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Author's Chapter Notes:

I wanted to try something different, and don't worry I haven't forgotten my other stories.

Beth came home from a night at the club, quite drunk from partying with the girls. She needed it, life had been difficult recently. Her husband left her a few months ago, screwing her over royally. It had left her an emotional wreck. When the girls asked her to go out with them, she couldn't say no. After six shots and four mixed drinks, Beth was feeling good. While at the bar her one friend Amber had given he small gun looking thing, telling her to use it when she wanted to change things. She had put it in her purse, not thinking anything of it. She turned and looked into the mirror by the door and began to admire herself. She looked pretty good for a forty-two year old woman. She stood there, all five-foot nine of her, with a nice body, c-cup boobs, and a dam fine ass. She had wavy blonde that went a little past her shoulders. Her lips were bright red from the lip stick, with dangly golden earrings. She was wearing a red dress that went to just above her knees, with a silver scarf. To finish off the outfit she had silver strap on heels. Dam, she thought, I look good. I can't believe that prick of a man left me for his secretary. At this Beth began to giggle. Suddenly she heard a noise, and she looked to her right.

It was her son Mark. He was sixteen, and a major daddy's boy. He was five foot seven, with brown hair that went to his ears. He had that typical teenage boy look to him, skinny. He was wearing black shorts and a plain white t-shirt. During the whole separation period he had been on his father's side, claiming that his mother had driven him away. He only stayed with his mother on certain days of the week. "Are you drunk, geez you're pathetic."

Beth just stared at her son, still in shock. Mark continued. "I knew you were a mess after dad left, but this is a new low. You're a wreck, you a sad pathetic woman, who couldn't keep your husband around, hell you can barely stand." Jill stared at her son, with fire in her eyes. "Shutt-upp you little brat. I needed a-a night to (hiccup) to have fun with the girls, after all the crap your father has-s pulled."

Mark just laughed "Whatever, I'm out of here. I'm off to Julie's (the girl he was seeing). See ya later bitch". It was this that broke Beth. She was drunk, angry, and had taken about as much as she could take. In her son she could she her cheating scumbag of an ex-husband. Stumbling as she did so, she grabbed the gun like object from her purse. Wobbling back and forth she took aim and fired at Mark. There was a flash of light, and then suddenly Mark was gone.

Beth blinked a few times, trying to understand what had just happened in her drunken state. She walked up to where Mark had been. She looked down and noticed a small object on the floor. As she squinted down, she gasped, it was the tiny two inch unconscious form of her son. She stared for a moment, then slowly moved her foot and bumped Mark. As her big toe touched him, it sent shivers through her body. She bumped him again and felt the same shiver of power. She then lived her toes on her right foot, and slid the tip of her shoe under her son. She then used her toes to grip his form and pull him under them. His head came to rest under the space between her big toe and second toe, with his feet resting under her ring toe. It felt amazing to her. To feel his tiny form under her toes. She began to slowly walk toward the kitchen to get wine. She grabbed a bottle and a glass, swaying back and forth as she walked to the couch.

Beth sat down, placing her legs on the coffee table. She poured herself a glass of wine, and began to sip it as she relaxed. She then stared at her right foot, with her unconscious son trapped underneath her toes. She smiled at the thought, and then began to slowly scrunch her toes, truly enjoying the feeling.

Around this time Mark woke up. The last thing he remembered he had walked away from his drunken mother. He heard her stumbling for something in her purse. He then heard a hissing noise, and then saw a flash behind him. He felt his whole body stiffen up, and he blacked out. He awoke to his body being squeezed by several fleshy rolls. It smelled like sweat, and he could see a little bit of light between the fleshy rolls. All of this caused Mark to panic. He began to struggle against his mother's powerful toes. Beth could suddenly feel her son struggling under her toes. It caused her to grin. She gave him and extra strong squeeze. She let him struggle for a minute, sipping her wine. She then reached forward and undid the straps on her left heel, letting the shoe fall to the ground, then the one on her right foot. She gripped her tiny son between with her toes. She wiggled her toes on her left foot as her right shoe fell on the floor. She then dropped Mark on the coffee table, placing her feet on either side of her bewildered son.

Mark looked up and starred in shock at his giantess mother. He just blinked for a minute then said "What the fuck, what happened, how did I get this small, why was I under your toes?" Beth giggled at her son's squeaks. "You're so small I can barely hear you" she giggled. This made Mark furious. He got up and started screaming at her "You bitch, change me back NOW!" He continued to rant, throwing his arms around and cursing. Beth just looked at him, then moved her right foot over and knocked Mark over. She then drunkenly placed her foot on top of him, and just let it sit there, with Mark under the sole. Mark was unable to move more than his hand, which was flailing around. His struggles made Beth giggle. After a minute of this she slowly moved her foot back, but grabbed Mark between her big toe and second toe. It felt amazing to her, to have her jackass son in between her toes. When Mark got his bearings back he continued to curse at her "Let me GO!" Beth pinched his body with her toes in response, and then began to grind him between her toes, loving the feeling. Beth giggled watching her son like this, then poured herself another glass of wine. By this point she was very drunk.

Mark was cursing at his mother, but then something happened. The sweat and the fleshy toes grinding him began to turn him on. What the fuck, what is happening, why am I getting turned on by this, what the fuck is wrong with me? He began to moun slightly. Beth noticed this, and began to feel a tingle herself. She continued to grind him, and then said. "You better start king those toes, maybe it-t will make-up for your shity behavior". She then gave him a sharp squeeze. A second later she could feel his tiny lips kissing her big toe. Not only did it fill Beth with a sense of power, but it sent tingles into another area of her body. Beth slowly grinded her son as he kissed her toe, partially out of fear, partially out of arousal. The more she grinded, the more aroused they both came. The whole time she continued to sip on her wine.

Beth brought her foot up and grabbed her son from between her toes and brought him to her face. The smell of wine clogged his senses. As Mark was adjusting himself, Beth noticed he had an erection. "I see you have the hots for your mom"? Mark looked down and covered himself, totally embarrassed. "Haha, well I'm sure I can fix that for you dear". Beth carried her son to her room. When she reached her bed she dropped him on to it, and slowly stripped. Mark just starred at his drunken mother in awe. He loathed himself for getting aroused by all of this. He hated his mother, yet he could help but want more.

Beth looked down at her son and said. "Like what you see, can you believe your father left this?" She walked over and grabbed her scared son, then lay on the bed. She stared at him, and then began to tear off his cloths. Mark screamed and tried to fight back, but it was no use. After Mark was naked Beth began to knee him into her nipple, which was rock had. She pressed him down against it, and then moved him around. Her nipples grew incredibly from this. She then moved him around her right breast before moving him to her left breast, dragging him the entire time.

At this point Beth was extremely turned on. She dragged a scared Mark down her stomach toward the place he had come from. She stopped right before the entrance. Mark could feel the heat radiating from her vagina. He begged his mother to stop, but she was far too drunk at this point to care. She pushed Mark in between her lips, deep down inside her vagina. She jumped up at the sensation. It had been a while since she had had sex, and this felt amazing. Grabbing Mark's legs Beth began to move him back and forth a bit, using him like a dildo. Finally she let go, letting Mark struggle inside of her. It felt better than when she was moving back and forth. Not only the feeling, but the power. Even in her drunken state this was amazing. Mark struggled against her vagina walls as well as her juices that were building up.

Mark thrashed around, egging his mother on more. She began to buck up and down, throwing Mark around. She began to move faster and faster till she finally cried out as she came. Her vagina was flooded with come, forcing Mark out. For the next few minutes they both just panted trying to catch their breaths. Finally Beth reached down and plucked up her exhausted son up and brought him to her face. "That was soo good, you're better than your father". She smiled at him, and began to lick her lips, by this point she was completely drunk. "I bet you taste better too". She brought Mark up to her lips, and slowly extended her tongue and licked his face. As she did Mark got a full whiff of her breath that smelled strongly of wine. It made him cringe. "Hmm you taste good" she coed. She licked him again, then a third time. The fourth time her tongue gripped Mark, and brought him into her mouth.

The inside of Beth's mouth was hot and humid, and it reeked of wine. Before Mark could get his bearings, Beth's tongue went up, smashing him against the roof of her mouth. She then began to suck on him, tasting every inch of his body. She then moved Mark around her mouth, up against her teeth. Then slipped Mark under her tongue. After a minute of this, Beth moved Mark back on top of her tongue. By this point Beth was out of it, almost forgetting that Mark was inside her mouth. This whole time salvia had been building up in her mouth. Meanwhile Mark lay exhausted on his mother's tongue, trying to keep his head above the rising pool of spit. At this point he felt his body moving to the back of his mother's mouth. At this Beth used her tongue to fling her son to the back of her mouth, where with a giant gulp, she swallowed her him. Mark screamed as he was pulled down her throat. He felt the walls of her esophagus constricting around him, forcing him toward her stomach. Within seconds of her swallowing Mark, Beth fell backward on to her bed. She passed out. In the morning she woke up with a screaming headache, and with no memory of her wild night with her son...

Chapter End Notes:

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