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Author's Chapter Notes:

Please note that this was a hard short story to write. Had to write three versions of it until I went with this one. It probably isn't my best work, but with little knowledge of the subject, I think it was good.



I stared down at the generic white and brown cigarette in the table with disappointment. My mind was racing with thoughts of anger and regret as a small breeze began to roll in. 'I paid that much for this average looking thing?' Kept popping up in my thoughts. I picked up the cigarette with my thumb and index finger and brought it to my face. My orange nail polish glisten in the sunlight as I began to scan it. I began to realize that there was some small differences between it and run of the mill cigs.

The beginning of the tobacco rod was covered with the same white paper-like material that incased the rod itself. That made me slightly more curious, as I couldn't see what was inside the it. The filter near the butt of the cigarette had a weird dark brown cap on it. The whole thing felt more sturdier then the usual cheap variety cigarettes that I love to buy. Even with the pressure that I was adding, the rod was still perfectly fine.

My focus turned towards the very stylized container that this cigarette came in. It was a strangely pill-shaped and metallic looking with a reflective black finish. Flames were engraved on the top of container itself, and the company's logo was carved into the side of it. The logo consisted of a skyscraper with a cigarette butt on the bottom of it. It was held by a stylized glass stand, which had weird skylines etched onto itself.

'That's weird,' I thought to myself, 'why would they use city images for a cigarette?'

I decided not to think about this question for long, as it really didn't matter to me. 'The website said it's 100% tobacco free,' I told myself as I gently brought the cigarette towards my mouth, 'that the materials are all naturally grown in a lab.'

As my lips grasped onto the cigarette, I let out a short chuckle. '"Naturally" and "lab"... Such a strange thing to say,' I kept thinking to myself as I started to stare at my expansive backyard for a brief moment. I looked back down to the cigarette and removed the cap on the filter, which revealed a dark patch, which was weird since most other cigs had white or brown filters at the end of them.

I ignored it and I began to look for my lighter, which was on top of my violet colored skirt. I grabbed it but decided to continue to look down to admire my recently painted matching toenails. The bright orange color matched perfectly with my blue flip flops. I also looked at the ten diamonds that were encrusted into the straps of the flip flops, five on each, and smiled.

As I brought the lighter towards the tip of the cigarette I let out a small sigh. "Well I hope this 700k was well worth it," I said as I began to flick the lighter. I saw sparks come out of it but no flames.

I flicked the lighter again, but nothing happened. I began to shake it a bit, hoping that that would help. After a brief moment, I brought it back towards the cigarette and flicked it once more. An orange-red flame burst through a shower of sparks from the exhaust of the lighter. It quickly caused the tip of the cigarette to ignite.

I began to take a deep breath and I felt the warm air begin to fill my lungs. The flavor was completely new and exotic, which caught me off guard.

I moaned in satisfaction, as my eyes closed.


People were running in despair as their whole world shook violently and uncontrollably. Large bulges had appeared in the middle of their cylindrical world, causing untold devastation for a few cities and villages. Their world was divided into self-sufficient sections. They had no idea what was below or underneath them, until these massive distortions on the ground caused the section dividers to crack and break. The ground revealed a hard, metal surface underneath the soft ground that the citizens were custom to.

People cried to their respective Gods as their world had suddenly slanted slightly, causing people, cars and even weak buildings to slide towards the corner of each section. The "top" layer of the world watched in horror and curiosity as their artificial light, which stemmed from a rod that traveled through the middle of the cylinder, was overpowered by a new, mysterious light that came through the large, black wall of metallic mesh. The dark brown wall behind network of metal beams had suddenly disappeared with a loud, deafening pop that echoed through the world.

Just as the citizens of the top layer began to adjust their eyes to the new light, as well as feel a gentle breeze flowing in through the gaps of the metal jungle, the whole section was engulfed into darkness. People screamed and shouted as their light rod seemed to have completely stopped working. In the pitch darkness, people could feel a warm, humid wind come through the gaps that were created by the metal beams.

A mysterious liquid oozed from the mesh and began to slowly engulf cities and towns. It slowly moved throughout the land, like lava flowing down a volcano. People who were caught by the it started to scream in agony as the liquid seemed to slowly dissolve anyone or anything it touched.

In the pitch darkness the citizens of this world began to hear loud, hum as the rod in the center of their world began to rotate. Their earth began to shake as the rods seemed to be activating large vents on the dividers. As they opened, they destroyed countless cities and towns that were unfortunate enough to be placed above them.

Near the bottom of their world, the citizens who had piled up in the corner due to the sudden change in gravity began to heard a metallic sound which seemed to be coming from behind the walls.

The metallic grinding noise was loud and quick. It pierced throughout the world sending its habitants into a mad frenzy. People began to pray and hope for a good outcome, as today was nothing more then fear and anguish. The metallic grinding noise roared through the cylinder once more. It sounded like paper ripping but a thousand times louder. Worse of all, everyone was in the dark, not able to see what was going on.

Most thought it was the end, as their world was literally ripping apart, while others though it was some sort of test conducted by their higher power. Other waited patiently for another grinding noise to happen, as the first two had happened in quick succession. However, it was eerily quiet for a few minutes.

Their world stood still and quiet for the first time since the beginning of the ordeal. The people were tensed as they could not predict what was going to happen next.

A man who was near the "top" of their world began to pray for light and for forgiveness for any wrong doing that he may had done in his lifetime. He could hear the low humming of the rod that still spun. The large holes that were now opened throughout the dividers allowed the hot, humid air to fill the whole cylinder.

The man opened his eyes as his prayer ended and was greeted by the eerie quiet darkness. He let out a sigh of sadness as he began to stand up and try to climb the slanted street above him. "Come on Jon, you can do it," he told himself as prepared himself.

Right before he could start climbing, he heard the loud metallic grinding noise once more. The whole world was engulfed in a reddish glow which temporarily blinding him. As he let go of the ground to protect his eyes, he quickly descended down into the corner of his divider along with the other people. He had no clue what was going on at that time.

Those near the great white wall heard the loud grinding noise, however, before they could register it. Before they could run away and try to hide. Before they could even realize what was going on. Everyone in the first three city dividers were instantly incinerated as their world began to catch ablaze.

The flame began to ravage the land as it slowly started to move between dividers. People watched in horror as the wall of fire came toward them and engulfed everything. Dark, toxic clouds began to spew throughout the cylinder.

Most of the people who were near the "top" of the cylinder had no idea what was going on. All they could see was the reddish glow radiating from the gaps between the dividers and the toxic smoke that slowly made its way up. Before anyone could do anything to stop this fire, a powerful suction started from the black mesh.

Like a vacuum cleaner, this wind began to pull people and buildings towards the metallic vines. Some of the people were instantly cut in half as their bodies, flying at extreme speeds, hit the beams. Buildings were pulverized as they collided onto the mesh. The dark, hot toxic smoke rapidly began to exit throughout the cylinder, picking up small debris and people along the way.

The firewall rapidly advanced inwards. It incinerated anything that came in contact with it. The reddish glow that flooded the citizen's world began to intensify as the wall of flames came to life as it reached new fuel sources.


The citizens who miraculously made it through the metallic mesh were thrown into a large, humid, dark cavern. As these poor, unfortunate souls tumbled through the air, some of them were pushed downwards.

Many tried to scream, however, they felt the wind literally being sucked out of their lungs by the large vacuum that was pulling them and the smoke into the cave. Those who fell down tumbled for what felt like an eternity until they smashed into the red, gooey ground below that contained hundreds of hills. Some exploded on contact with the mountainous terrain. Their bloody remains blending into the mysterious soft surface. Other crashed landed onto the valleys and peaks, just barely clinging to life as their bodies began to settle into the surface.

Those who were still conscious felt their bodies being burned as the same gooey liquid that had entered their world earlier consumed them as they laid there helplessly.

Those still caught in the current were quickly sent towards a large dead end. For those who could see it, they prayed for a quick and painless death by smashing into the pinkish wall. However, the current changed directions and pulled those unfortunate enough to be in the smoke down a large, expansive pipe.

As they still tumbled in the air, debris and other burning materials began to reach the survivors. Large chucks of land and buildings began to pulverize the poor people flying in the air. Other chunks smashed into the causing them to explode, pelting the citizens who were flying by.

The suction noise quickly intensified as the people were guided towards a place were three pipes connected. Two of these large caverns were sucking up the smoke. The citizens and the debris were split apart violently as two different currents were pulling them to opposite pipeline. Some unlucky people were thrown out of the currents and fell straight down the main pipe, where they eventually landed in a large chamber filled with acidic liquid that disintegrated them on contact.


People, debris and flames continued to be pulled into the metallic mesh and into the cavern. Citizens in the cylindrical world held onto anything they could to prevent themselves from flying into the toxic smoke. Jon was hanging onto a large metal rebar that had popped out of the ground. As he felt his hands begin to slip, he quickly began to beg for help.

As his hands continued to move towards the end of the metal bar, he tried to keep himself from panicking. Just as his bloody hands, cut by the rebar, began to slide towards the edge of the bar, the current suddenly stopped.

The hot, toxic air wiped back into a uncontrollable mass as it settled throughout the world. The red colored darken once more as the firewall stopped. People and debris that were airborne rapidly dropped to the ground.

Jon dropped onto the ground exhausted. He fell 10 feet onto a pile of dirt near the exposed metal surface. As he gasped for air, he thanked whatever higher power had saved him. It was still quite dark even with the fire that raged just a few hundred divisions ahead of him.

He let out a huge sigh of relief.


In the large cavern, people were falling down onto the hilly ground below. The goo continued to burn those who had landed onto the surface. Buildings and debris were scattered in between mountains and valleys. Large drops of goo began to rain from above them.

The hot smoke continued to surround the survivors, who tried desperately to climb onto any building or debris to get away from the sticky liquid. Some people actually tried to walk in this large, red expansive world towards their own. Small amounts of light came through cracks far beyond them. They could see the faint red glow behind the large mesh of metal of their world as it burned.

Suddenly, the cavern was illuminated with the strange light as a colossal hole began to open up near their cylindrical world. People on the red surface began to hear a loud rumbling noise coming from deep beneath them. Before anyone could realize what was going on, people were launched towards the opening as the smoke began to blast out from deep within the cave. The smoke felt humid and warm as it continued to move rapidly towards the hole.

The people who were helplessly falling down the large, pink pipe were picked up by the current and were also sent back from where the came from. The acidic liquid was blasted into the smoke, which splashed all over the innocent people. Some people, as they were rising up in the pink pipe, were sent towards two, smaller holes near the drop off point of the large cavern.

As they flew through the new pipelines, people began to smash into massive, tree like objects. The humid smoke flew through the "tree" like a dark fog. Other citizens landed on the ground and were met with a sticky, yellowish/green fluid, which trapped them in place. Those captured in the strange goo screamed for help, but they were silenced by the wind that howled all around them. They struggled as they slowly began to sink into the strange liquid.

Those who made it passed the large, black trees were met with blinding light as they were launched out of the smaller caverns. They tumbled in the air with the humid smoke.


Hundreds of people were launched into the light, either from the two small caverns or the hole that was made in the larger one. Most felt the sensation of free falling, but couldn't see anything due to the blinding light. Some people crash landed onto the large, cylinder container that they use to call home, and were instantly killed by the impact. Others just flew down for ages until the impacted something. Some people were able to regain their eyesight to see what the horrors of reality had in-store for them.

One man regained his eyesight right as he was going to impact a large, violet colored plateau. Another person saw his life flash before him as he saw the end coming when he was sent tumbling towards a rocking, grey like expansive below. Another person was shocked to his core as he looked at what appeared to be a female foot. It was so massive that the whole thing filled his vision. As he got closer and closer to the peach colored skin, he quickly realized what was going on. He thanked and cursed whatever being responsible for this event as he got closer and closer to his death. The smooth, peach skin began to turn into rough and hard as he started to see all the little imperfections on it. Before he could see any more detail on the skin, he crashed onto it, which killed him instantly.

One woman saw the massive goddess' face. She had red, curly hair and a few freckles on her cheeks and the top of her nose. Her lips, highlighted with a darker shade of red lipstick, firmly grasped on, what the smaller woman though was, her world. It was burning uncontrollably as the massive being began to let out a loud moan of satisfaction. Her eyes were slowly closing, which hid her large, emerald eyes from the microscopic woman.

She continued to fall towards the massive Goddess' breast, which were exposed due to her white tank-top. As she tumbled in the air, she hoped that this sick, twist of faith was just a dream. Everything went dark as she slammed onto the massive woman's colossal breast.


After letting out a puff of smoke, I gently removed the cigarette from my lips. My eyes were closed as tried to savor the taste as long as I could.

"Oh boy, this is completely worth the money," I said out loud. I opened my eyes and glanced down onto the cigarette, and gasped in sadness as I realized that with that single puff, I had just used half the cig. I was slightly disappointed, however, I still thought it was worth the money.

I gently tapped the cigarette over the ground to remove the ash from the tip. Then I placed it onto my lips once more to finish it.


Jon was suffocating due to the smoke that had suddenly been pumped right back into his world. The wind had thrown him around, but thankful he was able to hold onto the rebar once again. The reddish color from the flame had dimmed considerably. As he coughed out the smoke that he had forcibly inhaled, he suddenly felt like the whole world was moving. He quickly grabbed onto the rebar yet again as thunder roared through the heavens. The strange light filled the world once again.

Jon began to breath heavily as he firmly grasped the rebar. He looked down at the metal surface and saw that it had broken even more. Before he could actually see anything through the damage floor, the world violently shook. The force caused Jon to let go of the rebar, sending him flying through the air.

Buildings and people were launched into the air. Jon was hit by debris and metal components that were flying through the sky. He bashed into a large chuck of a buildings, which sent him through one of the vents. As he continued to be thrashed around in the air, the red glow from the fire was intensified.

He could hear the sound of the land breaking and debris smashing onto the ground as Jon began to rapidly fall towards on of the walls. The light seemed to have intensified as he fell towards the earth. With a loud, hard thud, Jon slammed onto the hard surface below.

The mysterious light, as suddenly as it filled the world again, had vanished, allowing Jon to regain his vision. However, once he saw what was in front of him, he wanted to close his eyes. He was now just a few feet away from the metallic mesh, where the oozy liquid began to slide into his world once again.

Jon desperately tried to stand up, however, a sharp pain in his side quickly caused him to collapse back onto the ground. "Damn it, my ribs must be broken," he said as the pain became more and more noticeable. Suddenly, the vacuum noise roared throughout the world as the smoke began to quickly go through the mash and into the cavern.

The firewall began to rapidly advance once more. As the wind current become incredibly powerful, Jon held on to dear life on one of the bars in the mesh. He could feel his body being torn apart by the sheer power of the current. The smoke blasted into his face, slowly burning him. Debris and people's screams could be heard all over the place as Jon continued to hang on.

Just as his grip was about to give out, the wind suddenly stopped once more. He swung back into the world, letting go when he could see the ground. As he slammed back onto familiar ground, he quickly collapsed onto the floor. He was gasping for air.

As he laid there, with the glow of the fire still close to him, and an unknown world behind the walls, he began to pray once more. The the mesh was suddenly engulfed with the strange light once more, but this time, Jon saw it as a sign. The angelic like light shined onto him, bringing him hope for the future.

That hope was shattered as he was sent flying as the whole world seemed to be tumbling in the air. He slammed onto the walls and into the mesh as the world fell. As suddenly as this happened, the world came to a sudden halt. The ring of twisted metal rang throughout the world as the container crashed onto the ground. Jon looked around as everything seemed to still moving even though it was not. His ears were ringing as the dust from the debris and buildings that had collapse were slowly settling down. Jon looked over to his left and saw that the mesh had broken apart, which left a huge gap where anything could easily go through.

He stood up, ignoring the pain that flowed throughout his body, and began to walk towards it. Small amount of ash and burning material were flying all around him as the glow of the fire was slowly dying. He only had the mysterious light that was radiating from the outside to guide him. As he reached the gap, he saw the expansive grey groups before him.

He looked into the horizon and saw what appeared to be large green trees in the distance. As he continues to walk towards the outside, onto the grey floor, the light was suddenly replaced with a large shadow.

Jon, unable to raise his head and finally giving in to the pain, decided to lay down onto the floor. As his eyes saw what was making the shadow, he tried to gasp, but the pain didn't allow him. Before him, high above anything that he could imagine, was a massive blue object, which was connect to an even larger object. As his mind slowly connected the dots, he screamed in his mind as he realized that he was looking at a sandaled foot.

He could see the details on the sole itself as it began to rapidly come towards him. He prayed for a miracle as the wedges and the grooves of the sole began to become large and more detailed. He could see dirt and what looked liked small insects stuck on the bottom of the sole once it was just a few thousand feet away.

Jon still prayed as the sole became larger and larger. The shadow grew darker and darker. The wind generated by the footfall began to cause a loud rumbling noise around him.

Jon took a deep breath.


My foot slammed onto the ground, where I dropped the cigarette. I quickly twisted my foot to snuffed out the fire beneath it.

With a satisfied grin, I looked over my large lawned once again and released the last puffs of smoke that were left in me. "It was so great," I told myself, "plus I had the privacy of my own home to do it in. No one got hurt and no one complained about the smoke." I smiled yet again. The flavor was unforgettable.

"I should order another one"

Chapter End Notes:

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Also, I do not support smoking, nor do I have anything against it. Just liked the power aspect of the whole situation.

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