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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story was an off and on project, so please forgive the slightly sloppy delivery at times.

Also, even though I haven't seen a pedicure being done before, I feel like my description of it is a bit off in the order of the procedures, but I had to due to story.



The afternoon rush of customers began to slowly trickle in to the LunarStar Spa. It was a Friday, so majority of the employees were out onto the floor to help with the sudden influx of people. Lynn was the newest employee for the Spa, and was about to get her first customer of the day. She loath the fact that she was working at a spa, but she shallowed her pride since she needed the money to buy a car, and since her friend's mother owned the place, it was quite easy for her to get the opportunity.

"Señorita Lynn, I have a customer for you," The owner, who was the hostess, said as she guided Lynn towards the person in the lobby. She was wearing a pink tank top which seemed to be stretched to its limits by the woman's breast and blue short shorts, revealing her long, smooth legs. Her pink flip flops slapped the back of her heel everything she took a step, getting louder and louder as she got closer to Lynn. Her golden blonde hair and slightly disinterested blue eyes told Lynn that she was going to have a handful today.

As the customer sat down on the chair, Lynn began to small talk with the young woman. "Hello, I'm Lynn, and I'll be the one who's going to be taking care of you," Lynn had a fake smile on her face, she wanted to do this as quickly as possible. "Good afternoon Ms Lynn, my name is Annabel!" She popped right back up from her chair and hugged Lynn, which took her by surprise. "Umm... Yes..." Lynn was completely confused by the turn of events, but was slightly pleased. As Annabel sat back down, she looked at Lynn, with a slight sadden look. "I'm sorry... My girl friends want to take me to out for my 21st birthday, and gave me money to get a foot message and a pedicure... Never had anyone work on my feet before so it's weirdish"

"It's ok," Lynn said, genuinely surprised that this woman was not what she was expecting, "I'll get my supplies ready... What color nail polish would you like?"

Annabel smiled and said, "Pink of course!"

With a bright smile, Lynn went to the back to get the supplies she needed. Annabel watched her as she walked away, scanning her from head to toe. With a smile, she thought to herself, 'She's got a really nice butt' as Lynn got out of her view.

"This won't be that bad I guess," Lynn said underneath her breath. Just like her day seemed to surprise her, so was the day for countless of people who were now going to be cross paths with Lynn.


Both Los Angeles and New York were in a state of panic. The power was out, communications had failed, and the cities were in complete darkness. Worse of all, these cities did not know that they were both just a few miles apart, facing the same dilemma.

As dim lights appeared over the cities, from people's smartphones and car headlights, the whole place began to rumble and slightly shake. Everyone began to panic as they thought an earthquake was about to happen. The shaking began to get more intense as the booming got louder and louder.

As quickly as it started, the shaking stopped and the booming ceased. The citizens of the cities began to let their guards down, when suddenly, the their whole world began to violently tumble around. Some people felt the sudden feeling of ascending, planting them down to the ground. The skyscrapers in both cities began to crack and bend as their breaking point was being reached. The sound of twisting metal from smaller, weaker buildings collapsing was drowned out by the message thuds that seem to be coming below them.

Once they reached a certain height, they were no longer being pressed to the ground, however, they were not being trashed about by sudden, jerking movements. Roads began to crack and tear; the ground began to fall apart. People, in mid air, began to collide with one another, some even hit buildings and cars which were sent flying. Smaller skyscrapers began to collapse as the stress was too much to bear.

People begged for this to stop, but even their minds were drowned out by the thuds. Suddenly, people experienced a sickening free fall as they were being brought down. Some citizens held onto poles and strong structures while other began to drift off into the darkness. This was short lived, as they came back onto solid ground with a deafening clap of thunder.

The poor souls floating in the air quickly dropped into the city below, exploding on impact with the uncaring ground. Those who hung on to objects were now stuck on unclimbable debris. Buildings buckled and bent, windows cracked and shattered and people were left wondering why. Before they could even think about doing anything, a blinding light engulfed both cities.


"I'm back!" Lynn said as she placed a small box and the nail polish on her station near Annabel. "What's in the box?" Annabel seemed to be quite curious about everything in the spa. "Inside the box there are two messaging rocks..." She looked at Annabel, who seemed puzzled. "R-rocks?" she seemed to not understand, "Yeah, rocks... smooth black rocks that help us message feet apparently."

"Oh, that's quite interesting!" Annabel was not like Lynn's usual customers, which was both fascinating and weird to Lynn. "I can't wait to feel them!" Annabel exclaimed as Lynn was finishing oiling up her feet.

"You won't have to wait that long," Lynn said as she reached over to grab one of the rocks.


As people began to regain consciousness, they realized the true extent of their situation. Citizens in both cities realized that they were inside a box, a cream colored cardboard box. The cracked roads and the eroded dirt showed them that they were on a hard, black, shiny surface.

Workers in the barely standing skyscrapers could see, out in the horizon, another large black object with what appeared to be another city on top. All of this information failed to calm anyone.

A dark, ominous shadow began to slowly creep above them. People looked up in horror to see a massive object above them. Either out of instinct, or pure hopelessness, people began to run away and scream as the object got closer. As the light behind it started to become less potent, those who were still looking at the mass saw five colossal parts sticking out from it.

It was a hand! A massive hand that descended from the heavens. People began to panic even more, as the colossal, yet, slim French manicured fingers began to slide between the cardboard box and the other black object. Some watched as the fingers began to wiggle, causing the whole object to tumble about. This happened for just a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity for the people down below. The massive fingers, which were wiggling wildly in order to get a gripe, stopped dead in their tracks.

People, even those who were panicking, stopped and saw how these massive objects went from a destructive commotion to an eerie stillness.

That small break that they had to process everything was broken as the whole city was raised from the box, pinning people down to the ground once more by the sheer acceleration. The New Yorkers in the other object watched in horror as the massive bolder has lifted up with ease by such feminine hands.


As suddenly as the crushing force that pinned them to the ground began, it stopped. Those who could still muster the strength to stand started to do so. They looked at the massive hand; it loomed over them from all sides, like a cage meant for birds. But unlike birds, they could not simply fly away from their nightmare.

As they stood still once again, floating miles above anything resembling solid ground, the citizens of Los Angeles were able to gather their thoughts. As they did, five colossal objects began to slowly rise from underneath their 'safe haven'. They quickly realized that these monstrous things where just her finger tips. As they grasped onto the rock, subtle quakes rocked the torn city. As buildings crumbled, the gigantic woman's French manicured nails and delicate finger tips loomed over the skyline.

The hand that was above them quickly let go of their small chunk of land and lifted off into oblivion. Their southern sky was then engulfed with a peachy colored wall. As this colossal mass continued to move, people gasped and stood in shock as two massive eyes came to view.

These eyes began to move around, trying to look at ever inch of the tiny landscape before it. The citizens of Los Angeles were overwhelmed with hope, as they thought this colossal woman had seen them, and was now looking at their tiny existence.

Others were not so joyful. They looked into her eyes, and, tried, to look up to her clean, slime eyebrows, and saw nothing but disinterest. The people watching her eyebrows quickly jumped up as the eyebrows shot up higher onto the woman's face. Her eye filled with confusion.

Suddenly, a deafening thunder overpowered everyone in the city. People dropped to their knees in pain, as this sound began to shake their bodies.

While they were disoriented, and the thunder continued to prevent them from even thinking, a massive shadow loomed over LA's skyline. The citizens in the downtown district were not able to see, nor realize what was happening as the sound kept them completely pinned down with pain.

Like a comet, the woman's finger tip began to lower itself onto downtown LA. It came into contact with the still remaining skyscrapers, causing them to collapse in an instant. Her French manicured nail, like a blade through butter, pierced through any and all buildings in its way. The thunder that plagued the inhabitants has stopped, but was replaced by the noise of twisting steel and crumbling concrete.

People looked up to see nothing but a wall of debris followed by peach coming towards them. As the massive finger landed on top of the city, a small shockwave rattled the city. People near the edge of the city were blown into the sky by the wind, and off their island. Houses collapse and streets crumbled from the earth shattering impact.

Her nail was so long that, once it made contact with the rock, it shifted forward, steamrolling people, buildings, trees and everything else unfortunate enough to be near by into paste.

As quickly as it came down upon them, it lifted off leaving nothing but a creator where LA's skyline use to be. Citizens were left amazed and hopeless, as they began to shout for mercy to the gigantic woman, who brought the rock down as she began to examine her handy work on her finger.


As Lynn picked up the stone, she noticed a weird growth in top of it. She quickly brought it to eye level. "What the hell is that?" She told herself as she looked over this powdery substance. Not knowing what it was, she poked at it with her finger to see if she could figure it out. As she examined her finger tip, she could barely tell what the substance was, or if it even got on her finger. She rubbed her finger onto her apron and began to guide the stone to the foot, thinking that it was nothing more then dust, which would simply be washed away once Annabel places her feet in the foot bath.


Carl had awoken from his unconsciousness and felt the too familiar feeling of being lifted into the air. He tried to look all around himself, but realized that he was unable to move much, as he was stuck into a patch of grey powder. He had no choice but to look up as he was being lifted towards the giant's eye.

He began to hear weak cries and scream around him. He tried to look, but saw nothing but grey and peach landscape around him from the corner of his eyes. As he was brought to a stop, right in front of her eye, he realized that he was on the colossal finger.

Shocked that he was alive, he tried to get himself noticed by the giant. He tried to move his right arm, but it was stuck, almost pressure fitted, into the grey dust below him. He couldn't feel his left arm, nor could he see if he even had it.

He tried to speak, only to feel a warm liquid coming out of his mouth.

Knowing that he could do nothing, he watched this massive eye, hoping that it could find him.

Other were in a better position then Carl. A young woman named Elise, who was holding on to rubble that was wedged in between Lynn's Grand Canyon like finger ridges, began to yell and wave as the colossal eye scanned the fingertip.

"We're down here! Help us please!" she yelled as hard as she could, barely hanging on to both the piece of rubble and consciousness. The giant dark brown eye continued to look down upon the fingertip.

With sickening speed, the finger began to rapidly descend. Elise, not prepared for it, was launched into the air, alone with debris and other people who were not prepared for the sudden movement. As she tumbled throughout the air, she was able glimpse at another colossal woman who was sitting down miles away from where she was.

As she tumbled throughout the air, she suddenly stopped for a brief second. It felt like an eternity until she began to move again. Elise began to scream, as this time, she was being pulled up instead of down.

As she trashed around the air, she quickly realized where she was heading towards. Lynn's noise had caught them in its updraft and was now sucking her, alone with debris and other unfortunate people, into it. She watched in terror, unable to scream as she flew into the massive cave. Everything went dark as soon as she flew in.

As she began to mercilessly slam into the hard, unforgiving nose hairs, she tried desperately to grasp onto one of the tree like follicles. Just as she was about to black out from hitting the hairs, she managed to snag on to one.

As she held on to dear life, she could hear the screams of other people flying by her; going deeper into the giant woman's noise. Suddenly, everything went quite; the air stopped causing a eerie calmness for just a moment. The surrealness of the situation was cut short as a gust of wind blew out of the giant's nose.

Elise held on, hearing screams all around her. The nose hair she was on violently shook as the harm, humid hurricane like winds blasted through the cavern. Once again, after what felt like hours, the wind subsided for a split second, only to be replaced by the inhaling air.

Elise, clutching her only means of survival, wished that she wasn't so lucky, as she continued to be violently whipped around by the air.


Carl watched as he quickly descending away from the giant woman. Her face began to become a distant blur the more the finger went down. Suddenly, his would world began to shift downwards as he finger began to point downwards. Those who were still hanging on braced themselves. Carl saw debris and people who were not so lucky plummet down as they were slowly being turned to face the giant woman's white apron, which looked like another world to them.

Carl looked on; he saw how the apron went from a solid creation, to being able to see the individual strands that made it. He felt insignificant as he knew what was going to happen. He felt the wind hit his face as the finger was descending upon the giant apron, now just a valley of colossal white strands.

Carl closed his eyes, as he, debris and everyone else still on the finger, where smeared along the apron. He felt nothing, just like the impression that he left on the giant woman's cloth.


"Alright.. Enough distractions... Let's finish this." Lynn quietly told herself after whipping her finger off. Annabel looked at her and giggled, "It's ok darling!"

Lynn sat down on her chair, grabbed Annabel's right foot with her empty hand, and began to bring the messaging rock towards it.


Los Angeles rapidly descended, causing the citizens to grab on to anything unless they wanted to fly off their only piece of land. Some watched, holding on to piece of concrete and metal, as unfortunate people were jettison off their salvation. Their scream were quickly lost as they zoomed out of view.

The rock began to lean in one direction, causing buildings to collapse as their sides took the shifting weight. Citizens began to zip by one another as they slide down roads and buildings as the rock began to tilt more and more. Those who slid down the rock tried desperately to hold on to anything as they slid down this terrifying slide.

However, most couldn't grab on to anything, and slid off the rock where they would either crash into the ground, dying instantly, or they would crash into a giant lake.

Screams ranged out throughout the city as people began to realized what was going on. Their rock was heading towards a colossal, pinkish foot that was slowly beginning to rise up, meeting them directly ahead.

As the rock continued to tilt and move closer to the foot, the citizens of LA realized the horrific situation that they were in. They watched as the colossal foot began to lose it shape as they came close to it. Eventually all they saw was a large pink wall ahead of them.

The pink flesh glisten with the oil that it was covered with. The aroma of coconut quickly overpowered the sense of the tiny people. As they came closer, they could also smell the musk of her foot, which went unnoticed by the two colossal women.

As the city approach the foot, it solid appearance was quickly lost as the citizens who did not look away in fear saw every single detail on her foot. The few wrinkles on her sole were massive in their perspective. Each one capable of holding suburbs within them.

As the tip of the rock tapped on to the foot, the stone stopped for a moment. The city, which was devastated by the sudden collision, began to crumble and break apart due to the angling.

People and chunks of the city slid towards the end of the rock. They crashed into the sole with full force, instantly killing anyone who couldn't slow down their momentum. Buildings disintegrated as they slammed onto the sole.

People still on the rock were not completely safe. Annabel, in her excitement, began to wiggle her toes in anticipation. Oil flicked off them and began to crash into the city, engulfing people and buildings in the hot, gooey liquid. The sound of grinding echoed throughout the city as the toes continued their movements.


People who made it to the sole without getting pounded into oblivion by the force were quickly engulfed by the same oil that torture those in the city. As they struggle to get out of it, like ants to a drop of water, the people already on the sole watched as the stone began to tilt towards them.

Bloodcurdling screams rang out as the Plateau that the city was on began to rush towards the soft looking, yet, unforgiving sole.

The stone slammed onto the foot with authority. Buildings were pulverized; people were annihilated as the stone hit it.

Lynn began to move the stone around the foot, steamrolling a large amount of people who was able to survive the first impact.

As she moved the rock around the foot, she continued to unknowingly spread around debris and people around the massive foot. Once she was satisfied of the quick message, she took the stone and placed it back into the box.


Many people still "miraculously" survived the impact and the quick stone message and began to struggle within the hot, coconut scented oil. People began to drown as they were oil began to drop down from higher up the foot.

The once great LA was nothing more then unseeable powder on this woman's foot. The citizens thought that the worse was over, until two colossal appendages came crashing down upon them. Lynn began to rub the foot with her thumbs.

People couldn't scream due to them barely able to stay afloat on the see of oil. Most watched in dread as the massive thumbs came over them, and crushed them into the sole without mercy.

As Lynn delicately rubbed and messaged Annabel's foot, she continued to torment the unnoticed population still on it. After a few minutes, the last people still alive were snuffed out by Lynn's massive thumbs.


"Done with that foot, on to the other one, and then it should be easy sailing form there!" Lynn quickly grabbed onto the other stone and brought it towards Annabel's left foot.


The New Yorkers saw that the other stone had been returned, however, it was shiny with a slimy substance and no longer had the mysterious city on it. Chills went down people's spines as a shadow quickly loomed over them.

Before anyone could process what was happening, the city lifted off the ground at a breakneck speed. People were pinned down, buildings like the Empire State Building began to collapse onto themselves as the sheer force began to crush everything towards the ground.

Suddenly, as fast as the began to move up, they began to go down. Rubble and buildings that still stood began to fall of the stone. New Yorkers were scent flying to the air as the stone rapidly descended. Some people few directly towards the looming hand above them, smashing on to Lynn warm hard palm and fingers. They were instantly liquidated on impact, with their remains simply sliding off her skin by the sheer speed of its movement.

Some had a worse faith, as they flew in between her fingers towards the open air. The gust of air created by her massive hand moving towards the ground caused many to rapidly descend to the ground below.

As they tumbled and cried out in fear, people began to crash into the hard, tiled ground, instantly dying on impact. Other "lucky" people crash landed onto a colossal lake. Some didn't survive the impact, but for those who did, they thanked whatever higher power was watching over them. Other landed onto of a blackish pink plateau, where they too, injured by the massive fall, cheered for their survival.

There were some who landed on the worse position possible. As the landed on the hard, unforgiving ground, they were instantly greeted by the smell of musk and coconuts. Some of the people began to kiss the ground, rejoicing that they had survived their ordeal.

For some however, the scent was unmistakable. Those who realized where they were began to pick themselves up and run away, even though they couldn't go very far. These unfortunate souls had landed on one of the giant's toenails.

Others just barely missed the giant nail and instead landed in between her colossal toes, where they struggled to stay afloat on the oil that had gathered up there. As people 'swam' in the muck, they could see how colossal this woman's toes were. They felt like they were in the Grand Canyon, with the pinkish walls casting a shadow at the pit in between her toes.

As some were able to marvel at the massive toes in front of them, other had watched the stone that they use to be on wiz by them.

Suddenly, their whole world shook as the stone was slammed onto the foot. As the oils began to move around, the people stuck in the slimy substance began to be thrashed around in between the massive toes. Many citizens realized that they were saved from destruction, for now at least.


Like LA before it, New York was smeared unknowingly onto Annabel's soft, oil covered foot. Those still left on the rock watched as the massive pink sole came closer to the city, eventually crushing houses and buildings before it. Like the events that unfolded earlier, some people were able to survive the initial ordeal and become wedged in the cracks, wrinkles and folds on her foot.

As the stone lifted off, a sense of hope enveloped the survivors, which was swiftly crushed as Lynn's massive thumbs suddenly came down and began to pulverize anyone who clunk to life on this giant foot as she began to carefully message Annabel's foot once more.

Like LA, those stuck on her sole were snuffed out by Lynn's delicate thumb movements. They crushed countless beneath them, while other were smashed as Annabel's foot skin shifted and compress as Lynn's thumbs continued to work their magic.


Those on Annabel's toenail were clinging on to dear life as the unimaginable giant appendage moved with the rhythm of Lynn's squeezing and messaging. They were so small that the perfectly smooth looking toenails to the massive women were actually very rugged; easy to grab ahold of.

As the people screamed out for the sickening earth-shakes to end, their prays were answered, as the foot suddenly stopped moving. Those nearest to the tip of her toenail watched as Lynn's massive arms and hands began to raise up into the air.

While this solve their current issue of the movement, most realized that they were not out of the woods yet. Groups of people near each other began to device a plan to communicate with the women, while other began to look around to see of a way to get off the toenail and foot before they too were crushed between it.

A man near the tip of the toenail watched as the massive Asian woman began to grab some items from a desk that was miles above them. As he watched, he felt the sickening descending motion once more, as the foot began to go from an angle to flat on the chair's foot stool. As the massive pink foot came to an abrupt stop, he began to hear thunder roar above them.

He stood up, as the toenail was finally in an angle to do so, and watched these Goddess like figures talk. "Charles!" A familiar voice rang out. He turned around to see a small, skinny birth blonde woman coming towards him, "Rachel! You're ok!" He ran towards her and they embraced. For those few minutes that they held each other, the roaring thunder from above, the musk and the coconut scent began to vanish, lost within the background.

They looked at each other, eyes filled with tears as they began to kiss passionately. As they locked lips, happy that they both miraculous survived the ordeal that they had just experienced, they failed to notice that the colossal hands of Lynn were coming towards the toenail.

In her left hand, she had a big pink bottle, while on her other hand, she held an equally as big nail polish brush, which was covered in neon pink liquid.

As people around the couple began to scream and run towards the tip of the toenail, Charles and Rachel paused and watched the massive brush loomed passed them, dripping some of the bright pink polish near them. The strong chemical smell radiated from the globs. They both looked around them, seeing everyone else flee, while other were unfortunate enough to be caught by the "small" drops of sticky pink liquid. They yoked for help, unable to get out of their hardening prison.

As the brush slammed on to the end of the toenail, their whole world shook, causing everyone who was running to fall down. As they began to crawl back to their footing, Charles and Rachel stood their ground. They both watched the gigantic brushing begin to move towards them, depositing the pink polish behind it.

They heard the deafening scraping sound as it continued to move. Charles looked at Rachel, who's eyes were beginning to water. As the ground shook and the scraping sound amplified, he gently cradled her chin and moved her heard towards him, away from their impending doom.

"I love you" he said, looking into her glistening eyes, "I love you too." They began to kiss before the colossal brush slammed into them, burying them inside the pink nail polish. They, along with anyone else unfortunate enough to be trapped, began to suffocate as their liquid prison began to harden.

The remaining people who had made it to the tip of Annabel's massive toenail watched in horror as the brush came towards them. The scraping noise intensified, the ground shook violently as the brush continued to move forward. Some began to jump off her toenail onto her toe, grabbing on to the giant grooves on her skin. Other stood and watched as the brush collided with them.

Their bodies were instantly covered in the pink polish. For a few moments, the brush stood at the edge of the toenail. The smell of the polish continued to overpower everyone's senses.

The brush began to lift off from the nail. Majority of the people were stuck on the polish that was left on the nail, however, there was a few who were stuck on the brush. As they started to gag for air, spitting out the fowl polish that managed to get into their mouths, they watched in horror as the brush suddenly loomed over the bottle Lynn was carrying.

The toxic smell intensified to the point where people began to faint, if they didn't already. Abruptly and without warning, they were dunked into the bottle. As Lynn dunked the brush into the liquid a few times, the people on it were deposited into the large container. There was one person, who through everything, was still conscious and trying desperately to stay afloat in the pink chamber with the vial toxic fumes.

He looked around him, trying to brush the polish off his eyes. He heard nothing, and once his eyes began to focus, he realized that he was alone. Looking up, he saw his only light source, the open bottle neck of the chamber, begin to be covered by a large dark object.

As the light began to fade, and the bottle began to gently rock about, he began to see that his fate was beginning to be sealed as he heard a grinding noise above him.


Lynn was carefully closing the nail polish bottle as she continued to paint Annabel's toes, unaware that she was plastering microscopic humans onto Annabel's toenails. After she had completed both sets of toes, she quickly looked at Annabel, who was texting on her phone.

"Excuse me, Annabel?" Lynn said, as she watched the energetic woman quickly looking towards her, "I finished your nails, could you please deep them into the foot bath for a bit?"

Lynn pointed towards the small shallow container right below Annabel's feet. It was underneath the foot holders that were attached to the chair. Annabel gently raised her foot above the holders while Lynn began to fold the holders. Annabel looked at Lynn as she was working.

She looked at her black, silky hair that was waving around as Lynn worked on the folders. 'She's pretty cute,' Annabel said, as she continued to admire her. Lynn, who had just finish, looked up, catching Annabel by surprise. She jumped a bit, and began to blush as Lynn stood up, "Umm, are you ok?"

Annabel avoided Lynn's gaze, "Yeah, I was just thinking about something and got spooked, sorry" she nervously began to chuckle. "Oh... Alright, well, if you can please place your feet into the bath for a bit and then with a quick drying, you should be good to go."

"Oh..." Annabel said, slightly disappointed. "What's wrong?" Lynn responded, "Nothing, just a bit tired," Annabel tried to hide what she was actually doing from Lynn, as she started to dip her feet into the bath.


The few New Yorkers who landed on the vast lake continued to splash around, looking for a way out. A brown hair woman, wearing a, now, damaged business suit was floating on a piece of debris. She watched all around herself, seeing people who continued to swim for the edge, while other did the same thing as she did and were holding on to debris. She could also see the bodies of people who did not make the fall floating in the crystal clear water.

She could hear what sounded like bombs continue to happen a few miles away from her, as oil from Annabel's feet dripped down to the lake. As the oil slammed into the lake, they created ripples that were huge waves for the tiny people.

As the business woman continued to hold on to her piece of salvation, as waves of water continued to crash into her, she noticed a large amount of movement above her.

Once the waves had calmed down, she looked above herself and watched as the massive woman who was painting the other colossus' toenails began to fold the gigantic platforms above them.

She looked at the equally as gigantic feet that were floating up in the air. She looked in horror as more oil blobs dripping into the lake from them, causing massive waves to swipe over the people below. The blobs slammed onto groups of people, killing them instantly. As the businesswoman was being thrashed around by the waves, she failed to notice that the platforms were folded in, and the massive feet slowly began to head towards the lake.

'Come on Sarah, hold it together,' she told herself as she continued to grip tightly on the debris. She suddenly heard screams of terror, as well as the bomb like dripping sound intensify. The waves continued to hit her harder and harder, until she was knocked out of the debris and into the water. As she desperately tried to get to the to the surface, she began to feel disoriented due to the sudden movements caused by the waves and the darkening of the surface.

Sarah, after mustering enough strength, was able to break the surface, but was met with a large, pink wall above her. She looked at the wall as it continued to move towards her. She was able to see the details of the wall, and could see massive tranches on it.

"Oh my god!" Sarah finally realized what she was looking at, as the massive foot came crashing on top of her. As the foot pulled her down to the bottom of the lake, Sarah knew that she wasn't going to make it out alive.

The massive foot slammed into the bottom of the lake. People who were underneath the ball, heel and toes of Annabel's feet were instantly crushed, while Sarah and a handful of people who made it under Annabel's arch were spared from being smashed. However, now they struggle to stay alive as they were pinned down underneath the unmovable foot, and were running out of air.

As Sarah began to lose consciousness as she was suffocating from the lack of air, the foot suddenly began to move. Sarah could feel herself being raised up. Suddenly, she, as well as a couple of other people, were out of the water, and began to gasp for air. As Sarah began to collect herself, she realized that she was stuck of the foot, as it rose high above the air.

"Damn it," she said as the foot began to tilt, causing her to be feel like she was floating at an angle. She heard someone near by yell out for her, "Do you know what's happening?" the woman who said it seemed to be frightened out of her mind. "I'm... Im not sure, but don't worry, it's going to be all o-" Sarah was cut off by a blood curling scream. Unable to move her head, she could not see what was happening, but she could feel it as the world began to shake.

"Don't worry!" Sarah yelled, hoping to calm down the woman, "Everything will be--"

Everything went to black for Sarah and everyone stuck on Annabel's foot. They were all steamrolled underneath the massive white cloth that Lynn was using to dry off her feet.

Those still stuck in between Annabel's toes watched as the massive digits began to start to spread apart. They hoped that they were noticed, however, their hope was quickly dashed as a massive wall of white suddenly appeared in front of them. They watched in horror as they say the cloth come closer and closer. They could see the fibers in the cloth as it got close enough for them to grab on to it. As soon as their vision was turned white by the rag, it was turned to darkness as it began to rub itself thoroughly between the massive toes, crushing everyone.


"... And done" Lynn said as she finished wiping off Annabel's foot. "Take a look and see if you're happy with it!" Lynn stood up and began to pick up all of her equipment.

Annabel looked down to her feet and admired her new, shiny and neon like pink toenails, "I love it!", she said, with delight. "Alright, I'm glad that the love them! Please come towards the front to pay," Lynn said as she headed towards the back to deposit her items.

'Alright, where are my sandals?' Annabel thought to herself, scanning a the room quickly to see her footwear just a few feet away from her.


Mr Johnson stood on the pink and black plateau; he saw the devastation around him. People who were severely injured crawled around, gasping and yelling for help. The shattered remains of those who did not littered the plane. He looked around once more to see a group of people far in the distance, near a massive rubber like cable structure.

Mr Johnson knew exactly where he was, but before he could tell anyone, their world shook began to shake violently. A shadow engulfed the plateau as the thunder roared through the air. Mr Johnson turned around and was greeted by a colossal woman who was mid stride. Her barefoot slammed to the ground near the sandal, causing it to bounce, sending everyone on it to their knees.

The massive woman began to slide her foot on the sandal near by. Mr Johnson hear the horrific scraping sound as it slide on the flimsy material. As her foot adjusted itself, scrunching her toes as they settled in, her other colossal foot began to rise up and started to head towards them.

"Damn it... It doesn't matter how many times this happens," Mr Johnson said, as the massive toes landed on the sandal and began to scrape towards him. "You just can't get use to it..." He watched as the toes continued to rapidly come at him. He saw the grooves, wrinkles and pores on massive digits as they got closer and closer. A colossal wave of debris were picked up the the foot, which would go unnoticed by the Goddess-like woman, which to her, would be nothing more then a fine powder.

As Mr Johnson took a deep breath, the toes collided onto him, dragging him underneath them and crushing him. Those people who made it to the thong of the sandal watched in horror as the toes came closer and closer until they too where crushed beneath them. With a quick wiggle of her toes, snuffing out any last survivors, she began to move forward.


As Annabel made it towards the cash register, Lynn started to catch up. As the manager rang her up, Annabel quickly turned to face the young woman, who was startled by the sudden attention. "Hah," Annabel said, playfully, "Hey, Lynn, I know that we just met, and it might seem crazy, but," Annabel began to reach into her pocket, popping out a small sticky note. She grabbed a pen from the cashier table and began to write down something on the small piece of paper.

"Here's my number, you seem pretty cool, so if you're interested in coming with me and my girl friends to this new club later, so call me maybe?"Annabel handed over the sheet to Lynn, who stood there a bit confused, but she had a feeling of what was going on. "Sure, I'll see if I can," Lynn said, with a smile.

"Good, we will be in that new club called the 'Soul Bullet'" Annabel said as she paid for her bill, "hope to see you there!" She hopped out of the store, incredibly happy.

"Ah Dios mío," the Manager said, looking at the receipt, "What is it, Mrs Martinez?". The elder woman looked at her worker, and smiled, "She gave you a $100 tip for a $25 job"

Lynn's jaw dropped, "Wow... Maybe I should go with her... Even though she was kind of hitting on me. Not a bad thing, but I'm not into that." She chuckled a bit.

Mrs Martinez looked at Lynn and smiled as she walked away from the cashier station. "Soul Bullet Club..." Lynn said, slightly curious, "it sounds so familiar."

And with that, Lynn went back to work, happy to know she made a 'friend' but unaware that she, and Annabel, had destroyed two cities in the process.

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