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Teresa climbed out of the mountainous pile of clothing, belonging to both her and Elissa and Hayley. Some of the clothing was covered in sweat, presumably Hayley's since she had just done a jog before going to Stacy's house. Teresa had been extra caucious about the shrinking gas she heard about on the news, and nearly screamed before it shrunk her.


I'm not going to go into too much detail on what Teresa first did, since Elissa and Hayley did the same. She figured the house was safer, went inside, found Stacy on the couch and decided to gain her attention by taking advantage of her extremely ticklish feet. Like the others, it didn't work, but Teresa wasn't one to give up easily. She tried for what seemed like forever, unfortunately for her it had actually only been 20 minutes. "I've up, I'll just go into a spot she'll find me in easily so she can take me to the hospital to be treated" Teresa said.


Before she could leave, Stacy got up, slamming Teresa into the ground and pinning her to the floor. The air conditioner was on full blast and the house was starting to get really cold, and she didn't know how to turn it down and it was breezy outside too. She decided simply to put on warmer clothing. Before Teresa could escape safely, Stacy slipped on a thick pair of pink socks. Hayley had finally managed to climb out from her shirt but was trapped more thanks to a large hoodie.


Elissa, with help from her good friend gravity, had managed to push apart the gigantic lips of Stacy's pussy to free herself, only to be shoved back in after Stacy put on a pair of panties along with yoga pants. She bundled up on the couch and waited for her friends to show up, unaware that 3 of them were all in very unpleasant situations on her own body.


The doorbell soon rang again. Stacy opened it once more, saw nobody there, and yet again didn't acknowledge the even bigger pile of clothing. "Those kids don't give up, do they?" she muttered as sat back down on the couch, putting her socked feet up on the footrest. Teresa noticed that with her now extremely small size, she could maybe squeeze out through the threading of Stacy's sock. She managed to get passed the first layer, but found herself wedged. Teresa only managed to get her head, hands, and her own feet sticking out of the sock, facing the gigantic sole of her college roommate. It was so big she couldn't even see her heel, and she could barely see the tips of her toes. Teresa prayed Stacy wouldn't stand up again, she would surely be squished to death if she did. Teresa had been extremely lucky before.


Meanwhile, Robyn tried to climb out of the enormously huge pile of clothing, but she couldn't find her way out. "Shit" she said to herself. "I can't believe that stupid shrinking gas got me. If someone else shows up they'll squish me, for sure. I don't want to go like this..." she said, as she curled up into a ball and tried to comfort herself. She then spotted Nicole in the distance, but she stopped at a coffee shop first. "It's so cold... stupid summer breeze" she muttered, shivering.

Chapter End Notes:

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NOTE: Robyn won't be the focus of the next chapter. The next chapter will focus on Elissa again. I'll also be posting a status of each character at the end of each chapter now. I may stray away from the whole 3 parts for each character thing and just keep the story going as long as I want

ELISSA: Trapped in vagina
HAYLEY: Trapped in shirt

TERESA: Trapped in sock
ROBYN: In pile of clothing

NICOLE: Unknown (Not shrunken yet) 

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