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Story Notes:

This is a short one-and-done story I wrote years ago.  It's different from my other style of works but I thought it was worth posting.  I had a great time writing it.

A Thief’s Mistake


                "Are you ready Ziggy?" Kamadar said in the jungle's night. "The village seems to be empty except for some women who have been left behind.  The men of the village must be at war or out hunting.  We should have no problem taking what we want from their tents."  Kamadar said smiling with anticipation.

            "This will be our easiest job yet." Ziggy drooled.

            "Let's go!"  Kamadar whispered loudly.

             At that moment, the jungle seemed to come alive all around them.  Spears, bows, and swords rushed out of the forage and greeted them with anticipating death.  Surrounding them were warrior women six feet or more in height.  The smallest of them towered over Kamadar who was the tallest between Ziggy and he.  Kamadar is even part warrior and is well built, but still dwarfed by the women's presence.

            "Drop your weapons if you want to live!" a deep woman's voice demanded.

            Kamadar and Ziggy froze in surprise; each looking at the other.  Kamadar reluctantly released the grip of his sword, letting it fall to the ground.  Ziggy promptly followed.  Immediately their hands were forced behind them and tied.

            "Move!" the woman's voice boomed again.

            Kamadar and Ziggy found themselves being led into the village.  The closer to the village they got, the more the women giggled.  It's obvious that these women are confident with their captives. 

            "They've done this before." Kamadar reasoned.

             Once in the village, Ziggy and Kamadar were separated.  Each surrounded by amazon women and being led to separate tents.

            "No!" Ziggy pleaded as he tried to fight his way back to Kamadar.

            The tribal women laughed aloud in delight as they easily force Ziggy into a separate tent.

            Kamadar fought in unison with Ziggy, but it was futile.  The women's laughter crescendoed around him.  The more he fought, the more the amazons mocked him with force and laughter.  As Kamadar entered his new tent-shaped prison, he heard Ziggy cry out in protest followed by women's laughter.

            Kamadar's binds were removed, but quickly found him self lying prostrate on his back and hands tied out wide from his shoulders. After his buck-skinned pants were removed, his legs were tied spread open.  Ziggy's cries lingered as Kamadar was forced to be naked.  Two tall women towered over him, shadowing him in front of the warm fire pit.  They crossed their arms as they stood patiently as if they were waiting for something...or someone.  Suddenly, Ziggy's protests were muffled in mid-cry.  Kamadar listened for any signs of Ziggy's existence but was rewarded only with faint sounds of female conversation and laughter. 

            "What did they do to him?" Kamadar wondered.  "Why separate us then kill us?  It doesn't make since!"  The questions and feelings of fear poured in.

            Kamadar could hear the flaps of the tent open and close behind him.  He heard soft footsteps approach.  Out of the shadows a beautiful woman appeared.  She was dressed in a robe that labeled its wearer of high position.  She was taller than the rest as far as Kamadar could tell from his angle.  She had long, straight, black hair with olive skin.  Her physic appeared strong but lean and well proportioned.  She appeared to be young but her demeanor showed that she was wise and full of experience.  She looked at her subordinates, greeted them with a nod, and then looked down at Kamadar.

            "I understand that you were going to raid our village." Cha'rie stated flatly.

            Kamadar didn't know what to say.  He just stared at her blankly.

            Cha'rie nodded at her subordinates and immediately they started undressing.  Without missing a beat she continued the conversation.

            "No one raids the Samorians and gets away with it." Cha'rie stated.

            "Samorians?!" Kamadar questioned in surprise.  "The Samorians are a mythical tribe known to be great warriors.  It is said that men who near their village are never heard of again."  Kamadar's expression changed from disbelief to fear as he heard himself say that.

            "How else do you think the Samorians stay a myth?" Cha'rie mused.  "That's the lure.  Men who try to discover us are captured.  As you know now, there are no men in the village.  We have no need for your inferior gender save one thing.  Those who are captured are used for copulation…for breeding…that's it.  That's all you're good for.  You see, once each summer's eve, the Samorians have a ritual what we call..."  Cha'rie paused, looked at her attendants and smiled.  They smiled back as if communicating a common knowledge amongst them.  "...The Hunt." she continued.  "Those who are captured are used and then disposed of.  That's how we maintain our numbers."

            Kamadar laughed out loud.

            "There's a slight problem you see.  You can't rape a man.  He has to be roused and willing and believe you me, nothing is happening with me this night."  Kamadar defied proudly.

            It was the amazons who were laughing now, stealing the pathetic man's thunder.

            "I never promised that it was going to be a quick ordeal." Cha'rie chuckled.  "In fact, it's a long and pleasurable one...or a painful one depending on who's speaking."

            "Let us show you." Cha'rie said looking down on him.  "Humble our brave lad here and make him pay his respects." she commanded her lessers.

            One of the amazons stood over Kamadar's head and looked down at him.  The other took her place standing beside him.

            "Kiss my feet.”  The amazon commanded as she lowered her bare foot onto his face.

            As soon as Kamadar heard her command, he quickly turned his head away avoiding her foot.  The other amazon anticipated this and stepped on him, forcing the air out of his lungs.  Kamadar cried out in pain and tried to lean up to help ease the pain but his arms were tied at his sides.  The other amazon placed her foot on his face and forced him to lower his head back to the ground.

            "Now kiss!" she demanded again, smearing the bottom of her foot on his face.

            "No!" Kamadar mumbled beneath her.

            The other amazon stepped on him again but this time remained standing on him.

            "Kiss her foot you pathetic worm or I'll squash you!" she joined in.

            Kamadar leaned up again in response of getting stepped on but this time an amazon’s foot was waiting for him.  With their teamed effort, they forced a man to place his own face into the bottom of a Samorian's foot.  Kamadar resisted and tried to move side to side to make her lose her balance and get off of him.  The female warrior simply placed her hands on her partner’s shoulders that was standing over his head and kept her balance.  She laughed at his attempts and found herself having fun making him squirm beneath her feet.  She was not moving.  Cha'rie was amused at what she saw.  It moved her to see a man humiliated.

            "I'd do what she say's little man." Cha'rie offered.  "She'll squash you."

            Kamadar couldn't take it any more.  These women are just as big, strong, and heavy like a man.  Kamadar kissed once just so she would get off.

            "He kissed it!" the first amazon said excitedly.

            As soon as her partner confirmed of his obedience, the amazon who was stepping on him stepped off.  Kamadar noisily took in a deep breath and then started panting in relief.  His captors looked down on him and smiled while he recovered.

            "Let's see if he's a quick learner.”  The first female warrior said while lifting her foot.

            "No. No more."  Kamadar tried to reply but was cut in mid sentence as her foot pressed on his lips.

            The second amazon looked down on him close and made it obvious to him that she was looking to see if he was kissing.  When she saw that he noticed her, she smiled teasingly.  Kamadar kissed once more.

            "You'll have to do better than that slave”.  The first amazon prompted while slightly pressing her foot down.

            Kamadar understood what was expected of him and started kissing over and over.  Cha'rie watched with anticipation.  She started feeling warm inside from excitement.

            "My turn." the second amazon said impatiently.

            The first female warrior made him kiss a few more times, smeared her foot on his face to punish him a little more, and then stepped away.  Kamadar saw the second warrior move up and stand over him now.  She looked down at him eagerly.

            “You better do what I tell you because I’m not going to be as nice as she was.”  She warned.  “Now it’s time for you to kiss my feet.  Kiss them until your lips chap.”  She lowered her foot on to his face.

            Kamadar immediately started kissing.  He didn't want to give this woman any excuses to hurt him.  If he participated, then maybe he could get through the night much easier.  Maybe he could even establish some trust so when the opportunity arose, he could attempt to escape.

            "You're gonna get twice the punishment from me slave.  Kiss my other foot."  The dominating amazon said through gritting teeth.  "This is what slaves do for their masters and right now I'm your master.  Call me master!"

            "Master." Kamadar mumbled softly.

            The other amazon stepped on him.

            "Louder scum!"  She commanded after looking for an excuse to hurt him.

            "Huahhh!"  Kamadar exclaimed from getting stepped on.  "I'm doing what you're telling me!  What more do you..."

            "Silent slave!" the first amazon commanded stepping on him again and standing on his stomach.

            The amazon who was standing over his head watched him struggle as he was trying to get air.

            "Beg to me for air and I'll tell her to get off.  Beg to me.  Say please."

            Kamadar's lips moved as if he just lipped the word silently.  With no air, the word did not come out.  The amazon who was standing over him just looked at him. She had an expression on her face saying as if she was still waiting for the plea.

            "Please." Kamadar whispered.

            "What was that?  I couldn't hear you.  Could you hear him?" she questioned as she turned around to face her partner.

            "I didn't hear him." the amazon who was standing on him pretended.

            "We couldn't hear you."  The amazon who was standing over his head said.  She was just prolonging his torture.

            "Please." he managed to whisper louder.

            "He said please.  I think he has learned his lesson." Cha'rie stated.

            The amazon got off and Kamadar started coughing and breathing heavy.

            Cha'rie moved up and stood over him.  Her attendants took their place standing beside him.

            "Have you learned that you are insignificant to women?  Have you learned that you are now but a slave?  Will you do everything we tell you?"  Cha'rie questioned with all sincerity.

            "Yes.  I will do everything."  He said between coughs.

            "Since I am Queen of the Samorians, you will do more for me than my attendants.  Do you understand?" Cha'rie stated with a warning.

            "I understand". Kamadar humbly replied.

            "According to the laws of Samoria, the queen gets first choice of any male slave brought to the camp, and she gets first mating rights.  My girls here will follow."

            The amazons smiled wickedly as Kamadar looked up to them in fear.

            "Since I am queen, you will ask me if you can kiss my feet." Cha'rie instructed.

            "My queen, may I kiss your feet?" he questioned humbly.  He pretended the part as best he knew how to gain favor.

            Cha'rie's expression turned to rage and stomped on his chest.

            "I am not your queen slave!  I am your master!  You are not worthy to call me queen for you are not a Samorian!" she raged.  Then she stomped on him again, punishing him for his insolence.

            Kamadar became discouraged and lost hope.  No matter what he tried, he could not escape torture.

            "Now ask me correctly!" Cha'rie commanded.

            "Master, may I kiss your feet?"  After he asked, he flinched expecting her to stomp on him again.

            "No you may not."  She denied.

            Her attendants giggled at her reply.  Kamadar looked up in disbelief.

            "I can't win for losing."  He thought to himself.

            "Since I am queen, you will lick." She said placing her foot on his lips.

            Kamadar licked as she wished.  Cha'rie felt warmer and warmer as she commanded her slave to do unpleasant things.

            "Mmmm.  I can't wait to defile you slave.  You're gonna fall victim to every part of my body.  Your torture has just begun.  I'm going to make you sorry for nearing our camp and daring to thieve from it."  She said with anticipation.

            Cha'rie stepped back and commanded her girls.

            "Prepare him for your queen." she commanded with her chin held up high.

            The second amazon lay down beside him and placed her face right in front of his and waited until her friend got positioned between his legs that were tied out wide.  When she saw that her friend grabbed his penis and started to put it in her mouth, she started kissing him passionately.

            Kamadar didn't know what to think.  At first he goes through hell and now he's in heaven.

            "These women are very persuasive in both pain and pleasure."  He thought to himself.

            He quickly got caught up in the moment.  Then he realized that this is the part where they were going to make him be aroused so they can rape him.  He started to struggle at first but then he quickly remembered what happened to men who resist. 

            "Damned if I do and damned if I don't."  Kamadar thought angrily to himself.

            It occurred to him that he could still deny them if he didn't fall to their seduction.  He tried to think of other things to sidetrack his physical desires but failed miserably.  The amazon who was kissing him kissed him with such passion that he could easily be convinced that she loved him.  It's hard to believe that she was torturing him with such hatred moments before.  The one between his legs tenderly massaged his penis as she pampered it with kisses.  He felt her stroking it with her tongue and then totally encompasses it with her warm mouth.  She then crimped it with her soft lips, sucked on it, and massaged it up and down all at the same time.  His physical being betrayed him as he struggled within his self to not be aroused.  No matter how he tried, he could not resist his masters.  Suddenly, the pleasure disappeared between his legs as his penal master moved away and left him "standing".  She then moved to the side and stood at attention.  The amazon who was warmly massaging their lips together, quickly followed and did the same.

            "How could they do this?" he asked himself in total disappointment.  "Why would they do this?"  Then it occurred to him that this was more torture.  He couldn't discern which was more cruel, being stomped into submission and humiliated or being left undone.      

            Cha'rie move up and stood over him smiling.

            "Now it is time.  You will make me a daughter and she will take my place to rule Samoria.  You see little man, you can't resist.  Nor will you."  She stretched out her arms and each amazon warrior removed an arm from within her robe and slid it off of her body ceremoniously. She lowered herself onto him and started raping him.

            He was alarmed how easily he went inside her.  Then he became disgusted with the realization she aroused herself with the entertainment she had her subordinates provide for her while she watched.  Cha'rie used her own weight against Kamadar as she pushed her self up only to come crashing down on him again...and again...and again.  Cha'rie could tell from her slave's expression that he was in both pain and pleasure.  That was her way.  First she provides the pain, then the pleasure, then all at once.  Kamadar's previous masters watched in envy.  Cha'rie could feel Kamadar deep inside her now.  It was just a matter of time she knew.

            "Not so fast slave."  Cha'rie said slipping him out of her as she moved up, grabbed a handful of his hair with each hand, and forced a kiss from him.  "You're not getting off that easy."  She teased as she looked in his eyes.

            "Not again!"  He thought as he was left undone again.

            "You need to worship your master some more."  She said as she turned around and positioned her moist waistline above his head.

            "Please don't..."  Kamadar pleaded as she slowly lowered herself onto him.

            "That's right. Beg, although it won't do you any good.  It'll just make me cum on your face faster."  She said in a smooth sexy voice.  "Now lick me."  Cha’rie commanded as she moved her hips back and forth across his face.

            She felt his tongue obey as it glided easily across her clit.  Again she would use her weight against him as she held herself above him by using her arms on his chest.  She could hear him grunt beneath her each time she pushed off of him.  Occasionally, she teased herself as she glided across his nose and slid it in; fucking it.

            "Get it there!" she exclaimed as she sat squarely on his face and grinded her crotch on him.

            He tried to struggle by turning his head side to side but she held his head fast with her powerful legs.

            "I'm going to fuck your face now." Cha’rie stated matter-of-factly.

            Cha'rie rocked back and forth forcefully on his head.  Each time placing his nose between her cheeks and smashing her vaginal lips across his face.  Kamadar couldn't tell how long she did this, but it seemed to be forever.

            "Now lick! Lick and make me cum on your face!"  She prodded as she glided herself across his face.

            Kamadar wanted it over with.  He licked as she commanded.  Fast, slow, however she demanded and when she demanded.

            "Oh!  I can't wait until I defile your face.  It's the moment that gives me the most pleasure."  She said as she felt his warm soft tongue drive her to ecstasy.

            After several long moments, Cha'rie felt herself get impossibly hot.  She knew it was the moment she's been waiting for.

            "This is what you get little man."  Cha’rie said pressing hard on his face.  "This is what all men deserve."

            Cha'rie shook hard and violently as she squashed his head beneath her.  She groaned in pleasure loudly as she drowned him beneath her.  Later, she smeared herself across his face for torture.  She wobbled side to side and glided herself up and down his face trying to defile every inch.

            "Oh, that was nice."  She said newly relieved.

She remained sitting on his face until she recovered from her most pleasurable moment.  She could feel him wiggling beneath her for air.

            Cha'rie noticed that he had not gone down after his long moment of torture.  She seized the moment and sat down on his waistline and slid him in.  Kamadar could feel her warm vaginal walls envelope him.  Blinded by Cha'rie's cum, he couldn't open his eyes.  He couldn't wipe it away because his hands were tide.  He was left with only the pleasurable feeling of her moving up and down on him.  Of course, he still felt her squashing him as she used her weight against him.  Kamadar couldn't take the pleasure and pain anymore and gave in.  Defeated, he launched himself into her and came violently.  He was disappointed when he couldn't grab her and hold her as he did so.  He grimaced and turned his head side to side as he released his hot seed within her.  Cha'rie moaned in pleasurable pain when he thrust himself into her...smiling the whole time.  She had gotten what she wanted.  After he relaxed in exhaustion, Cha'rie removed the slave from within her.  She then stood over him with her hands on her hips and looked down on him.  She knew she had conquered once again.

            "Clean his face so he can see while I speak to him."  Cha'rie instructed her lessers.

            The amazons eagerly grabbed washcloths from a nearby bucket of water and proceeded to wash him.  They knew it was their turn next.  When Kamadar could open his eyes, he could see Cha'rie looking down on him victoriously.

            "I am done with you now.  However, your torture has just begun.  You will now fall victim to these two.  It will not be as pleasurable, but you will fall victim just the same." Cha'rie stated seriously.

            "After they are done with me then Ziggy and I can go home right?  You said that once you're done with men, they are disbanded.  So you'll ban us from your village; never to hear from us again."  Kamadar reminded her of her promise.

            "You will not be disbanded.  I said you will be disposed of.  No one will hear from you again.  That's how we keep our campsite secret.  You have served your purpose and now I leave you for their pleasure." Cha'rie corrected him referring to her fellow amazons.  "I'm sure your pathetic friend has already suffered his fate."

            She looked at her eager amazons.  "You can have him now."

            Cha'rie put on her robe, stepped on her forsaken slave once more, and headed for the tent opening.   She turned around for a last glance.  She heard the slave beg for his release as excited, giant-women descended upon his being.  Later, Cha’rie heard her amazons demanded their satisfaction in a sexual frenzy. 

            Cha'rie left the tent into the cool night air, relishing the moment.  She knew that another slave will be suffocated beneath a Samorian warrior's waistline.  It was the Samorian way.


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