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“Today’s the day,” he thinks to himself as he walks through steel, yet hollow halls, “I will finally get to see the world burn in my likeness.”

Everything about this man is suspicious, but nothing excited him more than what was about to transpire. With a metal briefcase in hand, a light brown trench coat to match with a brown fedora, and black boots that looked like they were made for the military, he calmly steps through a secret hallway that’s owned by a rich billionaire who’s desperate to see his wife survive the wickedness of cancer. Each clicking step on the cemented floor echoed throughout. The walls are bland with stainless metal.

The corridor is lit brightly with rectangular fluorescent lights, and dimmed lava lamps for decoration. A few men, presumably guards, dressed in gray walk by casually, without making eye contact with the 40 year old stranger in the coat.

He reaches a metal door that is guarded by an extremely bluff black male who signals the strange man to stop by placing his hand out and maintained a distance from the . His other hand reaches for the walkie talkie in the pocket of his gray uniform. Then, sounded static as he places the walkie to his mouth:

“Boss, it’s Doctor Ace,” the well-built bodyguard says.

Dr. Ace casually waits in front of the tall guard as he roams his eyes around the ceiling to avoid eye contact with the intimidating guard. He couldn’t help but smirk at the sight of the ceiling.

“Bring him in!” the boss from the talkie says.

The guard takes one step sideways and reaches for the sliding door handle to unlock it. The door slowly creaks to a room full of doctors, businessmen, and a bed with a bald woman, closed eyes that has several metal strings attached to her to keep her alive. She looks like she’s barely breathing.

Dr. Ace is hollered by one of the business looking men in a black suit, red tie, and slicked hair.

“Dr. Ace! I’m so glad you could make it!” he calls over as he rushes to shake his hand.

“Hello Mr. Gustin,” Dr. Ace responds with his fidgety voice.

“Is the formula complete?” he asks.

“Of course, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t!”

Dr. Ace raises the gray suitcase up to his face and clicks both ends to unlock it. Mr. Gustin opens the case to witness a skinny cylinder container with a bright glowing blue liquid inside.

“This better be worth investing in,” the billionaire states as he picks up the slim container.

“What and who, is this?” one of Mr. Gustin’s business henchmen in a suit calls over.

“It’s my cure!” he responds with upbeat confidence.

The man shuffles over to Mr. Gustin with anger on his face.

“Did we really invest millions on this son of a bitch that sells us what looks like a love potion?” the man bitterly asks.

“My wife is down to her last straw! What’s the worth of all this money if I don’t have anyone to spend it with?” Mr. Gustin angrily spits back.

“Need I remind you the stakes our company is currently facing and the cost of the overhaul it will take?” the man says, “You’re in a fantasy world if you think this lunatic is going to cure your woman.”

“Shut up!” Mr. Gustin yells, “and get out of my face.”

“Rest assured mister, first the lady will heal, then she will flourish to what she once was, and MORE!” Dr. Ace states with confidence.

“Thank you, doctor, and as promised, I will have the money delivered to your name, along with the materials for mass production of your formula as requested!” Mr. Gustin says.

“Do you even have a degree? How do we know you’re not a fraud?” the angry henchman asks Dr. Ace.

“Trust me, mister?”


“Mister Meyer, I am 100% confident that this formula is the key to bringing her back,” he says with a calm smile.

Mr. Gustin walks over to one of the doctors and hands the formula over to place it in a syringe. The doctor slowly examines the luminous liquid as he transfers it to a syringe. He gives off a look of confusion as he shifts his gaze toward Mr. Gustin.

“If my wife only has a day, I will take any means necessary to bring her back!” Mr. Gustin tells the doctor.

“But this could kill her now, wouldn’t you want to say goodbye if she wakes up again before she completely dies out?” the doctor asks, “I’ve reviewed this man’s science. His theory on growing the cells large enough to implode them is… far-fetched…”

“You did say, it wasn’t completely absurd, and it is slim, but possible.”

“I know, but that doesn’t mean there’s a good chance of it working!” the doctor worriedly states.

“No! It will work,” Mr. Gustin boldly states as he backs away from the doctor, “Do it!”

The whole room watches from a distance as the doctor completely loads the syringe with the compound and lifts the shirt of her shoulder. He slowly inches the needle towards her skin as everyone dramatically stares at the needle. Mr. Ace has a smile on his face, as if he knows the end result. Then, the injection occurs. The sight of the glowing chemical emptying from the contents of the bottle and into the wife has everyone up to their toes.

“Nothing’s happening,” the doctor says as he examines his computers, scanners, and X-Rays.

“Patience doctor,” Dr. Ace says with a grin as he watches the woman.

After about 45 seconds of staring Mr. Meyer turns angrily towards Doctor Ace. Some people started to lose hope. Mr. Gustin has his hands on his head with a confused expression on his face.

“Should something be happening?” Mr. Gustin asks, but no one wanted to answer.

“You are full of shit!” Mr. Meyer yells at Dr. Ace, whom holds a heavy smie.

The doctor examining the patient stares at the screen looking for a pattern change in her cells, and does find one. His eyes open wide in disbelief.

“oh… my... god… Wait!” the doctor states in shocked expression, “her cells are expanding and… expelling… and…. recreating in growth… and Mrs. Gustin is… healing…?”

Mr. Gustin runs over to the doctor in excitement and grabs him by the shoulder.

“Healing!?” he announces in excitement.

Suddenly, the eyes of his pale wife open slowly as she breathes heavily. She looks around and her first sight is of her husband.

“Baby!” the billionaire yells in excitement.

“Jeremy?” she asks in confusion.

Suddenly, Mr. Gustin hugs her, while she lies on her bed. Mrs. Gustin, with her might, lifts her hands to return the hug. Mr. Gustin hasn’t looked this excited in months. He didn’t care about his company, or his life. He only cared about her.

Mr. Ace stares on with a smile as Mr. Meyer deliberately creeps away inn embarrassment.

“I should be on my way now, sir.” Dr. Ace states as he gradually turns away from the reunion.

“Wait doctor!” Jeremy calls as he runs over to him and hugs him.

“Thank you, so much, I’ll pay you double!” he yells in excitement.

“Mr. Gustin!” Mr. Meyer yells in frantic shock.

“Ah it’s no big deal, just keep this under wraps… all of you please,” Dr. Ace requests, “and also, since she’s recovering from stage 5, she should be back to her full self longer than I typically plan for patients, which should be about a day.”

“Thank you,” Mr. Gustin sincerely states as he sends him off, “I’ll see you again.”

“Thank YOU for the opportunity, Jeremy,” Dr. Ace discloses as he smiles and walks out the door.

Mr. Gustin eagerly strolls back over to his wife as everyone else smiles at the miracle before them. The guard shuts the door and gives the doctor big thumbs up. Dr. Ace treads out the once hollow halls feeling like a star. He makes his way out of the facility run by Gustin Enterprises, and makes his way outside. The clouds shadow over him, but the sun shines in his spirit. The winds are quiet, but his emotions are speak loud. He finds his way towards a car parked on the street by Mr. Gustin’s house that is right next to the secret facility he left, which is disguised as a large cargo crate.

“Incredible first patient,” he softly tells himself with a smile, “Now, we just have to wait, but in the meantime, let’s see who else would love a dose of my medicine for the world…”
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