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Ok, so my other story wasn't working out as well as I hoped. It seemed people weren't as interested in it, and that's fine. I'll eventually get around to finishing it but for now I thought I'd go for something with a little more giantess content. This is my superhero-eque story line that I had been hinting at for so long. This one wont' be as well written and characters won't be quite so in depth but whatever, I just want it to be fun. Anyway, it focuses on an ancient race of giant women who are now returning after centuries of slumber to conquer the world. One of the oldest, a giantess named Lys, has had a change of heart and comes to warn everyone of the encroaching doom. Anyway she has some trouble adjusting to modern society, has to find a way to beat out all the other giantesses, blah blah blah, you'll see. This will hopefully have more action and a lot more "interesting" content. Hope you enjoy!

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Published: June 05 2016 Updated: August 04 2016

1. The Arrival by Dracobrss [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (3082 words)

Hello once again people! As I mentioned in the summary this is more an experiment than anything else. My other story I just couldn't get motivated to write because I don't think people enjoyed it nearly as much. This one will be a little looser, a little more action packed, and a lot more "giantess" content. Anyway if this is your first time reading something by me, I highly recommen checking out my other two works. They have a far more narrative approach than most giantess stories and people seemed to like that. This will be fairly different, but hopefully still enjoyable. Likewise I'm working on several projects right now so editing is not a huge concern for me, I'll try and make it clean but if you spot errors that's my bad. Also, I'll be playign with perspective quite a bit so don't get too weirded out by that. As always I really love hearing your feedback, thoughts, concerns, questions, etc. so remember to review!

2. A Long Time Since by Dracobrss [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (3189 words)

Hey there, I'm back with another chapter. The more I write this the more cheesy it becoems but you know what, that's ok, I'm really mostly going for giantess content in this one. Granted this chapter is mostly meant to setup some plot so there isn't too much good stuff just yet. Trust me though, its coming. Soon there will be battles and destruction, and all that good stuff. As always remember to leave your comments, questions, and concerns! Likewise, if you haven't read my other two stories I recommend doing so. Like I said before, they are much more plot/character heavy than most but I'm constantly looking for opinions on them. That's about it, hope you enjoy!

3. The Sisters Cain by Dracobrss [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3251 words)

Whoa, so you know how I said I was gonna try and start up this story and hopefully actually put a lot of chapters out this summer. Oops. Well I guess its better late than never. Hopefully more will actually read this one. Anyway we are starting to get into the good stuff, I suspect people will complain that this chapter ends too soon but its all part of my proverbial plan. As always I am open to any comments, criticisms, and thoughts as this story will be highly influenced based on reader response. I hope that this will motivate me to get back into writing more giantess content. That's about it for now, hope you enjoy! 

P.S. I didn't edit this much so if something doesn't sound or look right its mostly because I was being lazy, sorry.