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Author's Chapter Notes:

I know, I know. I have several stories that need completing. Don't worry, Mandy's Fantasy will be reaching it's conclusion very shortly. I have already begun writing it and will post the last 2 chapters at the same time very shortly. As for Daughter's Slave, I have yet to hear from Jay, who has offered to write a chapter for it. If I dont hear from him, the story will be completed but only as the mood strikes me. It's a work of art and I won't rush it just to have it completed.



Norma was your average loving mother and wife. She was 27 years old when her and her husband had a daughter their physician said they would never be able to have. The surprise came after 4 years of trying to conceive and 2 years after giving up.

Norma was a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties. She was a surprisingly short 4’10” with a surprisingly tall husband Mike who stood at 6’9”. Despite his impressive height, he was considered to be the runt of the family, standing only 3” taller than his own mother, and nearly a foot shorter than his dad and older brother.

It had been Norma’s long blonde hair that made its way half way down her back and beautiful blue eyes that swirled like a raging sea that attracted Mike to her.

It was Mike’s broad shoulders and sense of heroism that attracted Norma to him. So it came as no surprise that Mike joined the military, specifically, he was a Navy Seal. He was strong and confident, protective and kind. When he first held their new baby girl, Elizabeth, he wept.

Norma loved seeing Mike cry. It reminded her of how sensitive and caring he could be. That his size and strength had no bearing on who he was as a person.

Elizabeth, Liz for short, inherited her father’s blonde hair but her mother’s blazing blue eyes. In the first year after her birth, they were certain she had inherited her mother’s height as she was a small baby. Smaller than most. And she showed no signs of making any drastic changes in that arena.

However, by the age of 2, it seemed as though she might have possessed some of her father’s enhanced height as she stood several inches above other children her age. By age 6, she was as tall as her mother. This of course made the disciplinary action that she occasionally needed quite difficult for Norma to dish out. Fortunately, it was very rarely needed.

At the age of 7, Mike passed away. Pancreatic cancer took him. It was more than unexpected and left Norma and Liz devastated.

Norma fell into herself. She did her best to remain a strong and loving mother for Liz, but just couldn’t seem to summon the strength necessary. Liz on the other hand took charge of the house. She made sure to keep up with the cleaning while also handling her work. Her mother would occasionally get a load or two going in the laundry, but never quite made it to actually folding the clothes. A task that Liz had become quite accustomed to handling.

By age 11, Liz had grown to 6’ and would have very easily been the tallest in school if she in fact went to school. At age 9 she had convinced her mother to allow her to homeschool due to the constant teasing about her height. Of course deep down, Norma knew that wasn’t true. She knew the other kids teased Liz about her height. But she knew her daughter would never be fazed by that for a single moment. Liz was proud of her size and was like a duck when it came to insults. They would roll off of her like drops of water on a duck’s back.

Liz was asking to be homeschooled so she could keep a better eye on her mother. In a small way, that single act of love began a healing in Norma. And by the time Liz was 13 Norma was finding her way back to normalcy. She began hating herself for the 5 years she stayed in mourning, leaving Liz basically without a mother. But Liz would have none of it. She would tell her mother to get over it and make up for it now. Norma loved that about Liz. She would never be allowed to mope for too long. Liz was constantly pushing her to be happier.

It was at the age of 15 for Liz that Norma finally made her break through. Norma had just woken up one morning and realized how she had been living. Much to Liz’s surprise, Norma surprised her with breakfast in bed. Before the day was over, the dishes had been done, the clothes washed and put away, and the house vacuumed, swept, and wiped down. Things had finally started looking up.

At the age of 17, Liz had reached a miraculous height of 7’4”. She was a total giant compared to her mother. Norma would consistently find herself face to face with Liz’s stomach. When she hugged her daughter, her head would be pressed against Liz’s belly button. Liz always made jokes about how her mother was like a child to her. In some ways, Norma knew it to be true. She had certainly taken on the role of a helpless child while her actual child had taken on the motherly role.

Liz wrapped up her school only a few months after her 17th birthday and was loving every second of freedom from school. With her mother finally back on track and taking care of things and school being done, Liz didn’t know what to do with herself. Norma had asked her to simply take a year off before going to college to simply enjoy living. Liz had earned it.

With the money they inherited from Mike’s life insurance, as well as an inheritance that Norma had received when her parents passed away, the two women were not hurting for money. Despite the horrible reasons that led to their freedom from needing jobs, it was for the best. If it hadn’t been for Mike’s life insurance, they would have lost the house and cars. And if it hadn’t been for her parents passing away, they wouldn’t have been able to afford the simple things such as food and utilities.

Having nothing but free time, Liz decided to join a sport.

She had always been good at them when she played them with other kids in the neighborhood. She ended up joining an independent group of cross country runners. She found she loved running long distances. With her long legs and even longer strides, she had a gift for running.

Norma was just happy to see her daughter doing something she actually enjoyed.




Norma pulled into the driveway to see Liz’s truck parked in the street. “Oh that girl, she must be about to leave.”

As an act of courtesy to her mother, Liz would always park her truck in the street the first chance she got to keep her mother from having to move her own car so Liz could get out. It was a small thing, but it always made Norma happy to see her daughter thought about these kinds of things. Little things that would make her life easier.

As she made her way into the side door that led directly into the kitchen, Norma allowed the bags that weighed her arms down to plop onto the counter. She had made a go of it to make it inside in only one trip. A foolish endeavor since the car was only 10 feet outside the door.

As she began unloading the cans and jars and whatnot from the bags and placing them in the different cabinets and places in the fridge, Liz skipped into the room. “Hey mom.” She said gleefully.

She leaned down and gave her mom a hug and kiss on the cheek. “I’m heading out to meet up with some of the girls at the mall.” The girls being the ones she ran with in cross country. “We’re going to go see that new horror movie about the girl that dies and comes back, killing everyone that led to her death.”

Norma shuttered. “Oh I hate those kinds of movies. I don’t know how you stand that kind of stuff.”

Liz laughed. “Oh you just go all scaredy cat when you see them. But don’t worry mom, I’ll protect you from the fictional characters of movies.” Liz said as she hugged her mom again and the two laughed.

“Okay, okay, just go watch your creepy movie. When do you think you will be home sweetie?” Norma asked while Liz was already half way out the door.

Liz leaned back in and pursed her lips. “Maybe 10 or so. Is that okay with you?”

Norma smiled. “Of course sweetie. I was just hoping we could watch that new Adam Sandler comedy. You said you wanted to see it and I saw it at the store so I got it. But we can do it another night.”

Liz smiled. “Aww, you’re so sweet for thinking of me. Tell you what, I’ll tell the girls that we need to eat before the movie. That will get me home at least an hour sooner and we can watch it. Sound good?”

Liz could see her mother’s eyes light up. “Of course. That sounds wonderful. See you in a few hours sweetie.”

Liz winked at her mother and headed out the door, having to duck as she did.

Norma stood quietly in the kitchen. She remained completely silent until she heard the engine turn over on Liz’s Truck. The vibrating power of the V8 as it revved up when the gas was pressed. She listened as the engine got more and more quiet, until finally, she could no longer hear it.

Norma put the two cans of black beans she had in her hands onto the counter as she made her way down the entry way and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs she walked down the short hallway to a white door with a beautifully made wooden sign that Mike had made for Liz when she was a child that read, “Liz’s Spot” on it.

Slowly, Norma took hold of the handle and turned the knob. She always turned it the full way before pressing on the door. She knew it didn’t need to be turned the whole way but couldn’t do it any other. It was habit.

As she pressed on the door, it opened easily, just like every other time.

The room was neat as usual. A large desk directly in front of her where Liz would do most of her school work. To her immediate left was the dresser. Opposite of that was the King sized bed. Liz had out grown every bed she had been given. And even in the king size, her feet would dangle off the edge.

Norma stepped into the room quietly, as if trying not to wake someone up that might be sleeping in there. She made her way between the dresser and bed to the far right side of the bed where, there on the ground, sat two white and grey running shoes. Each shoe was nearly 17” long and 7” wide. Norma had measured them several times before.

She dropped to her knees before the large shoes and already could just barely smell that scent in the air. It was faint while she sat up completely, but as she leaned further down it grew stronger. Once she got low enough she had to place her hands on the ground to steady herself. The smell grew more powerful with every inch. She got closer and closer until her nose sat just inside the opening. The smell was incredibly strong here. That’s how Norma liked it.


It had happened about a year ago. After turning 18 and deciding not to go to college, Norma and Liz spent a night together drinking wine and talking about the future. Norma asked Liz what she wanted in life and Liz simply said she wanted to live with her mother forever.

It was then that Norma realized that despite Liz’s independent attitude and nature, deep down, she needed her mother. It wasn’t the same type of need that most children had for their mothers. It was a desperate need, a need that could not be lived without. Norma was hit with the reality that she too felt that way with Liz. She had fallen into despair while Liz had taken control of the situation but the actuality of it was that in those years, the two of them had become completely dependent on each other.

As they continued discussing, Norma asked about Liz possibly making an attempt for Olympic running. She had become quite the amazing runner in her year of it.

Liz laughed and raised her feet, placing them in her mother’s lap. It was the first time Norma ever really looked at them. They were absolutely huge. She knew that her daughter had big feet and had seen the cost of the shoes they had to buy, but never did she actually see them up close. And sitting on her lap, they came up to her chin.

Liz smiled. “I don’t know about that. They have to run way more than I do. I don’t think I could handle being on my feet that much.”

Norma smiled and kissed Liz’s big toe. “Oh you would be okay.”

The two women laughed and went on with their night. But something had changed in Norma. She found it hard to not look at Liz’s feet anymore.

Back when Mike was still alive, she always loved being near his feet. She had had a foot fetish for as far back as she could remember. But after his death she buried those feelings and had long since forgotten about them. But coming so close to Liz’s feet re-ignited those feelings. Since then she ashamedly would sneak into Liz’s room to smell her running shoes and socks. On one occasion she had come into Liz’s room to give her back her purse but found Liz already asleep. She placed the purse on Liz’s desk and was about to make her way out of the room when she saw her feet hanging off the bed with the toes aiming towards the ground.

Norma had scolded herself and demanded that she walk out of the room and back to her own bedroom. But even as she made these demands to herself, she ended up on the ground staring at the large soles. She inched closer until she could feel the heat radiating off of them. Her breath washed over the left sole as she leaned in, puckering her lips slightly.

Just as she was about to make contact, Liz twitched, her foot smacking her mother in the face and knocking her on her butt.

Norma’s heart stopped. She had just been caught. She would have to think of an excuse to being at Liz’s feet. She stood at attention, ready to be scolded and plead her case when she saw Liz with eyes still closed and breathing quietly, undisturbed.

Norma felt blood flooding back into her face as she awkwardly made her way out of the room and down the stairs. She masturbated that night to the image of her daughter’s foot pressed firmly against her face.


 Norma pressed her nose deeper and deeper into the shoe, causing the sides of the shoe’s opening to cave in slightly. The powerful odor of her daughter’s feet filling her nostrils. She reached down very slowly, letting her fingers graze the moistening spot between her legs. Her fingers pressed against the jeans, desperately trying to dig deeper, frustrated at the jeans refusal to become thinner, and allowing her more access.

She had done this before, on many occasions. It was something she hated herself for, but couldn’t keep herself from stopping. She loved the smell. The strong, overpowering smell. It had become the richest of scents. If only she could get more of it. Find a way to capture the scent, and inhale it any time she wished without fear of discovery.

But Norma knew it would never be enough. She had been doing this for over a year now, and had only come into contact with her daughter’s massive feet since her re-discovery of her fetish twice. She often had to revisit the moment on the couch when she was able to kiss Liz’s toe without being labeled as a foot fetishist, or when she was slapped by the foot larger than her head that one fateful night almost 11 months ago. She needed more. She needed to be in contact with Liz’s feet. That’s when Norma made the decision. “I’m going to feel her feet tonight, no matter what.”

The small woman stood up, made her way to the laundry basket, and took the entire load downstairs to avoid suspicion.

She took the pair of socks that Liz had gone running in earlier that day and made her way to the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

Chapter End Notes:

Please let me know what you think. This might get another chapter in a few days or I might focus on finishing Mandy's Fantasy before continuing.

All comments and ratings are appreciated.

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