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A college junior is reunited with her brother, years later. However, the older brother in his misguided attempts to protect his family is now a very different man and finds himself in need of his younger sister. How will the Siblings learn to adjust to the changes that come from their new relationship?

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Published: February 01 2007 Updated: March 14 2009

1. Chapter 1 Arrival at Jenn's Room by hertinypal [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1803 words)

2. Chapter 2 Reunion by hertinypal [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2197 words)
not sure why this chapter is coming up wrong,ANY SUGGESTIONS OR SOLUTIONS ASUKAFAN?

3. Chapter 3 Getting Settled by hertinypal [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (2058 words)