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Story Notes:

My first time doing a story so I hope its good!

Author's Chapter Notes:

My first story so I do apologiese if its bad!

A faint light flooded into what seems to be a void of nothing in which Chris sat. Last he remembered he was just walking down the stairs and into the kitchen, now he’s in some dimly lit hall? He barely remembers how he got here let alone where here actually was. He rubbed his eyes and looked around him, desperately trying to make out where he was.

“What is this? am I dreaming” He thought as he tried to make sense of everything.

His eyes slowly start to focus and he make out a large figure that sits in front of him, though he didn’t really want to see something like this at this size.

“A bowl? N..n..no! This is fucked up! How the fuck did this…” He stopped suddenly, as his brain slowly started to figure it out. He didn’t want to believe it at first as he thought he was immune to it but he obviously thought wrong.

Chris fell to his knees in sheer awe, his entire life was thrown away in an instant. Stories of old friends he once had that have shrunk were thrown around no and again; one was stepped on by his unaware sister, one was swallowed by a school bully because she was hungry and he had no money, another was eaten by his drunken mother, each as scary as the next. He couldn’t help but think what was to become of him now he was like this.

“Might as well just leap from the counter, end it now” He thought.

As ideas pondered in his head he heard a door slam soon followed by the kitchen door being opened. The figure of his older step-sister appeared through the opening, and right towards him. She was an attractive girl, her name was Megan, and boy was she scary at this size. She did have a bit of weight to her but the sexy amount, just enough to give her ass and breasts the right shape.

She brushed her black locks out of her face and walked towards the bowl, grabbing a box of coco puffs as she passed, she finally got to him and started to pour into the bowl. Chris waved his arms about, desperately trying to get her attention but nothing seemed to be working. As she poured she felt an itch on her nose causing her to sneeze and pour cereal all over the counter. Chris began moving left and right, trying not to get killed by this meteor shower that was now being brought upon him.

“Shit” she muttered as she brushed them onto her palm and tossed into her bowl.

Chris could only panic as he was sent forward onto the fleshy surface and then down into the pit in which was filled with chocolaty goodness. He gazed up to see the waterfall of milk decent upon him, closely followed by a giant spoon. Everything wobbled as he was carried into the main room and placed onto the hungry girls lap as she got comfortable on the sofa and turned on the TV.

Her face grew into a slight smile as she grabbed the spoon and began her meal…

Chapter End Notes:

Hopfully it started ok. Always open to criticism and suggestions!

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