit impacted against me again. I was forcefully rolled by the rough, hot tsunami of flesh. Then it lifted slightly, overtaking me. The dense skin slid over me, burying my quivering body beneath of it. The vast toe stopped moving forward and I found myself in a coffin of denim, my frontside exposed to a raggedly shaped window of impenetrable, ridged skin.




With a piercing howl I tried to thrash, slapping my impeded hands against the invulnerable horror. My saliva splattered against sweltering, merciless wall of flesh and it mixed with my mother's salty funk before dripping back into my gasping, panic-stricken face.




"What is that? Whatever it is, it's wiggling! That sort of tickles, I like that. Mmm."




The hot, rough surface pressed against the front of my heaving body and it slid slightly as it ground into me. It was as if I lay pinned beneath the body of some impossibly huge serpent from a B monster movie. I involuntarily squealed as the breath was pushed from my tiny torso, crushed between the crumple of gigantic weave and my mother's humid, hot toe flesh. The huge, almost primitive looking ridges of her toe print assaulted the entire front of my tiny body torturously. It felt like some massive street drainage grate or perhaps the ribbed coils of some nautical rope that had been pressed against my skin absolutely everywhere. There was a swishing, rasping sound as the huge toe arched upwards, taking the roof of my hiding spot with it.




I was fully exposed in the blinding light once again and I spasmed in the cold air. The long toenail had levered up and back my brief cloth-tomb, deforming and curling it upwards, revealing me entirely. I uselessly shielded my body with my arms as I coughed. Above me was my mother's mighty, raised big toe. I was utterly dwarfed by the impossibly huge toe pad looming ominously over me.




The great appendages writhed, rubbing against each other with a leathery, menacing rumble. I quickly looked away from the plump hulks reared above me for the sake of my own sanity. I shrieked and scrambled on all fours out from beneath the deadly feminine digits with an adrenaline-fueled haste. My mother's high arched foot lifted into the air, poised with fantastically sized toes pointing gracefully downwards. A confident, feminine chuckle erupted from the sky as the foot lowered, heel still raised in the air. She utterly crushing my pathetic hiding spot beneath the ball of her foot.




The elegant digits slightly raised from the crumpled fabric, like a pack of predatory dinosaurs pausing to rear upward from their meal with mouthfuls of steaming meat. I hazarded a glance into the panic inducing sky, past the beautiful toes which dominating my tiny world. I was gazing straight up my mother's leg. She had become to me one outlandishly distorted instep and tanned leg, like some gleaming dune of flesh with a distant torso and head attached to it only as an afterthought. Her pretty face was smirking as I groveled below her like a worm. I watched as she reached out to steady herself on the armrest of the couch. I moaned, grimacing and turned away, unable to cope with her terrifying form any longer. I instinctively got to my feet and scrambled over a massive snarl of denim, madly looking for another hiding spot.




"Where do you think you're going, hmm?"




I flinched in terror and forced myself to look back. My mother's shapely foot, easily as long as a city bus, moved almost imperceptibly in the air towards me. The bulbous swells of her five toe's massive pads usurped my view. The big toe levered away from it's companions and lowered, authoritatively pressing it's plump girth tip-first into the denim in front of me with a dull tremor. My legs failed in the presence of this panic-inducing spectacle and I pitched over onto my back.




"No more hiding from me, little bug," the blonde titaness thundered petulantly and the colossal digit reinforced her words by tapping ominously against the floor again. My poor, overloaded body trembled as I gazed in awed stupor at the towering, beautiful toe. I realized that one of the great standing boulders of Stonehenge would actually be slim in comparison to it. The other long, shapely digits hung just above the ground in a tidy row. Each intimidating toe in the lineup smaller than the last, like liberated Russian nesting dolls. The digits seemed to be the diameter of drainage pipe designed to be buried beneath a town's streets. Her mighty second toe could entirely fill a full-sized delivery van made for my scale. The long, lovely toes slowly curled, forming an impossible obstacle course of bulbous, stocky flesh and nightmarish crevices.




Things so inconsequential and so pleasantly feminine should never, ever be so alarmingly huge.




I fought my shaking, stubborn muscles and slowly turned away from my mother's gorgeous, unbearable horror in a tottering daze. I stumbled awkwardly to the flowing fold of denim behind me. It was a huge, rounded swell of a wall, too high to easily clamber up normally and in my present state I slid woodenly from it twice. My arms and legs felt heavy and useless. Even through my stupor, I realized that I wasn't going to get away from her.




The distant, high-altitude thunder rolled over me as as a smooth, richly feminine voice, "It must be such a shock to suddenly find yourself so helpless, so limited, hmm? That, however, is no excuse to run from your mother."




I shook my head slowly as I squeezed shut my eyes and grimaced. I whimpered messily, interrupted by my breathing which was only coming in short, ineffectual gasps. An ugly, unrestrained wail left my body. I regarded the crumpled indigo expanse around me blankly as I babbled, "This... it's not... real. It's not..." As fresh tears filled my wide, panicked eyes I shivered, grimly turning to face what I knew was behind me.




My mother's colossal foot had lifted slightly above the ground and it was already gliding slowly towards me. The mighty toes were fanned out and her big toe came into line with where I stood. The beautiful digit gracefully pivoted downward a bit as it sailed over the chaotic ground. The tip of her stocky toe overwhelmed my view as I shrieked. I madly shuffled, my arms outstretched, flinching in retreat away from it like some delirious wild animal confronted with a dozen fiery torches. But, there was no way that I could escape. I was backed against the denim behind me as I whimpered.




The monolithic tip of my mother's toe floated in front of me for a moment. The rest of her long toes were still spread wide and they flexed slowly, swaying their bulbous, beautiful tips. The air swirling around my naked body was noticeably hot, no doubt her body's heat wicking away from her tremendous digits. As I panted, my eyes traced up the impossible, maze-etched swell of her big toe. Just past the terrifying awning of her toenail's underside I could see her face in the distance. She was righteously smug, clearly enjoying this. Her eyes glinted mischievously and that dirty smile returned. My stomach tightened with dread. The amused look on her face was much more appropriate for a sudden unleashing of a joke's punchline, not for something so sinister as she thundered, "you've been bad, haven't you, little bug?"




"No... no... no. Please... don't... hurt me," I croaked as the vast foot began to move once again.




My entire naked frontside was violated by the slow impact of my mother's digit, splaying helplessly against it. My pathetic face and chest were stretched, yet simultaneously compressed, my unfortunate malleable flesh stamped by the ridged surface's cruel imprint. I heard deep, delighted laughter as the air was driven from my lungs. The denim behind me gave slightly from the pressure and I was curled back, sinking into it. My quivering feet left the rough, woven flooring as the giant toe obscenely immobilized me with just a graceful, dainty touch. The mighty digit pulled back slightly and for a long moment I hung there from it, my pitiful naked body adhered like a wet fragment of grass. A peal of earsplitting laughter filled the sky as the big toe slowly wiggled in a small circle. I limply slid from the tip of my mother's digit, collapsing to the ground in defeated silence.




"Aww. You poor thing."




A current of displaced air buffeted the ground around me as something colossal moved overhead. With a groan I forced myself to roll over onto my back. In the sky I could see my mother's smiling face as she tucked some of her long hair behind her ear. "I know what you've been up to, bug," her face was suddenly blotted out beyond the hovering row of her giant toes undersides, "you've been engaged in some very disgraceful behaviour lately, haven't you?" Her big toe levered down from it's curling sisters with a tremor and it playfully traced around me in a circle. I shivered as it slowly caressed, crushing the cloth landscape with a deep seething buzz, the sound of her toeprint running against the gigantic denim.




The elegant toe paused and my towering mother looked down on me from the sky. Her lips curled, showing her teeth contemptuously and her voice was venomous, "your stupidity has completely humiliated me, little bug. Do you know how I even found out? Hmm? I was told, informed by someone who saw you performing. Would you like to guess who that might have been? I was completely shamed by my closest friend. She's going to tell everyone, I just know it. I'll be ostracized."




My mother's pained look was replaced with a cruel smile and her lovely foot lifted, a humid wall of escaping air prefaced it's lazy flight overhead. Her toes scrunched demonstratively as they descended over me. "Oh God... mom... I'm sorry!" I choked out between my heaving breaths as the fearsome toes swept in close over me, blowing back my hair with a gust of wind. "please! Please, forgive me!" I wailed and struggled to stand. The hulking big toe dipped to deal with me as the rest of her toes curled out of the way. The beautiful toe tossed me harshly to my back with just an effortless touch and beyond the gargantuan bronzed leg I could see my mother smirk.




My mother's distant pretty face stared at me and I watched in oddly fascinated horror as those blue eyes guided her colossal big toe. The digit loomed downward over me, a monstrous, stocky pendulum that moved with an unhurried, precise menace. My mother's face became serious in concentration as the vast tip of her toe came very close. The edge of her immaculate toenail pressed lightly into the blue jean material right next to where I lay. I was utterly dwarfed by her looming toe and I painfully choked as I tried to cry out. The slightly long nail slid closer to me with a rumble, carefully nuzzling against the entire length of my diminutive, prone body. I quivered in terror, violated by the cold, red surface pressed against me.




My trembling gaze traced up the vast big toe's impossible presence. Beyond the great towering swell of instep and shin I found that distant face floating in the sky, wreathed in it's swaying, silvery-blonde halo of tresses. My mother's mouth twisted into an amused scoff as she looked down on my contemptible form. "So, you like to entertain lonely women with your naked body, hmm?" I was delicately rolled across the denim by a tiny nudge of her toenail and I began to crawl away from her in terror.




"To be honest, you don't look like much to me, Mikey," the beautiful foot lifted and it's big toe hovered menacingly over me, casting me in shadow as it pointed straight down. My mother's distant face glided sideways in the sky overhead out from behind her knee to watch her tiny target unhindered. "Where do you think you're crawling off to now, bug?" The digit lowered as I desperately crawled in it's growing shadow.




Something hard and smooth rolled me onto my back, "Please! Oh, God! You're... going to... crush..." I croaked.




My mother was smiling in cruel satisfaction beyond the great bulk of her hovering toe, "You're just not very impressive at all now, are you?" I wanted to recoil from the vast digit, but there was nowhere for me to hide. I turned away and tried to roll to my stomach again but my mother would not have it, "I don't think so, Mikey." I was bodily slammed by the hard projection of her nail as the toe nudged me. My hip and thigh ached and the wind had been knocked out of me against an unmoving ridge of distorted denim.




As I lay there groaning, the vast figure of my mother twisted slightly, changing her posture and leaning more heavily onto her colossal arm that she was using to steady her incredible form against the couch. The whole hovering, downturned foot rotated slightly as she did this, reorienting her big toe over me. Her thunderous voice was sweet with condescension, "All of those women at that strip joint thought that you were impressive, didn't they? You were good enough to consistently attract a paying crowd. Who could blame them? You were so tall and handsome, with a great smile and such a gorgeous body. But, perhaps we should not dwell on the past, hmm? Let me focus you on the present, alright?" She leaned in close over her knee and with a large smile the tip of her hulking digit slowly lowered onto me.




I thought at first my smirking, colossal tormentor was going to capture me beneath the stout pad of her toe, but the digit never did pivot upwards as it came on. Instead, the edge of my mother's slightly long toenail, which was as wide as I was tall, deliberately lowered onto the entire length of my helpless body. I shrilly pleaded with her as the flawless nail touched me. "Oh God, no! Please... don't kill... me! Please... mom!"




"Poor Mikey, you're just a teeny tiny pink thing now." I writhed in panic as the brightly painted keratin slowly imposed it's thick, stout edge onto my nude form. My tiny legs were pinned tightly against one another, my breathing was halted as my ribs and collarbone on my left side flexed slightly. My vertebrae popped like a skillfully executed chiropractic adjustment. I was being crucified and by such an outlandish, normally trivial thing.




"If I didn't know any better I'd swear that you're merely a piece of lint. It's hard to believe that you were a rather popular... ahem... adult entertainer." My free arm clawed spasmodically in the incredibly humid, unvarnished crevice of the bottom side of my mother's toenail. My head, trapped by my unfortunately pinned neck, stared up the great bowed length of crimson toenail in terror. I could see those distant blue eyes just peeking over the vast swell of her immense knee. I was babbling and pleading hysterically as my tiny form was driven down into the thankfully yielding denim by the mammoth toe.




My fearsome assailant lifted free and I whimpered. "I think you look more like a bug than a stud, Mikey," my mother murmured thunderously and her big toe prodded me with it's nail lightly. She playfully sent my limp form rolling with another tiny movement. "However, Mommy is so very, very lonely," she laughed softly with a regal note of pleasure as her ominous big toe reared up, blocking out her gloating features and covering me in it's thick shadow, "so you're going to entertain me."




The well-kept monster lowered onto my tiny form, just barely touching me yet trapping my entire naked body beneath it's humongous pad. I shivered and shook, screaming shrilly as I struggled, driving my own pitiful physique against the vast curvature of her ridged flesh in a futile and unhinged bid to escape.




"Oh my! Mmmm." my mother purred deafeningly as I squirmed.




The colossal toe slowly lifted up from me and her raised foot retracted for a moment. My tormentor gazed happily at my frantically gasping and reddened nudity.




"Due to the circumstances, I think I will just have to keep you, Mikey."




My tear clouded eyes traced up the towering shapes of tanned skin and cloth in stunned disbelief. My mother's face wore a relaxed, confident smile as she looked me over from the living room's distant heavens, like she was deciding on hand-crafted chocolates in some expensive boutique.




The shapely, high arched foot pivoted as my cheerful mother brought her gigantic digits to bear over me again like a poising dancer. Her intimidating big toe flexed straight down and it slowly descended. For a moment I thought that she was going to simply crush me like a bug beneath her pretty digit. The slightly long toenail's broad edge plunged heavily into the denim floor in front of me, as if preparing the way for the rounded, fleshy tip that followed it a nanosecond later.




My limp body rolled as the denim beneath me was tugged downward into a depression around my mother's ponderous toe. I came to a stop almost against her digit, like some exhausted sacrifice laid out in preparation for slaughter beneath some immense, sacred statue. The titanic, gently bowed toenail set into the unabashedly stocky colossus was close enough for me to reach out and touch. I sniffled wetly and a painful whimper escaped my tightly constricted throat as I got to my knees.




"I think that having you here with me is the best course of action. It's Mommy's only option, really."




The frightening digit rumbled against the denim as it shifted forward, sending heavy vibrations through my knees and into my bones as I cried out. Long indigo fibers of cotton denim dust floated upwards from the long toenail's sliding, scraping, sunken edge and stuck to my naked skin. My cock oscillated almost painfully like a spring doorstop due to the shuddering tremors, forcing me to stifle it with one hand. "I'm afraid that I just cannot let you go out into the world on your own again. You've proven to me that you possess very poor judgment."




I froze in fear as the huge, garishly painted toenail's surface pressed against my huddled form. I was moved backwards by it slightly as the denim creaked loudly, a wrinkle of it formed, stiffly welling up over my knees. "Please don't... hurt... please... mom..." I choked out between my panicked breaths. I held still against the smooth, red varnished surface, very afraid to provoke my mother.




That wasn't entirely correct. To me, because of my mother's toes overwhelming size in comparison to my pitiful form, they had themselves almost taken on the spark of individuality and autonomy in my mind. I felt like an elephant, a tiger, or perhaps some long extinct giant creature was pressed against my frail body and simply had not decided to attack yet, perhaps preferring to play with it's prey before the kill. Despite this strange yet instinctive illusion I held to, my immense mother's toenail seemed to be more like the brightly painted hull of some sort of a sport watercraft than an actual organic structure.




"You obviously have no self control," the gorgeous big toe shifted, rearing up slightly and I was tossed violently onto my back, "I suppose that I will simply have to take control of you then, hmm?" my mother thundered overhead. The impossible digit came to rest again, still tip first against the floor, towering over me like a leering bully.




"Yes, I think that you'll be a nice little distraction."




"No!" I protested with a whine, "please... I... don't..."




I crawled to my mother's digit and with a terrified, wincing reverence I pressed my shaking hands to the faintly streaked, dust strewn red polish. The mammoth big toe subtly shifted, creating ominously deep creaking noises against the compressed fabric. I followed her convex toenail upward with my eyes in awestruck fear. I was wheezing as I solemnly took in the great, curb-like cuticle that framed the top of the nail. It reminded me of some sort of a strangely bulging, out of reach lintel, sculpted above a monumentally tall medieval arched door. Not far beyond this demarcation was the dizzying chaos of her vast body, towering shapes made of gleaming skin, capped by a far-flung and thoroughly insignificant face. My mother was watching me, pleased or perhaps enchanted to gaze down on my pathetic, naked form groveling at the brutal altar of one of her toes.




"What did... did you... do... to... me?" I gasped, "How did... you... shrink... me? How... did you... shrink..." I was shaking disjointedly, the trauma of my predicament had become too much for me to handle. I had not been breathing properly for a long time and I was now doing little more than gulping the air. I felt a numb tingling in my face which was growing quickly. I wondered if I was going to pass out at any moment. A sickly chill shot through me as my vision became slightly opaqued by the dark, swirling clouds of oxygen deprivation, "Please... help me..." I whispered as I became suddenly lightheaded. My leaden arms fell limply away from the satiny, curved wall of enamel and I slumped face first against my tormentor's monumental toenail. I left a slobbering arc of saliva as I slid sideways across it until my stunned face met a slightly raised imperfection in the polish to rest against. I concentrated on breathing and for the moment I could only blink stupidly, my body supported precariously against the cool surface on my crumpled knees.




"You're going to make a wonderful toy for Mommy."




I slowly grimaced and tried desperately to focus my eyes, "oh God... please... no..."




"I suppose that you should think of your fate as a sort of trade that you have arranged, though this isn't a very fair trade for me at all, is it? My reputation with my lifelong friends most likely irreparably damaged? Just what do I get for this injustice in exchange? Hmm? Mommy has to salvage something out of this debacle. Well, I've decided, in return I'll get you, at just an inch tall. As my toy- to do with as I please."




The plump behemoth shifted, and I slid away from it, falling limply to the denim on my side. A thunderous chuckle split the air far above me as I blinked helplessly. My mother's mighty big toe moved slightly and her toenail pressed against me. I was slowly driven across the rough denim, accompanied by a deep rumble, the sound of the massive digit skimming it's way effortlessly across the fabric. I limply conformed around the wide tip of her vertical, plowing nail like a discarded, wet towel. "Well, you're just perfect as a toy for me, aren't you? In every way imaginable." The big toe reared upwards playfully and my naked body was launched, helplessly tumbling away. I rolled across the harsh cloth surface and when I came to a stop I lay there, my hitching breath still preventing any meaningful action. I was utterly helpless.




The frightening toes flexed up as the beautiful foot raised slightly, reaching for me. My mother seemed contemplative as her plump big toe lowered. I stared at the creamy, plump pillows of soft flesh that formed on her vast sole as her digit slowly blotted out this frightening yet wonderful vista. "It's almost as if you were made to be my plaything and we've just been biding our time, waiting for today." She daintily touched me with her toe, the cumbersome ridged flesh overwhelmed my helpless body and trapped me like an insect. "Don't you agree, my little bug?"




My mother's hot, corrugated toe flesh grotesquely dominated me, lightly keeping me in place against the stiff landscape as I helplessly quivered. I realized that with each physical contact I had with her vast anatomy I was becoming thinly coated in something... something truly awful. My skin and hair were suffocating in a pasty, fragrant substance, something like fresh cottage cheese whisked into lard. It was the natural emanations from her enormous, grooved flesh. I shook in revulsion, suddenly breaking free from my distressed fog. I thrashed, wailing beneath the vast, humid tip of her digit and my tiny movements induced a throaty giggle from her.




My cruel mother savored my useless struggles for just a moment longer beneath her big toe before she relented. I struggled free with a shout, staggering up onto my feet as the colossal toe pad pivoted upward away from me with a gust of chasing wind. Beyond my mother's toes I could see her grinning down on me. "You're so very tiny now, aren't you?" She smirked mockingly and those hovering digits spreading wide with an unmistakable purpose, "Mmm, just so unbelievably delicate and the best part? The best part is that now you're all mine." I could only hoarsely scream as the beautiful giantess pursed her lips in concentration, leaning in closer as she looked down on me.




I was paralysed with terror and I stood rigidly rooted to the spot, bellowing incoherently as my mother's shapely, colossal toes carefully reached for me. "Mmm. Are those adorable little squeaks for me, Mikey? For mommy?" Ridged, monstrous curves of glittering flesh cut off my view of anything else above me. My tiny head and shoulders were caught between her delicately pinching big toe and second toe. My pitiful upper body was painfully overwhelmed, pressed and hopelessly trapped in the dense, colossal pillows of my mother's humid toe flesh. I was gurgling, unable to scream, almost crushed between the barely yielding fragrant ridged walls. My legs gave out and I dangled twitching just above the outlandish floor. My entire body was nothing more than a tiny, fragile sliver which hung from between her beautiful, carefully clasped digits.




"Mmm. That's really nice," my mother cooed, "isn't it, Mikey?"




My tiny feet skidded across the huge denim as the cruel goddess drew me backward, towards her. With a graceful motion I was carefully laid down and released by the vast toes. My mother smiled happily as her big toe vacillated above me, "Really, I just can't resist," the toe's huge tip covered me as it lowered, seeking to touch me, "but that's no surprise, Mikey, I made your body tiny specifically for touching, after all."




"Oh God... no. Please..." I shrieked as I impotently shielded my head with my arms from the impending ridged, humid juggernaut. "You don't really mind, do you, my little bug?" The rounded, leathery tip of the towering digit pushed the air from my lungs as it came on like a slightly conscientious battering ram. My upper body was gently pressed into the rough floor as my tiny legs lashed spasmodically beyond her punishing, grievous flesh.




I was released after a long moment and the beautiful digits hovered in front of me as I gasped, embedded in the thick denim. "I know all about your perverted obsessions. Did you think that I never noticed you sneaking peeks at me?" Her toes fanned out prettily before scrunching with enough effortless force to most likely crumple an automobile. "Well, Mommy doesn't really mind now. You can look whenever you want, and as long as you want. But why just look at me, Mikey, when you can fully experience me, hmm?"




My amused mother played with my pathetic body like a piece of lint. She carefully prodded me across the denim in a little circle with graceful touches of her exquisite digit. There was no way that I could escape the terrifying, unintentionally brutal collisions of her powerful big toe. I knew better than to raise my arms to pointlessly attempt to thwart her. My tiny limbs would have been effortlessly broken or simply torn off against the dense, unstoppable behemoth that battered me.




I forced myself to remain limp and compliant, despite my terror and the ferocious assault that I was made to endure. I caught glimpses of my mother's delighted and gloating face between the predatory impositions and impacts of her mighty toe. The monstrous digit abandoned playing with my helpless body after a bit and it lowered, lightly covering me.




"Now, I know you're not going to like this critique, Mikey, but you really feel more like a bit of goose down from one of my pillows than a person," the colossal ridged pad glided slowly across my quaking nudity, "mommy certainly doesn't have any calluses, so I think that the problem is simply surface area. I suppose I'm now the absolute definition of surface area to you, aren't I? But sadly, you just don't have nearly enough of that quality. Hmm, perhaps there is a clever solution to make you much more... satisfying for me."




My mother began to delicately move her big toe back and forth over me, in a depraved, aggressive caress. She carefully experimented until she found just the right motion and pressure to cruelly roll my vulnerable, naked body up and down beneath the great length of her plump toe pad like a worm. "There you are! Mmm, you feel just wonderful to me, like my very own personal massage... hmm, bead? Yes, I think "bead" is an accurate description, since you are so tiny now."




All of my skin was punished and defiled. My bones creaked. My tendons were strained. The pathetic musculature that clad my miniature skeleton was deeply compressed, brutally kneaded against the fragile yet resilient structure of my own body. The only thing I could taste was the salty, doughy, metallic funk of my own mother's gargantuan toe. The only things I could hear were the ominous squeaks, the delicate, sickening pops of my ever revolving body. A deep bass rumble of the mighty toe's movement. A pleased, diabolical humming from an unnaturally deep and loud feminine voice.




It was only a moment before I had been pushed to the edge of unconsciousness. Even though my mother's colossal toe would lift from me occasionally to reposition itself for another agonizing caress, I was completely incapable of movement. Escaping this immense woman's effortless play was impossible for me. "Mommy's little toe bead. Mmm," she purred, as my view of her face was once again blotted out by her smothering, hot toe pad. My torture seemed to never end.




After almost ten minutes of this uncomplicated horror, the digit finally lifted away from me. My mother's beautiful foot hung in the air for a moment as the pleased goddess looked over my exhausted, panting body. "It doesn't even need to be said, but... All of those women at that club were right about you." The huge big toe came back down and with a single, careful touch the edge of it's toenail effortlessly rolled me onto my back. "I am in complete agreement with them. You have a nice body, Mikey. Very pleasant."




My mother's beautiful big toe hovered there ominously, dwarfing my tiny form as it floated just in front of me. It's ponderous size like some sort of a research submarine hanging from it's launch crane. "You like being Mommy's toe toy, don't you? Hmm?" The bulging wall of flesh lowered as I whimpered and it stroked slowly down the length of my tiny body. I trembled, groaning as the prehistoric looking ridges galled my delicate skin, "why don't you show me?" The big toe lowered back down right next to me with a dull tremor, content to merely loom imperiously against the floor again in an unmoving stab.




I sat up painfully and tried to catch my breath. I forced myself to take in the row of long toes slowly wiggling from the stout anchor point of my mother's vertically resting big toe. I knew that I could not escape her and I did not want to look up at her gloating in the sky overhead. I slowly made my way back to the impossible toe and desperately clung to the rippled polish, "please," I begged the stout, ovoid tower, "I don't... want to... be... your..." I shut my eyes tightly and pressed my cheek against the cool, smooth wall of my mother's vertically resting toenail as a violent sob shuddered through my body, "I don't... want... I'm so... sorry... please..."




I crawled on my knees almost completely blinded by my tears. I slowly made my way around the curved perimeter of my mother's perfect toenail until I confronted the great, tanned swell of flesh which framed it in, "Mommy," I whispered hoarsely, placing one hand cautiously to her taut, well hydrated skin. This was eerily evocative of the time I touched a surfaced whale off of the coast during a family vacation, "please..." I planted an apologetic kiss onto the dense, fragrant surface, "make... me big... again," I desperately pressed my chest and face to her hot skin as I dragged myself upwards onto my feet. I clung pitifully to the domineering, feminine edifice that grotesquely dwarfed me like I was some sort of a fragile parasite, "please, mom," I could feel her pulse pounding into my naked skin on the front of my body and I shuddered as my salt-bathed cock grew hard, pressing into the smelly valley between two ridges "I'm so tiny."





Hundreds of feet above me I could see her gloating expression as she savored my worshipful, huddled form. I stretched my arms upwards and pleadingly ran my hands across the thick curve of flesh. The vast big toe twitched all at once and I recoiled in fright. The massive digit shifted and I was instantly confronted by the cherry-red convexity of my mother's nail. The cool surface pressed into me and I was tossed effortlessly backwards with a slow, delicate flick. I landed and tumbled, ending up on my back. "Oops!" My mother gasped and then laughed, "that tickled!" Her long, fantastical toes writhed for a moment and then scrunched with a horrible sound, like some huge and wet, leather clad hand forming a fist. I gazed through my hopeless tears up at the colossus which dominated the sky above me.



My mother gracefully retracted her foot with a tremor. She bent down, her hands on her knees, and her blonde hair, head and chest grew much larger as they filled the sky overhead. She grinned down at me and spoke, her voice was deep and loud. A moment later the breath from my skyscraper sized mother filled my cloth valley. My naked skin was warmed by the hot, exhaled air which was tinged with the scent of her mouth, of her body.


"Sorry, little bug, I hope that didn't hurt too much."


I got to my feet as I gazed up at my mother's impossible size. I knew I was close to passing out from shock. I was ferociously aroused, yet trembling in absolute terror. My nervous system was close to mercifully shutting down. I yelled up at her in a weak voice, hoping she could hear me.


“What... What did you do to me!!? Please help me!”


My mother simply smiled, a suppressed laugh shook her impossibly large breasts. Suddenly, the vast tower of her form began to move all at once with a fluid grace. My mother bent at the knees as she lowered into a squat. A warm wind cast off my mother's moving body filled my strange prison and her subtle scent was suddenly everywhere. Beyond the wall of my cloth fortress the twin monumental ankles pivoted upwards. Her tanned, veined insteps elevated like vine festooned watchtowers as the titaness balanced on the balls of her feet. Her endless shins lowered, thrusting outward, sweeping quickly over my little crater of discarded clothes.




I clutched my hands to the sides of my head and went to my knees. My mother's distant face was grinning as she gazed down upon me, her beautiful body distorting outlandishly as she descended. Her enormous crotch grew huge as it lowered in the sky directly overhead. The fabric of her tight shorts creaked ominously as it tightened, revealing an unmistakable bulge, the hill-like camel toe of her hidden sex.




My impossible mother's endless shins finally hung motionless in the air above me, like menacing, alien battleships floating above a conquered town. I was already trapped and helpless within the confining walls of my crumpled clothing, but now I was assaulted by the sudden dread of utter domination. I felt as if I had just been claimed completely by my mother with her simple action of squatting down above me.




It was a wonder that I did not faint as all of those mundane, distant features which composed this all-too-familiar being cruelly overwhelmed my senses. But, I had no time to take in this alarming sight. A vast hand gracefully detached itself from the top of one of her knees where it had been resting like some tired lioness and it lowered into my ring of clothes. I was screaming harshly at the sheer size of her beautifully manicured fingertips as they sought my tiny body. A gentle wind preceded this small piece of her, air displaced by the enormity of my mother's descending hand. The closer her colossal fingers drew to me the louder and more shrill my screams became.




I instinctively covered my crotch with my hands and I immediately knew that she had caught the motion, that she understood what I had just done. An easy, thunderous laugh shivered the air around me and she smiled. Her huge index finger approached me and I tried to run. My mother was grinning in anticipation as her digit lazily chased me like I was some sort of a bug found beneath an upended log. I could not escape her digit, I was too tiny and moved too slowly across the rough, crumpled fabric landscape. She only had to make the smallest of adjustments to keep her looming fingertip on target.




A thunderous laugh split the air and my mother's beautiful hand hesitated, "this is so much fun, isn't it, Mikey? But, maybe I'm not being entirely fair since you're so tiny compared to me? You are awfully slow. I think that you just need a smaller giant lady chasing you, that's all."




The beautiful, distant face that crowned the squatting mountain of my mother's form giggled as her hand transformed into an inverted victory sign. Her hand lowered to my jumbled clothes, her index and middle fingers touched down, balanced on the tips of her elegant fingernails.




"Meet Mommy's little friend, Legs," my hair stood on end as my mother's index and middle fingers each bent, one at a time, and then posed like a beauty pageant contestant, pantomiming long, feminine legs, "she likes playing with poor tiny people. Likes to herd them with her feet and then..." The blonde colossus held her other hand to the side of her mouth, mockingly shielding her whispered words to me from 'Legs'. "Well, I think she has a kink, Mikey. She's a bit of a domme, so you had better be careful!"




My mother's ferocious laughter shivered the air around me and her mere fifty foot tall make-believe giantess began to stomp towards me on surreal red heels.




I was too slow, even in comparison to my mother's humiliating "small" marauding "giantess". I soon found myself beneath her towering fingers. Her fingertips cruelly dominated me, forcefully directing my manic retreat with playful "kicks" and nudges of her merciless, granite-like nails.




I was herded into a tall roll of cloth that I couldn't surmount. I was trapped. My mother's hand transformed, her middle finger folding away, yet her index finger still confronted me. The long, red fingernail was almost as tall as I was and swiftly blocked any escape. My awful, impossible fate was inexorably collapsing into place in front of my own eyes. My cruel mother would soon lay claim to me, to keep me as her toy. I went to my knees, hugging myself tightly as panicked, ragged sounds escaped my painfully tightened throat.




My mother's frightening fingertip drew near, gently nudging me with it's cold, hard nail. I was roughly knocked into the pants fabric onto my back. The wind had almost been knocked from me and I wondered if with her merest touch she had just bruised my chest. She slightly withdrew her hand and gazed down at me again with a growing delight.


I pulled my arms and legs in to me protectively in a fetal position and lay there wailing. She lowered her face a bit towards me overhead and her mouth opened in astonishment. My tiny vocalizations must have reached her ears for a vast, unabashed smile was slowly coming to her beautiful face. Her hand was back and it smoothly cut through the air, lowering over me. She gracefully wiggled her colossal fingers and I began to shriek in absolute panic. A deafening, low-pitched giggle split the air above me. Her hand slowed and her index finger unfolded and came down. Beyond her finger I could see her face, her tongue lightly touched her top front teeth hungrily as her eyes twinkled. My terror was an irresistible attraction to her, and as I watched as she drank it in.


My mother bit her full bottom lip gently right before her fingertip covered me in it's shadow. The tip of her finger dipped so that it hovered vertically directly above me. I was reminded of some nightmarish piece of heavy construction equipment as the thick, wide tip of the cold fingernail touched my arm. She grinned widely as her fingernail interposed itself upon me roughly. I tried to fight this smiling, towering titaness but I had no chance at all against her casual touch, no opportunity to protect myself against the smallest of her movements. Her nail-tip delicately pried open my toothpick-like arms and legs, breaking the tight ball I had curled into.




As I tried to curl into a ball once again, my mother's fingernail gently collided with me. She nudged my tiny body and roughly rolled me across my warm clothing. The colossal fingertip suddenly lowered directly over me and I froze as my heart jumped into my throat. I could hear her shorts stretch in protest against some sort of movement. In the sky overhead my mother's cheerful face floated sideways into view, peering at me beneath her fingertip. She was smiling happily down at me and I heard a delighted giggle.




"Don't worry, Mikey. Mommy won't squish you. I just want to... touch you." My mother grinned as she winked at me.


With one graceful, gentle motion I was buried beneath the monstrous, fleshy pad of her fingertip. My entire front side was pressed against the hot, ridged and unyielding flesh. My tiny head ended up underneath her fingernail and my face was smashed into the tiny juncture where her flesh was overshot by the horn-like underside of her sport-length fingernail.




"Mmm. That's nice."




The immense being continued to smash me into the stiff gigantic denim floor, my tiny limbs were entirely immobilized. My senses were overloaded, my bones popping loudly in my ears as the air was pushed forcibly from my lungs. I knew this was the end as the vast, ridged flesh settled downwards further. I made a choking, rasping sound as my vulnerable head was driven away from my shoulders by the immoveable, hot flesh, flattening my tiny neck and straining chest. My mother was going to kill me just like a bug. My tiny head… The pressure was going to… She was going to press a little bit more and my head… My head was going to come off! Before I knew what was happening I spasmed and came, my semen lost in the ridges of my mother's fingerprint.


Suddenly, the gargantuan finger lifted up and away. I dimly watched as my mother retrieved her hand and brought it to her face. She had felt me spasm! What punishment would she have doled out if I was normal size and had committed such an act? But now… My scalp tingled in panic and I felt like I was falling into an endless pit of despair as I struggled to breathe. In the sky above me the omnipotent, blonde titaness looked over the tip of her index finger. She glanced down at me, laughing thunderously as she rubbed her finger against her thumb, spreading my tiny, inconsequential mess into nothing.


"Goodness! You had better come up here with me, Mike. I want to talk to you."


With a large smile my mother bent even lower at the waist, reaching for me. Her tight shorts groaned as the folded tanned legs pivoted in the sky, spreading wider. I still lay despondent and twitching in the same depression her gigantic fingerprint had pressed me into a moment ago. I was powerless to stop my enormous mother whose mere digits utterly dwarfed me. Her hand descended between the golden summits of her legs for me, poised in a pinch. The distant beautiful face smiled confidently and there was nothing left in my stomach to eject at the sight of it all.




My incredible mother daintily pinched my tiny, limp and trembling form between her monstrous thumb and forefinger. The act itself while performed with the utmost of gentleness was brutal to my tiny body. The massive, rough flesh of her index fingertip collided with me and it's sheer mass plowed me away from it. I was slammed against my mother's encroaching thumb tip. A moment later the two dense fingertip pads had carefully captured me, from my tiny feet all the way up to my neck. Her searingly hot skin mercilessly compressed and overwhelmed my pitiful body. My unprotected stomach below my ribs gave way against the ridged bulge's insistent press. I thought for a moment that I might be forced to evacuate my bowels as my tiny torso was firmly constricted from all directions. I realized I had not even enjoyed the few breaths she had allowed me before she had gathered me up between her huge fingertips.




I flew upwards, between my mother's vast, tightly compressed calves. My neck was thrown back, my head came to rest against the thick flesh behind me, couched there against the G forces assaulting my tiny form. The hand which delicately held me hesitated in front of the broad landscape of her crotch. The beautiful colossus was still squatting as I hung there, floating in awe close to the immense, cloth-obscured bulge of her mons. A deafening, deeply pitched giggle erupted from above me.




I frowned as I recoiled. As I hovered there, trapped in the hell of my own mother's gigantic flesh... there was something... It was an unmistakable, instinctively known thing... a fresh, feminine, musky scent. That just couldn't be, I thought to myself, oh God, no! I wordlessly moaned in horror and I tried to struggle, but to no avail. My mother's intentionally delicate pinch was like being trapped up to my neck in hot, thick rubber backed by walls of granite.




Beyond the fantastical cloth landscapes of crotch, stomach and distant, vast breasts her lovely face hovered like a golden mirage. My mother's expression was a mixture of both fascination and pity as she gazed down on my trapped form. She had hesitated because she was obviously completely taken aback, candidly reacting to having my tiny body finally trapped between her fingers. My head lolled from side to side as the immense hand tilted a bit so her distant face could appraise me.




"Poor Mikey! You're just so tiny! Is that your cute little head sticking out? It is! Oh, I can barely even feel you at all between my fingers."




My lovely mother tucked some of her hair behind her ear and I watched in helpless horror as her mouth curled into an amused smirk. "There is that pesky surface area problem again, getting in the way of my satisfaction. I want to really feel you, Mikey, but your just a little wisp between my fingers." The thumb and index fingertips which held me subtly shifted, momentarily forcing the air from my lungs. "Well, let's just see if I can do something about that, shall we?" My mother's smile grew into a frightening grin causing the color to drain from my face. Her beautiful fingertips slid experimentally past one another, softly and slowly rolling my powerless, naked body like a slender bit of string between them a single revolution.




The torture stopped immediately and I panted as tears freely flowed down my red face. I gazed at my mother's distant cheerful countenance and silently begged for her to release me from the vast, sweltering crevice of her pinch. I watched as she cooed thunderously and that dirty, horrible smile crossed her face.




"Mmm, that was really very nice, Mikey. That was… well… It's suddenly warm in here, isn't it?" A thunderous chuckle caused my ears to ring momentarily.




I was ripped out of my horrified trance as the hillside composed of tight shorts loudly complained against a lateral movement of my mother's tanned thighs. I blinked stupidly as I took in the sight of her other monstrous hand descending over me. It stopped short of overtaking me, instead her frightening fingers relaxed onto her crotch. The well-kept digits hung in a row like fallen tree trunks leaning against the rounded wall of a desert ravine. I was stunned by the scale and sight of my colossal mother's digits all laid out peacefully directly in front of me. As I watched, three of her fingers curled slightly as her index finger took the lead. My mother's colossal index fingertip skimmed softly across the denim cloaked bulge before landing onto what could only be her gigantic, hidden clitoris.




I began to babble in shock as her beautiful fingertip bulged, pressing assertively against the denim. "What are you… Why are… Please… Please don't…" I couldn't look away. The thumb and index finger holding me suddenly drove the air from my lungs and tilted up slightly as she looked at me. "Mmm, my very own tiny massage bead," the digit on the great wall of her crotch pressed in and dragged itself back in a stroke, "although... I guess you could say that you're an additional massage bead for me, Mikey. There's, well, another one, the true one, my... ahem, my 'button'." The fingertip lightly tapped what lay hidden beneath of it.




"Even though I can't really say for sure, I'd swear that you look shocked. Are you a tiny hypocrite as well as an utter failure? You've had your fun, right? Went and popped your cork all over my finger. Well, if you thought this was all done just to punish you, then you're completely self-absorbed. Get over yourself. You obviously do not understand the definition of the word 'toy'."




The thumb and index finger which were pinching me glided much closer to her kneading fingertip. I hung there, my face red from my fruitless struggling as I grimaced. The monumental index finger arched upwards away from the enormous swell of denim. "You know what, Mikey? I want to see something. Don't be scared, my tiny bug." The cruel digits imprisoning me swept forward and the white cloth cliff filled my vision. The lengths of her thumbnail and index fingernail projecting out from her flesh in a crooked 'V' softly collided with the cliff's face. I sucked in the musk-tinged air and choked for a second before letting loose a panicked howl. The blunt wedge of her nail tips sunk a surprising amount into the resilient surface as she plowed my tiny form even closer. I was awash in humid, fragrant air which sickened me as the great swath of white denim bulged, almost touching me. The colossal pinching finger pads trapping my pitiful naked form hardened like iron against this infinitesimal pressure and my scream was cut off.




My mother's pinched fingertips which held me slowly moved in a tight circle as she briefly ran her nail tips across her colossal, hidden anatomy. As the fingertips holding me pulled away from her crotch, her iron-like grip softened. "Yes, I think that you're about the same size as my button." I filled my suddenly unhindered lungs and shrieked, then again and again. The skyscraper-sized woman listened to my tiny, hysterical screams for a moment. A large grin spread across her face as she gazed down on me, this callous reaction to my trauma caused my screams to escalate with a panic-stricken intensity.




My mother's other hand, which had been hanging unused across an impossible thigh, dropped lazily over me. Her gigantic index finger gracefully extended and the pad of her fingertip silenced me with a simple, enormous touch. My tiny trapped skull threatened to pop, suddenly crushed beneath this ridged, dense wall of hot flesh. The fingertip lifted and her flawless nail menaced my face with it's edge as she smiled down on me, "Mmm," the goddess thundered, "I'd like to feel you a little bit more. You don't mind too much, do you? Just humor me for a moment, Mikey, okay?" The digit retracted and I watched as it sought out her obscured clitoris once again.




As my mother pet herself, the fingertips holding me began to slide past each other once again, rolling and crushing my pitiful body between their dense, unstoppable flesh like a bit of lint. When the great pads of her fingertips allowed it, I could see that she was smiling wolfishly, her eyes locked on my tormented form.




The hot digits paused in their torment for a moment and I had no choice but to gaze upon the slowly stroking index finger as she spoke to me, "Well, little bug, what was that term? The other one, you know, besides 'button'? I think I initially heard it when I was away at college, what was it? Definitely not clitoris, obviously. Ahh! 'Little man in a rowboat,' wasn't that it? So childish, yet, that is very interesting all the same, isn't it? You're a little man too, and the same size. Well, perhaps this warrants a closer comparison? Maybe we'll save that little scenario for another time, hmm? Yes, I think that I'll let you go on a little boat excursion with your tiny friend sometime." With that the thumb and index fingertip clasping my naked body began to slide gently past one another again and I found myself in the suffocating, crushing hell.




The cruel titaness began laughing as she gazed down on my torment, her blue eyes glittering in delight. I could only make a hoarse, rattling sound as I tried to cry out. My tiny form was viciously wrung through the sliding, shifting crevice of her colossal, ridged pads. I was effortlessly brutalized, nearly crushed by the great, hot walls of some of my parent's most trivial anatomy.




My mother halted her gleeful, impulsive torture, though her laughter only died after trailing off as a small fit of giggling. "I don't want to get carried away, do I? No. Besides, I know a certain former young man that needs a good talking to." The carnal scent of her arousal seemed much stronger. I coughed and then began to weakly moan in remorseful fear. I watched the beautiful digit slow in it's stroking before it detached from the denim hill and flew away. In one smooth, dizzying motion, the endless vertical landscape of my mom finally stood and turned towards the couch.


I rocketed upwards, feeling giddy and simultaneously sick. Far below me I caught a glimpse of my clothes being effortlessly pushed to the side, now a shapeless heap trod upon by those enormous, gorgeous feet. The sudden turn made my head swim and my stomach swoon. Though my huge mother had merely pivoted on her feet as she held me, my tiny body had accelerated and hurtled in a tight semicircle, all while being tightly compressed between her thumb and forefinger. As my mom sat on the couch, I yelped, violently hurtling downwards with her. As I panted, trying to recover from her slightest movements, I took in an awe-inspiring sight: my goddess-like mother crossed her legs. What to her was a simple and thoughtless act was to me an awe-inspiring spectacle. I swallowed hard as I watched an incalculably long, tanned leg rise and fold as it came to rest upon the veritable hill of her knee. My brief reverie was ended as she brought me to her face.


I could never describe what it was like to look into such a familiar face at such a tiny size. I began to violently hyperventilate as the horror of my mother's face so close overwhelmed me. I wanted nothing more than to hide from her effortlessly omnipotent gaze. The unreadable gleam in her eyes was no longer a mystery. She had been gleefully anticipating my reduction in size. Now I understood her smugness, and at an inch tall I deserved her arrogant, triumphant smirk.




My mother's enormous fingertips eased in their grip and I sucked in grateful breaths between my sobs. My dick, lost in the dense skin of her huge thumb pad, was numb. Her beautiful mouth was supremely frightening and erotic to watch. She could toss me into that immense mouth like a single piece of popcorn. My mom spoke gently, never losing that haughty, terrible smile. Even my cruel mother's simple act of speaking dominated me. I could feel her thick, overwhelming voice impact against my skin and shiver the tiny bones of my skull. Her breath was a gale of hot, humid jungle air.


"There we are. Well now, I've got you right where I want you, my irresponsible and absent son! You were always just so busy, weren't you? Making all of those new friends, and having all of those new experiences. For months now I've been begging you to come and visit me."




My mother's other hand swept in beneath of me and like some monstrous, alien flower the colossal fingers unfurled. I found myself sideways as I was lowered to her vast palm and released. I was shaking, my senses overloaded, as I gazed in awe at the seamed, glittering curves of flesh surrounding me. My mother's relaxed thumb towered over me off to one side like a rock arch formation, firmly rooted to the swelling hill that claimed a quarter of her palm's real estate. My shivering form knelt in the shadows of her four loosely curled fingers.




I entertained a morbid concern that I might slip away into hysteria simply because I could not escape my mother's elemental presence. The flesh of this cruel goddess was everywhere now, constituting nearly everything: it was the landscape my body rested upon, her fingers the surreal equivalent of trees that mocked instead of consoled me with their shade. She had even infected part of the sky with her unavoidable face and the air that I inhaled was altered noticeably with the familiar, subtle scent of her vast body.




I stoically fought to remain calm on this ever shifting platform of my mother's swirl engraved skin. I instinctively retracted one hand and leg, rolling onto my buttock to escape the touch of her flesh, only to perform the same action a moment later with my other arm and leg. I realized that I was utterly incapable of breaking the stifling, sticky contact of her flesh with my own nakedness. I knelt there helplessly, forcing myself to relax with deep breaths as the insteps of my feet, my shins, and tiny knees grew hot against the slightly springy, living ground.




My mother's vast face peered down on me with an air of slight disapproval as her other hand floated up to tower menacingly beyond my nightmarish island. "You barely managed to come and visit me this time. I wasn't so sure you would show up at all, with the way you were talking." The index finger of her looming hand extended, encroaching upon her upturned palm like she was about to search through some coins. Panic took hold of me, "oh God! Please mom, don't touch me!"




My skyscraper-sized mother ignored my tiny protests, her thunderous voice consuming and drowning out my own entirely. The beautiful fingertip confronted me, pointing accusingly at my pitiful body and I fell onto my back. "Didn't it mean anything at all to you that your lonely, single mother wanted to spend time with you, her only son?" I dragged myself backwards across the humid ridges and seams using my elbows and heels, desperately trying to get away from the nightmarish, five foot diameter monster hovering in front of me. My mother's towering face looked irritated at my reaction to her finger and the massive appendage glided over me. Her mighty digit seemed to relax slightly and the frightening tip of it dropped towards me. The gleaming, hard edge of her fingernail, several inches thick and wider than my wretched body, lightly pressed against my chest. My awkward retreat had been effortlessly halted. The pair of enigmatic blue eyes were focused on my tiny, screeching form as I struggled against her nail.




I clutched my throbbing chest as the impossible finger lifted off of me. "Well," her index fingertip stabbed the air in front of me, causing a wall of wind to surge across my body, "guess what, my tiny bug boy?" The well manicured fingertip impacted against the seamed skin next to where I lay with a loud, powerful noise. Shockwaves raced through her palm's flesh beneath of me as if it was stiff gelatin and I was buffeted violently by the displaced air. I stared in wide-eyed shock, that was just a tap of her digit. If I would have been beneath of that lovely fingertip during it's simple gesture I would have been completely crushed, "You're here now," the huge digit tapped again and I knew that my mother understood my nightmarish plight and point of view completely, "and I've made sure that you're not going anywhere, ever" tap! "again" tap!




My mother's finger lingered after it's last tap, resting against the flesh of her palm in front of where my pitiful form lay. The annoyance in her five story tall face was replaced with a pleased smugness. I watched in horror as the pad of her immense fingertip bulged as slight pressure was applied to it. She smiled with a dark satisfaction as her digit subtly tilted against her palm's seamed padding. She was showing it to me, casually modeling it, or it's inherent might, or both. Dread washed over me, I was truly nothing now. I had become trapped in a vicious parody of my own reality, a place where I could be casually popped like a rotten blueberry by my own mother's colossal, flawlessly manicured fingertips... and this fact delighted her.




My smiling mother's index finger lifted from the crease-dappled swells of her palm and loomed up in front of me threateningly. I scrambled up onto my knees and lifted my tiny arms. I was unsure what exactly I was doing, whether I might ineffectually try to protect myself once again or make an attempt to pacify her. I was convulsing with a mixture of terror, remorse and adrenaline.




"Please… don't… squish me... mom," I whispered hoarsely.




"What do you think you're doing, hmm?" My mother thundered sultrily, the powerful acoustic waves of her voice raced violently across my skin like it was a drumhead. The beautiful fingertip drew closer to me as a small smile crossed my mother's towering face. My stomach knotted as the unreal digit filled my vision. The overhang of her fingernail abruptly shielded my eyes from the sunlight streaming through the distant living room windows like a small canopy. "Please… don't…" I whispered, instinctively pressing my hands to the ribbed surface of her bulging fingertip. I wanted to recoil as I felt the scant, salty oils cling to my palms. Then the swirled bulge was against my face and upper chest and I sputtered nervously.




I pulled my face free, now defiled with a stiff, salty oil. My trembling had exhausted my muscles and now each uncontrollable quiver built upon a grating ache that I felt even in my bones. My captor held her mighty finger quite still, absolutely dwarfing my tiny kneeling form. I inhaled deeply to momentarily stall my fear and took the risk of provoking an immediate response from her. As I trembled, I quickly crawled around to the side of her immense digit, hoping to change my position to where it wasn't quite as threatening to me or quite as tempting for her. My hands ran across the slightly sticky grooves as they steadied my sore body. She responded, but not in the way that I had dreaded, the great bulk of her immaculate fingertip simply dropped to her palm. My footing became harder to maintain as her palm's dense skin divoted beneath of her digit's immense weight. The vast face was watching me with a curious amusement.




I took in the colossal fingertip I leaned against in numbed shock. I forced myself to run my tiny hands across the dense, hot flesh of the pretty digit. "I'm so sorry mom," I addressed her looming, smiling face with a hoarse, quavering voice, "please..." Please what? My words didn't matter, there would be no redemption from my new trinket-sized status. There was nothing at all that I could say even if she could hear me to change her mind. The only thing I could even attempt to do was to appease this god-like being, in the hope that I might save my fragile form from further torture by denigrating myself, by distracting her.




I turned back to the hulking, perfectly manicured behemoth and stiffly pressed my lips to the revoltingly briny flesh. I threw myself partially across the ridged, seamed pillar as I reverently stroked my hands across the great swell of tanned skin at the base of her fingernail. As I cautiously kissed an audible rush of air left my mother's nostrils and it flowed quickly over me, causing my hair to whip and dance.




"Are you trying to worship me? That's awfully cute." With a moronic gasp of eagerness I slid away from her digit's bulging side. I quickly fell onto my face next to her fingertip, folding up in veneration like some groveling extra in a King Kong movie. "Aww." The finger lifted free from her palm, it's monstrous, glossy red fingernail threatened to sever my tiny arms as it lightly touched me for a moment before pulling away. "But you already worship me, bug- you have for a long time now, I think. Besides, Mikey, you should put forth a little bit more effort than just this. I'm not some distant, uncaring deity and I'm definitely not imaginary."




I hazarded a glance into the sky overhead and I regretted it immediately. My mother was smiling down on me, relaxed and confident, relishing my tiny, cowering form. I was covered in the shadow of her mighty index finger as it lowered onto me. It's dense, hot flesh pressed against my back as I prostrated, forcing my face into a deep seam on her palm. "A little kowtowing won't ever win any brownie points with me."




My knees were forced against my diaphragm as the pad of the pretty fingertip completely covered my neatly compacted form. "Although, I have to admit, I'm enjoying this, my tiny toy." I moaned as the air was forced from my lungs, my bones creaked as I was pressed in upon myself. My mother's touch was like an immense sandbag, car-sized and filled almost to bursting with scorching sand. My colossal parent held me there, just a moment away from effortlessly crushing me like the bug I now was.




The digit finally lifted off and her frightening nail softly stroked the flesh directly in front of me. "I appreciate that you are eager, but please, leave the details of how you will worship up to me," the fingernail touched me, lightly rolling me across the sweltering, swollen skin, "Mommy has a few ideas about how you will properly worship me already, don't worry." The dense pad of her digit lowered onto me and I shivered as she casually felt my tiny form with slow, exploratory strokes. She casually violated me as she rolled me around like a trinket. I was effortlessly robbed of a proper breath as her dense, ridged flesh nearly crushed my tiny body. I was lightly pinned against the hot flesh of her palm. I gulped in the sweet air, overwhelmed completely by the imperious digit looming over me like some triumphant bully.




The index finger swung away, folding back against it's mighty sisters in the hovering fist. "I really do appreciate your servile attitude. However, Mikey," my mother's smile evaporated, replaced by a mock look of sad concern. Her beautiful thumb straightened out from her floating fist, "I think you should be warned: you've been ignoring me for almost an entire year and, well, you're just so vulnerable now, aren't you?" The giant ridged pad swept in over me, a stout, oval monster capable of covering a hot tub full of people my size as effortlessly as my mother might use it to control the flow of olive oil from a bottle onto her salad. Her eyes glowed dangerously as her well-hydrated thumb lowered, "You have really hurt Mommy's feelings, so I may be a bit less than charitable towards you." 




I shook with a surge of unrequited adrenaline, covering my face with a moan. I knew that I could not escape my omnipotent captor, there was no place to hide on her palm and even worse, I would be trying to evade her gigantic thumb. To do so would be a dangerous, perhaps accidentally lethal provocation.




In the rapidly depleting circle of light which surrounded my tiny, naked body I watched as my mother's immense face swept downwards like a falling curtain. Then I was confronted by one vast blue eye which eagerly stared at me from beyond the twilight of the closing crevice. I shivered and curled into a ball, pressing my sobbing face to the hot, ridged skin that I rested upon. The cruel thumb pad touched me, locking me in place beneath of it. The beautiful eye was replaced by her vast, smiling mouth.




My mother's voice was nauseatingly sweet with delight, and the thick vibrations of her overpowering voice made my skin sting, "We are going to be spending some quality time together, but on Mommy's terms now. Let me just remind you of my terms, Mikey. From now on you'll live under my thumb, either figuratively or..."


"...Literally." I was sealed completely in cruel, ridged skin. My breathing was halted and my tiny bones creaked like old lumber. I was on the verge of passing out when I was suddenly out in the light once again, but something was terribly wrong. My naked body had become grotesquely plastered back-first to the pad of my mother's thumb. I shrieked as I fought to peel free my tiny arms. My mother's huge hand rotated so that she could see me. A deafening laugh reverberated through my skin. The pretty digit floated upwards, taking me with it towards the laughing face as an unwilling passenger.

My mother looked over my tiny body, her frightening mouth twisting into a smirk. "Oh no, Mikey! It looks like you're stuck to Mommy!" She whispered, her eyes wide in mocking surprise, "hmm, you know, I really think that this is a good look for you. Very fetching." The thumb's pad tilted back at the massive joint and my vertebrae were elongated in a stretch across the plump curve of her flesh. "This is quite fitting for you, don't you agree?" The beautiful thumb flexed up and down with slow, careful movements, "you're Mommy's adorable little finger puppet now, aren't you?"

My mother chuckled as her index finger pressed against my torso and I was firmly secured again in her grasp. I felt my stomach churn as she lowered her hand to her lap, resting the back of it on the expansive curved plain of her bare thigh. She continued to keep me delicately clamped between her elegant fingers like a piece of candy. I looked up at my frightening captor. Her face and long blonde hair were now far above, foreshortened to the point of outlandishness, now just the distant peak of the vast mountain of tanned flesh and coarse fabric. You would think that from my point of view she might look like a monument. But, monuments don't move, they don't look you in the eyes as they squeeze you a bit more in their gigantic grasp like a defeated bug.


My mother's upper body lowered towards me and I began struggling, whatever she was about to do I wanted no part of it. I could not help but to react as if the prow of some huge oil tanker were bearing down on me. But it was only my mother's massive, pretty face. Her face became very close as her other enormous hand lowered and it's index finger reached out towards me as she spoke. I instinctively wanted to flee but I could not move at all.


"You're going to make everything up to me, Mikey. We'll be spending a lot of time together, but I'm not sure you're going to enjoy all of it. That's too bad, because I think I'll be loving our time together. We're going to be very close, Mikey, very close from now on."


My mother smiled thoughtfully and her beautiful fingertip zeroed in on my tiny head. I could not escape it, I was completely trapped. Her digit was almost as large in diameter as I was tall. I was hoarsely protesting as her fingertip blotted everything else out of my vision. My tiny screams were suddenly cut off by the imposition of my mother's touch. I heard a small, content murmur of satisfaction in reaction to my abrupt and forceful silencing. The fingertip gently mauled my tiny face with small strokes across it. The ridges of her flesh scraped along my tiny features, thoroughly smashing them and then it would pull away, readying for another pass. Above me my mother was smirking, relishing my absolute helplessness.


I could only hang there and pant. My eyes had teared up and they stung from being harshly maltreated against my mother's salty fingerprint. Her huge, frightening thumb joined her exploring index finger and they deftly pinched at my tiny, flailing legs as I desperately tried to keep them free.




"Aww. Look at those tiny things! I'm just going to- I just want to see one of these handsome legs."




With very little effort my left leg was caught between the huge red nails. My foot and shin became deeply trapped in the ridged crevice of her finger's pads. I was shrieking as I fruitlessly tugged with all my might. My limb was engulfed almost all the way up to my hip and I watched as my mountainous captor grinned. My tiny limb was not much more than the size of a sewing needle between the intimidating and flawless nails. I choked on my own panicked breathing and moaned in shock.




"You've always had such nice, muscular legs, Mikey. Good, strong swimmer's legs."




I wanted to throw up again. It felt like the blood in my leg was squeezed downwards, almost forced into my foot as my mother gently slid her colossal fingernails down to my ankle. The beautiful, apparently omnipotent being grinned cheerfully as she held onto my miniature foot, trapped painfully between the tips of her nails. She watched in fascination as I struggled against her.


"I've got some special things planned for us. I don't think you need to worry about it, it's just boring stuff that your mother does all the time. But you can help me out, can't you? That's the least you can do, isn't it, Mikey? You've always been really good at doing the minimum required, haven't you? Well, just take a look at yourself! I would say that now you're actually the minimum required son."




My mother released my tiny foot and her gigantic thumb and index finger nearly blotted out her face as they overwhelmed me, delicately pinching again. Both of my tiny flailing legs were caught simultaneously between her fingertips, trapped in the red vice of her flawless fingernails. Her simple act caused my hysterics to escalate and I fought back with all my strength, bucking and straining in panic. The pretty face smirked as my legs were stretched out horizontally. She could effortlessly sever both of my legs at once if she chose to. I was utterly dwarfed by her thumbs and index fingers which carefully held my pitiful, trembling form like a tiny rubber band between them.




"Aww, just look at this adorable little body! I don't need or want any more of you than this, Mikey. I just need a little bit and you are definitely just a little bit!"




The blonde titaness released my legs and her upturned index finger lifted from below me. My tiny bare feet met the swirled pad of her fingertip. I levered my legs against her flesh, trying to free my upper body from her monstrous, confining grip. The vast, beautiful face smiled, enjoying my futile struggles.




"I can't get enough of these handsome little legs of yours, Mikey."




Her index finger raised upwards a slight bit more, my buttocks and tiny legs were forced to rest on the pad of her fingertip. She was smiling as she studied my slowly writhing legs. Her terrifying thumb unfolded and antagonized me, stroking my vulnerable, trapped legs experimentally beneath it's dense, colossal bulk. Her index finger finally slid away and my tiny legs dangled once again.




My mother raised her vast thumb from below me and held it still, laying my lower body out onto her thumbnail. That colossal face came even closer, filling the space in front of me completely. I was a bug on a microscope slide, my tiny legs and crotch standing out in high relief against the expansive red carapace of her nail. She squinted as she held her breath and a smug smile passed across her face. “Aww. Just look at that!” my mother whispered and she puckered her lips, blowing gently across her thumbnail. The colossus grinned sunnily as she studied my tiny form. After a few more moments of staring at my infinitesimal legs, her intimidating thumb slid away.


I was panting, my throat was sore and I hung there limply between my mother's fingertips in front of her face. Her eyes were glittering, bright with excitement. Her littlest finger unfolded from her immense, hovering hand. The digit lowered slowly towards me as her gigantic, amused eyes stared into my frightened face. There was nothing little at all about my mother's pinky, it was at least fifteen feet in length and perhaps four feet in diameter. The tremendous fingertip came close overhead and loomed there authoritatively as she smirked. My tiny face was gently touched for a moment before the digit pulled away, hovering over me ominously.




"You're going to be very obedient, aren't you, Mikey? Because I've got your undivided attention now, don't I?" My mother whispered, her eyes gleaming, "I bet that you would just hate for me to even lift a finger to punish you?"




My vast mother was smiling with relish as my entire tiny and vulnerable head was slowly captured beneath her littlest finger's pad. My skull was pinned against the unmoving backdrop of her pinched fingers which still confined and held me. I was babbling, my tiny face pressed against her dense flesh. Despite my mouth being smashed against the salty fingerprint, I tried uselessly to beg my goddess-sized mother for mercy. "You're going to do whatever I want, right, Mikey?" The dense cushion of ridged flesh delicately pressed down, cruelly conforming around my gasping, sputtering head and upper body, entombing them completely. "You're going to be desperate to keep me happy, right?" She kept me subdued like that for what seemed like an eternity.





Finally my mother removed her pinky from my head. I was panting as she softly touched the tiny, quivering pieces of my body which stuck out past the expansive crevice of her thumb and index finger. She was smiling happily, savoring each massive, careful contact. Her intimidating pinky fingertip delicately roamed across me as if it was exploring the downy, fragile sphere of a pregnant dandelion. I felt like my chest was going to collapse against the rough, steamy bulk which dragged itself across me. I involuntarily shivered as my skyscraper-sized mother's blue eyes beamed cheerfully. She brought her fingertip in to hover just in front of my tiny head. The cold, thick edge of her fingernail pushed against my cheek and then jaw to change the angle of my tiny face.




I tearfully begged for my mother to stop, but I was simply too small to be heard. The vast blonde goddess was enraptured as her pretty finger carefully explored. My ineffective arms were easily thwarted, effortlessly overruled, folded painfully against my torso or buried beneath the unstoppable and weighty trace of her digit. My own tears and saliva which glistened on her swirled fingerprint were smeared onto the backs of my hands, my knees, my tiny shins. She laughed at me again, hurting my ears as her fingernail played with my twitching, combative legs. Her digit pulled away, her wrist turning until her pinky was upturned, hovering just beneath the hand which was softly pinching me.




The gargantuan thumb and index finger which gripped me rotated until I hung over her pinky fingertip and just beyond it the vast, smooth thigh. I was slightly lowered over the unreal fingertip and her digits eased their cruel squeeze dramatically. Gravity took hold of me and I slid downward, suddenly free of her monstrous pinch. I fell away from her digits only a short distance and collided with her upturned finger. I scrambled in a panic, wrapping my little arms and legs as well as I could around the vast girth of my mother's pinky fingertip as her other hand swept away.



Slightly behind me and to my left were the huge, folded fingers of my mother's upturned left hand. Laying lightly down against them was her colossal thumb, the soft and well-kept digit was large enough to rival a compact car in size. The pinky finger I clung tightly to lifted and tilted as she raised her hand closer to her face and looked me over. I could feel her awesome breath on my back and out of the corner of my eye I could see the platinum shine of her hair.




I trembled, my mind reeling in shock as deep sobs rocked me. It was absurd, but finding myself desperately perched atop one of my own mother's colossal fingertips had crumbled the last of my instinctive, stubborn denial. I finally realized that I was in a very real form of hell. My impossible transformation had been unmerciful to my body and mind, even withering my spirit. But my own mother had become grotesquely changed as well. I was the tiny, defenseless plaything of a tremendous and awful being. An entity which derived boundless joy from dominating, compressing and probing my conquered, helpless body.




"Aww. This is nice. So very, very nice! I suppose that I don't even need to say a word about where you are right now, do I, Mikey? It's such obvious and appropriate symbolism. I like that." The thick sound waves of her impossible voice penetrated my tingling skin and caused my ears to ring.




I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, from the vast hand that my frightening fingertip perch belonged to. My mother's mighty thumb had unfolded and detached from across the top of her elephantine knuckles, freeing her other nestled fingers. The three fingers unfolded, their colossal, pillar like forms sped past my perch as they unfurled. I was buffeted by the wind displaced by them as a shadow fell over me.




The plump tip of my mother's thumb came very close to me, utterly dwarfing my tiny presence. I gazed in horror at the wide, gleaming thumbnail that jutted from her digit's obscene mass. A tiny, defeated sound escaped my tightened throat and I pressed my grimacing, wet face into her little finger's ridges in despair. The thumb's pad eclipsed my tiny form and then it's leathery, rough skin touched my backside. I was crushed against her little finger's hot, grooved bulk in a delicate pinch which momentarily drove the air from me.




The massive, hot crevice which now trapped me turned until my view of the outside world was overwhelmed by my mother's smirking mouth. The bulging pads of her fingertips which held me shifted slightly, compressing my captured torso and legs. I moaned horribly as I threw my head back. For a moment I was frozen, my painful utterance dying in my throat as I took in the staggering view of my mother's tremendous face.




I hung so closely to my mom's face that her features had become a broad, vertical tower to me, composed of vast contours of gleaming, oily golden skin. Dominating this unnatural precipice were the beautiful mouth and the unreal underside of her nose. Her nightmarish nostrils were each more than large enough for me to crawl within. My mother's distant eyes were hidden beyond her high cheekbones, only the tips of her unreal lashes gave away their locations at all.




I was so small that to me, this person whose face I knew intimately was more of a living landscape, perhaps even more of a place than an individual. An alienating, dreadful awe swept over me, gleefully tearing at the broken, scattered pieces of my self image, my identity and humanity.




I was ripped out of my horrified stare as my tiny face and single free arm were slowly pressed into the pink, pleated wall of my mother's lower lip. I was shrieking as she stroked me sideways across the hot, bulging flesh. My weak, shrill pleas for mercy went unheard or ignored as the titaness hummed deeply in satisfaction. I was withdrawn from the enormous mouth and watched as it drew up into a slight smile.




"Mmm. You're so soft to me there!" My vision blurred as my gigantic mother spoke, my face directly subjected to the full force of her deliberately gentle voice. My temporary sight impairment did little to dampen the horrific majesty of that mouth moving all at once so close to me. "That's nice, Mikey. I want more of that." I caught the shockingly white flash of her teeth as she spoke, my ears popping from the pressure waves as my skin buzzed in alarm. "Mmm," the vast lips grew fuller as the corners of her mouth forced a slight pout. I was trembling with adrenaline as my pitiful face was gently pressed against the seamed wall of her lower lip again. I gibbered nonsensically, my own confined voice strangely dampened as her lip's flesh molded to the entire front of my tiny skull.




My stupendous mother rumbled another cheerful noise. The leathery wall which was violating my face quaked in resonance with this little murmur from her titanic vocal cords. I thrashed as my optic nerves erupted with fireworks behind my tightly shut eyes. I managed to turn my head to the side as I was swept again across a tiny portion of her lower lip. On the second pass I could no longer fight against her actions with my exhausted neck muscles. My poor face skidded helplessly across the cushiony flesh. I slapped my single free hand against the bulbous wall and desperately clawed at it's huge creases as I was dragged along. My mother's lower lip twitched.




The cruel titaness pulled me back slightly and I was confronted by her perturbed mouth. My head swung recklessly back as she moved me. I forced my neck muscles to work and rested my drooping head against the ridged behemoth of her pinky fingertip. I weakly begged the petulant, beautiful mouth, "please, mom. Please-" the words died in my throat as the vast lips came in closer to my stifled form.




"Bad boy," the titanic mouth whispered, sending tingling ripples of sensation across my face and body.




My mother's angry looking lips parted just a tiny fraction. What little of me that was exposed past her fingertips was daintily brought to rest onto her lower lip. I stared wide-eyed at the back of this pink cave of flesh, into the twilight, where the bulging, seamed ground became wet with saliva, where the wall of neat, white enamel teeth shone. I was bellowing as my captor's upper lip relaxed back to a neutral position. My poor head and arm were caught beneath the very edge of that gargantuan curtain of pillowy lip. I was utterly helpless as tons of her pliable pink flesh molded to my tiny extremities, cradling my body parts in a hot, inescapable living tomb. I could not struggle, nor could I breathe as my mother delicately punished me for fighting back against her.




The titaness lingered for a moment with my miniature upper body trapped between her lips. Then the hand which held me slowly slid away from her annoyed mouth, dragging free my poor head and tingling arm. I sucked in huge breaths, my face and ears felt like they were on fire from the pressures I had been forced to endure. The fingertips which held my tiny body traveled upwards. I was raised very close to the awe-inspiring, golden landscape of my own mother's vast, five-story tall face.




I was confronted by one incredible blue eye. I could not read my mother's mood or expression as the vast, glossy orb gazed upon my uncomfortably trapped form. The iridescent blue iris visibly contracted and with a sudden, furious violence she blinked. It almost sounded like a gun being discharged as the eyelashes collided. I cried out in shock at this surreal, ridiculous display of might as eddies of disturbed air raced across my sweaty skin.




An intimidating fingertip from my mother's other hand slid in sideways between her huge eye and my body like a prowling shark. It lifted as it drew closer to me, my tiny head and arm came to rest on the cool, crimson gloss of the enormous fingernail's tip.




"Kiss me," my mother's voice whispered thunderously. I mopped the gleaming crimson with my mouth. With my single sore arm I awkwardly stroked the hardened varnish in desperate consolation as I fought not to weep. The scary yet also quite captivating eye blinked once again and I flinched with a yelp.




My mother's eye stared at me for a long moment before her fingernail retracted, leaving my head and arm dangling uselessly from her pinched digits. The vast index fingertip dove, disappearing to somewhere far below me. There was a rustling sound in the distance and my mother's eye looked away from me. A quake rippled through the mighty fingers which held me. The beautiful abomination that was my own mother was putting forth some amount of awkward effort to do something. But what?




My answer was quick, my mother's eye pulled back, away from me. I could see most of her beautiful face as her other fingers flew up from below. They brought something with them, a black, plastic cylinder that took me a moment to recognize: the jewelers loupe that I had found on her coffee table. I watched in horror as the beautiful, towering fingers deftly pushed the magnifier against her eye. The index fingertip and colossal thumb of that hand continued to float next to the black cylinder once they had affixed it to her face.




"There we are," the thumb and index finger which delicately gripped me brought me in closer to the huge lens, "you remember mommy's magnifier, don't you? I bought it specifically for dealing with you, my tiny bug boy." I shivered as the ominous cylinder hovered closer. Beyond the convex, crystal aperture my mother's blue eye had become distorted into a warped mass of color. "Aww. You look so sad, Mikey. I can see your tiny face, clear as day," I was deafened by her thunderous giggle.




The thumb and index fingertips of my cruel parent's free hand drew near to me, each were easily the size of concrete pipes often buried to route away rainwater from a neighborhood. They carefully closed onto my fragile arm, trapping it between their hot, merciless flesh for a moment before letting go. There was a deafening rumble, a gentle, amused chuckle from the colossus. "Oh, such a look! You don't like it when mommy touches you? You're going to get used to this, whether you like it or not," she thundered ominously.




The immense eye beyond the lens stared monstrously as my mother's gigantic thumb and index fingertip slowly encroached upon my vulnerable head. "Beg me," her whispered words tickled my tiny dangling feet. As I flailed, pleading hysterically, her elegant fingers slowly closed, trapping my pitiful skull between the tips of her nails like a little seed. My eyes rolled back in my head as my windpipe was squeezed shut. I was only a subtle muscle tremor, just a tiny movement away from an insect's gruesome death.




The impossible digits pivoted open and my tiny, gasping face was carefully touched by the edge of a flawless fingernail as she chuckled, "I absolutely adore how delicate you've become, how very tiny I've made you. Aww, don't cry, little boy. Maybe mommy will introduce you to her jewelry box's windup ballerina. She's a little bit too tall for you, I think, but then again, you like tall women, don't you?" I felt the first tiny butterflies in my stomach as I began to drop.




As I sped away from her enormous smirking face I was the target of her haughty, omnipotent glare. I watched as she removed the jewelers loupe from her eye. I plummeted, hurtling downward just beyond the tall, golden towers of her shins. Her fingertips lowered to the floor a short distance out in front of her. The vast thumb pad's moist bulk peeled free of my back. The edge of her long crimson thumbnail pressed down against her pinky, just beyond my legs, and she scraped me free of her fingertip like a bit of trash. My mother removed her hand, but remained folded over, her ample chest practically touching her lap.


I immediately scrambled awkwardly and painfully up onto my legs, but then I was paralyzed. Directly in front of me, perhaps fifty yards away were my mother's gargantuan feet. I realized that I might only come up to near the top of her big toes. Above me her beautiful face stared enigmatically down at me, her humor gone. Her stern face was flanked on each side by one of her tanned knees. For the second time today I felt like I had been punched in the stomach as I vividly recall her preoccupation with her feet, plucking up the perfume bottle's cap, stroking the pad of her big toe as she wondered out loud about… I began to back up.


"Well, now that I've got you here, I think that there should be some protocols that need to be in place for us to best enjoy our time together. Don't you? I am sure that the first thing that comes to your mind might be something like; please don't hurt me Mommy! I understand. You are such a tiny thing now, aren't you? I should be concerned about you're well-being, shouldn't I? Wouldn't that be the motherly thing to do? Because... you're a good son, right?"




My mother's intimidating toes all flexed before pressing down into the carpet. They bulged, fattening and growing pale. I could feel subtle shifts in the vast, dusty netting of the carpet's substrate. My mouth became dry as I stared in horror at those sexy, mighty appendages that now cruelly and utterly dwarfed me.




"Hmm. But, wait a minute! Didn't I ask you to come out for my birthday? I should have expected my only son to automatically show up, but I wasn't sure with how neglectful of me you have been since you started college. So I asked you directly and of course, you said you would. I opened my presents. I had cake with your aunts. You never showed up. I ate dinner alone that night. Oh, I'm sure you had more important things to do, didn't you, Mikey? Then, remember when I called you up and begged you to come over and relight my furnace? I know, Mikey, it was only a voice mail. They are so easy to ignore, aren't they? That was a fifty dollar house call the furnace repair man made- just to relight the furnace."


My vast, looming mother leaned down closer and the huge couch creaked ominously. Her enormous face was blank, her pretty mouth terse. 


"You had responsibilities and you neglected them. I thought you would be considerate, compassionate and lend a hand when desperately needed by your poor mother, but you didn't. Well, Mikey, you owe me a birthday present. You also owe me fifty dollars. You owe me a lot more than that, too. I think you should try to make amends. I have some ideas how you might make everything better between us. But, not right now. It's my turn to be selfish, isn't it?”

My mother's enormous beautiful right foot tilted into the air and she wiggled her colossal toes as she smiled coldly. I was so tiny! She could crush me with the slightest movement of one of those sexy digits. I was truly a bug compared to her. My mind raced, plummeting into fantastical and unfortunately horribly possible musings. I could become lost in the crevices between those unreal toes. I could live out my days there, trapped in the hot, endlessly shifting cracks of my own mother's enormous toe flesh. Would I grow pale and sickly? Would I become a tiny, dirty wretch living off of the fetid, nutrient-poor grease which perpetually and invisibly coated those lovely appendages?




My own visions humbled me in a horrible way I had never experienced before, in a way that was perhaps not healthy for my mind. I staggered and reeled, almost falling down, almost slipping out of consciousness. The simple realization of my plight was a horrible wound laid in the very center of my psyche. I blinked back tears as my mouth trembled and a cold sweat overcame me. I smacked my dry lips like a senile old man as I sought to focus on the only thing I could… the flexing of those giant toes which hovered in the sky between my tiny form and my mother's distant, frightening face.


"I have every right to feel a little bit selfish, I think. I even have you now, don't I? So this is perfect, my spoiled rotten son, an inch tall and literally at my feet! I feel like indulging myself. But, where to start? We'll start with that bill for having my furnace re-lit. But, Mikey, you're so tiny, it's going to take quite a while to pay back that fifty dollars to me."




As she spoke I was dreadfully preoccupied with the underside of her mighty big toe which floated majestically between us. The slightly long toenail overshot the great plump behemoth of glistening, grooved flesh. My mother's pretty and well-pampered toe filled me with terrible fear. At such an awesome size this trivial piece of her anatomy was truly an embodiment of cruel feminine authority. I was trembling. Before my terrible transformation she had stroked it, right there, right in the middle as she whispered crazy things... I was snapped out of my horrible realization as the distant, hidden hips shifted forwards slightly, causing the unreal structure of the couch to groan like a muttering glacier.




"Well, I think right now I want to experience a lot more of what you feel like, Mikey. I've really been thinking about that a lot lately. Exploring your little body is worth some pocket change to me. Just think of this as payment for services rendered! It sounds so risqué, doesn't it? Sort of like being a male dancer I suppose. You've got a good enough body for that, you know. But, they have standards, and I think you're just not tall enough anymore. So I have another form of adult entertainment in mind for you, another way you can pay Mommy back. We'll talk about my belated birthday present later."


A little smile crossed my colossal mother's distant face and the huge big toe of her dangling foot dipped low as the other smaller toes spread widely. I turned to run but there was no way I could outdistance her impossibly long leg. A shadow grew around me and an unstoppable force collided with me from behind, it was quite hot and firm as it impacted against my back. I was knocked to the carpet and I managed to roll over. As I screamed, holding out my tiny, ridiculously slender arms the bulky, elegant big toe lowered onto me.




I could tell immediately that this was not going to be the gentle touches that my mother had doled out before. She wanted to feel me beneath her in a meaningful, which meant much more forceful, way.


My screams turned to pitiful frightened wails as the toe slowly lowered. My feet were the first of my body to be dominated. As the bulbous, heavily ridged flesh slowly lowered it's naturally bulky shape steam-rolled down over my tiny feet, I managed to position them turned to the outside. My quick thinking probably saved the dislocation of my ankles. The weight was incredible and quickly I was captured up to my waist. There was now only a sliver, a crevice of free space above my torso and face. My tiny head thumped against my mother's ridged skin as I panicked. This made her laugh thunderously. I knew I couldn't fight her, that sentiment was instinctive but utterly ridiculous. I stopped pushing back against the overwhelming digit and quickly lowered my arms to my sides, palms down. As it grew dark around me I laid back and concentrated on breathing and not screaming.




"Oh, Mikey! That's nice! Mmm."


My mother's hot and tacky skin touched my face and then there was incredible pressure. This was far worse than being underneath her punishing fingertip. At first I wasn't sure if I would be crushed into a paste. My bones, on the verge of collapse popped and creaked. My tiny face was assaulted by ridges as wide as my thumb and spaced that far apart as well. My tiny features were smashed into my mother's merciless toe flesh. I felt the impossibly large toe pad finally distort slightly around my diminutive pinned form. I could hear and even feel her pulse. Despite or perhaps because of my shock and terror my cock was hard and cradled in the groove between two ridges of my mother's toe print.


The pressure eased and I sensed light through my closed eyelids. There was motion shuddering down through the maternal flesh which had captured me. The enormous toe slowly slid backwards, her toe print scrubbed and undulated across my fragile skin. My skin was being tugged at and my hard penis was dragged around in a semicircle until it pointed down between my legs. I cried out in pain as it felt like the whole front of my body was being torn at. I opened my eyes and found that my tiny head was now in the free air. Above me was the mighty tip of my mother's big toe, rotund and tan, bulging out like a giant fat pillow compressed under slight weight. The toenail jutted out from her flesh, a short canopy made of horn. I could see the deep scratches and matte surface where an enormous nail file had done its work in preparation for lacquer.


"Ahh, there's a pretty little head."


I could see my immense mother peering down at me, just her brilliant blue eyes and a mess of long blonde hair, her enormous toe and long toenail obscuring everything else.


"I hope this is okay, Mike. You're just going to have to get used to this. You feel good to me under there, just like I had hoped you would. Just think of it as an expression of how our relationship is right now."



Her eyes crinkled, she was smiling.


"It doesn't seem like a very good relationship to you, I suppose. Don't think of it like that. You're just working off that fifty dollars, that's all. So you give me a big smile and work it. You've already paid me back five whole dollars, because you're so wonderfully delicate against Mommy's great big scary toe. Forty-five to go. What? You think I'm being unfair? Well, you show Mommy some more moves then, you little teaser. How about I press down a little bit. Just a little bit, just a little taste."


She winked at me as I struggled vainly, panicked and trapped beneath tons of her toe flesh. The pressure was back, but this time my head was out beyond her crazy anatomy. The tip of the enormous toe above me deformed slightly as my bones popped. I felt my rib cage tremble and my head was assaulted as the ridged skin bulged, swelling out and deforming, almost flowing down over my face. My ears were folded painfully as my whole body was slowly embedded into the harsh, wire-like carpet fibers.



My gigantic mother held me there like that for too long. No air could reach my lungs and if it could I didn't have enough space mechanically to take in a breath. Only my eyes and the top of my head were free at all. They were still caught beneath her toe print, just not tortuously compressed like the rest of my pitifully tiny frame. It seemed that an eternity after my panic had died, around the time I had stopped struggling and was fleeing to the dark, featureless place inside my screaming brain cells there was a change. My nervous system sensed a difference upon my nakedness and that sparking signal brought me back. I was being tugged upwards painfully. As I gasped and panted I realized I was clear of the carpet fibers. I sucked in a breath and coughed raggedly.



I opened the free eye of my still-smashed face, my view was of convex flesh and it's limitless swirled toe print. Somewhere to my side, at the limits of my vision I could see the carpet, it was well below me. I was plastered the bottom of her beautiful big toe like a bug. Stuck directly to my massive and overbearing torturer via the stinky and sticky funk which coated my mother's digit. I heard a massive giggle which split the air around me. There was movement and suddenly a colossal fingertip lightly grazed across me as I moaned. It pressed me into the fleshy pad and I heard her chuckle under her breath. Then the thick blunt tips of her fingernails indelicately trapped my tiny torso between them and peeled me free from the reddened toe pad. I screamed as my body's weight was suddenly completely free and suspended from the pinch of her nail-tips. It was like being pinned and dangling between two enormous, cruel keratin shovels pressed in opposition against each other.


I was limp, my limbs dangling and weakly twitching like some wilted, spindly toy as my mother gently laid me down. I was no longer on the carpet, but at my back was a cool, hard surface. She had placed my limp body onto her big toe. I lay there on top of her monolithic toenail like a discarded bit of trash. I knew I had welts, bruises on my ribs and hips. I was panting as I fought to ride out the initial wave of pain.




I could see all of my mother's face now, far above me. In a way, I wished that I could not look directly at her. She was calm and relaxed, not wrecked, not winded and limp like me. What she had just done to me took more care and effort to limit her exertion so I did not die than anything else. Looking up at pure and ferocious might which wore that particular face was deeply humbling. Knowing that the mind behind those unassumingly pretty eyes enjoyed and relished her intentionally will-breaking, torturous play was terrifying.




Ligaments the size of suspension bridge cables pulsed to life from within the flesh of my mother's vast instep. The colossal feminine digit I helplessly rested upon raised slowly upward off of the carpet and it swayed gently from side to side. I was stationary for only a moment before my panting body slid across the gargantuan curved surface of the toenail. My tiny form was stopped against the bulging, hot flesh at the side of her nail. I settled in the small, “v” shaped trough where toenail met flesh. I weakly floundered there in the cognizant horror that my tiny head and limbs might be pinched in this huge intersection of flesh and keratin if my cruel mother were to apply any pressure to the pad of her big toe.


"That was quite nice! I think, maybe, you knocked off some more of your tab! Say, seven dollars worth? Only thirty-eight dollars left! Are you ready to make some more money with that nice little body of yours? It's too bad that you couldn't have used your nice muscles to help you pay your way through college. But maybe you prefer the underside of your mother's dainty toes to dancing naked in front of a bunch of strange middle-aged women? I mean, at some point their hands would have been all over you, Mikey. You would have been treated like an object." 


The huge toe I lay upon arched upward and I slid from my perch, landing safely on the springy carpet fibers below. I rolled over and struggled to at least get to my knees before I attempted to stand. I could only wobble and heave with my limbs pulled weakly beneath me as I panted. Directly above me was motion and I looked up just in time to see my mother's gigantic toes spread wide. The distant face, crowning the mountain of her impossible body watched me with some concern as I tried and failed to make it to my feet.


"Aww. Are you having some problems there, Mikey? You shouldn't be so rude when your mother is talking to you. You had better show me some respect. You need to learn your place, I think."


I saw my beautiful mother smile and then her humongous big toe lowered. The carpet around me grew dark as I begged her in a weak, croaking voice. Her bulging, massive toe pad became the slowly lowering ceiling of my macabre little world. The ridged flesh lightly touched me, at first only forcing my tiny head down between my shoulders. In a mad panic I began to weakly crawl. I tried desperately to avert my painful fate, my tiny backside scrubbed against the massive toe print as I slowly fled towards the light, towards freedom from my mother's dominating, mighty big toe.




"Aww, that tickles! That's very cute, but you're not going to get away from me, Mike. This is exactly where you belong."




The immense big toe slowly drove me down into the carpet as my delicate bones popped. For a moment I was completely sealed underneath the casually applied might of my mother's toe. As it arched upwards again I was momentarily taken with it, stuck back-first to the hot, salty flesh. With a quick, painful, searing sensation my nakedness peeled away and I tumbled into a heap beneath her toes again.


"There, I know it's confusing, sweetie, trying to find your proper place in the world. It always is. But you'll soon get the hang of it. I want you to know, Mikey, Mommy would never treat you like those women at that nasty little club. I'm not dishonest, not like them. They objectified you, Mikey, when they should have known better. Perhaps it was a simple, harmless fantasy, but it's still dishonesty. But, you're an inch tall now and I own you. That isn't dishonest. You're mine, Mikey, you're my toy now. That isn't a harmless fantasy at all, is it?"




The dominating, ridged flesh of her big toe's pad lowered and dabbed gently against the carpet, feeling for me and it quickly found me again. The mighty digit jealously covered me and it hovered there, stock still, lightly keeping me trapped in place beneath it. I was trembling as the vast skin filled me once again with her overpowering body heat.




"You just lost your way for a little bit, that's all. Your behavior even affected our relationship, didn't it? But, you're not lost now, are you Mikey? I know right where you are and I'm not going to give up on you so easily. You failed to include me in your new life. But I've fixed that now, haven't I? Since you couldn't or wouldn't include me -even a little bit- in your life I've just rearranged a few things, that's all. Now instead of you having a say, I'll decide. I'll take the initiative. I'll be in charge. I'll be the one to include you in my life, how I see fit. But, just a little bit, Mikey, just a little bit of you! Isn't that more or less the way you wanted it, hmm? We're going to have a much more fitting relationship now, don't you think? A better one for both of us."




Tears clouded my eyes as I peered out from the shadowy, hot overhang of fragrant skin and across the vast expanse of carpet. I was no more than a fragile bug now. I was a vulnerable, helpless toy trapped underneath one of my own mother's pretty toes. "This is a much better arrangement, don't you think? Mommy will always know right where you are from now on. I'll be able to keep track of you, monitor your behavior with just a simple touch. Oh, and Mikey, you're always going to know right where I am, from now on! You'll never be able to ignore me ever again. I'm going to be a big part of your life from now on. A very big part, Mikey, you might even say your entire world." The air was forced out of my tiny lungs as the convex wall of rough skin slowly stroked me beneath it like some tiny, domesticated pet.




My mother offered me no mercy. Her big toe delicately savaged my tiny naked body beneath it. The long, slow strokes forced vast stretches of rough toe print to grate across my delicately soft shrunken skin. After only a little bit I felt as if I was about to suffer from friction burns on large areas of my body. I was forced to fight against the unstoppable digit and the deep carpet so I could roll and shield my more tender and reddened places. Finally she stopped petting me and her foot simply relaxed downward. I screamed and struggled to no avail as the oppressive weight of my mother's big toe forced me down against the carpet's rough backing.




I was just a bug. I was trapped completely and condemned to a very particular form of hell. All of this because my mother, Linda, had relaxed her gigantic, beautiful feet on the carpet. I was bawling and choking in the gritty dust set loose from the huge carpet filaments compressed tightly around me. I prayed. It should be obvious who or what I prayed to: the sticky, hot wall. I prayed to the smelly, ridged and immovable firmament of uncaring flesh that was everywhere beyond the wiry bundles of carpet fibers. I continued to pray and plead up into the hard, dense millimeters of my mother which touched my face and then I lay sobbing hopelessly in the darkness.




Suddenly the sweltering flesh was gone and I was blind in the cold, bright air. Something hard and smooth pressed into me and I was violently extricated from the carpet fibers. I lay there gasping and caught a glimpse of her grinning in the sky overhead as she withdrew one of her beautiful hands upwards and rested it upon a truly hill-like knee. The cool air renewed me and I drank it in gratefully as my skin throbbed.


The big toe and her second toe lowered around me and slowly closed, trapping my delicate nakedness in a crevice composed of thick, muscular walls. She seemed to savor my plight and smiled as I fought her threatening toes. I suddenly realized that her left hand had been placed squarely on her crotch. She was gently rubbing herself through her shorts. When her monstrous flesh had finally narrowed enough that her toe's ridged crevice touched all of me except for my tiny head, she smiled down at me, giggling as I clawed and kicked ferociously. I was lifted off of the carpet.


All of my body, up to my shoulders was trapped in hot, rough flesh. I was barely able to breathe and could not move my head. My face was locked, pointing straight up. In the sky overhead I was confronted by my mother, her mighty form skewed and distorted badly by her sheer size. The pretty middle fingers of her left hand slowly stroked her crotch through her tight shorts. I could not help but look, the activity was interposed between myself and her distant features. She had a strange look on her face as she regarded my bug-sized form clasped carefully between her beautiful toes. The cruel, blonde goddess smiled and adjusted herself on the couch.


"I just can't get my mind off of that dirty club. What kind of a person would go to a place like that on a regular basis? Perhaps those women were just lonely, Mikey? Hmm? Maybe they don't have such attentive sons? Or children at all? Empty nesters and divorcees with too much idle time?" Her upper body bowed lower and her face swept slowly from side to side as she studied my barely exposed head. Her middle fingertip pressed firmly into her huge hidden sex. "Then it's lucky for me that I've got you, isn't it? You'll keep me company, won't you?" She smirked.


The enormous toes which held me closed completely. I was crying hopelessly, vertically suspended in a hot, ridged crack. The mighty toes scrunched, bending and shortening in a curl. I cried out in pain as my tiny form was overwhelmed by bulging, immensely muscled flesh pressing into me painfully. I was wheezing as the air was forced from my lungs.


"I'll bet those terrible women just wanted your body. They probably thought you were sexy. Well, I'm glad I stepped in when I did. I know you think you're big and strong, honey. But, some women can be predators. Others could have enough money that they might want to make an arrangement… with you. I've seen it before. The physically unattractive or bad mannered who would have the gall to try and bribe you into becoming their boy toy. But, you're never going to end up like that. Remember, Mikey, you have a beautiful body, and there are women out there that would like to take advantage of you."


The beautiful long digits relaxed and slowly, gently wiggled against each other, rolling me like a piece of lint. My tiny limbs were compressed and driven into each other and into my tiny torso. I wailed in torment as my tiny head was enveloped completely in the hot and slightly sticky ridged walls which hid the enormous cruel toe muscles and springy padding. My cruel and lovely tormentors stopped and relaxed slightly. I panted heavily as I looked upwards in absolute horror, peering up out of the rounded, fleshy trench. In the sky overhead my mother was smiling gently, almost sweetly.


"You will never be anyone else's toy. You have too much dignity for that, don't you? You're a good boy, aren't you? I'm going to make sure you to stay that way. You're vulnerable, Mikey. I know you don't like it when I talk like that about you. But, it's true though, isn't it?"


The toes lowered to the carpet and slowly opened. I was plastered like a lover to my mother's long second toe.


"I know what you're thinking, but mom, you are a middle-aged woman, just like them! Yes, Mikey, of course, and I'm single now, too! I am a lot like them! But ask yourself, could some random middle-aged woman from that club ever satisfy you? Do you really want your innocence devoured by some old hag? Why, they don't even know a thing about you! How could they have ever satisfied you at all. Mikey? You need someone who knows what you... like. Don't you deserve that, honey? Someone who can attend to your needs?"


My mother leaned down and a colossal hand lowered down over me as I fought to peel my face off of her second toe. I could see her actions through my single, stinging eye which was not cruelly pasted to her. I could not free my face from her skin and I was too exhausted to protest as an elegant hand unfurled it's index finger. The fingertip traced down my trembling, heaving back before pressing against my tiny hips. My mother's thick thumb joined it, pinching the length of my tiny body.




I was broken free of my adhesion and ground against the pampered skin of the "trunk" of her second toe for tens of seconds. The entire front side of my tiny nakedness was softly stroked against the huge digit. The wide, fleshy pad of this long second toe invaded my tiny, trapped form as I was forced against it. First, my pitifully tiny face was ground into it and then my tiny crotch was stroked across it as she cooed reassuringly. Finally the cruel goddess dropped me into a heap between her widely spread toes. The thickly lacquered red nail tip of her index finger rolled my limp form over before nudging my tiny hard cock.


She grinned widely, "It looks like you prefer dancing underneath me, rather than dealing with some nasty single women at some bar, don't you? Let's do some more of that. You just work on making money. Mommy will do the rest."


She leaned back and brought her feet together beneath her with a thick tremor that shuddered through me painfully. Her hand went to the armrest and then my mother stood up from the couch. I managed to make it to my feet. The enormous beautiful toes wiggled in anticipation. I turned to run but I only made it a few steps before I fell heavily.



"Oops! What's wrong, Mikey? I thought you were pretty light on your feet. Maybe you should have been doing some cardio along with your weightlifting routine?"


There was a rustling, swishing behind me and as I struggled to my feet the carpet beneath me collapsed, deforming from a great weight. I yelped in surprise as a cold, slick surface pressed into me, forcibly lifting me. It was the long red toenail of one of my mother's big toes. For a moment I was sprawled against it face down. The mighty digit drove forward underneath of me as it slid across the carpet. I was catapulted into the air as the meaty toe arched upwards in a gentle flick. I crashed down, tens of feet in my scale away from her foot. The wind had been knocked from me and I lay there gasping. As I stupidly gazed upwards, stunned and reeling, my mother gracefully thundered to me. A house sized foot was planted on each side of me at some distance away. Her hands were on her hips and she studied me with a laugh as I fought to scramble up onto my feet.


"Oh, Mike. This is so much better than I had imagined. Here, let me show you what I mean."


One sexy foot raised and she slowly took a step over me. I cried out as the enormous sole sailed low over my head. As her foot impacted the living room floor I was knocked down again. I landed face down in the scratchy, dusty carpet and struggled to get back up. There was a heavy vibration that shot up through the floor coupled with the terrible sound of her enormous feet pivoting simultaneously. I was between my mother's beautiful and terrifying feet. I backpedaled awkwardly, it was almost impossible to walk upright on the carpet for me. Each step partially bent over a gray bristle the size of my wrist underfoot. These enormous bristles of carpet fibers were springy and tough to my tiny fragile form. It was difficult to find a steady footing at all, they moved underfoot and when I was not stepping on the strange bristles the hard backing of the carpet was a rough latticework of holes. It was like walking on large pieces of gravel with my sensitive, shoe pampered feet.


I tried as hard as I could to get away from her but the yacht-sized feet kept me between them. She was watching me, one hand still resting authoritatively on her hip, the other one pressed between her legs. As I would struggle to escape she would leisurely take one quaking step to nullify all of my effort. Those beautiful toes toyed with me, gently nudging me and tossing me to the carpet. She would arch her toes upwards and threaten to capture me beneath them as she smiled. Finally, one of her feet gracefully lifted from the carpet to deal with me. Her toes fanned out as her foot flew slowly at me. I was knocked almost senseless by a long toenail and thrown off of my feet. A split-second later her toes closed upon me, roughly clasping me from feet to head in her hot and thankfully soft flesh. I squealed as she slowly twirled her foot at the ankle.


"Well, that is certainly worth two dollars to me. Thirty-six dollars remaining."


My mother's foot sped across the carpet, out away from her. For a moment it hovered as her enormous toes squeezed into me. My breath was pushed forcefully from my body and I saw stars, the pressure exerted by the soft, hot walls around me almost robbing me of consciousness. All I could see was tanned flesh and the shiny red gloss of a nail. Her toes spread apart and I found myself plastered belly first to the side of her big toe. Above me my mother laughed.


"Ooh, Mikey! You know what I like, don't you? Work it!"


The surface I was adhered to was slowly rising and falling. I struggled and managed to peel my face free of her thick skin. She was waggling her big toe, turning it as she looked down at me, aroused and amused.


"Such a tiny thing, aren't you? Well, break time is over, Mikey. You've got a really big and important client to attend to."


I was indignantly squeezed and rolled like a piece of trash between her huge toes until I was broken free from the stinky congealed sweat. I plummeted to the carpet below.


I hurt and I coughed as the dust from the carpet was dislodged by my impact and it rose up and into my lungs. Something cold and hard impacted the side of my body and I was rolled over. I stared at the bottom of her prodigious big toe. She lowered it over me, but did not touch me with it.


"I've got ten dollars for you if you put that little mouth of yours to work. You know what I mean," my little roof of bulging toe pad flattened me gently beneath it for a moment before returning to threaten me from above, "I want to feel that little tongue. You can do that, can't you Mikey? I bet you'll like it."


I started crying as I lay there. After another moment she moved her toe to the side.


"Fine then. Maybe later. But I'm not happy that you wouldn't do it."


The big toe was back and it elegantly dipped over me. It pressed down on me, pushing me into the carpet fibers harshly and she was suffocating me with it as my tiny bones protested being slightly flexed.


"If there's one thing I've learned, it is that you are sticky. I like that. Is that from me? Do you have my sweat all over you? Goodness knows I have enough of it."


She slowly raised her big toe, I was once again glued to it, my tiny body stuck to the underside of her mighty appendage.


"Yes, nice and sticky."


She reached down and gently pinched me between her fingers, peeling me off of her toe's pad. I dangled upside down from my legs and I flailed as she held me in the air. My mother sat down on the carpet. She adjusted her legs, sitting almost cross legged, like a yoga pose and brought the soles of her feet together. She lowered me over her toes as the enormous appendages wiggled and slid against each other.


"You don't to want to lick my toes? That's okay, Mikey. I'm not done exploring that little body with them yet. I think this will be relaxing for me. Sort of peaceful."


The bulky flesh of the two big toes parted slightly and I was lowered into the crevice between them. My mother closed her toes and my arms were trapped, pinned into immovability between the fleshy walls. They tingled fiercely and I felt a backlash that exhibited itself as a headache as the blood from my arms encountered resistance circulating properly.


"You're right, those are some nice muscles. I didn't want to feel them before. I should listen to you more often!"


My tiny arms were tugged on and I was screaming. All I could see was her enormous index finger and thumb which gripped my legs and her smiling face beyond them. Then her toes parted once again. She lowered me a little bit more and then her torturous ridged flesh slammed shut over my arms and head as she giggled. Little by little my mother's big toes "consumed" me. Eventually her fingers let go of me, and she gently sealed me in between both of her big toe's fleshy pads, trapping me like a limp piece of lint. Little did I know things were about to get so much worse for me. She was not content to cradle me like a soft, malleable little matchstick between her colossal toes.



The hot, rough crevice where I lay wedged parted above me, pried away by an enormous fingernail. My mother's face was all I could see past my hellish confinement. She had obviously relaxed forward and had clasped, or could clasp, her ankles with her hands. An amused, dark grin crossed her face as she looked me over.


"I sort of thought you might fight more, with all of your bravado. Aww, I can feel your tiny sobs. Now, I want to explore that tiny body really, really well, Mikey. I want to intimately know what you're all about. Mommy thinks that you at least deserve for me to be thorough. Now, show me those big muscles you're always working on.”


The finger slipped free and I was entombed and suffocating once again. My mother gently and slowly rubbed her big toes against each other, crushing the air from my lungs and rolling me hellishly between the giant walls of stinky and sticky toe flesh. This was nightmarish to my tiny form. The pads of her big toes were absolutely immense and utterly dwarfed me. The vast skin of the two surfaces was backed up by incredibly firm musculature, they were so dense and roundly plump that they resembled being ground between two inflatable moonwalk rides that were filled almost to bursting with heavy, warm tar.


I was rolled between her immense digits in ways that robbed me of the ability to scream or even breathe. My bones flexed and my joints popped over and over again. I know that I passed out several times. Each time I awoke from my merciful interludes, my blank, rapidly reconstituting mind desperately sought to make sense exactly where I was. The human mind needs little to work with, we are more incredible than we give ourselves credit for. Each erroneous scenario could have been true, should have been true if I had been the victim of some sane, normal disaster.




Each time upon waking I tried to come to terms with my plight right before I ultimately remembered. Each time I was wrong. Unfortunately, it wasn't earthquake, I was not trapped under a building, these were not the bottoms of life rafts, or massive weather balloons. I had not been in an accident involving an elephant or elephants, nor was this a collapsing agricultural hot-house. This was not some gigantic industrial mixing hopper for gum arabic, or sap from a plantation of rubber trees, these were not fancifully painted cylindrical eighteen-wheeler trailer tanks designed to hold milk or natural gas or even toluene. I was not the victim of parade floats or fanciful parade balloons, diseased whales, or adobe home construction. All of this was sane, though most of it was highly implausible. But perhaps I would have survived. Perhaps I would have been able to continue my life afterward, returning to the greater world where I belonged.


Each time I awoke I worked it out, I realized quickly what held me and squeezed me like a tiny piece of fugitive polymer clay. I was now merely a plaything. It was between my mother's colossal big toes where I had become trapped, and she wasn't done with me.


Far above me I heard my immense mother laugh, “I told you, Mike, your athletic body would feel velvety soft to me. It does. I like it.”


Her enormous toes parted and I was stuck, face up, right in the middle of the gently flattened egg shape of the monstrous big toe's pad. I was completely devastated. She smiled at me, her face was held as low as she could, the enormous blue eyes twinkled cheerfully as they looked me over.


"How do you like this venue? I think that the bottom of my big toe is a bit more spacious than that little dive's stage to you now."


An index finger unfolded and lowered down next to me. My panic-inducing parent idly stroked the tip of her fingernail across the sticky, glittering grooves of her toe print.


"Just think, Mikey, you don't have to worry about getting cold at all despite being naked on this stage. It's so nice and warm, isn't it? It's not slick at all, just nice and rubbery."


A beautiful finger lowered onto me as my mother smiled. She slowly crushed the air out of my pitiful lungs. I cried out hoarsely as my breath was forced from me. I was trapped between two unmerciful expanses of terrible flesh as my tiny contorted face was inadvertently shielded by the underside of her fingernail. The digit lifted and softly trapped each tiny twitching limb, feeling each of them before it retreated.


"Well, those sure are some nice muscles, Mike. You should be proud, I know it took a lot of work to get that big."


She bit her lip as she slowly arched the toe I was glued to.


"There is more to you than just nice muscles, isn't there, Mikey? You've got a new talent, don't you, sweetie? Something you've been hiding from me. I want to know what you've been doing at college. It's my right, isn't it? Shouldn't I expect something for all that tuition money I forked out on your behalf?"


She was smiling as her index finger did an excellent imitation of a backhoe's arm. Her fingertip's nail pressed downwards into the bulging expanse of toe flesh before gently scooping between my sticky body and her sizzling toe print. I was torn free and tumbled limply across the dense hill of her upturned big toe.




"You had better hold on there, little bug. This stage is too small. Mommy thinks you deserve something a bit bigger for your debut."




I managed to roll over and cling to the sticky ridges of the bulging toe flesh I lay upon. The immense foot shifted all around me as my mother adjusted it, resting it sole upwards and level against her folded thigh.




"There we go! Why, that's an absolutely huge stage, isn't it, Mikey? Nothing but the best for my son, the stripper."




The pad of the big toe beneath me hardened as it scrunched upwards, taking me with it. I was entirely overwhelmed by an index finger and thumb. The hot flesh collided with me and became inescapable walls as they closed. My tiny, fragile bones protested as I was plucked from my mother's toe. A moment later I found myself gently laid in the middle of the colossal sole.




Directly above me my mother's upper body towered, heavily foreshortened by my own pitiful field of view. From within the ocean of swaying, silvery blonde hair the distant, beautiful face was smug and satisfied.




"It's too bad that I didn't prepare music for you, Mikey. You're just going to have to wing it, I'm afraid."




Behind me the frightening toes spread wide before rubbing together. The flesh beneath me shifted as the tremendous tendons and musculature drove the huge extremities. I was tossed to and fro limply and she was smiling ghoulishly at the sight of me. A beautiful hand detached itself from her thigh and sped through the air. I was engulfed in it's shadow and the index finger unfolded. I was prodded by the long red nail expectantly.




"Dance," she whispered with a hiss, her blue eyes positively glowing with an evil mirth.




I rolled over and gathered my limbs beneath me. It was hard to see through my own tears. The index fingertip hovered in front of me, upturned. I used the underside of her fingernail to steady myself on my elbows as I fought to get my exhausted legs to hold my weight. As I dragged myself upwards with my mother's effortless assistance I wondered how large a contact lens made for her would be to me. The bowl of a birdbath? No, too small. Perhaps one of those institutional-sized woks one occasionally sees in the behind-the-scenes footage of a thriving Chinese restaurant? That would be about the size and definitely the right shape. I could lay entirely on the end of this pretty digit and perhaps I could awkwardly curl into one of those enormous and almost outlandish cooking implements. I felt sick at the thought of either of those things.




"That's it, Mikey, fight through that pain. You don't need to be in top form. Just dance for Mommy. Just a little bit. I think I deserve a private show, don't you? I want to see you work that nice little body."




I was up on my own two feet and the enormous finger pulled away from me tentatively before folding upwards to join it's well hydrated sisters above me. I stood there sobbing, just a little thing perched precariously amongst the graceful curves of my cruel mother's high arched foot. Beneath me, through the dense skin throbbed her awe-inspiring pulse which I could feel through the soles of my tiny feet. I blinked back tears as the huge being lowered even further in a tensed flex of her spine.



"I said to dance, Mikey," she was grinning and her hot breath rustled through my hair as it surrounded me. I could smell and even taste the inside of my mother's cavernous mouth, "or would you rather spend more time in between my pretty toes? I like squeezing you in there. Mmm."




As I began to weakly shuffle her face lit up cheerfully. My sloppy dancing's movement actually helped ease my aching body. As the beautiful colossus suppressed her giggling she fished one of her hands into a cramped shorts pocket. She slowly coaxed something that had been stored on her hip, careful to move slowly enough as to not pitch me to my death on the carpet not so far below.




"I just remembered, maybe Mommy does have some music for you, Mikey! Very appropriate music too! Let me just-"




My all-powerful parent ignored me for a moment as she worked the controls on her monolithic phone. Then she sighed with satisfaction as she tapped it. There was a loud, distorted sound blaring from the black rectangle which hovered in front of her face. It was music, some terrible recording of mindless, beat driven techno. I synced myself with the beat and as I listened it dawned on me; I knew this, there were the distorted chants from a crowd. This had happened a mere two weeks ago. This had been recorded when I was up on stage at the strip club. I drew in a shaky breath and my chin dimpled with a frustrated, stomach spasming heartsickness.




"Look at that! You look so proud of yourself, Mikey! Do you want to see?"




The gigantic slab of phone plummeted from her distant face and hovered next to the ball of her foot. There I was, grinning and pumping. The footage was grainy and was filmed above a sea of chaotic silhouettes, shaky footage from a phone thrust above the heads of the crowd. I dropped to my knees and wept as my captor angled the phone so that she too could view it.




"I was shocked when I first saw this footage, truth be told. But then I realized that I liked looking at you like this! You looked good at such a tiny size. But Mikey, the footage is just so grainy! I could barely recognize you! And there are certain… parts... of you that I couldn't really see at all!"




Her index finger tapped it's nail against the screen right over my anomaly-rich doppelgänger. The footage became paused with her touch. She ran her fingernail possessively over the blurry form.




"There is that little face. Aww. But, what's right here? See, I just can't tell. It could be anything, really. But, now I've got the genuine article. There is more to you than just some nice muscles, isn't there, Mikey? There is teeny-tiny bit more to that nice little body, right? More for me to examine? It's just a hunch, I know. But I swear there's a tiny shadow in the video that hasn't been accounted for thus far."


My smirking mother pinched me gently between her fingertips and I rocketed upwards just beyond the towering badlands formation of her body. The enormous features of her beautiful face rolled downwards, past me. I was raised to directly in front of her blue eyes. The impossibly huge index finger and thumb which held me in a pinch adjusted slightly. The pressure of the bulging ridged walls of her finger pads changed and I thought my tiny torso might burst for a moment as my tiny back was forcibly arched. My tiny head was almost enclosed, almost trapped in the hot vice of the enormous pinch. I screamed as I struggled uselessly, but my mother's iron flesh had deeply mired my tiny limbs in her grip's crevices. Her mouth twitched into a little smile for a moment as she heard my cries of pain. She held aloft her phone for a moment and referenced it, checking between the paused footage and I.




"Hmm. Tiny little face, those precious feet on the ends of those fragile little legs. But there's that shadow again. What is that? What exactly were you sharing with those women that you aren't sharing with your own mother? Hmm?" She put her phone down onto the carpet, freeing up her hand.




The index finger of my captor's other hand tentatively hovered closer to me. Her flawless fingernail slid between my tiny legs and push them apart. I kicked and struggled but I was unable to gather full breaths in her grip. I tired quickly.


"Aww. It's okay! I won't crush you, I promise. Oh, are you being shy? Where is it, Mikey?"


My impossibly huge mother chuckled under her breath as my tiny hard cock was exposed by another adjustment of the pinching fingertips. The adjustment tightened the vast walls of ridged skin against my tiny torso. Now almost I could not breathe. I was slowly tilted and turned in front of her eyes as she studied me. The colossal blue eyes were glittering mischievously as they focused on what stuck out proudly from between my legs.


"Oh, I think I see it! There it is! Aww, it's just so precious!"


The long red fingernail of her free index finger ran across the underside of my penis. The five foot diameter fingertip hung there, holding still just beyond my tiny body. My penis bobbed and slapped uselessly against the tip of her fingernail as she lifted it. I watched as the vast wall of that intimately familiar face hovering just beyond my naked helpless form shifted into a playful smirk, studying my tiny cock.


"I should have known! It was your teeny, tiny penis, wasn't it? Well, it's really too bad that you didn't get to use this little thing more while you were out in the world away from me. I don't think I'll have much use for it. It's such a shame, too. Hmm. To you I have miles of skin, don't I? You know, Mikey, I might let you touch me with that tiny thing if you could find a spot! You know, for when you grow desperate. As long as you ask me nicely, of course. I'm not going to just let some rude little bug crawl around on me. Maybe there's a place where that whole tiny body of yours wouldn't get trapped? I'm not sure, but maybe Mommy has a crevice small enough for it? Maybe you could find a tiny crease? I don't know, how about on one of Mommy's knuckles? Oh, you probably wouldn't like that, would you? There has got to be other places you can stick that teeny-tiny thing, don't you think?"


The beautiful fingertip batted my manhood around like a toy. Just beyond this triviality my mother's brobdingnagian face which eclipsed my view of anything else at all was still smiling. This was too much for me to bear and I began sobbing.


"It is very… cute. Isn't it? It's just… so tiny! This is so much better than just having that grainy footage to look over. Aww! I just cannot resist it! I wonder... Hmm. Hold still, Mikey."


My mother's mighty thumb joined the index finger which was humiliating me as she grinned widely. The colossal pinching digits came very close to me. She squinted and held her breath in concentration. I began shrieking as the opposing tips of her huge nails tentatively approached my crotch from several different angles, trying to find the perfect path. "Stay still, Mikey," she whispered, "there now, good boy."




I was overwhelmed by my mothers immense red nails. The smooth, thick edges of them pressed coldly against my belly and chest repeatedly. My breath was violently ejected from my tiny torso more than once. My left thigh suffered a slight friction burn as the entire width of her immense thumbnail's edge slid forcefully across it as she prepared to withdraw her vast digits for another attempt. It was as if my mother was trying to capture a little bit of defiant thread poking out of a seam in her clothing. Hot breath streamed over me from her Brobdingnagian nose and she narrowed her eyes. "Ah! That's it! If I can just…" I whimpered as her flawless fingernails finally closed with a cautious slowness around my infinitesimal cock.


Past the huge index fingertip which was forcing itself upon me, the incredible living wall of my mother's face grinned, exposing perfect teeth the size of my torso. I was weakly screaming and struggling as the cold, hard tips of her colossal red nails daintily held fast my tiny captured manhood. I blinked stupidly in a shocked daze, lightheaded from my futile efforts while unable to take full breaths. I was truly just a bug to her. Just an indulgence for this vast being's trivial pleasure, with no dignity or say in my own fate.


"Aww. Just look at that tiny thing! Though, I suppose Mikey… I guess proportionally… Hmm. I suppose it's quite big." Her huge face came in even closer, until I was confronted by a single blue eye and the side of her nose just beyond my contorted and trapped form. The tremendous shiny globe flitted back and forth, I could hear the great bulk of it sliding across the wet surfaces of her inner eyelids with a muted slither. The surreal, iridescent blue musculature of the iris expanded as the black well of pupil focused on my vulnerable privates that she held with near-infinite delicacy.




My titanic parent whispered conspiratorially to me, "it's really very big, isn't it? Not like your sonofabitch father and his... well, he was entirely an underwhelming prick." The vast eyelids surrounding my mother's alarming eye crinkled in mirth and the glistening wall of flesh confronting me shook slightly as she fought to contain a giggle. "But not you, you're hung like a horse! Otherwise I wouldn't be able to catch your teeny-tiny cock between my nails at all."


My very real and visceral fear of castration caused me to plead with her, "please don't hurt me! Oh God, no! Please stop!” I just knew, I could see my own wounding unfold in my panicking mind with a vicious clarity. I knew that those beautiful, mighty digits would pull away from my waist with a bit of my own bleeding flesh clenched limply between the perfect fingernails. My tiny severed cock. Like a blood spot fished out of an egg yolk. Like a smashed gnat. Like something limp and pale pried out from between my mother's vast teeth. Like a pimple's discharge which would stick wetly to her nail as she would bring it up to one vast blue eye to examine it.




My pleading ended in frightened cries as I unwisely sought to thrash against the unrelenting and gigantic cushions of flesh clamped against my painfully twisted form. All I managed to accomplish was a grotesque, faltering pumping of my trapped penis into the red lacquered crack. The black disk of my mother's pupil precisely slid and centered on me. She was watching me, fascinated.




"Aww. Now I see why you were so popular at that club! I wonder, how many of those women fantasized about this, do you think? It's such a thick, muscular cock, isn't it, Mikey? It's huge! Well, maybe not to me, I guess. It's like a teeny-tiny splinter. Maybe more like a grain of rice, hmm? I know you won't like this, but I might even go as far as to describe your cock as pretty. Don't feel bad about that though, you're just so tiny now. Oh, Mikey! There is absolutely no need to be embarrassed about this! You will never see any of those women ever again. The only woman you'll ever have to please from now on is me, and I like this little toy. I'm sorry, I guess the word "toy" is a bit non-specific, hmm? I'm talking about your teeny tiny cock this time, not you, Mikey. But, what good are toys if someone doesn't play with them once in a while? Even teeny-tiny ones. Especially teeny-tiny ones."




I dragged in a shuddering, panicked breath, certain in the knowledge that my mother would accidentally castrate me, but just then her colossal fingertips withdrew. The hand tormenting me disappeared with a strong gust of wind, dropping away from where it had hovered in front of her vast face. I followed it a moment later, plummeting quickly to rendezvous once again with it, now in the form of a cupped palm. The huge thumb and finger parted and my sweaty, cramped body peeled free from her thumb pad. I fell like a sack of potatoes to the dense swells of flesh awaiting me. I could only lay there, helplessly gasping as my muscles ached from the sudden onslaught of fresh, oxygenated blood freely flowing into them.




"I'm going to need some magnification," my mother's face lit up wryly, "maybe not the words you would like to hear, right, Mikey? Well, not like that."




The squat black plastic cylindrical body of the jeweler's loupe flew upwards and it was carefully fitted to my mother's right eye, "There, now I'll be able to properly see that handsome body and all of it's tiny delights. I think we need some music, don't you, Mikey? Some... appropriate music."




A moment later the distorted audio of my stripper routine footage blared from my mother's smart phone. Her vast face tilted away from me for a moment as she dropped the volume of it's playback to a less obnoxious level. "There, that's much better, right? Something to put you in the right mood while you're naked and the center of attention." My mother's face closed the distance to her palm. I was cowering as the strangely grim jeweler's monocle lowered over me, like some sort of an oversized, old-fashioned death ray from a black and white science fiction movie. The thick, silvery tresses of my mother's hair tumbled, spilling into shining curtains which surrounded her cupped hand.




The oily, pore strewn wall of my mother's right cheek and the bridge of her nose were almost touching the curving perimeter of her palm like a gleaming sandstone cliff. But the centerpiece of my attention was the vivid blue jewel of her magnified eye looming over me. I wanted nothing more than to hide from her monstrous stare. "Aww, just look at that," she whispered, "that's definitely worth the entrance fee."




A line of huge knuckles drifted up, like a mythic sea serpent's back, occupying the air a bit beyond my luxurious prison. A colossal index finger uncurled from there and it's fingertip glided slowly across the ample, seamed flesh. My anxiety finally took control and I tried to roll to my stomach to scramble away. I was instantly dominated by my mother's digit which carefully lowered, coming to rest on my defenseless form. My tiny head twitched as the air was slowly forced from me by the oppressive pillar of flesh.




"Ah, ah ah! That's just stage fright, Mikey, everyone gets it. I know that right now you feel like you're... ahem... under a microscope," my tormentor's cheek beneath the monocle bulged as she grinned widely while ferocious eddies of exhaled breath gusted across her gargantuan cupped hand, "that's only natural. Soon this will all simply become routine. Well, now that I've gone to all of this trouble, I think that it's only fair that I finally get to relax and enjoy some entertainment."




The huge fingertip lifted free of me but it continued to hover there. It was tilted at an angle which allowed my mother's flawless nail access to all of my naked front side and unfortunately, for me to stare down the great length of her digit's impossible, bulky presence. I was trembling with exhaustion as I gazed at the glossy blue monster regarding me greedily from just beyond the crystal lens.




For an instant everything inside of me grew quiet, as if compressed under a massive tension. I felt that I had a choice to make in this moment- somehow make it through the impending madness, unaffected, like a knife shearing effortlessly through water, or buckle and break- perhaps permanently. My potential madness had a name: fragility- I was completely vulnerable; bones like spun sugar, skin like tissue paper, my insufficient flesh only as resilient as perhaps the softest of cheese, trapped in a hell where my own resentful parent was omnipotent. I was exposed and alone in a world filled with perversely godlike biology, purpose-built with the only intent to crush and stifle tiny things such as myself: fingers, toes, faces and whole bodies made of cruelly playful flesh as dense and as strong as steel.




But there was really no choice to make. It wasn't a choice. A comatose toy or a conscious toy? I would still be her toy. I realized that I had pondered how to overcome the wrong challenge. The proper question was: how shall I become a person once again if I do not die? I took a deep, calming breath and let the assaultive reality of being my mother's plaything wash back over me. Madness was not a choice left to me, it was out of my control. I could only try to cope and survive. Was this really that much worse than the hardships that others of my species had always been forced to endure throughout history's seemingly endless wars and calamity? There was no barbed wire here, nor sabertooth cats or even volcanoes. My horror and suffering were far from unique, and perhaps even farther from death.




Had I already gone mad?




"This jeweler's loupe is really amazing, Mikey!" my cruel mother whispered over the crappy dance music. The fingertip came in closer and just beyond the rounded, bright hump of nail and middle knuckle I could see my own ghostly reflection in the lens. "It's almost like you are normal sized and right in front of me! I feel like I almost need to remind myself that you aren't really, that it is perfectly fine to look at you naked and to touch you. My goodness, such a sexy body. Let me just examine you a little bit, make sure that I haven't been too rough on you already."




The pretty digit carefully lowered and it's massive nail gently pinned me beneath of it, hard across my chest. My mother chuckled, apparently because of the sight of her effortless, callous imposition on my tiny body. The edge of her colossal fingernail slowly skimmed to and fro across my naked form as I fought to stay calm beneath it's menacing presence.




"What's this?" My left thigh was stroked and then compressed painfully, right in the middle of it by a light touch of her long nail's edge, "You have a bruise here, not too bad though, hmm." The bulky pad of her fingertip carefully lowered onto the entire front of my body and with a tiny sideways pivot the vast ridges harsh traction effortlessly rolled me onto my stomach.




I instinctively struggled to move, to adjust myself on the seamed bulge of hot flesh. My mother's reaction was instantaneous, the edge of her nail pinned my entire torso lengthwise to her palm, "Hold still, little bug, or I might accidentally hurt you. Neither one of us wants that, do we?" A moment later she resumed her examination. My right shoulder was driven into a dense bulge of her palm's flesh by her exploring fingernail. "I thought there would be even more bruises than this. You are red though, all over." Of course I was! "Oh, just look at that sexy bum. No wonder you were an audience favorite." My ass was prodded and stroked for a moment before that stifling battering ram rolled me onto my back once again.




The three inch thick edge of my mother's colossal fingernail slid in beneath of my chin, touching my neck like some grotesquely embellished guillotine. A low, tormented moan escaped my throat as I peered down the bowed length of lacquered nail and into her baleful, magnified eye.




"Goodness! What a look! You should know by now that I'm not going to hurt you, Mikey. Mommy just wants to play a little bit with her new toy." The tip of her fingernail touched my tiny face as she spoke, it was not dissimilar to an entire small car lowering over me whilst attached to a crane as it's front bumper grazed my pitiful skull. "You wouldn't deny a client, would you? Because I've paid for this private session, haven't I?" The edge of her nail caught me under my chin and raised my tiny face, "I'd say that I have paid dearly for this opportunity."




The immaculate fingernail pulled back from my head and it ran down my chest. "Maybe I'll save some face in front of my friends when they watch the local news someday very soon," my hard cock was nudged by the cold, hard edge of her fingernail, "you know, when they see your inevitable missing persons report. I greatly dislike receiving the pity of others, Mikey, even from lifelong friends." My thighs were compressed beneath the exploring nail as it ran slowly up to my crotch, "You've reduced me to this, to such an undignified position. You've made me pitiful." The nail's thick burnished edge lifted my diminutive balls as her exaggerated eye took note of them, "But, in return for that, I've reduced you to something as well, haven't I? Deny it as much as you'd like, but, you have always wanted to be here- just like this, my tiny bug." The flawless nail pressed my penis against my stomach, "I think that you've been hard ever since I shrank you."




The fingertip gave one final nudge to my cock before it slipped away, off of my mother's palm. I heard something, a deep, sharp swishing noise that lasted only a second. "There, that should do it," my mother's index finger was back, the tip of her fingernail was coated with thick, bubble impregnated saliva which clung to it in a shining, messy clot. "you're going to be nice and cooperative, aren't you, Mikey? Wouldn't you just hate to end up underneath of mommy's pretty thumb again? Hmm? Then again, you might just like that, I know that I would."




I shivered as the hot, surprisingly heavy saliva was deftly deposited with a careful touch. It oozed onto my entire crotch. Bubbles the size of my fists popped, throwing syrupy tendrils across my chest and face as I flinched and cried out in surprise. The vengeful goddess deafened me with a rumbling giggle as I sputtered and clawed helplessly beneath the vast plastic tunnel housing her enormous eye.




"Oh, Mikey! You've got a little something on your face, no, no," the frightening index finger folded away as her pinky unfurled over me with a gust of wind. The size difference in what was now threatening me was not much consolation at all. Her fingertip's pad lowered onto my head and chest, gently pressing the upper half of my body into her hot, ridged skin, "let me take care of that for you. It's no trouble, plus, if you haven't figured this out yet, I am completely enamored with the idea of touching you." I fought to not struggle as my mother's smallest finger lapped away the strands of saliva with unhurried movements, "besides, isn't this what you deserve?"




"There, is that better? Good." Her little finger tucked itself away as her index finger returned. "Now, let's see, if I can just..." The beautiful digit dipped carefully over me, looming ominously as my balls and cock became instantly plastered to the tip of her nail with a tiny movement.




"Very nice."




My hellish captor slid her nail against my cock in a vertical stroke. I was slightly lifted off of her palm in the upstroke of her subtle motion and I yelped in surprise. Her saliva pulled at my encased junk and astonishingly this did not feel bad at all. Another stroke and again I was lifted, but taken a bit further this time. Her saliva slackened against my weight, but too slowly, like a great warm slab of taffy. My rigid body tilted wildly and my stomach became mired in the hot mess of it. I slid downward onto my ass in a straight-legged sit, coating my chest in her slime as my torso was sucked against her nail. "Well... really? God, Mikey," she muttered incredulously. Her fingertip lifted and I flailed as I was dragged upwards with it once again. My tiny arms grew heavy as the saliva glued them to her nail. I tried to kicked my legs but it was already too late. In just a second or two of struggling I had become a pathetic sight, just a heaving bundle of spit and tiny, anchored limbs pasted to the tip of her finger.




The fingertip was leveled in front of the monocle and my mother took in my absurd state with a sigh. "You're not going to ruin this for me, Mikey. You had better figure out how to get off of my nail or I'll do it myself." The finger lowered to her palm, and the vast digit rested there as I fought to free myself from the insidious surface tension. The loupe edged in slightly closer as the panic-inducing fingers of her palm curled partially over, apparently blocking out some sort of glare interfering with her viewpoint. As I dragged and heaved my naked, glistening body feebly across the top of her immaculate fingertip I just knew that she was enjoying this spectacle. I finally leveraged myself free and fell away back to her palm, now completely covered in my own mother's rapidly cooling saliva.




The beautiful fingertip prodded at my panting form, forcing me onto my back. "What took you so long? Are all of those muscles just for decoration?" As it withdrew from me I was taken with it, dragged with a jerk across the deep seams of her hot flesh by my saliva-coated legs. My mother's digit lifted slightly and I was partially hauled up with it before she relented. A blast of spent breath punctuated her irritation while gravity slowly dragged me free from her colossal anatomy, "You're just so fucking pitiful now. You're acting like my saliva is some, I don't know, some sort of an industrial glue. Hold still, bug." My colossal mother's remedy was to gently wipe away the saliva clinging to me with the punishing pad of her digit.




Once my mother finished her crushing, stamina-sapping caresses I lay there, fighting to catch my breath through aching ribs. Above me my mother's great thumb swung in to assist her index finger in the removal of it's collected saliva. The smoldering blue iris beyond the monocle stared at me enigmatically as the mighty fingertips preened one another over my body. I could not tell if this was theater meant to intimidate me or merely a thoughtless bodily task my mother was performing.




In a moment the manicured behemoths had finished their slow dance and the plump thumb slid away. As I sat up, my mother's index fingertip lowered, "Ah, ah ah!" It's nail greeted me with a nudge and I was forced onto my back. It pinned me there, against my chest. "I'm not done with you, Mikey." The fingertip slid back subtly, dragging the fingernail's edge across my stomach until it found my cock once again, "Ahh, there it is. Who knew that examining a bug could be so difficult? I certainly didn't."




"Now then," the edge of her fingernail slowly caressed me, the light from the bay windows danced liquid and white across the bright red polish. "That isn't so bad, is it?" the titaness rumbled. For a moment my mind recalled the cinematography of high end car commercials. Perhaps that wasn't so strange after all- a camera panning slowly across the lustrously deep paint, across the graceful, almost sensual contours of masterfully sculpted bodywork. But some nice paint and curves was where this comparison abruptly ended, where it fell right on it's face in failure.




I frowned, my mind forced itself to wander as my mother's finger had it's way with me. I didn't want to end up crazy, just as I didn't want to die. But that was really the trick, wasn't it? What little harm that I had thoughtlessly caused my mother had been avenged in the first thirty seconds after she had shrank me. Merely gazing upon her, hundreds of feet high while still sitting in a chair from the point of view of my own abandoned clothing had been enough. She was crazy, or she had been yearning to unleash this impossible transformational power that she somehow possessed upon another human being for a long time now- and that was crazy in a far more sinister manner.




The beautiful fingertip paused for a moment, "this really is an adorable cock, Mikey. It's just... so tiny, obviously. But I like that. I like seeing it in comparison to me." The edge of her nail ran up my shaft. "I'm really enjoying you, in your new, rightful context. Maybe we should take another family photo soon, obviously because things have changed? What do you think? It could be portrait-style, you know, with my arms resting on something, a blanket, the back of a chair, some railing maybe. You could be holding on for dear life around one of my little fingers, how about that? Or maybe I should wear a sundress and some pretty sandals against some sort of a nice backdrop, like a waterfall? A full body shot? Yes, that would be perfect, it would definitely show off my nice legs!"




The colossal digit sped up it's effort, sliding the cold edge of it's nail against the entirety of my shaft, like some immense beast bowed and lapping water from a stream. "With digital camera resolutions what they are today, your face could show up in a full-sized picture like that, you know, even if I tucked you deep into a crevice between two of my pretty toes. I might be able to even send that one to relatives. No one would be the wiser, no one would notice that you're even there, except for us."




The blue orb trapped in it's ominous tunnel gazed down on me, it almost seemed to be primarily what was dominating my naked body. I could almost feel a terrible weight upon me through it's coldly amused stare. "You're simply one of my failures, Mikey, just one of those unfortunate things that I've managed to halt in mid-catastrophe. Lemons to lemonade, you know. You've gone from a tall, handsome young man with so much potential to my very own tiny sex worker right in the palm of my hand. How does it feel to be ever so delicately fucked by one of your own mother's fingernails? You must feel like a proper bug, I suppose. Well, you are, and you're my bug."




Despite my monstrous mother's biting words I was still hard. Despite the fact that there was no flesh to feel the warm weight of in an embrace, just the lacquer-hardened, slick keratin of a nightmarish fingernail I was hard. Really, it felt not so much like rape, but more like the caress of some mundane object, ludicrous amorous advances of a storage barrel, a thick plastic dumpster lid, a patio table. But that total physical disconnect was overridden completely by what my eyes saw playing out right in front of them. Because of that, it was only a few moments before I came.




Regardless of my mother's close proximity and the jeweler’s loupe I was not sure if she realized what I had done. My cum might as well have been microscopic to her, but I was wrong. She giggled deafeningly and with a final caress her finger finally relented. It hovered above me for a moment as it was joined by her frightening thumb. The colossal fingertips elegantly reached for me as I lay there panting, quickly obstructing my view of her face with their massive presences, "Hmm. Now, I have a question for you."




The edges of her gigantic nails precisely closed against me, from the sides of my thighs to my shoulders, "Please don't do that! Oh God! You're going to break my bones! You're going to crush me! Momm-" My pleading was cut off sharply as she compressed my naked body into an awkward shape. I wheezed as I was lifted off the flesh of her palm. I writhed as I was held up in front of the terrible lens, "Tell me, which do you think is smaller by now, Mikey? What do you think? Is it your little cock, or your dignity?" The digits lowered back to her palm and they spread apart. I fell from them like a rag doll and she chuckled deafeningly as the tips of her nails carefully captured my tiny penis. I could only lay there and tremble, my eyes clamped tightly shut. After a few moments my vulnerable junk was released. She gently captured and examined my tiny legs before her fingertips slid away, diving to somewhere far below my huge floating island of flesh.




My mother's huge face rose upwards as it left, causing a howling wind in it's wake. The jeweler's monocle was promptly removed and she grinned down on me. Her index fingertip tapped the flesh next to my quivering, moaning form, "Get up. On your feet, bug."




I complied, weakly fighting my way up against the gentle swaying of her hand and the swells and seams of her plush flesh. I was bodily captured between her fingers in a cruel pinch and brought up to her face.




My captor ran the nail of her littlest finger gently across the end of my tiny cock as she touched the tip of her tongue to her top lip. The dregs of my cum and her own saliva left a tiny wet trail, even more lustrous than her glossy red polish. I felt like I was being molested by a surfboard.


My skyscraper sized mother withdrew her little finger and I watched as she examined her well manicured digit, turning it in the light. I was appraised with a smirk shot down the towering height of her foreshortened face. I was exhausted and completely limp. My mother gently touched my head and chest with her pinky finger's nail. She deliberately smeared the cum-laced saliva across me. It mingled with my tears.


My mother stoically appraised me for a moment, twisting her hand back and forth. "I'm sure there are a lot of women who would pay good money to touch your body," She remarked, as her grip on me lessened considerably. Her pinching digits swept up from below me and carefully caught one of my tiny arms between her nails. I was too devastated to react and allowed her to tug my limp arm out away from where it had been nestled against my chest. "I feel very lucky, honored in fact." My limb was discarded and she watched it dangle uselessly with mild amusement as she nudged it.




The dense pads of my mother's colossal thumb and index finger tips which held me softly pivoted closed around me and I was being swallowed by them completely. I whimpered weakly up at the smiling face as the ridged, unyielding flesh shut against me from both sides. I was instantly compressed, locked in a terrible position. As the breath was forced from me and my bones creaked I hoarsely wailed. I was nearly crushed, unable to take a breath, unable to move. I was left drooling and shaking in a tomb composed of my own mother's flesh.


"Is it all right to say all of that? Is that wrong, because I'm your mother? So what? You're mine now and my pet, my bug, not my son. Well, I think it's time I put you back down onto your little stage. After all, you're a professional entertainer, Mikey." My pitiless mother delicately laid me back onto the sticky pad of her immense upturned big toe. She was grinning at me and slowly wiggled her digit. "I think you're stuck to my toe, Mikey? Yes, you definitely are. It must be all that cum from that pretty little cock. Hmm."




The endless leg extended, tremors rumbling through her flesh as it straightened out. It came to lay parallel to my mother's other mighty limb on the carpet in front of her. My view from where I lay limply adhered to her toe was incredible, her legs stretched off into the distance to where they joined her hips. Above the unreal hips, my mother's upper body was like some natural rock tower rising into the distant sky.




The yacht-sized foot slowly rotated on it's heel until my mother's toes were pointed upward. Her other immense foot towered close by and my eyes traced over it's impressive size and beauty. Rock climbers upon her tanned, soft skin would not have been out of place at all.




In the far-off distance my mother silently appraised me for a few moments. "I had certainly hoped that you might have amounted to something with all that college tuition I was paying. I suppose a lot of young people might have considered you to be a spoiled rich kid, with your mother paying your way and all. Is that why you've failed? Were you indulged too much?" The mighty big toe flexed slowly as I lay helplessly adhered to the bulging side of it. "This is all I get for my investment in you? Really? Just a tiny piece of human lint stuck to the side of my toe?"




I was bawling as my colossal mother shifted her gorgeous feet. She deftly wiped my tiny, exhausted body to the plump, ridged flesh her big toe's twin sister. I cried out and convulsed in pain from the dexterous interplay of crush and collision from those impossible digits on my helpless form. There was nothing I could physically do for the moment, my mother's torturous play had completely exhausted me. I could only pant, limp and glued strongly to the immense, hot flesh of her scrupulously maintained toe.




"Hmm. Well, I suppose I should try and be a gracious mother. I should support this endeavor of yours, without much criticism for the time being. Maybe I should try and look at it from your point of view? Perhaps you're on to something? Maybe you're a maverick? Is it lucrative to be a tiny, naked bug?" I blinked back tears as the blonde titaness slowly flexed her mighty toes, apparently modeling for herself the big toe I lay plastered against. "Well, you haven't even made fifty dollars at it in an afternoon. What do you think, Mikey? Does that sound about right? I suppose I should withhold judgment and just indulge you a bit more, to be fair. After all, this is what you've wanted for so long."




With a smug look the two humongous big toes came close to one another again. I was delicately smeared across her other big toe's nail. The air was withheld from my lungs as my trailing, flimsy limbs squealed with a pasty friction, dragged behind my torso across the glossy red expanse. Once I had become stuck, the panic-inducing toe-pad pulled away from me. It abandoned my tiny, gasping form on the vertical convex curve of her red polished toenail.




Strands of saliva messily danced, tangling from my lips and chin as I fought to catch my breath. I was slowly gliding wetly down the great red expanse of my mother's vertical toenail. I stayed as still as I could while my arms were slowly pulled upwards from my tiny body while my legs were simultaneously folded beneath me. The instep of my mother's foot fell away beneath me as a tall, veined precipice of flesh that eventually became her tanned, massive ankle far below.




My face felt at first hot, then unnaturally cool, a side effect of being repeatedly bodily squeezed, I wagered. Perhaps this momentary respite had allowed my blood flow to regain it's normal equilibrium? The mighty big toe I lay plastered against slowly waggled and in the distance the beautiful, coldly amused face smiled.




"Hmm. Maybe, eventually, you'll win me over to your point of view. I have to admit, there is something very appealing about having my irresponsible son stuck like a bit of wet tissue to my toenail. But, just to be sure I think I'll play with you for a little while, Mikey."




My mother made a leisurely game of it, transferring my sticky, naked body from one big toe to the other, occasionally sealing both of the mighty digits together against me as I silently begged for her to stop. The entire time she played with me one of her hands was slowly caressing the tight fabric between her legs. She continued her toe play for at least ten minutes, punishing and mocking my tiny exhausted and naked body with her monumental big toes. Eventually, I was inadvertently ensnared by one of her long second toes. Though the circumference of this toe was immense, it paled in comparison to her big toes, which were simply vast surfaces I could only cling to. I desperately took the opportunity to attempt to safeguard myself a bit from my dominating, gigantic captor.




With trembling, worn out muscles I wrapped my limbs around the great pillar of hot flesh. I slowly dragged myself upward as my mother giggled, occasionally gasping in surprise as her massive second toe suppressed a twitch. In the distance she had a strange look on her face of almost pain. She was visibly sweating and biting her lower lip, spending long moments with her eyes tightly closed. With some revulsion I knew that this wasn't just a disciplined reaction against my slowly climbing, tickling form. There was an escalating arousal there as well.




I was completely spent as I reached the wide pad of her toe. I collapsed there, a tiny, delicate toy splayed on the end of a feminine toe's tip. As I lay panting, covered in sweat, the distant carpeted horizon was dominated with that grotesquely surreal view: my colossal, athletic, flaxen haired mother who grimaced as she stroked slowly between her legs.




I rolled to my belly and reached as wide as I could with my arms and legs across the plump, humid sculpture of flesh, hugging it against my entire tiny, naked body. I squeezed my limbs with all my strength. I felt my stomach muscles protest against their cruel exploitation. The domineering titaness cooed and the frightening big toe flexed away before crashing against my feminine pedestal. I pushed, scraping and violently kneading against the huge, sticky ridges with the palms of my hands. I was desperate to keep my mother's attention as I squeezed my widely clasped legs against the toe's dense swells. I growled under my breath as I grimaced at her distant, panic-inducing face.




"Just leave... me here... isn't this... nice? No need... to squish... me... no... need to... play with... me... No need... Just let... me... be safe... Just let... me... be safe..."




"Oh, Mikey! Mmm. I really like that!"




Tremors shot through me, rattling me violently as her leg began to move. The awe-inspiring shin and knee rose upwards as the foot I was perched stickily upon slid closer to her hips on her vast heel. One beautiful hand flew past the golden tower of her shin.




The looming, flushed face grinned as the index finger lowered over me. "You've figured out your proper place in the world, haven't you, Mikey? I think that sometimes young people just need a little nudge in the proper direction when they become lost or confused. You're going to make a lovely toe toy for your mother. Don't worry, I'll always be here to help. To give you a nudge. Always."




My mother smiled as her colossal fingers loomed over my relatively small perch. I moaned as it lowered, pressing me into the firm, hot flesh of her second toe's bulky tip. It gently stroked across my exhausted, sore body. Effortlessly I was captured between her fingers and remove from the tip of her second toe. I sobbed and cried as my unfortunate, helplessly exhausted body was used to slowly probe and caress each massive, humid crevice between each of her giant toes.




Finally my cruel mother grew bored dragging my tiny form through her huge toes and laid me on the carpet. I was devastated, and lay there gasping, worn out by the slow torture session.


I was prodded by an enormous fingernail as she pulled her legs in close to sit next to me cross-legged. "I have to go get cleaned up and retrieve some things. You just stay there and rest. If you try to get away there will be consequences."


The ground shook and quaked as my mother unfolded and stood up. I watched her enormous feet thunder away out of the room. I rolled over onto my side and looked around. The coffee table and couch were too far away. The little office trashcan was even further. The only thing I could see that could serve as a hiding spot was a crack in the wainscoting. I rolled over onto my stomach and tried to get my arms and legs beneath me. I was still panting and everything hurt. As I waited on my body to rally I tried to wipe the smelly stickiness from my face. I could hear and feel her footsteps. A growing sense of panic filled me as the thunderous reports grew louder. I cursed under my breath as I realized that she would be back before I could attempt my escape. I had been pushed too far physically.


Tears of frustration came to my eyes as my mother's enormous form came into view. I realized she was carrying things, before the terror of her impossible form overwhelmed my rational thought. By the time the beautiful crushing, punishing feet gracefully drew near I was crying out, begging her not to do the obvious: to step on me.


An enormous box, the size of a proud neoclassical bank headquarters lowered out of the sky. There was a tremor as it touched down. I felt I should know what this was, but the sheer size of it made it strangely unfamiliar. As my captor lowered and folded herself into a sit I realized what it was. My father's lure making box, what he had used to create fly fishing lures. A pair of my mother's sandals were set down next to it. They had been some of her favorite ones from when I was a child, she had not worn them in years now.


"I want to go out, Mikey. But it would be no fun to leave you here. So I think I'll make my own version of a child restraint. Maybe bug restraint would be more accurate for you."


Her laughter deafened me. I was gently folded and compressed in upon myself between her thumb and index finger in a pinch. She laid me back down right in front of the toes of her left foot, underneath her arched big toe. Before I could do more than roll over the big toe had lowered, capturing and pinning me to the carpet beneath it. Only my head was free.


"There. All nice and snug underneath of me. You just rest there, unless, of course, you want to earn some more money with that little tongue of yours. I would like that, you know."


Above me she worked. She punched several holes through the thick leather of one of the sandals. The warmth from her toe pad coursed through me and I was soon groggy, despite my predicament.


"Mikey! Mikey!" She sang my name.


I coughed and opened my eyes. I had drifted off into sleep. I winced and yelped as I took in the tip of her toe bowing out above my tiny trapped face. Beyond the long toenail my mother was smiling down at me.


"You didn't lick or kiss me at all! I go to the trouble of doing all of this work for you. Sometimes I think you don't appreciate me. Well, that's going to change. I am a large part of your life, you know."


The toe above me moved, fattening as it drove the air from my lungs. I cried out raggedly as my bones protested to her tiny movement. Her distant face lowered and her smile grew as she blew me a kiss.


I was lifted along with the toe. She peeled me from it and placed me into one of her palms.


"I'm all finished! It probably doesn't look like much to you, but I am quite proud of this. It's time to try it out. Just a trial run. But I think it will work. If it doesn't you're going to know it. Because it wouldn't take much at all to ruin those little twigs you call arms and legs."


She stood as she held me and gathered up some of the things from the floor. Soon I found myself at the kitchen table. She lowered me over the sole of one of the old sandals. I could immediately see what she had done. She had poked six holes into the dark, greasy stain where her big toe always rested. Thin threads, the diameter of municipal power lines to me, had been fed through the holes, it was quite elaborate, really. She had spent quite a bit of time getting it right. She meant to strap me spread-eagled to the sole.


"Goodness, you're shaking! I like it when you do that! I think that would be, oh, maybe one dollar. Yeah, it's worth a dollar to feel you trembling between my fingers. You are quite the entertainer. Only thirty-five dollars more to go. You are amazing, you know that? You're just being yourself and the money comes rolling in! You are so lucky to have found your calling in life!"


I was herded across the sole of the sandal by an elegant fingertip as my skyscraper-sized mother smirked down at me from overhead.


"Right there. Good boy! Now, lay down your back. Scoot to the left. Very good!"


Her face grew as she leaned forwards, completely filling up half of my possible view. She picked up tweezers and lowered them over me.


"There is no need to fret. I'll be careful! But, I might have a little bit more incentive if you would have put that itty-bitty mouth of yours to work. Oh well, live and learn."


It took quite a while for her to secure my limbs. If I moved too much she would pinch the tweezers together in front of my face as she admonished me. Soon I was strapped down, arms and legs pulled away from me at an angle, a cable-like thread belt cinched down around my waist. She had tied or somehow secured my restraints across the tread of the sandal. A colossal, beautiful manicured hand grasped my yacht-sized platform and I found myself flying through the air. I hovered in front of her face as she grinned.


"Okay! This looks really good, Mikey! Now, let Mommy see if everything is spaced correctly. If you feel some pressure, cry out, okay?"


Her other hand collided with the sandal and an enormous thumb slammed down right next to my tiny form. She flexed the sandal slowly between her hands, testing to see the extent of my safety.


She nodded approvingly after a while.


"Yes, I should be able to walk with you there. Let's try it out, shall we?"


I felt a rush of giddiness as I sped downwards, past the entirety of my mother's huge form. A moment later the sandal and I lay on the floor in front of her feet. She giggled as she flexed her enormous pretty toes. In the sky above me one long tanned leg moved across the sky, bisecting it and lowered. She bent over at the waist as she slipped the sandal on to her foot.


"Oh, I used to wear these all the time. I loved these sandals! They are too dirty and worn out now. Well, Mikey, it's your turn"


The sky past my legs was filled with her other foot. It lowered and grew much larger as it came on. Then it was working it's way through the immense leather strapping, her tremendous toes wiggling as she inched on my sandal. Her hands came down and helped ease my prison into place. I was crying as her toes wiggled over me. Then they lowered and I was smashed heavily underneath the pad of her big toe.


"Mikey, I hope it's all right so far, I'm going to walk around now. Mommy will be careful."


I was pressed almost to unconsciousness beneath her vast toe as she stood. Then I was hurtling upwards as I accelerated forward, my bonds keeping me safely in place against the grease-varnished toe-print. Touchdown was a violent and deafening experience, I had the air driven from my tiny form and my vision blurred from the tremors which were generated just beneath me on the other side of my mother's sandal. Before I could recover I was sealed in completely beneath her ridged, dense flesh before rocketing back into the sky again.


Ten steps later she stopped and I could see that she had bent down, peering at my tiny trapped head which peeked out from beneath the front of her big toe.

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