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They had done this several times since Dan built that machine. Initially, Nikki, his girlfriend, thought he was crazy for creating a size-changing machine. Truth be told, it was never built for any kind of fetish. He’d built it to save money. Save them money, it has. See, they use it to save ticket money at concerts, movies, sports events, and airline travel. She’s frankly terrified of it, so clearly he’s the one who gets miniaturized to, usually a half an inch (0.5in) and hidden somewhere until they’re past a checkpoint and then she re-enlarges him. They’d tried her pocket at first, but then she sat down and when her thigh expanded, he couldn’t breathe. Her bra was another idea, until he almost suffocated. It’s only a hassle when they fly somewhere, which sometimes has involved him being hidden in somewhere for several hours, usually her shoe which she would always take off on flights anyhow. Since she wears a size 11, Dan’s half-inch size usually tucks away quite well in the toe section of most of her shoes.


Today, they were going to see a movie. Dan chose their movie the last time and she hated it, so this time it was her turn. “It’ll be a surprise and I don’t care if you like it. Dan, that last movie we saw was fucking miserable.” Nikki scolded, looking for the size gun and turning it on. She looked great this evening. She was wearing a grey skirt, black leggings, and a yellow sweater.


“For fuck’s sake, Nikki, you can’t even tell me what it is?” “No, Dan, you can just be surprised when we get there. Now don’t move, I don’t want to have to align and reset this thing because you can’t stand still.”


So, he stood still while the blue beam enveloped him and his world got bigger. The kitchen floor in front of him became a vast expanse as he looked on.




The floor became a 7.0 on the Richter Scale as she walked around finishing getting ready. Usually, she’d shrink him down a few minutes before leaving so he could get adjusted. Nikki was a thicker girl normal sized, standing at 5’10 and 230lbs, so her walking around at 140x his size would be jarring if Dan wasn’t used to it by now. Dan watched intently as she walked around gathering things and putting her make up on. He used to think I was saving time by starting the walk to her shoe collection by the front door, but he couldn’t always make it quickly, so they’d agreed he’d just stand where he’s at until she collects him.




Her bare feet slapped and pounded the floor as she walked over to him and reached down with her green painted fingernails and picked him up gently, walking over to her shoes. She set him down in the heel section of the right foot of one of her black leather flats. He’d spent hours in these flats. he looked down at the large circled number 11 and walked past the American Eagle logo and other numerical markings towards the toe section along the grey insole. She’d had this pair of flats for years and by looking around him it showed. The leather looked worn from the wearing and flexing of her walking around and, looking to his right, the side where the outside of her foot stretches the leather was highly visible where looking to his left, her instep looked less worn and flexed as he continued my walk in the toe most direction.


Dan continued his walk towards the toe section while she finished getting ready. They’d done this regularly. He approached the most worn part where the ball of her foot is well imprinted in and began my walk to the slightly uphill portion of the toe section. Right, just past where her toes left their impressions, between the big and second toe, was a small piece of clear packing tape she’d change out when it completely lost it’s adhesiveness, but until then, it was just adhesive enough to slide his body under the slight amount of slack left and it would hold Dan in place, strategically just ahead of her toes and out of harm’s way. As he shimmied myself underneath the tape and got ready, he looked around and waited for Nikki to come back and inspect her shoe before putting it on. Dan was far back enough that looking straight up, he could see worn grey leather above him and by lifting his head, he could see outwards.


Dan heard louder footsteps coming closer when he heard Nikki’s cell phone ring. “I don’t have time to answer that, we need to get going” Dan heard her say out loud. Then, he heard a knock on the door. “Seriously?! We’re just trying to get out of here.” he heard her say again before opening the door.


“Oh, hey Liz, what’s up?” “Nikki, don’t tell me you forgot, we were going to see that movie tonight. Did you forget?” Dan looked up to see Nikki’s friend, Liz, coming inside and slipping her shoes off next to the one he was in. Nikki looked down at him, smiling slightly, and mouthed “sorry” before talking to Liz.


This was going to get interesting as none of Nikki’s friends or anyone else knew about the size-changing device. He thought the device was pure gold, but Nikki always worried her friends would judge them, so no one was to know of the device or its use. They’d never had this happen before, so how was Nikki going to hide Dan from Liz?


“Christ, Nikki, you work too goddamn much. How could you forget about our movie date? Dan was going to meet us there, right?” Dan had spaced out between the enormous sounds of Liz and Nikki’s booming voices talking about evening plans and walking around the apartment, sounding like cannon blasts with each step. Eventually, he began to hear the sound of keys jingling. Normally, Nikki would pick up her shoe and look around at Dan, making sure the tape held as it was supposed to and that her miniature boyfriend was otherwise secured in for the ride. It did not appear that this was going to happen tonight. That was ok, Dan knew he was secured and gathered they could not have Liz seeing his half-inch size.


“Seriously, Nikki, the movie is going to start soon and you always make us so late!” Liz exclaimed with a laugh. “Ok, Liz, let me get my wallet” Nikki pleaded.


Dan heard loud footsteps and turned his head, looking just in time to see a large shadow loom over and a foot begin to enter. Something about this wasn’t right. Did Nikki change her pants? Dan didn’t recall her wearing jeans. He swore he saw jeans just before this foot entered.


The tiny movie goer world began to rock around and side to side as the foot slid forwards. As the foot entered and slid forward, Dan could hear a creaking of leather he wasn’t used to. Something was very wrong. When the foot stopped, he was actually pressed against warm skin and it was much warmer. Was he crazy or did it feel tighter in here? Was he seeing less light? The smell, it was potent, like these feet hadn’t been washed, but he knew Nikki had taken a shower.


As the foot began to shift and move, the leather flat he was enclosed in began to creak more as it complained about the foot it was holding on to. Dan knew what had happened. Liz put this shoe on by mistake. She wears an 11W, of course the shoe was creaking from her wider foot. Dan was now sweating bullets. Liz was around the same height, but significantly heavier than Nikki, somewhere between 270 and 300lbs if he recalled.


Nikki slipped her flats on, hoping Dan would be ok until they got to the movie theater. Shutting the door and locking it, Liz and Nikki began their walk to Liz’s car. While walking, she noticed that her shoes felt looser on her feet than normal. “Hey, Nikki, did we end up putting on each other’s shoes? These feel a big snug.” Nikki’s face went ghost white as she got into the passenger seat of Liz’s car. “Uh, Liz, maybe we did. You know, maybe we should switch shoes.” Liz shot back “Oh my God, Nikki, it’ll be fine. I just started the car. We practically wear the same shoe size and you’ve never complained before. What’s up, got some kind of fungus?” Nikki replied “Uh, no, that’d be gross, forget it, we’ll be fine.” She got embarrassed easily, so she prayed Dan would make it through.


Inside the leather flat, Dan struggled as he found himself becoming elevated forward. Dan is in the right shoe and Liz was driving. He hoped that he’d stay in place while Liz’s toes squished around him pressing on the brake and gas pedals. Listening to their conversations above, he was also able to know when the car was accelerating and stopping by the pressure of Liz’s toes. What Dan also felt was the car heater, she’d clearly set it to warm her feet. As the toes moved and began to sweat, Dan noticed that he was starting to sweat and the tape wasn’t holding as well. As the driving continued, Dan noticed himself sliding downwards and the tape that went across his legs and waist, now slid around his arms and shoulders. Dan frantically tried to pull himself back up, but the meatier toes were sliding along the tape, causing it to become loser.


Dan eventually felt his world come to a stop and the shoe laid him back down again. He heard a loud click and beeping as the car was turned off and he felt the shoe move up and outwards, slapping on the ground outside. Dan was in hell at this point and worried for his life. The miniaturizing gun had him smaller, but definitely not invincible nor even more durable. As the shoe lifted itself up and down, the toes spread out and the big toe spread it’s larger base against him. Dan was holding on for dear life and hoped that Nikki would save him.


“Shit, Nikki! That movie started ten minutes ago” exclaimed Liz. “But Liz, my shoes, maybe we should…” “Not right now you goober, we’re totally late for this movie, we practically need to run.” Liz interrupted. Nikki obliged and walked briskly across the parking lot with Liz, worrying about Dan.


The footsteps quickened and Dan felt himself sliding further out of the tape and along the smooth grey insole. As the tape finally released Dan, he reached out to try and grab anything, but felt the sharpest pain he’d ever experienced in his life. As he reached out, Liz stepped down smashing Dan’s hand underneath her big toe. When she lifted her foot up and Dan pulled his arm out, he noticed he couldn’t feel his hand anymore and in the tiny bit of light available, saw it had been mashed and nearly separated from his arm. He was in absolute shock at this point as the sight of the now ground beef that used to be his hand.


As the walking continued, Dan eventually became soaked in Liz’s foot sweat and could only concentrate on the rhythmic rubbing sound her wider food made on the leather. He tried to hold on, but was increasingly unable to. He was solidly between the big and second toe and now just before the ball of Liz’s foot. The walking stopped for a second to Dan’s relief.


Just at the entrance to the theater, they stopped. “Liz, really, we should switch shoes.” “Oh my fucking God, Nikki, why are you so worried about this right now? You’ve never worried about our shoe situation. Stop being a spaz and help me find my debit card.” Liz replied, sounding ever more frustrated. Finding Liz’s debit card, they began walking to the ticket window to purchase tickets.


To Dan’s misery, his world began it’s lifting up and down again, only this time, he began sliding further towards the ball of Liz’s foot. The more Liz walked, the close Dan got and the louder he could hear the rubbing of leather against the ball of Liz’s foot. Dan was now thoroughly soaked in sweat. At this point, half of Dan’s body was nearly under the ball of Liz’s foot and he worried that it’d only be a few more steps before he’d be crushed.


Like a wood chipper pulling in wood, the leather rubbing ball of Liz’s foot pulled Dan ever under her sweaty foot, with Dan getting pulled further in with each step and each new creak of the leather death trap. Was Nikki seriously going to let him die here because she was too embarrassed to say something? Dan was seriously worried as he felt intense pressure come down on his right leg, moving him sideways and hyperextending the left one. Dan could no longer feel his right foot and ankle, now only extreme pain. The steps were now becoming slower and more deliberate, crushing harder. Looking around, his only sights were still the grey insole and the view of pink toes turning white with each step.


Nikki and Liz walked up the stairs to the snack counter to get soda and popcorn before entering the theater. Nikki knew that Liz would take off her shoes in the theater and she’d check on Dan then. She only hoped he was still ok in there.


Inside the shoe, Dan was getting pulled further under the ball of the foot and now felt his legs and hips getting crushed with each step Liz was taking. He was beginning to feel his stomach coming up in his chest as he slid further under the ball of her foot, already tasting blood in his mouth. At present, the sound of rubbing skin and leather was surrounding him. He was now nearly completely under the ball up to his head and his face forced into the skin between the toes of Liz’s foot. It was all intense and scary and pain racked his body.


Finally, the walking stopped and Dan felt the foot move him upright again. He was crushed, bruised, and every bone broken, but still alive. As he was to breathe a sigh of relief, he finally slid completely between the ball the insole just enough to feel an incredible force crush his body completely between the insole and Liz’s foot. Just as he his head was ringing, he heard Nikki mention one last thing about shoes before nodding off.


Liz and Nikki had finally sat down when Liz lifted her feet up and pressed them into the seats in front of her, using them as a rest. Nikki, looking more horrified at the increased pressure on Liz’s foot finally spoke up. “Liz, get your wide ass feet out of my shoes now and trade me.” “Damn, Nikki, ok, we’ll trade.” They finally traded shoes, and Nikki happily slipped on her black leather flats that were still warm and sweaty from Liz’s feet. Nikki still needed an excuse to look into her shoes and made up a diversion. “Dammit, is something in my shoe?” Nikki exclaimed, taking her right leather flat off to look inside. When she looked in, using the light from her iPhone, she saw nothing, only the loose piece of tape and some light red streaks. Nikki’s heart sank. “You know, Nikki, I thought I felt something in your shoe.” Liz replied, lifting up the bottom of her right foot instinctively.


Dan felt cool air as he was lifted out of the shoe. The cool air was the only thing that briefly snapped him back to reality and he was able to look around the best he could with his blurry eyesight. Eyes finally focusing, he looked up to see Nikki’s face down at him, her mouth opening slightly and her eyes beginning to water. Dan began to mouth “Please…” and then passed out.


As Liz lifted her foot up, Nikki used her iPhone light to look down. Right there on the ball of Liz’s foot were a few small streaks and a disfigured human being, arms and legs bent in odd directions plastered against the sweaty and grimy sole of Liz’s chubby foot. Nikki went pail white and shuddered “Liz, I… I… uh… hold your foot there, I see what was in your shoe. I’ll, uh, get it off” and moved her shaking hands closer to Liz’s bare, sweaty foot. “Nikki, you’re so weird, but fine. Do you want me to just wipe it off with a napkin? Here, I’ll do it.” Liz replied. Nikki grabbed the napkin out of Liz’s hand “No, Liz, I’ll take care of it” and moved her shaking hands to Liz foot, using her shaky green fingernails to scrape her boyfriend off into the white napkin. Nikki barely got Dan off of Liz’s foot when Liz laughed and jerked her foot back “Geez, Nikki, were you just trying to tickle my foot? What is up with you today?”


Nikki replied “Nothing, I’m just emotional this week” looking down at the mangled corpse of her boyfriend lying in a movie theater napkin. Liz piped up “Hey, Nikki, isn’t Dan supposed to be here too? I hope he didn’t ditch you. If he did, I swear, I’ll stomp the shit out of him.”


Nikki just sat there, willing the emotion from her body for the rest of the movie watching Liz laugh. While Liz was kind, she was loud. Nikki knew that Liz would never take a life and never had the heart to tell her. “Yeah, Liz, I guess Dan did bail on me.” Nikki stated solemnly, folding the napkin and placing it neatly in her pocket.




Chapter End Notes:

Sorry, I swear a lot.

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