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When I get hammered, I take a few very short free requests on imageboards under the name 'Tipsy Anon' and on DA from random people to help me write outside of my comfort zone. The rules I've set for myself and commissionees are that each story will include three keywords and one scenario in which to cover each of those niches. I'll edit each story very slightly upon sobering up and recompile them here for your reading entertainment. There's a fair amount of humor, parody, and 'board culture' references in a few of these so be advised beforehand. 

Each chapter, unless otherwise noted, is its own standalone tale. This story is marked as complete but new stories will be added infrequently.

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Published: July 11 2016 Updated: July 11 2016
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1. Crazy Odorous Bizarre Shrink by UnanimousDecision [Reviews - 0] (1468 words)

This was written in one hour and forty three minutes. 

The three keywords of the day were:
>unaware, sweaty, and milf


2. The Girl from S.W.A.T.r. by UnanimousDecision [Reviews - 0] (1786 words)

This was written in exactly two hours and three minutes.

The three keywords were:

>butt, vore (with burps involved, naturally), and SJW

Scenarios involving radical feminists shrinking men has been given flack in the giantess community recently because it discredits the feminist movement and paints a negative image of equality. I totally get that, but it's an interesting world to write in and I'm working on the follow-up to this story already. Sorry. I write in all sorts of worlds and have no intent on stopping. What I write about doesn't at all reflect my world views. Please send all complaints about this tale to: No@no.no